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Red Bamboo - 29 Reviews - 271 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205, Brooklyn, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 643-4352

Red Bamboo

271 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (at DeKalb Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 643-4352
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Red Bamboo - Brooklyn, NY


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the choclate cake for dessert is the best you will have, and the subs with fries will make you smile :) Pros: great service & great food


I have been to Red Bamboo numerous times since moving to Brooklyn and have always had pleasant experiences...that is, until tonight. This is the first time I have felt compelled ...

Cornerstone formerly Poppa's Place 7/5/2010

I really enjoy this place. I have been to the last few incarnations of this venue, BK Mod, Butter Cup, Red Bamboo... and under the same management of the latter, Cornerstone. Love this place. It's my "Cheers"! Pros: the staff Cons: what? more

great food 11/30/2009

the choclate cake for dessert is the best you will have, and the subs with fries will make you smile :) Pros: great service & great food more

stay away! This place is horrific! 10/29/2009

It is a shame that this rest.. is not even at best, average. it is awful. this place is so bad, it was the provocation for me to start Yelping. I felt it was my duty to forewarn anyone who would consider this establishment. Pros: Location Cons: Everything - service, food more

at the red bamboo 3/12/2009

At one time vegetarian restaurants that served mock meat dishes were a place to recommend only to your worst enemy. I am a CARNIVOIRE and unashamedly so. So, I went to the Red Bamboo, only under duress or threat of familial rendition. I was pleasantly surprised and in some cases even amazed. The Citrus Beef served Chinese style, no only tasted like good beef, but had beef?s texture. The half chicken, no only had the right taste and texture, but also looked like a half chicken. How did they do that? I guess the next thing will be to get a drumstick, bone and all out of Soya. Tell me if a chicken goes cluck, cluck, what sound does a Soya make? The portions were not large, I guess, Vegetarians can be concerned with their weight too. There is a good bar and you can have real alcohol there (Just because you don?t eat animals doesn?t mean that you can?t be sinful as well). The crowd is mainly young gentrifiers and the noise is moderate, the DJ, plays ridiculous pop tunes, ballads or blues might be more appropriate. My biggest beef ( ha!ha!) is the eighteen percent service charge automatically put on your bill. What happens if you don?t like the service? Luckily, we did, but I still think that is kind of tacky. see ditmas estates Pros: vegies Cons: bad dj more

For those who eat meat, LOL - it's a cute date spot... 2/27/2009

I am a meat eater, but a friend of mine is a vegitarian. So we went. This is a cute cute spot. Great for a first date, any date, or meet up. Very busy spot on a friday night, sever was not all that, esp... the seating. They have many regulars who come in and get seated quickly, but we did not ??? Anyway, the fake chicken was not horrible, but I'm just not into soy/tofu?? I would go back though. The bar is on point though. Pros: Ambience Cons: service more

Everyone should try it at least once! 2/20/2009

This restaurant is small, cute, and romantic. I've been several times and I miss the mango chicken plate often. The service isn't perfect but the servers are down to earth and if you mantain communication witht them you should be okay. If your looking for a place to have good food, with a down to earth, artistic group of people---you've found your place. Even if you're not vegetarian try it at least once.. more

Red Bamboo Restaurant 2/8/2009

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Red Bamboo Restaurant 271 Adelphi Street Brooklyn, NY At one time vegetarian restaurants that served mock meat dishes were a place to r... more

One of the worst restaurants in Fort Greene! 2/1/2009

The service is really, really bad. The food is mediocre. The portion sizes are microscopic. The restaurant is drafty and freezing inside. I really can't think of a single reason why anyone would want to go there. And Red Bamboo has been consistently bad for a long time now. I don't know how they manage to stay open. This past weekend my friends and I were having a celebratory brunch and went to Red Bamboo because two of us are vegan. The dippy waitress brought us coffee but no spoons. Then brought us a container of sugar packets that were filthy and water/coffee damaged. The tofu scramble was watery and tasteless. We had four rounds of mimosas with brunch, and they were weak mimosas at that. We couldn't believe when we got the bill that they charged us for the coffee that should have come with brunch, as well as every single mimosa - they didn't even comp a round like a good neighborhood restaurant would. We ended up spending about $50 each on a horrible brunch, and none of the staff seemed to care a bit. They were not especially friendly, or attentive, and they certainly gave us no incentive to go back -- and I live right around the corner. They have never been my local and certainly won't become my neighborhood brunch spot. Owner/management should be ashamed! Pros: vegetarian/vegan options Cons: everything! more

Creative Vegan 12/27/2008

Its hard to find creative began fair anywhere. This spot does a pretty good job at offering a variety of options most of which are pretty tasty. more

Unbelievably bad food. Really, very truly awful, awful food. 11/27/2008

Holy God, this place has the worst food I've ever paid for! I went with some friends for Thanksgiving, and we were all hungry and excited for a big meal. Everything about it was disgusting. The cider, the champagne, the awful pumpkin soup, stuffing that had the texture of an unused sponge, burned root vegetables (which were also cold), and awful fake meat . I have been vegetarian half my life and have never had a bad fake turkey. Also, I NEVER return food, but I couldn't eat it. The very sweet waitress took my meal back and I ordered a chicken sandwich with cheddar. The "cheddar" was a slice of american cheese that cost an extra buck. Even the sandwich was terrible. It was basically a chick patty on a cheap white bun with a mcdonalds-quality slice of tomato. Just $11! The place was cozy, and the company was great, but we all agreed it was the worst food we'd ever had. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Pros: nice old house ambiance Cons: the food makes you hate food more

Best Vegan Food, Worst Rude Service 4/2/2008

I live down the street, and eat here regularly. The food is great (5-stars), and offers an amazing number of options for vegan and vegetarian diets. However, the service could not be worse. The women that work reception are dismissive at best, and just should not work in any capacity where they interact with people. Its a shame that the management has not recognized how offputting their staff is. Many friends in the vegan community that have eaten here have confirmed this. The rude staff is ruining a great restaurant. Eat outside in the summer - its worth tolerating the seating staff to get there. Pros: Food options for vegans Cons: Terribly rude staff more

Out of control 1/26/2008

This is my favorite neighborhood restaurant. It's a little pricey, but I try to stop by once a week. Their brunch's deliciousness factor is absolutely off the chain. The staff is just a fun and funky as the atmosphere. This is a great place to go alone or with friends. Make sure to get their sausage at brunch and their cinnamon-dusted Irish Coffee is to die for, for reals. Pros: Solid menu, great service Cons: A little on the $$$ side more

great food in a great hood 9/24/2007

Ft. Greene is the place to be! I live in a nearby neighborhood and have started coming over for the great food options. I'm vegetarian, but not into the fake meat thing so I have been really delighted by the weekend dinner specials--most of which are faux-meat free. The staff is friendly and the drinks are yummy. I've not yet had a negative experience and have been eating here once a month for about a year. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the DESSERTS! Yum. Pros: friendly service, large portions, yummy drinks and fabulous desserts Cons: wait on the weekend days more

Disappointed in the service. 7/25/2007

I have been to Red Bamboo numerous times since moving to Brooklyn and have always had pleasant experiences...that is, until tonight. This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a public review of a place, but as a former server I found my waitress, Pamela's, actions tonight inexcusable. After ordering and receiving a (vegan) milkshake and an appetizer without problem, my friend and I both ordered burritos, hers with beans and mine with the mock beef. When they arrived both burritos had beans. I alerted Pamela of the mistake and rather than apologizing and offering to correct the problem she just said, "Oh, I thought you said beans." Then she tried to talk me out of having my order taken back to be fixed and when I told her I would appreciate it she took my food but then returned a minute later with it and again tried to talk me out of replacing the order. At that point I thought it was clear that I was not going to get a burrito with the mock beef and was frustrated with her service so I said I would keep the burrito as it was. She did nothing to try to make up for her mistake, refused to correct the problem, and charged me full price when it was clear I was dissatisfied and only ate a few bites of my meal. I would definitely go back here - the food is great, the atmosphere is nice, and aside from this one time, service has always been wonderful. However, I will avoid sitting in Pamela's section again at all costs. Pros: good vegan food, great atmosphere. Cons: poor service on one occasion. more

Quaint...and sooo Brooklyn! 7/24/2007

I love the Red Bamboo restaurant. I read the bad review and I do think that it was an off/rare night for the visitor. First off, the food is great! IT IS a vegetarian restaurant, but I think many meat eaters would not be able to tell the difference with the fish sticks. The jumbo shrimp is also clever & delicious. After hours, the mood is nice. Outdoor seating gives you that talk-til-dawn feeling. The neighborhood is lined with brownstones and the 5-0 are not parked outdoors like many lounges in the city. Service is cool - I got a great waiter the 1st few times & a not-so-award winning waitress the last, but nothing to keep me from my new chill spot. Pros: Diversity in Culture & Vegetarian dishes Cons: Small dancefloor more

Wonderful Atmosphere, Cool Staff and Good Food 7/17/2007

I rarely write reviews about restaurants because honestly I think they're time consuming and stupid but after reading the review by Parched I had to comment. First off I have been to Red Bamboo Bklyn on several occassions and have had nothing but positive experiences. The food is absolutely delicious and I am far from a Vegan, the staff in my opinion are spectacular. The hostess (rhymes with hickey-what a cop out) is amazing, not only is she beautiful, but she is funny and engaging, everytime my girlfriend and I dined there she was always polite to us (it was probably YOUR attitude parched). As for the waitstaff there are a couple I would question but the rest are amazing. The food! Incredible, the cajun shrimp, four cheese ravioli, mango chicken salad and collard green rolls are my absolute favorites. Although the taco trio and burrito supreme needs some work, it's bland and oily, the chef might want to revamp that recipe. The decor is warm and inviting, I always feel like I am at home when I visit. I might add the bartender who resembles "hickey" mixes a mean mojito, if you ever do decide to go back try walking in with a different attitude and you too might share the same wonderful dining experience I always do when I go. Keep up the good work Red Bamboo the neighborhood despite some negative comments appreciates you! more

Bad food + attitudes = cops 7/7/2007

Last night at this place was so dissapointing that I felt compelled to write a review. Firstly, don't go here for the food -- in fact, just don't go at all. The only dishes everyone at the table agreed were good last night were the appetizers. Our meals took forever to get to the table, the wait staff was rude and our food was just so-so. The DJs were great, but the bartenders were also rude and mix very weak drinks. The crowd was mostly Caribbean and reggae music was played upstairs. There is a deck, but after a few minutes yet another rude employee, this time security, announced that the deck was closed and ushered us out. A few minutes later some type of tussle broke out and my party decided to leave. Three NYPD cars were parked outside. Maybe this was an off night? We all agreed that it's a place we won't be returning to. If you want good Caribbean food without the drama, try Sugarcane on Flatbush (get a reservation or long waits), Vegetarian Palate also on Flatbush isn't fancy, but has excellent fare. One of the best local bars in Fort Greene is Moe's, never had any issues there. Good luck! Pros: music, crowd Cons: food, staff more

Unimpressive Vegetarian Diner 6/14/2007

The wait staff was very nice, but the food was terrible. You would think that a restaurant specializing in vegetarian fair would know what to do with vegetables, but that is not the case. The salads were less than mediocre accented with flavorless dressing. The entrees had sides of soggy steamed to death vegetables that you would likely find in a diner, not to mention the entrees were somewhat edible but barely memorable. I will not be back. This is unfortunate, because I conveniently live a couple of blocks away. Pros: The ambiance is quaint and they had outdoor seating. Cons: The food. more

Not as good as the NYC location 5/21/2007

The first time we went to Red Bamboo Bklyn we went for brunch, which was way overpriced for the small portions. They should take a hint from other vegetarian brunch spots (like Kate's) and include a juice or cocktail with their offerings. I ordered the Bloody Mary and it was really awful--watery and weak (as was the tofu scramble). We were the only people in the restaurant and had to wait 20 minutes for our check while our waitress sat down at the other end of the room, ignoring us, and ate her own meal. The next time we went back for brunch, we did the smart thing and ordered from the regular menu. The food is good, but disappointing if you know how much better it is at Red Bamboo NYC. Again, the service was really bad. Our waitress was really flaky and inattentive and our meals were served as we were just starting our appetizers. Then the other night, I came in with my friend (see the review by "Parched") and we were given unnecessary attitude by the hostess who seemed to think it was okay to respond "No." to my polite "there'll be three of us." When a threat of a 30 minute wait didn't dissuade us, she refused to take down our name and said we could wait at the bar, where there were no available seats (I'll point out that I was there with a pregnant woman and offering her a seat at the bar was kind of inappropriate and finding her a chair would have been appreciated). Once we were seated (within 5 minutes, by the way) the waitress was rude, throwing down our menus and rolling her eyes at our questions about the menu. The collards were WAY too salty to eat and the soy chops tasted burnt. Although there's always a wait at the city location, the staff is always friendly and the food impeccable. There are not many great vegetarian restaurants near me in Brooklyn, so I was really excited about Red Bamboo Bklyn, and I'm sure they'll do well because of this, but we'd all be better off taking the B train to West 4th (when it's running) in the future. more

mean girls meets whole foods... 5/17/2007

upon arriving the Hostess (no names here but it does ryhme with 'hickey') responded to "table for three please" with a sharp "NO.". ?!!!? excuse me?whatever happened to 'it'll be a wait'???? After that compelling greeting we were, in fact treated to a rather speedy seating ( by another hostess, i might add) .The fun customer service didnt end there, however;in a dazzling array of inifference the appetizers arrived AFTER the entrees and the water, drinks, bill,menus, were all slammed down on the table as though to frighten off insects. Spend the four bucks and go to the city location instead. more
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Fort Greene outpost of the popular West Village restaurant slings up vegetarian fare with a Caribbean kick.


  • In Short
    This spinoff of the West Village restaurant proves that vegetarian food can be served in a stylish setting that's not draped with tapestries. The two story space--separated by a spiral staircase--gives off a cool, modern vibe with pillow-lined booths, exposed light bulbs and a bar made from recycled glass. Soul food and Asian favorites get remade with nonmeat ingredients, in dishes like panko-breaded soy chicken, veggie "ribs" with sweet corn mashed potatoes and crispy tofu with teriyaki-garlic sauce.

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