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Queen City Auto Rebuild Incorporated


7502 159th Pl NE
Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 883-3300
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Queen City Auto Rebuild Incorporated - Redmond, WA
Queen City Auto Rebuild Incorporated - Redmond, WA
Queen City Auto Rebuild Incorporated - Redmond, WA
Queen City Auto Rebuild Incorporated - Redmond, WA
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After dealing with an unsatisfactory body shop in Seattle I called Queen City and within the first phone call my repair appointment was made, large part was tracked down and order...


They do not offer updates on time and take took long to do a simple repair

Lack of professionalism 4/3/2019

They do not offer updates on time and take took long to do a simple repair more

worst rebuild ever 1/8/2014

Worst rebuild ever they have no customer service at all. They don't listen to there customers. There work performance is poor. They don't do a good job on the car. They finish is poor work. more

Great Work! 12/6/2011

Good: I felt taken care of during my experience with David at Queen City Auto Rebuild. He was professional and kept me informed on the progress of my repairs. I went in to this luxury body shop thinking I might get sub-par service because I only drive a Camry and not a BMW or Audi but David Bourgeois helped me as if I was a premier customer. Thank you David!. Bad: N/A. Improvements: N/A. Other: My vehicle came back looking better than ever! They even detailed the interior of my car which was a mess when I dropped it off! It's the little things like that that will keep me coming back in the future. Queen City has a customer for life after the great work they did for me! My car looks great!. more

Very Impressive 6/10/2011

I have brought both of my cars into Queen City to have collision repairs preformed. On both occasions the team at Queen City has gone above and beyond my expectations. The quality of work is amazing, my cars looked better after repairs than before the accident! The office staff is extremely helpful and polite. I wouldn't bring my cars anywhere else and HIGHLY recommend Queen City. more

Oustanding Workmanship! 1/30/2011

I had my paint repaired on my 2001 E430 Mercedes. Initially, I took the car in for a repair estimate in Nov 2010. Randy, the service tech explained their entire repair & paint process to me. He gave me an estimate and I informed him that I would be back for the repairs at a later date. I dropped my car off in Jan 2011 to have the left rear quarter panel and left rear door painted. These two areas were a slight but noticeble different shade of gray when I purchased the car used in Oct 2010. Additionally, the car had several scratches on the left & right front fenders. When I picked my car up on Jan 21st, I was amazed. Their work was flawless. The color matching and final finish are unbeliveable! They even removed the scratches from the fenders. Their tracking system is awesome! more

Decent Work at Best 6/10/2010

avoid this shop if possible. more

Best family run body shop! 9/2/2009

I dont know what that one guy was talking about,as he's way off base & none of that is true, I am female and been in the office many times when its been very busy; nothing but respectful people. The prices are about the same as any other shop in town also. They have my vote! more

Great shop! 9/2/2009

This is the only shop I would ever use for my car(s). Pleasant (the office staff also), they explain the process, attentive, I've never had any kind of problem with my car or the personnel there. Recommend highly! more

WOW..... 8/27/2009

I have used this company twice...(The work was done well) the after-care which they "pride" themselves on is less than stellar. In fact twice...two out of two...they failed to live up to their own code of Professionalism...I was told "come back we'll make it right". That should not be apart of the plan, do what you say you and your company say they will do, simple business. But as for rude behavior...NEVER would I believe that could or would be allowed. I stand on that, the front end people are AWESOME, KIND, Professional and Warm, you can tell you are a priority with them, the shop guys...Am not so sure they understand the meaning of the word Professional.....and I'm bi-racial...They need to be After-care driven...and sadly they're just are not. It sucks to be excited to pick up your car after an accident and its dirty and soiled, and hearing the same old excuse doesn't cut it. Frank K Sloan 425.802.8305 more

Queen City RipOffs !!!!!!!!!! 8/26/2009

Never go to Queen City... Overpriced and the employees have major attitudes. They talk down to women (my wife) and asked me (african american CEO) if I could afford their high priced services. I have never been so hurt in my life ..and I am black and 58 years old. I have a home on Mercer Island and run a company with 385 employees. This shop is 2-3 times the cost of other great shops and treats people very poorly and condescending. I will tell all the people I meet that have nice cars to stay away from this elitist, disgusting shop. If you patronize this will pay way too much and be treated as if you were scum. RipOffs and jerks!!!!! more
Owner response
Owner response 9/10/2009
We felt compelled to respond to this latest posting on Judy’s Book “Queen City RipOffs”. As owners of Queen City Auto Rebuild Inc we want to assure everyone who reads this posting that this never happened. We do not know why someone would fabricate these claims against us in this way. We want everyone to know that we would never treat anyone as was described. We treat all customers with respect regardless of their race, color or economic background. All of our employees have been deeply hurt by this malicious posting. We are constantly working on making the repair and service experience at Queen City Auto Rebuild Inc as professional and pleasant as possible. We know that we sometimes fall short of that mark. We take that very seriously when it happens and do whatever we can to make things right for the customer. We will be investigating this posting as we consider it slander and will hold the person who sent it liable. If anyone has any knowledge of who did this please give us a call. Steve & David Bourgeois Owners 425-883-3300

Great auto repair! 8/8/2009

I've had my cars repaired here a few times now & each time look super! Plus all detailed,good explanation of the process. more

Well...... 6/14/2008

I am not sure if the after care is as good as advertised.....My Reg/ Insurance was taken out of the car when they repaired the work... (excellent work)....So Iam in Idaho at the Lake and I am have the car washed and cleaned and I noticed the Reg/Ins IS MISSING... Try and explain that to the Trooper.....not a good scene and I wasn't happy needless to say...and The "Detail" was well a wash and a half assed vacuum.....I was hoping for more and that's my fault...Never look for great and you won't be disappointed......FKS more

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Good, but not perfect...yet 8/4/2006

This may be premature, but I thought it worth commenting about the "perfection" of Queen City Auto. I was involved in a rear end crash (a distracted teen girl) where the back of my car was hit fairly hard. Superficially, my car really didn't look bad - but this was a second owner, semi-collectible car that had never before been in an accident. Long story, short...I chose QCA based on the comments found here at Judy's Book and I am not YET convinced that the repairs are as 100% as I would have them. When contacted to come and pick up the car (I was told it was ready to go) - there were a few issues. 1. Overspray in visible areas just under the trunk lid. 2. Misalignment of the bumper arches with the rest of the wheel well arch 3. Imperfections in the undercarriage (not 100% straight and true as it would be if it had never been hit) Admittedly, you have to crawl under the car to see #3, but I WOULD KNOW IT'S THERE. So, I left the car there - again stating "speed is not the issue, correctness is the ultimate goal" I've given QCA a negative score yet, but the jury is certainly still out... more

Queen City Auto Rebuild 3/27/2006

Queen City doesn't excellent work. I have taken my car their twice and it always comes out looking brand new. They do premium work and so your insurance may not completely cover it but the additional fees are minimal compared to the great job they do. Oh yeah, they also do an excellent detail job on your car after making the repairs. It is like getting a brand new car. more

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Expensive but worth it... 12/26/2005

If you've got a car that you just love or better yet some insurance money :-) no one does it better than these folks. We've been using them for ten years now across a variety of "incidents" involving BMWs, Volvos, Acuras so they do many models. They are very meticulous and you can really never tell that theres been a scratch on the car. What I love about them is they'll go through the car and really tell you what doesn't need to happen and what does and how to get your baby back to good as new. more

Best Shop Ever 10/27/2005

Queen City worked on both of my cars over the last 10 years, and each time I'm very satisfied! This is a long time biz in the Puget Sound, they take pride in their name, and its the only place I will ever go,,until I quit dinging my car or others quit dinging me!! Very reputable with the auto makers, come highly recommended by dealers also. more

Recommend! 10/6/2005

When I got my bumper fixed at Queen City Auto Rebuild, I really liked the work they did. They are very well known in the area and I have heard of a lot of recommendations for this place from my friends. They also know how to handle many car types, as I've noticed a lot of nice car brands getting serviced there, such as Porsche and Jaguar. more

Excellent workmanship 10/5/2005

I've gotten body work done twice with these guys for my Audi and was very impressed with it. The bumper work they did actually made it look better than new! Previously I took my car to RNR automotive in Bellevue and was very dissappointed with the sloppy job they did. I highly recommend these guys for any body work. more

the BEST autobody repair shop around 5/22/2005

While I have a Subaru, Queen City works on every make and model out there. When my car was hit the first time, I called all the dealerships around town and asked where they take the cars when their loaners and/or used vehicles come in trashed and need a fix. The Subaru dealers I called said they would recommend Queen City- and they were right! Both times my car was hit it was just a bumper bashed in- and each time they handled the insurance issues that came up, and dealt with my obsessive compulsive nature for the car to be perfect looking- which did not take much to fix since they did a great job initially both times. The way they blend colors together matches perfectly to the original paint and years later, the car looks as good as new and as though it never was repaired/repainted. They even do the hard to find all-aluminum welding on the new Jags and Audi's which is rare! This is clearly the best auto body shop around, and well worth the cost for the luxury service. more

Excellent work 5/4/2005

I am definitely a satisfied customer. After reading the excellent review left by Adam, I decided to give this place a try. But they were willing to work with me on what it would take to make it look perfect, and what it would take to make it pretty darn good. They definitely went the extra mile, and pride themselves in doing excellent work. Every job they do is finished with complete auto detailing... it was like I was driving a brand new car again. more
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