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Red Rocket Tattoo (formally Triple X Tattoo) - 62 Reviews - 78 W 36th St 3rd Fl, New York, NY - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (212) 736-3001

Red Rocket Tattoo (formally Triple X Tattoo)

78 W 36th St 3rd Fl (at 6th Avenue)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 736-3001
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Red Rocket Tattoo (formally Triple X Tattoo) - New York, NY
Red Rocket Tattoo (formally Triple X Tattoo) - New York, NY


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There are a lot of incredible tattoo artists at this parlor. Adam in particular is amazing. He can design and create the most detailed tattoos that put others to shame. This p...


The place was pretty clean and easy to find, but it is another case of tattoo artists walking around like they've discovered the cure for cancer.

Fantastic Tattoos 1/4/2012

There are a lot of incredible tattoo artists at this parlor. Adam in particular is amazing. He can design and create the most detailed tattoos that put others to shame. This place is very hygienic and insists on giving great aftercare advice. There's no question I will return for my next tattoo. more

Betty Rose ROCKS! 11/17/2011

I am a huge fan of Red Rocket Tattoo. The shop is clean, fun and all of the staff make you feel at home. Everyone there is very creative and talented. I found Red Rocket by chance and I am so happy I did. I read on Yelp that Red Rocket got great reviews from clients. I took two female colleagues who wanted piercings and Alex took good care of them. He's a good dude and very professional. My colleagues were very pleased. While I was there I found an artist's portfolio that I could not put down. The tattoo work inside was outstanding and truly unique - it grabbed me. I asked for the artist, Betty Rose, and she was eager to chat with me even while she was in the middle of a very detailed tattoo. I have been tattooed in 3 other different NYC shops (which I will leave unnamed) and I can tell you none of them have artists with the outstanding, warm, bed side manner Betty Rose has. I mentioned some of my future tattoo ideas and Betty responded just as she always does - even today: Sounds good man, I'm into it!!! When do you want to do it? The first tattoo Betty completed for me was a beautiful Asian-inspired bird with cherry blossoms in my right arm's ditch. It took 3 hours and she motored through it. The bird is very detailed and has lots of vibrant colors, which Betty excels at. Since then Betty has completed 4 more large tattoos for me and I am EXTREMELY happy with all of them. The tattoos have all been big pieces and require multiple sittings. I am comfortable with Betty and give her a lot of artistic freedom. (This is a HUGE tip for anyone who has not been tattooed before or often.) It shows a lot of respect for your tattoo artist and in the end, you will obtain a way better tattoo! Another tip: take as many printed pictures for artistic reference as possible, and artists Do Not want to see an idea or picture on your Mobile phone! I have been tattooed around 69 hours in my life, Betty has now tattooed me around 28 of those hours in total. I will say she is really good at blending her new work with the older, existing work from other artists. She also has a very light touch and her machines are silent. Most of my work is pretty traditional, they are Japanese/Asian inspired with new school Betty Rose twists and trick techniques slipped in there along the way (it's fun stuff). All my work involves lots of detail, lots of popping color - and Betty rocks this! I have a good number of future tattoos I want to obtain, Betty and I are always discussing when and what. I have mentioned this to a number of people and I'll tell Betty directly: There is absolutely no need to go looking anywhere else for a tattoo artist when I have already found the best!!! If you are in search of a great tattoo, a clean facility and cool artist........go to Red Rocket, look at Betty's portfolio, the one with the Rose on the front. Ask for Betty, you will not be disappointed! more

Amazing Shop, Incredible Work 11/8/2011

I had such a fanastic experience at Red Rocket. My artist, the fabulous Betty Rose, took a great deal of time in creating and bringing to life a three-quarter sleeve. She completely understood my vision but brought her own ideas that made it even better than what I ever imagined. Her artistic eye and true talent have resulted in a fantastic tattoo that I love, and I literally have people stopping me in the street asking where I got it done. I never write reviews but this recommendation is too important not to share. Go in and chat with the artists. They are all amazing. You will not regret going to Red Rocket. more

First tattoo experience 2/27/2011

LOVE my tattoo! While visiting NYC I decided to get my first tattoo. I went to Red Rocket as a walk in and was treated very well by all the employees that were there. Kyle took the time to listen to what I was looking for, and designed an AMAZING tattoo. The atmosphere was clean and comfortable and everyone was super friendly. Kyle made sure I was comfortable with what was going on. Very fair price for an exceptional piece of artwork! The experience was the best part of my trip!! Thank you Kyle! more

Craftsmen. And women. 1/16/2011

I'm in midtown all the time, and I must've passed by Red Rocket Tattoo a hundred, two hundred, three hundred times. A friend of mine told me that he had been directed to Red Rocket by his daughter, who mentioned that the shop has real artists onboard, and that among them was one Betty Rose. So I called up, made an appointment with Betty, and then explained the idea I had in mind. Betty made some suggestions based on location, size and -- this is what neiled it for me -- originality. Betty explained how long the work would take, and believe it or not, she was within five minutes of her estimate. So now I've got this beautiful work on my forearm, and when I'm asked WHERE I had it done, I just say, "Midtown. Red Rocket. Betty Rose." By the way, the shop is clean, the other artists know what they're doing, and the shop's located in midtown. But Betty Rose is THE one. more

just unbelievable 12/6/2010

i went for my first tattoo there, a full sleeve on my left arm. Not only were the people there incredibly welcoming and honest, but they actually CARED about the quality of the tattoo. This is no drunken-night-tribal-tattoo-on-face dive, they take it seriously and are dedicated to the craft. I love this new tattoo so much and I'm definitely hooked on the atmosphere there. I recommend it without any hesitation whatsoever! more

Adam Hays is the best 12/6/2010

After moving to NYC a friend recommended Adam Hays at Red Rocket. Since my first session, Adam has been my tattoo artist of choice. He is amazingly talented with a great sense of color, line and form. Give him any image or idea and he will create an amazing piece for you. I highly recommend him! more

Adam Hays 12/5/2010

I have been getting tattoos since I was 14 years old....that's just over ten years. Since I discovered Adam nearly two years ago, I don't think I ever want to let ANYONE put ink on my body. He has given me the most INSANE and INCREDIBLE four pieces of art I have on my body. They make all the other ones look pretty lame. I've never gotten more compliments on my body art than the compliments I get on Adam's pieces. I'm super lucky to have found such a sick artist to do my ink...after's kinda of you want it to be awesome, yeah? more

Adam Hays is the man 12/5/2010

I've been getting tattooed by Adam for about 4 years now and honestly, I wish I knew about this guy sooner as I would have had him do all my work. Each tattoo is ridiculously amazing, extremely detailed, and customized just the way I want. Whether it's Japanese freehand, star wars awesomeness, traditional, cover-ups, freehand - anything you want. He's the man for the job. Also (and definitely worth noting) is that he's extremely personable, friendly, and just an all-around cool guy. He's never caught up in himself and always has a down to earth attitude and can definitely keep you laughing and talking throughout your experience. For your next tattoo, you should definitely check him out. more

Adam Hays is a Genius. 10/14/2010

5 star rating 10/13/2010 Adam Hays is a genius. Here is why: Over the course of the past year, he took the insane, shoddy tattoo work on my arm and turned it into a beautiful half-sleeve full of story books, forest creatures, and awesomeness. The only reference material I took to him when we first met were the words from my mouth. When he showed me the resultant drawing, my jaw hit the floor. Then it hit the floor again after every session. I'm surprised I'm not injured. The detail on my piece is intricate and engaging. I've gone from the girl who got the side-eye every time someone saw my arm to the girl whose arm gets grabbed often so people can gawk at its glory. Overall, sitting for Adam was an amazing, highly collaborative experience. He is very open to--and free with--suggestions. He will tell you what works and what doesn't, and why. He will also tell you jokes, and about his monstrous amounts of love for both his wife and bacon. He has tons of reference material on-hand, in case you're unsure or just unprepared. Usually there's a movie on too, which is a good distraction from the pain if you have a long session ahead of you. The shop is clean and covered in art. If you drop in on a Saturday, you might even get to meet Mike's Weimaraner, Sophia. Don't expect to drop in and get worked on immediately, though. Adam is usually booked because he's a superstar, so have your design in mind, and plan on an appointment three to four weeks off, depending on availability. Keep in mind that Adam's specialties lie more in the realm of traditional and Star Wars themed work, but his portfolio speaks volumes about the versatility of his talent. To summarize: Go see Adam Hays. Right now. more

Nowhere Better! 8/15/2010

I got lucky when I found Red Rocket. I've been tattooed in the midwest, rural Tennessee, and in England; I had no idea how beautiful a really well done tattoo could be until I got my first one from Betty Rose. The difference in quality was so obvious it was startling. Since then Betty has done several more for me, with another one in the works. I've brought several friends to Red Rocket- I wouldn't send them anywhere else!! Red Rocket is a great place to chill with cool people, good music, and a great environment. But they're not just cool- they're professionals who approach their business and their art with a lot of pride. You won't find a better place to get an amazing tattoo! more

Good place for laughs and feeling comfortable 8/14/2010

Recently went in to get a tattoo from Betty Rose, she had a sweet disposition, that was only matched by the sugary tunes melting through speakers. I felt at ease from the moment I told her what I wanted till she slapped some bandages on me. The rest of the staff was just as great, making jokes and talking about how it felt when they started getting work done. Overall the entire shop impressed me with their knowledge and cleanliness versus my past couple experiences in other parlors. If I could think of one thing to spruce the place up it would be a TV in the waiting room, other than that this place jumped to my favorite new shop with Betty Rose being my new Tattoo Guru. more

Cured Cancer 8/8/2010

The place was pretty clean and easy to find, but it is another case of tattoo artists walking around like they've discovered the cure for cancer. more

Worst Tattoo Experience With Adam Hays 8/6/2010

Worst place I have ever been to, hands down. I came in to NYC from Philly to meet with ADAM HAYS to talk about getting a tattoo. So I wait for a hour until he is finished with a customer and he comes out, looks at the tattoo I want to get and refuses to put it on me because he doesn't like the angle I want to put it on. He though it was "an uncool angle" and that it would diminish his status if he put it on me. This guy and this parlor are a total joke. Small egos...huge attitudes. Classic snob tattoo artists. Avoid at all costs! more

Red Rocket is the BEST!? 5/11/2010

Once again Red Rocket comes through. My girlfriend went to some other shop and got her nose pierced...they put an "earring" in her nose and gave her the wrong aftercare advice... it she went to another shop and they put a "bone ring" in her nose and gave her bad aftercare advice. Three months later it was swollen and hurt, so I recommended Red Rocket and as usual they were professional and skilled. She now has a "screw piercing" like she should have gotten to begin with and was more than happy with the way she was treated and reassured! The moral of the story...GO TO RED ROCKET FIRST!!! Start off with the best, their prices are fair and you're paying for top notch skill. No one wants a horror story when it comes to your tattoo or piercing, so only entrust your body and health to the best. Pros: Ecellent and compitent service, Experienced Artists, Cons: You may become addicted. more

Very good place 5/7/2010

i got my second tattoo done there with Buddha. he's really nice and knows what is doing. i defenitely recommend that place and this artist more

#1 shop in nyc 9/13/2009

i went to betty rose for my first tattoo ever. i came in with an idea of my own and a rough drawing and she turned it into a masterpiece. she made me feel comfortable and welcome and put her all into making sure i was happy with the result. the shop itself is definitley a great atmosphere; very friendly. its clean and safe and full of great artists. i cant wait to go back. Pros: every artist is insanely talented Cons: cant find any more

How could so many amazing artists congregate in one shop? 8/2/2009

It's true!! Red Rocket consists of nothing but the best! Although I have only been tattooed by two of their artists, its safe to say that there is no other tattoo shop like this one and every artist there has a ton of talent and passion. Betty Rose was the first to tattoo me at RR, I brought her an overwhelming amount of ideas for what I wanted and not only did she stay calm but she busted out one of the most amazing tattoos I have ever seen. Vinny was the second to tattoo me, and as usual I had a challenging request of covering up a regrettable tattoo. He did an amazing job and his unique color choice left me with a one of a kind, fabulous cover up!! The shop is clean, friendly, family-like, and always a fun time. Pros: Truly amazing people/artists! Cons: Absolutely none more

Best shop in the city! The BEST artists! 8/2/2009

I did a lot of research and found Red Rocket Tattoo before I even moved to the city. Bottom line is they are all awesome people, fantastic artists and the shop is clean and comfortable. I got one of the most important tattoos of my life tattooed by Betty Rose at Red Rocket and she did a phenomenal job. As long as these guys are around this is where I will be getting my work done from here on out. Thanks a lot guys! Pros: Every single artist is amazing! the shop is badass. Cons: so many great artists it is hard to choose! no really. more

tattoos 7/28/2009

i wanted a tattoo and every tattoo artist i went to weren't very nice. i heard about red rocket tattoo set up an appointment with betty rose she was very inviting and and had amazing ideas. took her time made sure i was happy with the tattoo. All in all i will never go to anyone else betty rose is amazing!!! Pros: the best artists Cons: nothing more
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  • Midtown tattoo and piercing studio where international talent and guest artists create custom designs or stock images. Walk-ins welcome.

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