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R U Hairy Houston

8401 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77063
(281) 768-7867
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I was a client of logical laser and refused to go back. then i found out that it got bought out by r u hairy and i called to make sure i could still get the treatments i paid for....


October 2011, I paid for a 3 session package of laser hair removal on multiple areas at R U Hairy Houston. During my first session I was severly burnt on the entirety of my should...

2nd degree burns, and insulted by owner Angela Fox 2/12/2012

October 2011, I paid for a 3 session package of laser hair removal on multiple areas at R U Hairy Houston. During my first session I was severly burnt on the entirety of my shoulders, due to wrong calibration of the machine, and overlapping the laser by the inexperience technician. Upon complaint, the owner Angela Fox showed no remorse, instead became extremely rude and defensive. She stated that the burns were normal, and gave me no instruction on how to treat it. She insisted that it was standard, and in a few weeks they would be gone. Now February (4 months later) I am scared, with hyperpigmentation. Frustrated and saddened by situation, I called to appeal to Angela Fox. I asked to cancel my package, and receive a full refund as she had caused me permanent damage (I am currently seeing a dermatologist for treatment of the 2nd degree burns). Angela immediately became rude and insulting. Amongst the many horrible things she said to me, she told me not to attempt coming into the office, and if I did she would call the police to have me arrested. That I shouldnt dare come over and make a scene like ""my type"" do. Honestly, I have never been so insulted in my life, and to be categorized into a type because of the color of my skin is pathetic. Angela Fox has ripped of numerous people. Please look at the reviews from others on the websites. R U Hairy Houston should be shut down, its is unsafe and poorly run. This company changed its name from logical laser to R U Hairy from all the bad publicity. more

EX - CUSTOMER 12/29/2011

I am very disappointed with this place. Every time I have gone in for a treatment there is someone new being trained, and the last person I saw is no longer there. Also, they were not flexible when it came to what area needed to be treated, I have a small area under my chin and a small area on my jaw line. They wanted me to buy two separate packages for an area that can be covered with 10 pulses. I understand the 10 pulse package is no longer offered, but I would have appreciated some flexibiliy or care on how to make it work moving forward. When I said thank you and that I will go somewhere else, the person did not even try to keep me as a customer or provide additional options. Honestly, I haven't been happy here, this just gave me what I needed to write this review and find somewhere else. \r \r Anyone have any recommendations? more

VERY BAD! 9/15/2011

""I just read all the previous reviews and I am TOTALLY agree with ALL the negative comments. And, I am almost 100% sure that the positive review are written by their own staff and/or management. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM if you want quality service and treatment and a professional customer service, and staff and management who value you business. Because trust me you WON'T get these from Logical Laser. They are very dishonest, rude, unprofessional and unethical. And to top all that THEY ARE CHEATERS!!!! They never cover the full area as their charts show, just to make you purchase additional packages. They are always rushing so they leave a lot of spots untreated. And, if you go back for touch ups they either refuse (because ""THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE BIG BOSS"" (not to mention that the managers are even worse than the employees!!)or if they accept to do a touch up they treat you like they are doing you a huge favor or like they are giving you a free service!!!! They do not value their customers at all and I will not spend another dime doing business with them and I will do everything I can to stop people from going there!! Every time I go there, they are either arguing with a client over the phone or you see an unhappy customer in the store fighting over something with them. Unfortunately my friends and I made bad decisions by purchasing 2-3 packages at the same time and now we have no way out of it. From the very beginning we have been having bad experiences and not getting the most out of our money. Please do not let their BOGO's and other specials fool you. If you do the math and consider all the headaches and troubles that they cause you, believe me it does not worth it. There are so many other places to go to. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!"" more

R U Hairy IS NOT Logical Laser 6/9/2011

I was a client of logical laser and refused to go back. then i found out that it got bought out by r u hairy and i called to make sure i could still get the treatments i paid for. They said that they honor all of the packages already purchased. I explained to them that i still had a treatment left but was so upset by the service last time. she informed me that there was an entirely new staff, they are all certified and liscensed by the state for laser hair removal. I went in yesterday for my appointment and it was like night and day. Im so glad I went back, will be back!!!!!! more

Stay away from Logical Laser 2/2/2011

WARNING: Do not go to Logical Laser.\r \r I originally planned to get laser hair removal on literally every part of my body other than my eye brows and scalp, as I don't like body hair. I'm so glad that I chose only these four areas instead of every area! I save myself a lot of grief.\r \r First, the price is too high relative to other laser hair removal centers. Logical Laser offers you 3 treatments for what you could buy at a lower price for 5 or 6 treatments at another laser hair removal center.\r \r The people here are utterly deceptive. I was assured in my consultation that I only needed 3 treatments. Well, I've had 3 treatments, and the reduction difference on my facial hair is only subtle. The back of my neck is even worse.\r \r I was told in my consultation that laser hair removal didn't really hurt. Again, I was lied to. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, the pain level was a 10. I screamed out several times because of the pain.\r \r The quality is atrocious. There is a subsequent shedding period where the hair in the treated areas fall off. Each of the three times there were these huge splotches of hair scattered across my face and front of the neck where the hair didn't fall off. I asked each time that I visited about this. Again, they were deceptive and made up some poor excuse. The real reason for this was due to poor quality work.\r \r Here is the worst part. The hair on the back of my neck grew back even more after my third session. The areas extending downward from the area below the slightly thick neck hair to the upper back, and where the hair was thin and fine, were severely affected. I now have visible, fuzzy hair in that once nearly hair-free area that is about a quarter inch in length.\r \r Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have a vague suspicion that the laser they used on the third session was different than in the former two sessions: a laser that actually stimulates hair growth. How else could you explain this hair growth? Their motivation for doing this would be to make you purchase additional treatments.\r \r After the hair appeared, I was so angry and canceled the fourth treatment that I had purchased. They told me I had to pay a $200 administration fee. \r \r When I went to collect my check at Logical Laser, I told the woman working there everything that I explained earlier in this review about the back of my neck. She looked at me like I was crazy, even though I showed her the back of my neck. more

Poor Customer Service 1/28/2011

I had an appointment 11/12/2010 at 1130 for my last face treatment for a package I purchased almost a year ago. I called to advise that I was running approximately 5- 10 minutes late for my appointment but that I was rushing like crazy to get there. I was told by the receptionist that I only had 30 minutes allowed for my treatment and that I wold have to take up my case with the nurse, which I understood but I also said it was just for my face and that was OK. Now for some very serious reasons beyond my control due to my care for breast cancer which I have been dealing with for 3.5 years now, and I know this is not your concern, however I had an appointment for some testing at 9am in the med center. The appointment should have only taken 1 hour but ran beyond because there were some unfortunate things that came up yesterday. Again this is not your concern but sometimes things happen beyond our control and things can run tardy. Needless to say I arrived at Logical Laser at 1139 and was already very shaken up. I didn't feel the need to share my reasons for being upset already and why I was late but I did share with the receptionist that I was upset after the phone call. Maybe I should have not made the courtesy phone call about my tardiness but did want to be correct. I explained that I have been a long time customer and that I have spent thousands of dollars there and would appreciate some understanding about the mis-hap. Apparently she had already spoken to the nurse before I had arrived. My nurse (The blond one-whom I can't remember her name) was on FIRE when I arrived. I explained to the receptionist that I have had to wait 5-10 minutes before and that has never bothered me. Mind you that I have always had a good rapport with this nurse in the past but when I walked through the doors to wait to go in the room I looked up at the TV and saw that it was 1142. The nurse came to me and immediately started pointing to her watch and started to read me the riot act about how tardiness affected her lunch time saying that it was already 1145 and how she couldn't miss lunch. I explained that I understood all of that because after 23 years of flying there have been MANY occasions where I missed many meals due to weather, mechanical and other issues and circumstances BEYOND my control. The point I'm trying to make is a little compassion and understanding is needed here. NEVER in a million years would I point out my frustrations to my passengers for my personal reasons. Things just happen from time to time. I know there were many other ways to have diffused that situation but between the receptionist and the nurse they both attacked me and made for the most unpleasant and uncomfortable experience ever. I left in tears. I would also like to point out that I left the room at 1159 which was one minute before the nurses lunch time which I'm happy she was able to enjoy her time, because no one appreciates a good meal better than me, but unfortunately it was at the cost of truly making me upset. A simple response due to MY tardiness could have been ""Fine we understand , however you are only allowed a 30 minute time slot and we will do our best to finish in that time frame but we can't guarantee that it will happen. Next time please be on time. "" Enough would have been said. Again I must go back to my own work place to further explain this. I have had extensive training in customer service and fully know how to diffuse the situation and this was handled in the most unfortunate way possible. We are held accountable for any passenger complaints and I have dealt with thousands upon thousands issues over the years and still not comprehend what happened yesterday between the two ladies. more

713-R-U-Hairy? STAY HAIRY 7/7/2010

LOGICAL LASER SUCKS!!! They are INCOMPETENT, DISHONEST AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Pay a little more and get a better laser hair removal and customer service. I wish I thought about that before getting burned by Logical Laser. They don’t have any kind of customer service and don’t care about their clients. They treated me like I was lying when I told them that I got hurt; I even had to go see a doctor because they did not tell me how to treat the burns… just because their consent form says that “there is a possibility of rare side effects…” THEY CAN BURN YOU AND THEY WILL, because of their contract, they do not need to provide a good service, they can actually give you a crappy service and keep your money.\r \r A friend of mine went to another hair removal business, and paid more money because the other company offers a 5 session package, which it is the same cost of their 3 session package, when you divide the total amount by the number of sessions. SO, DO THE MATH AND SAVE YOURSELF!!! more
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