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Hollywood 20 is the best. I've been to a lot of theaters and I prefer this one. I observe the managers very closely becuase I go there a lot and will admit that there are one or t...


$9.50 per person to see a movie in the evening? Are you kidding me? The price is ridiculous. Add to that the price for a couple of sodas and some popcorn and you have $35.00 fo...

Pleasant Experience 5/21/2011

First, note the dates of the bad reviews, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The one in 2009 was given on Christmas Day. What do you expect at that time of year? Management is stressed out but rudeness is not acceptable any time. We only recently began going to movies after many years. The seats were comfortable. Since everyone chooses to 'leave' their garbage for others to pick up, don't complain. I was definitely surprised at how clean it was after seeing what was left behind. The ticket windows can be slow--sometimes, but that just means the movies selection is good. We bought sodas and I asked for a medium, which was 20 to 24 ounces. I should have checked first. The server pleasantly gave us the small size and was gracious. That said a lot to me about the young employees. Management should appreciate them. They leave a very good impression. The price is astronomical, but it is at any theatre. They make their money on concessions so those servers should be absolutely great! At least there is a place to go for movies - a time out for everybody. It's better than buying the movies to watch at home. The R-E-A-L issue for us is the volume. It is overpowering. We almost left due to it. Honestly, it is so high that it is in the range of ear drum damage. Can something be done, like 15% decrease even? Nothing less than 25% would be acceptable. Overall, I was pleased---but will definitely take into account how loud the volume is. It will limit the number of times we go and the high action movies, well forget those. more

Rude Management 12/25/2009

After finding a crowded, oversold theater with no seats that were not "saved"-- my family and I went to the customer support booth to get our money refunded. The manager behind the counter was at first very polite, asking me to fill out a card which I happily did. Upon returning with my receipt he noticed I had filled out the whole card, stating why I wanted a refund, etc. and rudely shoved a new card in front of me and said to only fill out three specific lines. Apparently he was not happy I had put "OVERSOLD" on the card, and took offense claiming he could find us seats. Nevermind there were several other people at the CS booth that exact moment complaining of the same thing. He even threatened to withhold my refund unless I filled out the card correctly. The best he could have found in that theater were theater-hoppers without tickets to that show, as there was a line formed outside prior to seating and anyone, ANYONE, could have hopped in that line without a ticket (or a ticket to another movie) and gotten in to see the film. Compound this situation with it being Christmas day, and I have to admit I am more than surprised at this gentleman's rudeness and unwillingness to believe an honest customer. On another note, this theater is a bit outdated. The seats squeek, the projector's quickly burn through and/or scratch the film. It would be nice if a theater in the area offered digital projectors, hopefully another company will provide it as I do not plan on going to Regal Hollywood any time in the future. Pros: None Cons: Unbelievably rude more

Expensive 2/13/2009

$9.50 per person to see a movie in the evening? Are you kidding me? The price is ridiculous. Add to that the price for a couple of sodas and some popcorn and you have $35.00 for two people to see a movie. No wonder there were hardly any people there the last time we went. And I mean it when I say...the last time. more

Great for teen nite out 9/19/2008

Super theatre for children, kids and teens as well. A safe environment to let your kids go to the movies alone (mine are 12 and 13) - and with their friends, they have a super time. Dont forget, that they can use their student ID cards to get a better rate. Police cars are present throughout the evenings in the parking lot as well. The kids can pop over to Atlanta Bread or McDonalds for a bite to eat after. Kids also get a free burger with a purchase (if they show their movie ticket) Pros: Safety for teens more

Just as good as any other theatre... 10/25/2007

I don't know why this came up under bars and clubs when I did a search but this is a movie theatre not a bar or a club. Anyway I worked at this theatre for awhile. Most of the customers are idiots so any bad reviews are probably from some idiot, who forgets that the theatre employs mostly highschool students, and pays rather low. Don't expect to get served because the employees don't get tips to serve you. The concessions are just fine. They serve popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and soda..what do you expect? They even have ice cream and icees. They have kid packs and candy too. The prices aren't anymore expensive there than they are at other theatres. The competition (i'll leave them unnamed but they are the only other theatre as large as regal in greenville) serves old stale popcorn that they bag and re-sell later. Regal NEVER does that. They are constantly popping fresh popcorn unless it's a slow shift. At the end of the night they throw out all the old popcorn and pop fresh the next day. Of course things do run out if you come on a weekend..that's obvious that's going to happen. Sometimes there are random busy shifts during the week and again things are going to run out. They don't have machines that can just throw out hot dogs cooked and ready and warm whenever you want. The buns are a little hard but that can be fixed by asking the concessionist to warm it in the microwave (they have one in the back). Also there is always a concessionist there by the time the last movie starts to refill your popcorn, or sell you candy or soda...which is stupid because they don't get paid enough to do that..but they do. So that's pretty dedicated to the customer. As far as the managers go they are very sensible and there are only a few who have a short patience with people. They do have bad language. The ushers clean as much as they possibly can but the customers are gross and the place gets dirty on the weekend. On a weekday it will always be clean. Pros: Great movies, awesome popcorn, fun promotions. Cons: Poor language from some employees..and one or two managers with no patience. more

The Best I know of 4/18/2007

Hollywood 20 is the best. I've been to a lot of theaters and I prefer this one. I observe the managers very closely becuase I go there a lot and will admit that there are one or two managers that will cuss infront of customers and stress to the point of bad behavior. I avoid bringing my child around them just for that reason. There are about five or six managers that appear to be on the ball and very knowledgeable. I don't like seeing people (employees) smoke infront of the theater. I've never walked in and not seen a person doing that. They should do that somewhere else, infront of a nice theater looks trashy. When is comes to the projection, the problem is always fixed when you tell a manager. No complaints there. I don't have any problems with the food, but, I don't eat there very often. I think the way managers handle problems with bad customers in the auditoriums is very fair and good. I feel safe and unthreatened. I've never noticed things that are unclean. When hundreds of people are in and out of a building it's hard to maintain a clean atmosphere but they do a good job here. Everything I've reviewed here is no different from anywhere else. I hold Hollywood 20 in high esteem because I see people working to help do whatever they can to help customers in their experience. I highly recommed this theater becuase aside from a few hang ups of individuals, the overall goals of quality family entertainment is achieved. I have gone to this theater since it opened and never have I had a problem that wasn't fixed. Pros: safe atmosphere, clean, helpful employees, has a few good "take action managers" Cons: smoking managers infront of theater more

most uncomfortable chairs, worst customer service, poor selection of concessions 10/27/2006

the chairs do not recline. you will always leave with a backache. at least half of the time i visit the theater is not cleaned in between showings. the hot dogs are never ready and hot and the buns are always hard and stale. they do not serve tea. customer service ascociates are unwilling to meet customer needs. when concessions were unavailable the manger stated that it is not my problem. overall sound and quailty of film are good but movies tend to start late. they have the best selection of movies and the regal crown card is a great bonus. what this theater needs is better management and up to date seating. Pros: good parking, regal crown card, good selections Cons: unconfortable seating, rude management, and unavaible food at concession stand more

Awesome 1/2/2003

It is probably the best theatre I have been to in years. It is very clean and easy to find your movie. I do think they should open all food stands on the weekends, because the line is usually very long for popcorn and drinks. We enjoy coming to this theatre Pros: clean, good parking Cons: some movies too loud more
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