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Pure Power Boot Camp - 55 Reviews - 38 E 32nd St, New York, NY - Fitness Reviews - Phone (212) 414-1886

Pure Power Boot Camp

38 E 32nd St (at Madison and Park Ave S)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 414-1886
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Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY
Pure Power Boot Camp - New York, NY



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What can I say I love this place and it is fun once you get past the hard work of working out. I have been a marathon runner for year and I have done a lot of different sports an...


Actually Frank, that previous poster is not lying, as I received the e-mail as well. Here is the exact text: FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS, BE ONE OF THE FIRST 15 PEOPLE TO WRITE AN A...

best workout ever 5/15/2012

What can I say I love this place and it is fun once you get past the hard work of working out. I have been a marathon runner for year and I have done a lot of different sports and I have to say at 42 this place is the best work out for me. love it. more

lifechanging experience 10/25/2011

Very motivational program. Although I haven't lost a whole lot of weight, I've lost alot of inches and have increased my energy and stamina. A great concept for the fitness challenged. I've never had a desire to work out. I always had a million excuses not to go. Ever since I joined Pure Power I can't wait until my next session! The workouts are fun and challenging and leave me wanting more. Thank you Pure Power! more

no more gym 4 me...!! 10/2/2011

i am a fairly new member of pure power boot camp and i will tell you i have never worked harder in any program i have ever participated in..!! they are here to help you accomplish your goals ..i was originally recommended here by a friend and the only thing i can say is i wish i took her advise sooner...!! in my short 6 wks at pure power boot camp i have lost some weight and my clothes are a lil looser these days ,so the program definitely works.....!!!the staff are all motivating and great more gyms for me ..!! pure power boot camp has two locations so no matter where am i will ALWAYS be able to get my work out in, both locations are very helpful and practice the same program ... i plan on renewing my membership and bringing my friends as well.. pure power boot camp is the best...!!! more

one in a million.....!!! 10/2/2011

look no further you have found THE toughest place to get your workout in... this is boot camp..!!! not your moms watered down version..this is the original often imitated but never duplicated..!! from the moment you walk in you feel as if your in the jungle ..well u are baby...!!fitted with your fatigues you will tackle hurdles, rock walls, rope climbes, all while being pushed out of your comfort zone by a real marine.....!!!PURE POWER BOOT CAMP is the only marine military obstacle course...THEY KNOW HOW TO GET IT DONE ...!!! I have been a member since 08 and have done nothing but become a shredded beast..!! you want results lauren and her crew will make it happen ..!!.the hardest thing is to start but now that you know the spot the rest is easy....!! i have done all the work outs and this is the ONLY program that guarantees the results...see u @ PPBC tell em pvt. mcgrath sent u..! more

So effective, I am afraid to miss a session. 7/14/2011

I started PPBC on a groupon and have now been doing this for 5 months. The program is intense, crazy intervals with a lot of cardio and just enough strength training. I have gotten amazing results and after 5 months and it has not gotten any easier. The drill sgts motivate you to push yourself harder and are aware of your potential which is really great when you start to feel like giving up. I even did the Spartan Race last month which I would have never, ever, in a million years have thought to attempt before PPBC made me stronger, more confident and more driven. Some of the obstacles in the mud race were similar to the ones in the ppbc facility! This is a great all-around workout that will make you look incredible and make you feel invincible! more

Best decision ever! 5/10/2011

Pure Power Boot Camp has to be the best thing that's ever happened to me. 3 months in and I'm approaching my goal weight. It's been a long stretch for me to lose weight and I'm finally getting somewhere! Their program is like no other and pushes you to the max without making you feel bad in anyway, their instructors are great and motivating and their facility is immaculate with a standby cleaning person! If it wasn't for Pure Power I would still be an unhappy chubby girl still. more

Finally a program that works! 4/25/2011

I joined Pure Power after reading all the reviews and deciding i was going to try the program myself. The first week was the WORSE but once I pushed the pain and tears, I absolutely LOVE the results!! The new location is so big, bright and clean.. a major uplift! I love Pure Power Boot Camp! more

PPBC - great experience! 4/20/2011

I didnt really think that PPBC could get more intense, but it just did. I am so sore!! I have been a recruit for a while but the new place is kicking my butt. The new gym is at a more central location and easier for me to get to than the place on 21st. I am also really happy that there are now lockers available and I dont need to bring a lock in. congrats on the move!! more

PPBC is the Best! 3/24/2011

I loved my experience at PPBC! I went while training for my first ever triathlon and it helped a ton! Ever one who works there was always friendly and helpful to me. I was really motivated by their strict military style. It helped to make sure I never missed a session. more

""Military style"" is an excuse to abuse their customers 3/23/2011

I had wanted to give ZERO stars... I bought a Groupon for 6 sessions at PPBC, with full knowledge that a reservation for each session was required. What I was not aware of, was that the receptionist Frances was going to hassle, nay, harass me about making all 6 reservations at one time in advance. I was told I could not redeem my Groupon unless I committed to all 6 sessions in advance. Then, when something came up at work and I could not make it to one session, I lost the session, no questions asked, because I had not given them warning that I was not going to make it. Fair enough. They are militant about scheduling because they are modeled after the ""real military."" Unfortunately, they hold themselves to a far different standard when it comes to giving their clients notice of changes in THEIR schedule. The facility is closed next Monday and Tuesday in order to relocate. As a customer who had scheduled a session that Monday, I was not told by anyone that I wouldn't be able to go that day because the facility would be closed. I was not told at the time I scheduled my session, nor was I told when Frances rudely called me to inform me that I had lost a session for failure to give them proper notice that I would be unable to make it. I found out by word of mouth (a friend who also goes to PPBC). When I spoke to Frances about this, she curtly told me that I would be able to make up the session and had simply no response when I asked if and when I would be informed about this matter. Yes, I signed up for a ""Military style"" workout. That doesn't mean I signed up to be treated like a POW over the phone by a b*tchy and dim-witted receptionist. The workout was a good one, but if they want to keep their customers they need to learn when to cut the Army act and remind themselves that they are still a NYC membership based gym facility. Clients need to be treated with respect. Frances is disgusting. more

best workout 11/1/2010

Pure Power classes are awesome. such an amazing workout and great way to stay in shape. I saw on buwyithmeNYC that you can get three weeks of bootcamp classes at Bootcamp Republic for just $137 right now. The deal seems to good to pass up. Do any of you know anything about how these classes are in comparison to Pure? Please let me know. Here's the link if you want to check the deal out for yourself: htp:// more

The real deal 9/27/2010

The fact that anyone would go somewhere other than Pure Power is out of their mind. The owner, the facility, the commitment, all fist class. more

Marathon training is a breeze with PPBC!! 9/21/2010

I used to see the advertisements for Pure Power Boot Camp in the taxi cabs everyday as I was going to work. (Before all the imitators started advertising the same way) All I could think was, ""I wanna try that!""...Well, I did. And I haven't stopped since. This place provides the best total body workout you could ever get in this city. I have been a member of every gym, taken dozens of classes, and boot camp has by far given me the best shape and strength of my life. Did I mention I did Martial Arts for over ten years???...I ran my first half marathon in January and am running the NYC Marathon in November under their training. Aside from a few bumps and bruises, not to mention extra laundry, (wearing a uniform means laundry twice a week instead of once), this place is worth every penny!! more

Hope the trainer isnt having a bad day 9/21/2010

Yes, it's intense and yes, my body began to get into shape. But this was at the cost of having one of the trainers grapple with me if I didnt do something right. At first I thought it was good for training and reflex. But in my 8th week, he threw me on the ground and pinned me down. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my thigh. He told me to walk it off and continue. (As a trainer, I later learned that he needed to instruct me to stop activity and rest immediately.) I could barely walk for 3 weeks. I never went back and couldnt even exercise for a long time afterwards. The little benefit I received from the intense workout all went to pot. Thanks! more

Pure Power Boot Camp - The Originator 9/17/2010

These negative reviews are a joke. I have been a member of Pure Power Boot Camp for over two years now and am in the best shape of my life!! There isn't a facility in this city that can touch what PPBC brings to the table. I've even been witness to gym instructors and teachers from OTHER boot camp schools taking our classes!! You don't spy on a class to waste your time AND money unless it rocks!! And yes, we rock!...(Brushing our shoulder off...) Granted, you might get a little dirty along the way, but that comes with the territory when you are working out as intensely as we are. Sorry Mr. Lacrosse & Ms. Dashing Diva....If you're afraid of a little bruise or breaking a nail then this class might not be for you. Pure Power is about challenging yourself. It?s about building your mind and body beyond your previous levels of fitness. The entire staff has amazing energy and has challenged me to reach and even surpass my fitness goals. The owner rocks too because she not only teaches classes, but she takes them with us!! And over 90% of the people who sign up for the Tour of Duty wind up re-signing. I knew by my fourth class that I wasn't leaving unless they kick me out!! This environment is family based and everyone works together to make our experience as amazing as possible, as often as possible. And yes, that includes writing reviews such as THIS one on Citysearch as well as referring our friends to PPBC as we spread the word. Don't listen to any negativity people. If you're interested in benefitting from a workout beyond anything you have experienced, don't take my word for it, head down and check out the class for yourself. more

that is what happened! 9/6/2010

Actually Frank, that previous poster is not lying, as I received the e-mail as well. Here is the exact text: FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS, BE ONE OF THE FIRST 15 PEOPLE TO WRITE AN AMAZING REVIEW ON PURE POWER BOOT CAMP ON EITHER CITYSEARCH OR YELP AND RECEIVE 2 FREE SESSIONS! Don't get me wrong, I like the workout at PPBC, but this absolutely reeks of impropriety. How are consumers supposed to trust third-party websites when you have business owners polluting them with promises of freebies for ""amazing"" reviews? Anyway.... about Pure Power. Awesome workout. I went there for about 4 months and saw great results. It's a full hour of gut busting military style training. If you don't lose weight and gain muscle, you aren't trying. Honestly, I would still be there if: - the place wasn't a pig sty (as previously mentioned) - I could lock up my belongings like every other gym I have ever been to - the lady behind the desk wasn't so overly rude and unhelpful For the exorbitant price, I don't think the above are too much to ask more

not a spa! 9/3/2010

The last review is such an embarrassment and such a lie. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. I have been a client for the last 6 months at Pure Power Boot Camp and I was in class when a few people in class were raving about the program and complimenting the owner and other two drill instructors in class with us. The owner said she appreciated the compliments and feedback and would love for us to spread the word. A fellow recruit suggested that we post our love for PPBC on such websites as Citysearch. In a joking way, (since we are all a family in Pure Power), I suggested we should all get free sessions for spreading our obsession. It?s an absolute pity, that people only pull out negativity from things and blow things out of proportion. You shouldn?t write things if you don?t know the facts and if you didn?t like it at Pure Power Boot Camp its evident because you?re negativity would not be welcomed here. We are a strong platoon. If you are looking for a spa, go to the Ritz-Carlton. more

Filthy 8/4/2010

Although the workout is a good one, the place itself is extremely filthy. I could only imaging what type of germs the mat and the area where the obstacle course is has. I can't imagine it being that expensive to change the mat every month or put something down that doesn't absorb and hold everyone's sweat and germs. more

The best hour of my day! 7/21/2010

A friend of mine recommended Pure Power about a year ago..she looks amazing, so i figured it was time to give it a try. I'll admit I was terrified when i walked in - but I walked out feeling better than I ever had before!! The instructors will work you until you are about to fall over...and then a little more...and when you're done, you realize just what your body can do. I went for 3 weeks, and every day was completely different. Unfortunately, I got hurt (NOT THERE!!!!) i'm on hiatus until I recover...but they could not have been more helpful or understanding of my time away. Here is the amazing thing....Lauren Brenner called me today to make sure I am ok -- and to wish me a speedy recovery. OK -- has the owner of NY Sports Club or ANY OTHER NYC gym EVER called a client who wasn't there for a few days?? Not at all likely!!! I've been so angry that i'm not able to go to my bootcamp....and have been working so hard to heal quickly to get back there -- and if there was ANY DOUBT in my mind about just how amazing this place is....that phone call today most certainly erased it!!! I cannot wait to get back there!!!! Every person I have met that is a member NEVER just signs up for one package. By the 4th day I was there, I knew this is where I would be working out from now on. SIGN UP NOW! It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself....It certainly was for me! I saw results after the first week...i looked better, i felt better, i had more energy, my stamina had improved, and i found myself taking better care of myself (eating better..etc)! This place is life changing! Pros: Amazing instructors, fast results, NEVER boring Cons: Not one!!!! more

The best workout program in the city 7/21/2010

I came in to Pure Power in terrible shape. No cardio or workouts for a few years and was terrified of the idea of ""boot camp""... Much to my surprise i was met by instructors (former military) who pushed and worked me in the best ways possible. I was safe, motivated, and EXHAUSTED. It's truly tailored to any and all body types and fitness levels. Expect results right away. Pros: Constant motivation provided, top notch instructors more
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Owner Message

  • Pure Power Boot Camp, in New York City, is a military style fitness facility where civilians train in a positive setting. All recruits are in 16 member platoons ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete. Pure Power Boot Camp is the closest thing to being in the military other than enlisting. Classes are taught by former U.S. Marines, which ensures the authenticity and highest standard of excellence. CNN named Lauren Brenner the #1 Entrepreneur in the Nation for Pure Power Boot Camp. Visit PPBC for more details: Read Bloomberg's article on PPBC: We have many packages available. Call to inquire.


  • Personal training and classes in indoor obstacle course similar to that used by the Armed Forces. Customized fitness, nutrition plans.

  • 5/17/2005 Provided by Citysearch

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    Mon-Fri 6:30am-9:30pm Sat 9:30am-5pm
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    Flatiron District, Midtown