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Raves Oh My Goth

1516 Emerson St
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 333-5987
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I went in to look at corsets today and was lucky enough to hit it on their corset sale weekend. The guy who helped me knew a ton about their selection and ordering process, quickl...


I haven't been a client of this shop in many years. I went in recently with a friend who wanted to purchase a pair of boots. Rave's Oh My Goth does indeed carry a wide array of me...

All I can say is Wow, Thanks Raves! My 4/6/2012

All I can say is Wow, Thanks Raves! My sister went into Raves looking for a dress and I went into another shop. I was in and out and in less than 5 minutes an employee of Raves called and had my car towed. My sister was in the store shopping! I parked in a legitimate spot. After talking to the employee, who said Oops and how much he liked my shirt, said he couldn't do anything. WTF?! So after 2 hours and $280 later, I finally got my car. Never going back to that place and never recommending it. Be careful where you park! more

First Corset Purchase, Great Experience! 7/24/2011

I went in to look at corsets today and was lucky enough to hit it on their corset sale weekend. The guy who helped me knew a ton about their selection and ordering process, quickly pulled a couple to try on. They were beautiful! I knew next to nothing about corsets but I found one I loved and I was able to take it home! Their odering process seemed fun, with a lot of materials to choose from, but I liked the one they had so much I just bought that one. They apparently have a corset club with discounts on future corset purchases. Overall, I got a beautiful, fitted, custom corset as well as training on lacing it myself and care instructions, etc. It wasn't cheap ($300) but definitely worth the cost. Once you try on one of these real corsets, you won't go back to the cheaper kind sold in most lingerie shops. Overall great experience, I hope to go back for another one in a few months. more


Used to love this store -- in fact, have spent close to $800 there in the last 3 months. Until today, when I asked to exchange a skirt for a smaller size. I bought the skirt less than 24 hours earlier and it still had the tags on it. The manager (12-year old jerk) refused. When I requested that he call the owner to ask for an exception, he refused and was incredibly patronizing. I'm not sure what the owner would think of losing a customer like me, who has been a huge supporter and spender, and quick to recommend her store to friends. But based on the other reviews, something tells me she couldn't care less. But I'm gone -- there are too many other places to spend my money and NOT be treated like that. more

Sketchy at best. 4/28/2011

the store is very open and inviting considering the small collection, but only if you're there to give Raven money. I went in with a couple of friends who personally knew Raven, the store owner, and after we had browsed a while we went to Herbs and Arts down the street to pick up a book. after we returned, i found that Raven had had my car towed to the tune of $269 at my expense. So bottom line, you can be her best friend but she'll screw you over if you set foot off her parking lot. The worst part is that she personally gave us directions to the book store; not one of her employees. more

Good store, 3/26/2011

All the empoyees were nice, i don't know this rave girl but she better treat me nice when i go in there i'm a paying customer. So i wanted a pair of shoes there that were on sale they didn't have my size but it was okay. I got a shirt for 20 it's pricy oh well were all trying to make money here. But it's not too pricy actuall in my opinion. But i think it's a great store. more

Love it! 10/26/2010

The staff was fantastically feisty and took care of my every need. I had just lost a bunch of weight and said as a reward I was getting a custom corset done, a friend and I went together and they were great and attentive. more

OH MY GOTH YOU WERE EXPOSED! Fake Ratings Submissions. 5/5/2010

*I previously posted this with Google Maps but feel the need to post it here as well.* My personal experience with Raven (Rave) is irrelevant at this point. However, I can say after several failed attempts to shop here, I've not given this establishment one dime of my hard earned money. That aside, why does Rave's Oh My Goth seem to have such high reviews? Let's take a look at the four pages of reviews listed with Google. Working backwards, as this is how they are listed, I read each and every review (this woman pissed me off fierce) that is listed on Google. The review, Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By SueZQ - May 31, 2009, is the first to catch my eye. This review seemed to be more of an advertisement than a review. Hmm! Could this have possibly been written by the owner herself in an attempt to raise the rating of her store? Further examination of reviews reveals the answer. Between the dates of July 8th 2008 and July 16th 2008 there were a total of approximately 24 reviews written for Rave's Oh My Goth. Twenty-four reviews in EIGHT days?! That's insane. And damn impossible; Unless, of course, they're fake. Penned by none other than the idiotic shop owner herself. On July 8th 2008, only three reviews were written. The writing style are all similar to the May 31st 2009 review by SueZQ and ""written by"" all similarly generic names: Meligoth, DancerHolly, voiceovgod. The next day, Raven (Rave) went insane in an attempt to boost her ratings. July 9th 2008 yields the most reviews with a total of 18 submitted reviews with equally generic names such as kamasushi, AngelaKitten, and darkenedones. Again, all reviews for this date cast the same writing style, tone, and advertisement feel. Similarly they all refer to Rave's Oh My Goth as simply ""Rave's,"" further reinforcing the suspicion that the reviews are, in fact, fake. July 9th 2008 would have been a Wednesday, which is not much of a busy day for retail stores, or even restaurants. What are the chances that at LEAST eighteen people not only entered Rave's Oh My Goth, but also purchased something, then proceeded to go home and write an article about their ""fabulous"" experience? (Raven, I'm sure you're fuming with embarrassment at this point, but my question is simply rhetorical ... you naughty little scamstress, you!) Moving on to point out later fake articles at this point is simply a matter of time wasted on this worthless shop. Raven, you lack integrity and your parents must have left you one hell of a trust fund. Out of the 39 current reviews listed with Google, only 12 appear to be valid. Your highest valid review being a mere three. The rating for this store, sans your attempt to boost it, should read 1.41. Trust me, you should seek a new career path. Pros: I'd love to give one, just one ... but I can't. Cons: Rude Owner, Obnoxious Staff, High Prices, and ... LIES! more

raves 8/31/2009

i dunno why this place gets so many bad reviews. yea it is a bit pricey but so is hottopic for crying out loud. i have always had a good experience here. yes raven can be intimating but thats just her. i have never had a problem with her. shes even personally taken me to the storage room and dug through boxes and boxes to find me the boots i wanted. other staff has even done this for my husband to show him things that hadnt been put out on the floor yet. its a great store. i love it. more

Hasn't had my economic vote in many years.. 7/25/2009

I haven't been a client of this shop in many years. I went in recently with a friend who wanted to purchase a pair of boots. Rave's Oh My Goth does indeed carry a wide array of merchandise. What most consumers that frequent this shop may be unaware of.. 1. MANY of these items can be purchased online through other gothic or alternative lifestyle vendors online stores, Ebay, the manufacturer of the items you are interested in, or locally from Fashion Nation. 2. If you do your homework, you will realize that Raven's prices are not that competitive. 3. If you aren't that ambitious,(ie LAZY) you will pay the price that she asks. With that being said, you have no right to whine or complain if you feel you are paying too much. You do have other alternatives. Again, it's a matter of discernment and ambition. As far as Customer Service goes, it's ridiculous what passes for it in this establishment. I work in the Service Industry myself. I don't believe that the customer is always right; quite the contrary. However, there is a definite nasty attitude that permeates this shop. It starts with the owner,Raven, and trickles down to her staff. It amazes me that she has managed to stay in business 10+ years. Apparently, her best clientele must truly enjoy paying higher prices and being treated like idiots. Pros: Good, quality merchandise. Cons: Customer Service with an attitude. more

Hot topic had what i needed, not Rave with bad service 7/23/2009

I was in the store with a friend of mine a couple months back, browsing their stuff. First,. There is a sign in the front of the store that says hippies use side door. i assume that was the entrance. Instead i turned into gate to a brick wall. ""laugh"" funny we enter tell our story to the clerks and its like a dead zone in their faces no emotion at all. Maybe it happens everyday. My friend had to strike up a conversation again and again about the store and area. Second visit i head back a couple months later because i saw a scarf i liked and just remembered it, and wanted it real bad. Reason because i had a similar scarf that i lost one drunken snowy night very sad. so i went over there. Really bent on buying touching and receiving wonderful scarf. Ok looking at spot........looking around store.........Where!! its not here no scarfs nothing they vanished. ok maybe there somewhere close.......""Hello pardon me but i could not locate any scarfs""? "" u know where?"" ""do u know when they'll be out again?"" ""Ok.. so u put the winter stuff in the back during the summer.......r the scarfs in a box back there?""< NO there not even in here, in the store.> ""Do u have a website..maybe there online""? "" Ok i will just come in fall time thank you."" . She had a real snotty tone in here voice in her last remark. Like i don't deserve to wear scarf when its 80 degrees out. We'll piggy went on to help someone else at the register and i was standing there scarf less....I call or refer to her as piggy when telling this story. i don't know her real name. It's because she had pink highlights in her hair and wide around the wist area, and i could have sworn she oink a couple of times.(hhaha) no but seriously my problem was being scarf less. Just another oink in her day. kinda like their hippie sign out front. So i called my buddy Mop and told him if he's hungry he can go to Raves for some bacon. So 0-1 no scarf......thinking thinking........HEY HOT TOPIC!!!! so i skipped on down to HOT topic with my fingers crossed and.................................Press toe A WHOLE SECTION OF SCARFS........did i just get run over by a car and in hell now (j/k) but seriously, i couldn't believe the effort i tried earlier when hot topic has what i need a more. the service there is good. the girls there are out of my league but i had at least seven scarfs around my neck GREAT SUCCESS 7-1 I WIN. Now Raves has lost a potentially great customer if only it was a great store. Pros: only liked there hippie sign out front Cons: i will never go back, not a great store . more

A “RAVE” review! 5/30/2009

Highly recommended for ANYONE who likes being used & abused! It takes all kinds to make up this crazy world and if you're unique (or just a social deviate) you gotta shop here! \r \r From rock & goth attire to vintage clothing for the flower child within, Rave's caters to all off us misfits. Whether you're a goth, rocker, hippy, belly dancer or cross dresser, we are ALL accepted here. \r \r Rave loves us ALL and abuses us equally. Although she's a retired dom, she can still give you the verbal ""lashing"" you so deserve (equal opportunity abuse for any sub).\r \r Rave may be demanding and down right abrasive at times, but that's all part of her (retired) dom charm. \r \r We luv you Rave! \r Pros: from goth, punk, drag queen to hippies & vintage Cons: next door to Wendys...bring extra money for frosty more

High Pressure Sales, overly familiar and a wack job 4/15/2009

Raves has a large space with a lot of stuff. But you better not expect reasonable service or accurate information.\r \r I wanted a corset similar to one I already owned. I emailed Raves asking for the exact brand, model and size. She couldn't tell me if she had them in stock so I ordered it online from the maker. I was trying to save time, I didn't want to run out to the store if they didn't have the item I wanted and I didn't want to be fitted by her staff. \r \r I STUPIDLY mentioned to Raven that I had ordered it online when she couldn't help me. She called the manufacturer and had them cancel my order because she has an exclusive.\r \r PLUS she threatened the maker with canceling all business even though the manufacturer had no fault in this whatsoever!!!\r \r You can be assured that I will NEVER purchase anything from Oh My Goth.\r \r There are too many online sources plus good old local standbys like Fashion Nation to deal with insanity.\r \r Pros: Nice selection of corsets Cons: Poor customer service, controlling and stra more

MY FAVORITE STORE EVER!!!!!!! 7/16/2008

My husband and I make special weekend trips to Denver just to go to 'Raves Oh My Goth'. If you want something unique, with an incredible and extremely entertaining staff, this is the place to be. \r I have never had a bad experience at this store, and always feel like their #1 customer. That is hard to find in most stores. \r Raves has amazing corsets...and we are not talking about the pretend corsets you can get at victoria's secret...these are figure altering, life changing pieces of heaven!!! ( I have 3 now ). Ladies, bring your man, he will have as much fun shopping as you will. They have great shirts for guys, and other fun and unique items. \r \r PS. I LOVE my new purple, sparkly, Rock Rebel, tatoo bag. Women stop me everywhere to ask., ""Where did you get that, it's fabulous!!"" RAVES, honey... I got it at RAVES!!!!! Pros: Great ambience and a staff that wear what they sell. Very cool. more

Awesome staff and great selection 7/14/2008

Rave's rules!! I went in there looking for a shirt for an up coming event and was helped by a staff member named Tristan, a snazzy dresser and one hell of a nice guy. I've never been disappointed when I go in there, the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you leave happy. Anyone who says different about Rave, her store or her staff is just plain fullashit. more

Best Place for REAL Corsets & Employees that KNOW what they're talking about. 7/10/2008

This place is the coolest place in Denver. They have a great selection in good quality items, not like places in the mall with cheap stuff.\r \r I met the owner the first day I walked into the store. She was so funny and friendly. We talked quite a bit. A friend of mine has been a long time customer and finally got me in the store. \r \r I was hooked on this place the moment I saw the quality of the corsets. Raven, the owner, has spent a great deal of time training and retraining her employees so they know almost as much as she does. I'm already planning my next corset purchases! Don't compare prices for these corset with the cheap ones in other stores. These will last you for years. My friend has five of them from Raven's. Some of them were purchased years ago, and are still in great condition even with daily ""faire"" wear. \r \r The goth wear is great and I love reading the patches. The jewelry and nic nacs are very cool. I love the baby clothes, too. \r \r Remember! This isn't Wallyworld. It's a sole propritorship. Raven is very involved in her store. She takes pride in all she does and it shows! Show some respect while you're there and you'll be treated like a longtime friend. \r \r I will not purchase a corset from any place else!!! Pros: Service, selection, and location Cons: hmmm - NONE! more

Rave's Rocks. end of story. 7/9/2008

My husband and I have been longtime shoppers at Rave's Oh My Goth. We can't leave her store without buying something... she has the best gothwear in Denver. She searches the ends of the earth to find the most unique merchandise for her store. From clubwear to fetishwear and accessories to boots/shoes to home decor items to AMAZING jewelry to casual-everyday-goth stuff to fancy ren-fest/victorian garb... oh, and did I mention her corset selection? You want a corset... Rave can get you exactly what you want and it will fit you perfectly. I have two gorgeous corsets from her... and when you buy a corset from her you are enrolled in her corset club and you'll receive future discounts on every corset you buy thereafter. Not that you'd need the discount... her corset prices can't be beat. She has a corset sale every year, not to mention cool stuff on the sale r ack (funny, Citysearch won't let me use the word r a c k, so I'm going to space it out!) all the time. Her shoe prices are amazing... I won't go anywhere else for gothic boots or shoes.\r \r Anyway, I highly recommend shopping at Rave's. Be sure you have plenty of time... there's always a ton to look at and Rave and her crew are always fun to chat with. Pros: Great prices, unique merchandise Cons: n/a more

Great store! 7/9/2008

Rave's is an awesome store. If you're in the market for FETlSH, goth, or rockabilly clothes, this is the place to go. The store is HUGE and has an awesome selection. If you don't see what you like on one visit, come back in a week or so and there'll probably be new stuff. There's an excellent selection of shoes and boots there too, so if you need something new for dancing, get your butt in there!\r \r The thing that really sets it apart from the other stores of it's kind here in Denver is that it's the only store in Colorado that sells custom corsets. Yes, other stores have corsets but none of them will do them to your specs. She has corsets there that you can walk out that day with but if you like the style but want it in another color, you can get it. There's a large selection of styles that will fit just about everybody. And if you order a custom corset and let her get a picture of it, you're guaranteed that you won't see your corset on someone else. Get that at any other store around here!\r \r Her employees know their stuff and if you should ask them a question that they don't know, they'll find the right answer and not just answer you with what they think you want the answer to be. Oh, and when you walk in, you're going to be greeted with a big ""Hi!"". It's a friendly and fun bunch in there and I enjoy myself whenever I'm in there.\r \r Cons: Parking can be difficult at times more

Raves is the BEST!!! 7/9/2008

I was furious when I heard that Raves was getting a bad review or two.\r Raven, that's the owners name (not old hag) is a very sweet woman. She has been in he business for over a decade. There is no better place to buy fet ish clothing in the state. I have shopped at at least 5 other stores, not to be named here, who claim to be gothic or fet ish (city search wont let me say that word so had to split it up) clothing, they cant even touch Raves oh my Goth. You may be used to boutiques where the employees bend over and kiss your butt to get a sale, well they don't need to do that in Raves, the quality of the merchandise speaks for itself. \r Like others have said go back to shopping at the Gap, I mean Hot Topic..\r You wouldn't know a quality corset or fet ish and goth wear if it bit you. Pros: Experience and professionalism, one on one service more

Raves Oh My Goth! 7/9/2008

I recently became a Raves customer, and I'm so glad I did. The staff is so wonderful and friendly and very helpful. There is a large and very good selection, and the store is the perfect size. I would recommend Raves Oh My Goth to anyone looking for corsets, shoes, and other ""goth"" attire. In my opinion Raves is the best store of it's kind in Colorado! Pros: service, selection Cons: n/a more

Best Corsets 7/9/2008

I love shopping at Rave's...not only are they wonderfully helpful when you're choosing a corset, but they are friendly and funny. I also love their selection of club clothing and accessories, and while they're extremely helpful and attentive, they're not pushy or prone to hovering. You can get as much or as little help as you like; get laced into one of their gorgeous corsets, design your own, or just wander around and browse. I love this place! Pros: Selection, Price, Service more
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