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Red Sky - 49 Reviews - 224 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, Philadelphia, PA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (215) 925-8080

Red Sky

224 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 925-8080
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Red Sky - Philadelphia, PA


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I was at Red Sky the last two saturdays and It's probably gonna be my new go to spot for raging out. By about midnight I felt like the roof was gonna come off this place. Girls...


This place was like partying in a warehouse, so bland and boring and expensive! Come on, a well rum and coke $10? What are you offering guests to get away with charging that much ...

Amazing Time Last Night!!!!!!!!!! 1/15/2012

I was at Red Sky the last two saturdays and It's probably gonna be my new go to spot for raging out. By about midnight I felt like the roof was gonna come off this place. Girls were dancing on the tables people were straight raging out. I had a great time and to be totally honest...... The F*@king waitresses at this place are REDONKULOUS. Definately going back again this weekend. more

Punched in the Face @ RED SKY PHILLY 1/22/2010

What made my trip to @ RED SKY PHILLY so intriguing was that the bouncer wouldn't let us in because of our shoes and to add insult to injury(or injury to insult) he decided that the best course of action after us videotaping him was to punch me in the face. Enter at your own risk Pros: Not Getting In Cons: Punched in the Face more

nothing special 11/27/2009

the place is boring, never ate there, but the drinks are overpriced, the dj sucks, and interior is awful! Definitely looks like a warehouse, and don't even start on their bathroom, I've never seen any place more dirty, couldn't even use it. Terrible. Pros: none really Cons: worst dj ever! more

worst bar in philly 10/8/2009

i have never attended a worse bar. i hated the people, the atmosphere, and the people again. i will never agin ever ever ever step foot in this bar again. please go somewhere else Pros: terrible atmosphere Cons: awful people more

New menu with some damned good food! 6/1/2009

I was never really a huge fan of this place as a dancebar and I'm still not, but the new menu by the new chef is awesome! Try the beef/lamb burger with feta. Yum! There's this mediterranean/ middle eastern/ american fusion thing going on that's worth a try. The server was nice and pretty attentive, and she made the drink too, so I figure she's also one of the bartenders. So, the music and atmosphere were subpar, the drinks were strong, the service was sweet, but the food was great! Pros: Food, service. Cons: The dance/club music that spun 90% of the night. more

I AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING: ""The rudest management and owners I have ever met."" 1/28/2008

I AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING: ""The rudest management and owners I have ever met."" I am so mad I do not even feel like explaining the entire story, so here's the short version. Wait staff and managers talked rudly about us without knowing I could see and here them!!! My decided last minute that she could not finish an entire 4 courses and only wanted drinks and an appetizer. It was during restaurant week and we made the reservations weeks in advance. I wait staff said ""ok, I'll check."" I had to use the rest room and heard it all. THEN, the manager told us we HAVE to order because the restaurant ""closes down to real customers during restaurant week,"" like they are loosing so much money on a party of 4, one of whom already had 2 $10 drinks. ONLY reason we didn't get up and leave right there was because we were with two other hungry people. NEVER EVER go to this place! more

Boooring! 12/16/2007

This place was like partying in a warehouse, so bland and boring and expensive! Come on, a well rum and coke $10? What are you offering guests to get away with charging that much money? The only thing good was the deejay. He was really spinning some great music, but all in all, what a waste of time and money! No stimulation at all, unless you consider skanky girls in tiny outfits flashing you from the so-called VIP section. No thanks, honey! more

Best BDay Ever!!! 10/24/2007

This past weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday with a few of my friends at Red Sky. We started off with a little but of a wait until our table was ready, however the wait was spent well sipping on this amazing chocolate peanut butter martini--best thing EVER!!! We sat at our table about 20 min later and enjoyed a really great meal. A couple of my friends are picky eaters, but everyone seemed to find something to their liking on the very interesting menu. I was loving how server brought me over dessert with a candle :) to complete the meal. We were planning on going somewhere else for late night, but decided to stay for a little bit--curious to see the ""change over"" of what was earlier the dining room--definitely a cool set up for a lounge. It didn't get crowed until around 11:30, but was packed by the time we left---one too many choc pb martinis for me i guess :) Pros: Choc PB Martinis, Friendly servers, great food, hot crowd Cons: limited bathrooms more


I have no idea how this restaurant is still open. The service there was terrible!!!! It took them an hour and a half to bring our appetizers and another hour and a half for our entrees. That's 3 HOURS TOTAL. I could've went home, took a nap, come back and still not have any of my food. Also the salad they gave us was basically one leaf chopped up into 100 pieces. On top of that, the owner did not care about the customers' concerns at all. He basically ignored us when we went to talk to him. Lastly, the mandatory 20% gratuity is basically a sl@p in the face at the end of our night. If anybody ever considers going to Red Sky, I believe Wendy's is a much better alternative. Pros: Bright lights Cons: EVERYTHING POSSIBLE more

Horrible service coupled with illness ruined a birthday night out 9/23/2007

Friends and family have raved about Red Sky in the past. So we couldn't wait to have dinner there. Everything seemed to be fine when we first got to the restaurant. We ordered a couple of drinks at the bar, and our table was ready before the order was even filled. Our waitress appeared promptly and took our order right away and asked if we'd like water with our meal. And then we waited. After about half an hour, our waitress returned to ask us if we wanted water for the second time. Bread and butter and glasses of water finally appeared another 10-15 minutes later. Another 15-20 minutes went by before we started contemplating leaving and heading to the pizza place a few doors down. One of the owners came by and explained that service was slow because of the high volume of reservations they had at the same time that evening. Perhaps they should take fewer reservations instead of overwhelming their staff. At any rate, we finally got served our first course after waiting over an hour. The food was okay. We had the hong kong calamari and quesadilla to start, followed by caesar salad, and for our main course I had the sea bass and my husband ordered the tuna. Again, the food was just okay. By the time we got our check and paid the bill, we had been there for well over two hours. The table seated next to us had been there for almost three hours and were just having their appetizers. As we left, we discussed whether or not we would consider going back and giving them another try when it's not Restaurant Week in Philly. Well, I'll spare you the details, but my husband and I were both violently sick all night following dinner at Red Sky. Needless to say, we will not be back. Pros: location Cons: after effects, slow service more

ask for frank 9/3/2007

I think his name was frank who greeted us at the door told us we would have a good time and we did, I just want say thanks redsky thanks frank !!! more

Really!?! 8/6/2007

The rudest management and owners I have ever met. For a first date I decided to try Red Sky..Arriving for my 9p.m. reservation and waiting 30 minutes for seating wasn't that bad, seated in the corner by the bathroom got worse. Ordered our $11 drinks, while waiting for our 3 course meal we had about 6 total drinks.... Then suddenly, busboys removed the tables all around us, making a huge commotion as they slammed them down all around the door we were positioned by. Our food came during the ""move"" then, suddenly our check.. We hadn't even finished eating! We asked for the manager, I was told he was actually the owner.. He needed to clear out tables for a dancefloor, no apologies were given, just a shrug.. I have been a food server for 6 years and have never seen anything like that.. We felt rushed, while the food was Great I will never go back, It felt like they just wanted to get our $200 and leave so the dancefloor would fill up, which it never did. more

went during restuarant week. decent food, very trendy se... 6/18/2007

went during restuarant week. decent food, very trendy setting, overpriced but yummy drinks. not bad, but... more

went during restuarant week. decent food, very trendy se... 6/18/2007

dingbat005 Provided by Partner
went during restuarant week. decent food, very trendy setting, overpriced but yummy drinks. not bad, but too many other better restaurants out th... more

Skip the dinner, have a drink 5/16/2007

The late night atmosphere that we did not even know existed there, was far more pleasing than our dinner. The food wasn?t horrible, just not great. Combine that with a rude host, a ditsy waitress and small portions and you can see where I?m coming from. To be specific, the tuna was very good while everything else was pretty much mediocre. The sea-bass was an absolute joke. It would have taken three of them to fill you up. On a more positive note, we had a very good time the rest of the night just hanging out (like I was 22 again). Good music, good drinks and a just very good, laid-back but party atmosphere. The people seemed very fun yet easy going and that is hard to find in old city these days. Would not go there again for dinner but will definitely be back the next chance I get to sneak out for a drink. P.S. If you do get there and are not having a good time, go outside and hang with the bouncers. Honestly the nicest guys in the world. To give you a quick example, my husband asked where he could buy cigarettes at that time of night and the bouncer ran somewhere to go get them for him so he wouldn?t have to walk. We thought that was awesome. But anyway, if you have the chance, I would definitely check out their later night bar scene. Good Time! more

Far from friendly, bad attitude 4/17/2007

Last year, I was looking for a nice place to go for my birthday and came upon their website. It looked nice, it was within my price range, so I booked a reservation. Pros: Ambience Cons: Service more

Trendy Atmosphere w/ average food 4/10/2007

Red Sky provides a trendy atmosphere for a younger crowd but the food is average. The Dim Sum Platter for 2 has a few good features such as the chicken bites and coconut shrimp. However, the vegetable spring rolls were average and came with a overly salty dipping sauce. The pomegranate glazed ribs were too fatty for a high-end place. I was disappointed by the Pear Sake Salmon entree. The portion size of salmon was fairly small since it was hidden inside the rice paper wrapping. It didn't have too much flavor other than the rice paper itself. The vegetable lo mein it came with was a little mushy but the green beans were good. Dessert was the best part of the meal. We order the small dessert sampler which came with 3 different selections from the dessert menu. Ours came with creme brulee, chocolate-covered strawberries and the Red Sky Dome. The Red Sky dome is a flourless chocolate cake in a chocolate dome shell with raspberry sauce. It was delicious and I highly recommend it. Overall, some of the dishes were good and some were not as good as I hoped for and left me leaving disappointed. Pros: Atmosphere, Red Sky Dome dessert Cons: average food more

A very pleasant surprise 3/27/2007

A lot to do with how poor most of our night was, our experience at Red Sky was actually great. Six of us went out for my wife's birthday and after spending too much money to get into and drink at three disappointing places, somehow we ended up in a line at red sky. It took us 30 seconds to realize we did not feel like waiting in a line for another overpriced bar but was then approached by their doorman/ bouncer. I don't know if it is because of how rudely we were treated everywhere else or the fact that I rarely go out and have low expectations for bouncers (sorry!) but this guy overwhelmed us with his hospitality. He waived the cover for my wife's birthday, took the time to explain the place and what was going on, and even walked us in to make sure we got through the crowded hallway. We were very impressed and noticed that type of customer service was the norm in there. Waiting in a very long line to use the restroom, our new bouncer buddy saw my sister and walked her over to the steps leading to a different set of restrooms. She met the girl that controls the steps and another bouncer and all she could say when she came back was, ""Wow, these people are so nice here!"" So it was not just me, we all got the same vibe. To sum it up and this is what shocked me most of all, I tried to show my appreciation by tipping the doorman on our way out. He told me it was not necessary and he was just glad to hear we had a good time. Now again, I don?t know if it?s just me and the fact that I have been out of the nightclub scene for a long time now but that impressed me very much. A young kid likely just bouncing a couple of nights for some extra cash was more concerned with our experience than with making a quick buck. And while there was a little wait for a drink and not much room to maneuver, the people (staff and customers) made the atmosphere very comfortable and were the reason we had such a good time. My only regret is that we had not gone there first! Pros: Customer service, great people more

Poor Restaurant - Completely overbooked 1/31/2007

While I am normally a patient person, I grow tired of restaurants consistently overbooking their reservations. This happened last night, yes..during Restaurant Week, but that need not to be any excuse. We had reservations for a party of 4 at 7:30pm. We were told they were running about 20 minutes behind. So, at 8:10pm (40 minutes later) we checked again. This time, we were told we were the next table to be seated. Unfortunately, I heard the host tell this same story repeatedly to each person that inquired about their reservation. The restaurant was packed of people waiting. No one could sit down and the bar area and entrance way was standing room only. At 8:45pm, we left without even sitting down for dinner. We ended up at the Continental, where we were seated promptly and enjoyed our meal immensely. I will not patronize this place again. They should really be ashamed of themselves. Cons: Doesn't think twice about overbooking more

great vibe 1/29/2007

Wanted to share my dining experience at a little place I just happened to stumble upon. The decor is trendy, but warm and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly the staff and management was. They have an extensive drink list that made it hard for me to decide. I went with the mango Mojito and it was the best I ever had! My server was very well informed of the menu and knew what to suggest. Upon her suggestions I had the coconut shrimp and the seabass. The coconut shrimp was served with an awesome sauce and the seabass was cooked to perfection. I decided to comment because I just read the other review about the lady with the paint on her purse and I was there on the same night, actually seated right next to them. I must say I was disgusted with how rude she was to management. Coming from the service industry I?ve come across many people who want things for free. My dinner was repeatedly interrupted by her brash complaints, about a situation that seemed to be properly handled. With one review painting such a bad picture I was compelled to share my thoughts; overall my experience was pleasant, and I would definitely return. Pros: service,drinks more
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  • Sophisticated Old City restaurant and lounge serves New American cuisine, specialty drinks and dessert; Private party rooms available, DJs nightly.

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