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Quantum Alarm Billing

15635 Vision Dr Ste 100
Pflugerville, TX 78660
(888) 647-0688
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We bought our home in Round Rock and the company that actually installed the system could not get it to work right. These guys came in and not only took the time to show me how t...


I returned from a 2 week vacation over the holidays to find a Quantum flier plastered to my front door. This frustrated yet amused me that an alarm company wouldn't think about th...

So far so good. 1/18/2011

Bought a new home and these guys came to our door. They were very nice, clean and professional. So far, everything has been good. more

Good Follow Through 1/16/2011

I've had this alarm service for 5+ years. There have been a few times when the sensors need adjustment and they service for free! No hidden charges!! They call promptly when the alarm is activated. I only gave them 4 stars because they did go through a billing change about 6-8 mos ago that was annoying. It seems to be resolved. more

Not the smartest.... 1/4/2011

I returned from a 2 week vacation over the holidays to find a Quantum flier plastered to my front door. This frustrated yet amused me that an alarm company wouldn't think about the fact that people are out of town over the holidays and that leaving something ON THEIR FRONT DOOR would be an obvious signal to people that the home is currently unoccupied. Thanks Quantum. more

Unless you are prepared to commit to 3 years..WALK AWAY!! 12/2/2010

I really wish i would have consulted this site before doing business with Quantam Alarm or i would have never signed the contract. My wife and I wanted to support local businesses, but when my job was relocated a year later i was told by the billing rep that i was still on the hook for the next 2 years. I am financial analyst and work directly with sales on daily basis and i can tell you from experience that 3 year locked in contracts are UNHEARD of!! Company like ADT are market giants for a reason, do not waste your money on this horrible company. more

Horrible company and unethical business practices! 10/1/2010

*Note: Quantum Alarm is listed under several different addresses! They have 2 separate listings on this site as well!* more

Horrible Company 5/4/2010

Quantum employees! Please stop posting on this or other websites. It's hard for me to imagine how one could have positive experiences with this or ANY other alarm company that has 3yr contract. Whole industry is shady and a total rip-off. People, grow-up. Install a system on your own (it's not that hard) and self-monitor or otherwise there are reputable companies that don't install your system for free but charge less than $9 per month to monitor an existing system. A state of the art system (not the crap these guys install), costs less than $600 for a large house 2500-3000 sq ft. if you can install yourself. Pros: Of-Course none Cons: Everything more

Please do not make the same mistake 3/1/2010

I have had this security company for 2 months now. The salesman of course babbled on about the greatness of having Quantum Alarm. Before I knew it he had the installation man at my house before the contact was signed that should of been the first red flag. I wrote the salesman a check and, that weekend went away I set the alarm before I left not knowing or being told by this man or it being in the contact that the first five days the alarm is non-functional and, that you have to pay for it anyway. When I called and, spoke to my salesman he ""stated well ADT and Brinks security doesn't monitor for the 1st week after contact is signed"" So this made it ok? one minute there the best in town and, the next minute they compare themselves to there competitors. Make since? Here it is 03/02/10 and, they still want to bill me for the 5days they provided no security!!!!!!!!!!I How do they justifiy this? This is the question? I told my salesman to cancell the contact he told me that I would have to speak to the owner ""Shawn"" who never called back. I called the other day and told the service lady that my alarm was not working and she wanted to override this area meaning the area she wanted to override would no be sound the alarm if someone broke until this could be fixed. I have made now 2 trips to their office on Vision Drive to meet with the Shawn and, he has not been there. Prior to going I left 2 message on his answering machine and, with the woman in the office at Quantum Alarm asking him for a meeting. I am returning today for the third time 03/02/10 to ask many questions. The only service girl that I have seen is very rude and lets not leave out the salesman he is underhanded............SO PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT I HAVE.... AND OH BY THE WAY THE SYSTEM IS ON THE FRITZ !!!!!!!!!!! keep you informed of outcome. 03/02/10 Shawn did call my cell phone this am 0930ist 03/02/10 telling me to make an appt. to have the system fixed completely ignoring the fact I have repeatedly asked to meet with him. So I called the office and, told the person to read this article and the ones that will follow till this meets a resolution. Lets see how long it takes now. 04/01/12 Just to let everyone know what I did was paid my contract in full to get away from this dishonest company but, now untill they raised the price to get away from them . It was about $950.00. I just hate dishonest people . The head quaters for this company couldn't believe that I would pay this up front to get the hell away from them . She offered everything for me to stay.... I was never robbed by anyone else except for Quantum Alarm in Pflugerville Texas....How sad they did what I paid them to protect me......Shame on that company . An Alarm company that robs you.... Cons: Quantum Alarm, rude service lady and underhanded salesman an more

%^$&&#$ simple as that 6/24/2009

This company doesn't even deserve a star! My story goes like this: I got home from work and my house was burgalized and I was sooooo terrified. My husband was deployed in Iraq and I was freaking out because I was all alone! My friend recommended me with this sucky company. They used a veteran as a sales man (nice tactic). But anyway, they don't do military clause and now that we're relocating to Colorado, Quantum wants us to pay $1500 for breaking the contract, please. We're pretty much stuck with them all the way! I tried to see a Jag (army lawyer) about it and couldn't help me at all. Take a deep breath and exhale... cuz Life goes on! Pros: N O N E Cons: 3 YR CONTRACT, no military claus, more

Professional 3/5/2009

We bought our home in Round Rock and the company that actually installed the system could not get it to work right. These guys came in and not only took the time to show me how to use it, but they also fixed the other company?s problems. From the very beginning, they were very professional and have continued to be so. Thank You Quantum. Pros: Professionals more

The Best 2/20/2009

As a member of the Law Enforcement, I can assure you that these guys are Top Notch. The reason I can make this statement is simple. I use them because of their willingness to work with customers, and because they seem to be the only one that cares about false alarms. Trust me, Law Enforcement Officers do NOT like false alarms. Pros: Fewer False Alarms Cons: None so far. more

So far so GOOD!!! 2/20/2009

We moved here form Houston and signed with Quantum Alarm because they are local. We had a lot of issues with our previous company (ADT), and really felt like local would be better. So far so GOOD! From the very start they have been very professional and nice. Pros: Everything Cons: ? more

There Service Is #1 2/17/2009

I am a home builder and these guys are top notch. As far as on the builder side, they show up on time and do there job. Pros: Everything more

Best In Local! 2/5/2009

I am always looking for opportunity to do business locally and Quantum gave me that chance for security. I have had other companies for security in the past, but so far Quantum has been the best by far. Being able to make a local phone call, and know that I will be taken care of is the most important thing a company can offer. The plus with these guys is they care. I highly recommend them to all my friends, and have even had family members go with them. Pros: Local Service more

Ultimate Peace of Mind! 2/1/2009

I just wanted to share my experience with Quantum Alarm. A few months after signing for there services my brother, who was staying with us at the time had a heart attack. We used the EMS panic and they showed up within minutes, saving his life. Thanks, Quantum Alarm for a system that not only works, but is the ultimate peace of mind for my family. Pros: Everything more

Very Happy with Quantum! 1/30/2009

The salesman for this company went beyond expectations. While I was on vacation, my aging mother freaked out and set off alarm. Excuse me, she didn't just set it off she pushed every button on keypad. Within minutes the Police, Fire, and an Ambulance came to my house. I, being out of town called my salesman and he went by my home early the next morning. He went over the proper use on system and would not leave until my mom was comfortable. This was in my opinion the best service my money can buy. Pros: Salesman, Service more

These guys ROCK!!! Best In Town. 1/29/2009

I don't know what these people are talking about. These guys ROCK! They came out when scheduled and did everything the said they would do. Actually they did more. They really cared about me. Pros: Everything more

uncaring monsters 1/29/2009

they are the most unprofessional and uncaring monsters. i called for service and waited 3 weeks for a tech. I set an appointment after calling dozens of times. I am on a life response unit connected to the phone line, they were aware. My phone carrier stated the alarm company had a short that dirupted the phone line. Everyone I spoke to stated they would send someone. I did not get a response until the last 3 days on the 3rd week. An appointment was set for Friday between 9-12, at 1 pm I called for status since I received no call. I then recived a call by a tech that was sub contracted. The tech stated he dose not work for Quantum and just got call 10 min ago. He would stop by on his way home to Castroville. He stopped by at 5 pm and said wires cut, not his problem. I called the alarm company, they were closed. I then had to call a contracter to come out. He connected the wires and tight the phone line wires. He stated that was very simple why would no one help you. I paid $50 for service. and $30 to the phone company. Quatum called Monday to follow up, I told them I had to pay some ouitside to fix the concern. I want to canel my service. She never called back. I recieved to 2 more phone calls on Thursday from 2 very rude and snotty ladies. The last one stated she was the manger. She stated that it was not an alarm issue and that was it. I told her the SUB CONTRACED tech checked for less than 10 min on the service and did not even try to connect. She told told me, NOT my problem. I told her I wanted to cancel my service, she stated ""you are on contract until September, if you dont pay you bill you will go to collection"". How can people like that stay in business. I guess they must not have elderly people in their family, if they do I feel very sorry for them. more

worst alarm service 1/10/2009

Shifty sales tactics. Was referred by the Audio/Video guys I used on my new house. Don't get me stated on that... It started form the install, the installer used a hammer to beat holes in ceiling vs. a drill, missed entry points. Services are horrible, the just collect your money. Alarm goes off and no one calls and they are very rude. DO NOT USE. Cons: all more

Least caring customer service ever. 12/2/2008

The required three-year contract -- which was NOT made abundantly clear to me at the time of signing up - is very customer-unfriendly. A year and a half ago when I moved into my new home, I had a shared income, and $27/month was worth it for the peace of mind I got from having an alarm. Since then, my bills have gone up, I'm supporting the home on a single income, my ex-husband has lost his job, my child support has been cut off, food and gas costs have raised, and more. I can no longer afford many of the things I have, and have cancelled my phone service as well as much of my cable, and I am having to refinance my home to stay in it. Quantum, however, refuses to let me out of the contract. I explained to them that having an alarm won't mean jack if I can't afford the house it's in, and they simply could care less. The only response was a repeated, ""I can send you a copy of your contract,"" as if somehow that makes everything fine. In today's economy, you can really tell which companies care in the slightest about people, and Quantum absolutely, positively does not. Be careful signing that contract, because once you do, it's more important to them than you are. IN ADDITION - she also explained to me that if you don't cancel in writing more than 30 days before your contract ends, they will sign you up AUTOMATICALLY for another UNBREAKABLE 12-month contract. I am honestly disgusted at the complete lack of caring that this company shows, and I hope that the failing economy hits them as hard as it's hitting their customers, and that their creditors are as sympathetic as they are. Pros: the service works Cons: the customer service is nonexistent more

They are very helpfull!!! 11/20/2008

The customer service was great from set up to install to training. I love the personalized service... more
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