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Radio Cab

1613 NW Kearney St
Portland, OR 97209
(360) 450-4017
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I was taking a solo trip to Phoenix and had to get to the airport at 5:30 am. Going solo always adds a level of stress, and you never know just what you are going to get when you...


One Radio Cab driver was driving too fast in a parking lot and caused a minor fender bender with my wife. He then called another driver who came and bullied my wife. These two cre...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2014

Totally unprofessional bunch! Called ahead to say that we had 3 passengers and 6 pieces of luggage, so give us a big vehicle. They sent a Prius-sized car! I told the driver we'd need an extra five minutes to get ready and HE complained about the delay. We ended up having to drive to the airport ourselves, costing us $200 extra to park in long term so we could make our flight.\r \r Two calls to their 'complaint' line have gone unanswered. The voicemail sounded like it was from a 1980's phone machine.\r \r It's time we get some non-cab competition in town. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/28/2014

We took a wrong bus line late this last Friday night. Our mistake. It was late so we called for a cab. I gave the dispatcher the exact intersection where the bus stop was. He rudely told me it was not enough info. I gave him the address of the McDonald's directly by the bus stop. He asked if we were there. I said, ""Sure"" and he snapped at me again. I told him we were right by it. By then it was closed. He got nastier and nastier as I tried to explain that tiny bit of information. I know he probably deals with a lot of drunks, rowdy's, and nasty's, but he was awful. I have rarely been treated so badly. He is a horrible face for this business and there is no excuse for anyone in any business to speak to me the way he did. The situation was not difficult to understand but he wasn't interested in listening. He hung up on me and we were still stranded. So if you want a professional service where you'll be treated like a person and not barked at, I suggest going with another cab service. I personally do not support ANY business with so little regard for their customers that they employ people like him. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2013

I scheduled my taxi to get me to the airport for a flight, and the taxi was >30 mins late! At 10 minutes late, I called the dispatch to verify that I had scheduled the correct pickup time. The dispatcher verified the correct time, and then said that they were very busy that day, and the taxi would still be another 15 minutes. When I told him that I was attempting to catch a flight and had scheduled that time for a specific reason, I was told that I could either cancel the ride, or wait, because in the end they were still getting me from Point A to Point B and that's what I was paying them for. I barely made it to the airport in time, and they shut the door behind me on the plane. I called the management office to register a complaint, was directed to a voicemail service, and 3 weeks later still have not been called back. I will never use their services again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2012

I am sick of bad drivers taking the route I asked them not to take because I never got asked to begin with. And having political talk radio forced on me at all hours of the day, loudly. Also you'll be lucky if you get a cab in under and hour anymore! Ive had enough! Geez, this company has really gone downhill. see ya later Radiocab.. more

Thugs and Bullies. Radio Cab Sucks! 12/9/2011

One Radio Cab driver was driving too fast in a parking lot and caused a minor fender bender with my wife. He then called another driver who came and bullied my wife. These two creeps blocked her vehicle and held her against her will for nearly an hour. She was terrorized! This scenario had been obviously pre-arranged so as to gang up on and to intimidate the victim into dropping the matter. When I contacted the Supervisor, Steve Entler, he turned out to be a bully as well. So this approach to doing business comes from the top down. Avoid these thugs and bullies if at all possible. And this just in today December 9, 2011: ""A Radio Cab plowed right through a ground floor unit at the Jupiter Hotel this morning, landing on top of a 40-year-old man who was still in bed. The occupant of the room was literally stuck under the front of the car."" Put these jerks out of business. They are a menace to Portland's streets. more

Nicely done! 9/4/2011

I was taking a solo trip to Phoenix and had to get to the airport at 5:30 am. Going solo always adds a level of stress, and you never know just what you are going to get when you ask for a taxi that early in the morning. But I was soooo happy. My driver showed up at my door about 5 minutes early and jumped out to open the door for me. From then on, we talked as if we were old friends getting reacquainted so of course I felt totally at ease for the entire trip. Some taxi drivers drive as if they are racing to get away from a tsunami. Others drive all over the city taking as much time and charging as much $ as they think they can get away with. My driver was PERFECT! He did not drive too slow making me anxious to catch my plane, nor did he drive too fast throwing me all over the car. The other thing I liked was that he knew exactly the best, easiest, quickest route taking back roads and bypassing the slow spots. All in all, it was the perfect ride! more

Radio cabs are cooks 7/31/2011

I arrived at the International Airport, first I check the price with the shuttle their price was $39.00 I asked if a taxi would be cheaper for one person and was told it would be. I checked with the taxi cab (Radio Cab) and was told the price would be $15. 30) to make a long story short when I got to my destination the cab driver wanted $38.and so odd cents. I had an enevlope with the address I was going to this I had showed to the cab driver. When I refused to pay him the $38.00 he said when he quoted that price he thought it was the other address, which was in Missoula, MT If he could take me from Portland to MT for $38.00 I would have let him do it. I give him $20.00 and told him that was all he was getting. I would of give him $15.30 if I had the right change. Come back to the airport I could not remember the name of the cab and when the girls in the office call a cab it ended up being the same company and I had them ask when they call for the cab what it would be and they were told $28.00 to $30.00 and you guess it he wanted $39.00. Do not use RADIO CAB they are all cooks. For my next trip over I am going to get it in writing. more

worst cab company in portland 6/16/2011

Hi all. So I have been using cabs in portland for about 10 years now and it seems radio cab gets worse and worse each year. I'm an older man who actually used to drive a cab in NYC many moons ago. They way this place is being run is a joke. Talked to many drivers only to find that the company is screwing them, for instance they get people to buy a share/cab shift in the company and than after they are in debt up to their ears they tell them they won't lease their cabs out for all the days they don't work unless ...they buy another share. Now I'm an old man myself but your way of doing things is for a fact pushing the younger good drivers out. You old guys made these rules to benefit only yourselves with no thought for the future. I have two drivers I use regularly (day shift) #15 and # 1, I once called to compliment cab #15(because she goes way beyond the required services) A few weeks later I see her and ask, did you boss tell you I called. NO. My question is why? You have some really great employees and you can't take the time to note it? It dosen't surprise me however because when I called to complain once about cab # 55(who sexually harassed my daughter on her cab ride to my home) I wasn't called back at all and no one obviously cared. So good job radio, give all the money to the idiots and push the good ones out. As soon as the two drivers I call personally get outta there I will never never use your company again. Good luck ruining your own business more

regular cab rider 6/5/2011

Wow, i dont know what happened with the other folks who wrote reviews, but i have used radio cab for the last 11 years some times 2 or 3 times a week, and have never had the problems that other people have written about..yea sometimes ive had to wait a few minutes, gotten quiet drivers, had an older car, taken short trips, but through it all with the exception of once (real old driver) the drivers have allways been nice, easy to understand, and willing to go the way i wanted..i swore off the other cab companies after just riding with them once or twice.... try the green or yellow cab companys and you will see what i mean....would tell anyone what great service i gotten ! more


I am not one to complain about anything...and I will say this is the FIRST review I have ever written. I specifically signed up for city search just to let ya'll out there know to not use Radio Cab! I have used them a couple times in the past with no complaints, but just called a minute ago to request a cab - and had the rudest girl ever. I finally hung-up and said I would be taking my business elsewhere....I suggest you do the same! more

saved the day 2/4/2011

just googel'd cab and called the first number( not radio cab ) , big mistake !! the cab never showed up. after waiting 30 minutes for a prearranged cab, i called radio cab the person on the phone was professional the driver was there in 7minutes and got me to the airport on time! thank you for your great service you have made a new customer . more

A one star rating is one star`too many; AWFUL!!! 12/26/2010

This was the worst cab riding experience of my life; I have never received such poor customer service. The dispatcher was extremely rude and actually hung-up on me for asking questions she didn't want to take the time to answer. After being hung-up on, I called back but reached the answering service every time, for half an hour. So, I began walking to my destination and eventually flagged down a Radio City car. The driver was also very rude and somewhat hostile, though it is possible he was just tired after a long night of unruly fares and poor tips. Though, there was absolutely no excuse for the TERRIBLE service I received from the Radio City dispatcher. I will NEVER use this company again. more

Quick & Reliable 10/25/2010

This cab co is great. They are always there and courteous. So far, we are very impressed with the service. more

You will be sorry 7/5/2010

Don't believe the pumpers. Friends of drivers and drivers themselves more than likely. This driver owned cab company is an unmitigated disaster in terms of a basic biz model and service provision. Read the negative reviews carefully. With the one off topic exception, do they sound like spoiled folks or  whiners who complain with little reason, or do they sound like baffled folk who were alarmed at the lack of basic service and courtesy? Management is atrocious. Check out reviews at Yelp as well, for even more horror stories. Pros: Zero Cons: Many more

Better then Broadway by a mile 5/17/2010

I had tickets to see Kooza and since I wasnt sure\r exactly where it was i decided to take a cab.\r There is usually always a cab outside where I work \r so I parked in the parking garage and walked outside to get a cab. There was only a Broadway cab outside\r so i went over to the cab and said I needed to go to Kooza, the cabbie looked at me and said where is Kooza. I knew that I wasnt going to go anywhere in a cab with a driver that was acting like they didnt know where that was. They had been in town over a month and had previous looked a Radio Cab to see if it was on their web site. It was. I called Radio cab and the driver came and picked me up and took me right there.\r I think that Broadway was going to probably trump up the fare by acting like they didnt know where Kooza was at. All the cab companies should have known. \r I was real satisfied with the driver and the company and would use again. Pros: Got me where I was going and didnt waste time Cons: Had to wait longer then I thought we would for the return more



Finest in Portland 4/23/2009

I will only use Radio Cab. They are locally owned, and all the money stays in the community, not some corporate back hole. The drivers are great, on time, and all speak good English (a rarity in Portland). They also have gone green with renewable energy in there building, and have a foundation that feeds thousands of people in need in the area. more

Radio Cab portland, personable drivers reasobable pricesPerson Who doesn't understand Child Support Laws and Doesn't seem to understand what this posting site is for.. 1/3/2009

According to most state child support laws, Oregon including, you can get your license revoked for not paying child support, also you can be sentenced to jail terms. \r What you post has to do with Radio Cab is beyond me, cab drivers are independent contractors, you can go after a dealer for child support and the state will still pursue it. Further more, love radio cab, good for the community good for you ! Pros: decent drivers, pleasurable services Cons: mainly contract drivers more



Thank you Radio Cab! 12/7/2008

After having major problems with a very rude dispatcher from Broadway cab who hung up on me for not knowing an exact address (my friend's car ran out of gas and we were stranded on the side of a road), we called Radio Cab.\r \r The dispatcher was extremely patient and helpful with my friend. They kindly waited on the phone as he walked around trying to find an address. \r \r After about less than ten minutes, the cab was there! I was amazed at how quickly they showed up!\r \r The cab was clean and the driver was really cool. He drove us to a gas station, waited patiently for us to get a can of gas and drove us back to the car. \r \r Thank you Radio Cab for being so great! You saved our butts that night!\r \r \r I definitely recommend this company! Pros: Great service, patience, awesome driver Cons: Nothing having to do with Radio Cab! more
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Owner Message

  • Radio Cab offers taxi service throughout the greater Portland, OR, metro area, including Vancouver, WA. Our taxi cabs will get you from Point A to Point B, and they'll do it with friendly service and affordable rates. Since we first hit the streets in 1946, we have grown into a state-of-the-art transportation service with the knowledge and experience you deserve.

    Our drivers know the area, and they are professional, safe and courteous. We offer both non-smoking and handicapped-accessible taxis.

    Radio Cab is proud to offer the following services:

  • Wheelchair vans
  • Mini vans
  • Cars with large trunks
  • Airport services
  • Delivery service
  • Local and long distance
  • Wine, city and coastal tours

    Radio Cab is also proud to offer jumper-cable delivery services, free direct-line access to our cab services for businesses and flat rates for traveling between Tri-Mets Fareless Square and the airport.

    Call Radio Cab today for your next riding experience. We look forward to meeting all of your transport needs!

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