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Rainforest Cafe - 20 Reviews - 353 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (615) 514-3000

Rainforest Cafe

353 Opry Mills Dr
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 514-3000
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Rainforest Cafe - Nashville, TN


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My first visit to the Rainforest cafe was absolutely amazing. I came with a group and I was completely blown away. The staff was incredible, the atmosphere was soooo fun, the fo...


If its your first time going to the rain forest and you are with small kids wanting to go...maybe. Any other situation don't bother. I've been here a few times, the last time only...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/26/2013

Food was fine, and the service was great. The Manager even visited our table, and was friendly. BUT....DO NOT LET THE HOSTESS SEAT YOU OFF IN SOME CORNER! If you want to experience the sights and sounds of the rain forest, ask to be seated in the middle where the Tigers are, and where the ceiling is high. Especially do not let her take you to the back left corner. Unless of course you do not care about the scenery and effects, but then why go to a restaurant like this anyways? Again food was fine, service more than adequate. DO NOT LET THE HOSTESS PUT YOU IN THE BACK LEFT CORNER, especially when there are plenty of good tables open. more

First Visit 12/6/2009

My first visit to the Rainforest cafe was absolutely amazing. I came with a group and I was completely blown away. The staff was incredible, the atmosphere was soooo fun, the food was perfect. The most tender and best tasting roast beef I've ever had. I live 2 hours away but plan to come back with my 11 year old son who loves the Rainforest. The customer service was wonderful. The young lady who checked me out has excellent customer service. In a day and age where customer service just isn't a priority anymore it was such a delight to meet someone like ""Jauneese"". It was crazy hectic in the store, it is Christmas, so thats to be expected, but she kept her cool, kept smiling, was polite, and helpful. I look forward to coming back in a few weeks with my son. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Pros: just plain fun Cons: N/A more

Okay 5/21/2008

We took our 4 year old daughter to Rainforest Cafe for her birthday. It is your typical theme chain dining establishment. Overpriced and flashy and the food is average. Nothing special. Pros: Good for Kids Cons: Food is not that great and very expensive more

AWESOME!!! 5/18/2008

The service was excellent and the atmosphere was AWESOME. My 5 year old son was captivated by the sights and sounds. The service was great and you must order a VOLCANO!!!!!! Pros: awesome more

Very bad customer mistreatment 4/20/2008

I was badly treated at the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee, next to Opryland, today. The waiter being mediocre at best was least of the problems. Even through the other advertised catch to getting five dollars off the Awesome Appetizer was to be a Safari Club member (which I am), they insisted I had to buy an entree to get it, and with that thing, I didn't need an entree. I settled for a pasta dish with Italian Sausage, a marinara that didn't taste that good then, and hours later, still tastes awful. Plus, there was a very bad brat sitting five feet behind me and to the right, who was constantly screaming, jumping on his chair, and getting in every patrons way by playing around the tables. I couldn't enjoy my food, as mediocre as it was. Granted, a Rainforest Cafe trip has noise to be considered into it, due to thunder crashes, and apes and elephants making their presence known. I told the brat twice to shut up, which the bad mother didn't appreciate. The second time, I had three twist get in front of my table, saying they didn't like that I dared to speak up about that brats bad behavior (there were adults in front of me who thought that brat was cute; obviously bad parents). Then came a manager, who decided that 3on 1 meant the one had to be wrong, so he refused to let me finish my meal, and forced me out. He did not care when those three goons spouted off at me, but if I chose to address them back, he wanted to stop me. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay, but I told that stupid manager I would inform his boss, and let what happened be known online. Which I have now done.\r \r I would have paid for my meal, and as I needed to buy something for my Mother (who's birthday was soon), that manager cost his company $40, and potentially more, as now I don't want to go back there unless I get an apology. If he was intelligent (which he wasn't), he would have simply helped me move to the uncrowded bar, and separated the patrons who clashed with others: more

After seeing this Rain Forest the thought of Global Warming sounds good. 3/5/2008

OK....where do I start? My wife and I took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe because we heard about the atmosphere inside, and decided to give it a try. \r The atmosphere of all the monkeys, birds, and a lightning storm is ok for a bit, but it gets old quick.\r That was OK though because we were there for the food.\r After a while the waiter came by and we ordered. It took forever to get our food, and when we did get it, I kinda wished we had not.\r It was cold (except the Iced Tea) and the stuff did not even look good.\r The Kids ate part of their food and decided they were done. took a few bites and knew I was done too.\r Lets face it. If you have good food you do not need the fake birds and plastic plants. People may remember it, but not because of the surroundings, but because of the bad food.\r If you want a step up in quality save big bucks and eat at McDonald's. Pros: The Exit Cons: The Enterance more

Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!!!!!11 9/4/2007

This was a less than mediocre experience to say the least. We were lied to about a free dessert for our children which ordered pizza -of which we could have gotten better quality from the frozen food section at the grocery store. My husband and I had a steak which was like a piece of leather along with being overpriced there was no bread with a steak (unbelievable) we asked for bread of course we were charged extra .We waited for our Free dessert for 27 minutes after they had cleared out dishes The waiter came back with the 3 little sundaes, our children were miserable and ready to leave he then delivered the check of which we were charged for our stale bread and our FREE desserts I brought this to his attention this took another 25 minutes for him to return with a manager who wanted to explain to us why the desserts were not free but he would do me a favor and not charge me I would not recommend fighting the crowd and paying high prices for crappy food Pros: entertaining atmosphere for cildren Cons: service food etc more

Decent food - excellent service 4/1/2007

My only complaint: they announce the serving of a particular dessert, the volcano, by shouting ""VOOOOLLLLLLCAAAAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOO!"" at the top of their lungs all the way to the table. Every time it's ordered. Every. Single. Time. During the course of our meal there were exactly twenty nine volcanoes ordered somewhere in the restaurant. We were seated by the kitchen. I never want to hear that word again. We didn't have a very long wait at all for our table for two on a Friday evening. Only about 20 minutes, and we were told it would be close to an hour. The place has huge saltwater aquariums, lifelike (maybe a little too lifelike for some small children) gorillas, constellations on the ceiling. The food was expensive (as expected) but good - I had a decent steak. The server was excellent - in addition to ""the spiel"" he explained a lot of things on the menu, advised us on the portions, and did an overall great job. I'd say this is pretty much a perfect place for a fun date or a kids birthday. But please, I beg you, do not order the volcano. Ugh. Pros: Good food, great service, and of course, complete Rainforest decor. Cons: A little loud. Expensive. more

Great Experience! 1/18/2007

We read the bad reviews but had been to both Rain Forest Cafe's in Orlando & decided to give it a try anyway. We had a great time, the food was delicious & the service was really good. We were seated ahead of schedule because they weren't busy at all. I can't wait to take my Grandkids back. more

Ignore the Bad Reviews, This Place Is AWESOME!!! 12/9/2006

My family and I visited the Rainforest Cafe recently and had a fabulous time! I did look the cafe up on citysearch (to see what other people said) and was not impressed. I decided to go to the cafe to check it out for myself, and discovered that this is an excellent place to visit. When we arrived at the cafe, I was told my table woul be ready in about 10 minutes-which was fine because it gave us time to look around in the gift shop. After our name was called, we were sat by the nicest lady! She showed us all the cool sites in the cafe (that I doubt we would have even noticed without her tour) and took us to our table which was right next to these life-like elephants! The kids definitely thought these were neat! The service and food was excellent! I had this HUGE shrimp platter that was delicious! We were told by our waiter to try the signature volcano dessert, and it was the best I've ever had! The manager stopped by our table and we made sure to let her know about the great time we had. We stopped in the shop to pick up some cute shirts for the kids and we were on our way. Overall the entire experience was great! Pros: Atmosphere, Service, Food, Cool Gift Shop Cons: We can't visit as much as we want! more

Excellent place to eat 12/9/2006

After reading several reviews on city search that were very negative, I was not looking too forward to going to this restaurant. But I already had my gift cards bought and didn't want to let them go to waste. We were very pleased with our experience. We made reservations and was 30 minutes late, but we still didn't have to wait. Our waitress was very attentive and we did not want for anything. The food was very good and the portions were generous. The prices were not out of line with the prices of other restaurants. The atmosphere was awesome; unlike any other restaurant we've been to. I highly recommend a visit here. Pros: Excellent atmosphere, great food, resonable prices more

BAD SERVICE 8/28/2006

We got lied to and treated like dirt by the staff. The food was awful and the gits in the gift shop were way too expensive. Pros: Good place to go to keep kids entertained throughout a meal Cons: Bad service, bad food, too loud more

A Truly Hellish and Mercenary Experience 11/14/2005

I was dragged to this fry pit in a mall during a recent visit by my then five-year-old nephew. Though my mother made reservations weeks in advance, our party of six was still made to stand neck-high in the flotsam of overpriced trinkets for at least a half hour before we were seated. It wasn't until after we'd sat down, and after the hostess had rotely delivered a scripted introduction concerning the restaurant's theme, that I finally had a chance to take stock of the place. What struck me as I looked around was that the children around me were completely disengaged by their surroundings. Apart from my complaint that many of the animals featured are not found in a rainforest anywhere, we all thought the food was mediocre and the service substandard. Cons: overpriced, bad service, mediocre food more

NEVER again 10/23/2005

I had friends visiting from out of town...I took them to R.C. for a nice meal in a unique atmosphere. The atmosphere was unique all right. Every table around us was covered with dirty dishes . The restaurant was so cold that we were shaking. The server as the absolute worst I have ever had. We desperately needed something each time that she actually came to our table. She actually rolled her eyes at us. The food was awful and overpriced. I was extremely embarassed that I had taken my friends to what I thought would be an awesome restaurant. In fact we couldn't wait to leave. Don't take children - its way overprice and the food isn't stuff that children would like. Don't expect to get seated promptly even if you make reservations way ahead of time, and don't expect to get too full or have drinks refilled ever. Pros: jungle atmosphere Cons: terrible service, terrible food, very overpriced more

pathetic 5/28/2005

i recently visited rainforest cafe and it was awful. It took forever to be seated. the service was slow and unattentive. the food was way over priced and didnt even taste that good. Sure the setting is awesome but thats about all i can give the place. also, there were kids running around everywhere ACTUALLY playing tag. i will NEVER go back. Pros: setting Cons: expensive, doesnt taste good, sucky service more

Not very good 6/23/2004

If its your first time going to the rain forest and you are with small kids wanting to go...maybe. Any other situation don't bother. I've been here a few times, the last time only because my children wanted to go and i wanted to give them a treat. The service is slow , the price of the food isn't TOO bad, if it was good. Below average quality on the last 2 visits and the bathrooms were horrible we had to get the manager just so my kids could use it. We decided on our last trip we would not return. Pros: Fun atmosphere 4 kids Cons: , slow service, prices not very good more

horrid 4/15/2004

unless I had very small children that pestered me into going to the god forsaken place I would stay far far away. the food is horribly over priced with a very poor ""straight outta the can"" taste. Pros: easy to parking, made for kids Cons: , horrid food, worse prices more

Tourist Food with Flair 5/28/2003

If you have ever been to a Rainforest Cafe in any other city, there are no real surprises at this one. Similar menu as far as food and drinks (you can get a couple different Bohannon beers which is cool), and as usual it is a little pricey for the quality. The portions are pretty good sized though. The salads are almost impossible to finish in one sitting! We ate a little before noon on a Saturday and were immediately seated. However it got VERY busy at peak time. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Expensive more

2 6/23/2002

Arrived at our table around 9pm, four in our party- 20 minutes later saw the waiter, 10 minutes later had our drinks, saw our meals close to 10pm. 10 minutes after our meal arrived we were offered a to-go box!!! PLEASE!! Waiter was much worse this time than the last couple of times. Don't expect quick friendly service and a good variety of food from which to choose! Oh yeah, and if you are dining with 6 or more people (per small print on the menu).... this place adds on a 17% gratuity tip! For what exactly? NOT SERVICE, of course! Pros: location, at Oprymills, not Chucky Cheese Cons: price, horrible service, limited food variety more

Great atmosphere! 6/6/2002

This is a great restaurant to take the kids and have continual entertainment with the storms, monkeys, elephants, and all the other special effects going on all around. The acquariums are fun to watch and the fish are beautiful! We always have a fun experience when we visit the Rainforest Cafe, and the price fits our budget! I would reccommend making reservations before you go! more
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  • This rainforest-themed restaurant is sure to capture the imagination of children while they dine amidst lush vegetation, waterfalls, and...

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