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Quest Total Fitness Inc - 13 Reviews - 830 Plaza Blvd, Lancaster, PA - Fitness Reviews - Phone (717) 399-4066
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Quest Total Fitness Inc

830 Plaza Blvd
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 399-4066
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I dunno what all you other peps is talking about but I agree with the last review. This gym is cheap, convenient, clean, and there are plenty of hot guyz to go around! The ladie...


To the owners of Quest Fitness, your a poor excuse for business men in the fitness industry. Over my years as a member, and I mean coming from Formula Fitness days. A lack of ow...

I luv Quest; cheap w/hot guys! 2/5/2009

I dunno what all you other peps is talking about but I agree with the last review. This gym is cheap, convenient, clean, and there are plenty of hot guyz to go around! The ladies locker room is alwayz clean and never out of anything. The machines are clean too. The hotty eye candy - o yeah!! Sometimes the parking lot is like a car show....BMW's, Audi's, Porsches, low Hondas. Speakin of hot guyz, the guy with the new red Audi and hard chest can work me out any day!! Waz up with Dave and that old woman? She comes in, does NOTHING, and then just flirts with Dave the whole time? Does she own the place, cuz she sure acts like it! I've NEVER seen that fatty do anything besidz work on David, guess she likes dark chocolate o well more young guyz 4 me! Pros: Clean, cheap, hot guyz Cons: No real personal training cuz they are alwayz too busy more

the gym is ok 4/30/2008

The gym is ok i only go there anymore to loo at the guys that go and by the way does anyone know who the new guy is from texas is he single?? Pros: great eye candy Cons: no one talks to you more

great customer service 2/5/2008

I've worked at this gym since i was 15 and recently moved on. The gym is always clean, i would know so my self i did most of the cleaning. the staff is beyond friendly. i dont know what everyone is talking about them not being friendly and hanging up phones. that would never happen. they are very helpful. always talking to people, motivating people and always there to answer any kinds of questions. yeah it not top of the line and all the latest and newest things. but it gets done what you want to get done. if you dont like it then i suggest you go somewhere else. and as far as jeff goes, if you guys all love him so much, then why dont you call him up and make him your personnel trainner if hes THAT good. which i highly doubt. this gym is worth signing up for, and is worth every penny you put into it. i suggest you CALL THEM, and they have time to talk to you.. and sign up for a membership! everyone there is wonderful!! david, kamerin, and everyone else Pros: wonderful customer service. friendly staff! clean Cons: mor e tvs more

Lack of service 8/6/2007

Joined Quest just before Jeff Shaffer left. Jeff was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Then he left, and the remainder of the staff was dismal....they don't say hello or goodby; nobody came to say who had taken over for Jeff; can't get help to redo our program (I have tried. I was told the program should be changed after 4 weeks. The same staff member then delayed changing the program until the 5 week mark. At 5 weeks, she said she didn't have time for me (I observed her hanging up clothing on the wall for display), and said she couldn't talk to me for another week. Pros: lots of parking Cons: complete disinterest of the staff more

Quest is great no frills no fuss 6/11/2007

Personally I like Quest I am currently a member and find that for the low price I am paying it does exactly what I pay for and a little more. The staff there know thier stuff and have helped me get on a program to stick with I even get free one on one training al I have to do is ask. The classes are great and challeging and those who teach the classes help you out if you get lost. The thing I like the most is that unlike some of the bigger flashier places I have gone to there isnt the loud pounding music, it doesnt have a club feel to it you come there to work out not to socialize. Pros: Classes and staff Cons: old equipment more

Your getting what your paying for 5/23/2007

I'm not sure if the people writing these reviews are going to the same gym that I am! Its not the top gym in the area to go to, but your also not paying top dollar. I always see the staff cleaning or answering the phones. If they arn't doing that they are socalizing with the members which is what they should be doing. I am always greeted and usually by more than one staff member. Yea there is some dust on occasion, but its never there every time I go back so I know they have been cleaning regularly. Honestly the only thing I think is an easy fix that should be taken care of is the lockers in the locker rooms because they are old and disfunctional. The ladies locker room is always clean and stocked with soap, sanitizer, and tissues. They have a lame offer for some coffee some mornings but I work at a coffee shop so my standards are over the top. The equipment is well kept for the most part (if something is broken its usually fixed that week unless they are waiting for a part). Honestly for the price, its a good gym to go to. Your not going to get all of the high class frills because thats not what your paying for. OH and the contract. The idiots out there bitching about the contract. MOST gyms have a contract and thats what it is, a CONTRACT. So don't complain because you have to pay a fee to break that contract. They determine what improvements and costs they will be able to cover based on those membership fees. When you sign up don't ever think it will be easy to get out of. Just assume your going to pay that money no matter what because thats the whole point of a contract. Pros: Good price, friendly, good minor upkeep Cons: ladies lockers are in bad shape. more

A Fine, Effective 'No Frills' Gym 5/18/2007

I was surprised to read the previous negative reviews, as that has not been my experience with Quest at all. I joined back in February -- on a whim -- drawn by the low monthly fees advertised on the board outside. As a former fitness instructor, I was desperately in need of a place to resume my workout regimen, since having to leave my previous situation due to scheduling conflicts. Though the gym is definitely a ""no frills"" place, I was very impressed by the attentive, friendly staff; the cleanliness of the ladies' locker room; the variety of classes; and the fact that a real person ALWAYS answers the phone! My work schedule is such that I am at the gym at all different hours depending on the day, so I have had the chance to interact with most of the staff from every shift and attend at least one of each class offered. I have always been cheerfully greeted, my questions willingly answered, and each instructor has made it a point to learn my name and offer helpful pointers when needed. I have watched the late-night staff diligently cleaning each piece of equipment, and my suggestion to add the yoga mats and pilates' apparatus to the cleaning schedule was enthusiastically accepted. The back 'classroom' does have its challenges with climate control (and it's not the greatest atmosphere for yoga/pilates), but, in the end, my workouts (especially the Kickboxing class!) are yielding the desired results...which is why I joined in the first place. Pros: Variety and times of classes; helpful staff Cons: Climate Control of classroom more

The best part is Jeff, the rest isn;t worth the time or energy to drive there 4/9/2007

I no longer use the group fitness room because all they did was paint over the mold. The cleaning soltutions are coming out of the employees pockets instead of the owners. The equipment is old and rusty and the lockers rooms are discusting as well as not functional. Jeff is the best thing in there! I echo the person who said Jeff should open his own club. I would follow him anywhere. Jeff if you read this, do us all a favor and open your own club! I will be your first member. I know I am ot the only person[] to say that! The owners should be put out of business. They are too clueless to run a club and the worst part is that they don't care. David should learn to keep his hands off the women and try cleaning a little. He is not professional at all. He is almost as bad as the owners. Pros: Jeff Cons: everything else more

One man show 4/9/2007

To the owners of Quest Fitness, your a poor excuse for business men in the fitness industry. Over my years as a member, and I mean coming from Formula Fitness days. A lack of ownership is what your reflecting in your investment, you should be out of business. Numberous code issues, pricing problems and poor customer service is how I rate your club. For those that read this review I want everyone of you to contact Jeff Shaffer at that club and for you to tell him to open his own club. I will not boast for this class act professional, but will say he's the real deal. Jeff is all that holds Quest Fitness together, the remainder of the staff thinks there in a petting zoo. Pros: Only one - Jeff Shaffer (Open Your own Club!!!!) Cons: Out dated equipment - Locker Rooms - unkept facilities all way around more

NOT recommended! 4/7/2007

I've been going to this Gym since it's inception as Formula Fitness. When the new owners, who both frequented the Centerville and Lincoln Hwy locations took over, there were some initial improvements; some new equipment, painting, banners,etc. Since then, this place has been going downhill. Filthy locker rooms with overflowing trashcans and at times, no handsoap. The previous owner took a budget approach to the Restroom areas, and it shows with the Plywood partioned stalls, leaking faucets, toilets and moldy shower stalls. Equipment negligence is also extremely obvious in the workout areas. Dirty and dusty floors, empty water fountains and again the overflowing waste cans. Cardio Theater System works at only a few Treadmills and Stationary bikes. The Cybex machines have torn padding, sticking transfer mechanisms, etc. Space is also at a premium, with some of the equipment too close together and at awkward positions. The Staff is so/so. Jeff is by far the best person on the staff, he is friendly, has a great personality and spends the majority of his time Instructing or cleaning up around the gym. Others on the staff (Dave/Rene) spends far too much time in the back office. Pros: Pricing Cons: Dirty, unkept with wornout equipment more

Simplistic gym with basic equipment needs. Staff appears friendly, when you can find them. 3/30/2007

The gym is very basic with it's equipment. It appears clean and doesn't smell like a gym can sometimes. The staff have been nice to me, when I can find them. One day I stood at the desk for 10 minutes and no one came. The first two times I showed up as a new member, asking for help with the circuit equipment, they put me on a bike, set it for 20 minutes and never came back. Since I haven't been in a gym in about 10 years, I didn't appreciate this. I have learned how to work equipment by myself and watching other people. The kids part also seems clean. The person in there seemed nice and flexible. They also have tanning, which I have not used because I can't figuire out how to sign up for that by watching other people. I will keep going, because it is what I want to meet my basic needs. Pros: basic equipment tht is easy to use and learn on your own Cons: staff are friendly, when they are around more

Members Beware 1/16/2007

The gym, basically, is ok. There are never waits for machines like treadmills, however they lack anything like heavybags, a pool, and simple more aerobic things to do. The schedule for classes caters only to those who stay home all day or do not work a normal job. more

Great Value 6/19/2005

Great gym. The price is very reasonable. The staff is very friendly and happy to work with you. There is a wide range of fun fitness classes, including salsa dancing and pilates that are included in your membership price. Very clean inside. Pros: Inexpensive, Friendly, Convenient Cons: Small more
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