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Puppy Stop - 17 Reviews - 938 N University Dr, Pompano Beach, FL - Pet Stores Reviews - Phone (954) 752-2271

Puppy Stop

938 N University Dr
Pompano Beach, FL 33071
(954) 752-2271
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Puppy Stop - Pompano Beach, FL


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Best puppies, best price. Only store that seems to care about the pups. Not a bunch of people running around carrying pups. No pups get dropped in that store. Great owners. K...


My parents and my little sister walked into the store to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We saw some pretty nice dogs and the prices were not that bad. However, the older fem...


Please do not shop here!!! I was scammed, and discriminated. I was sold a NON pure breed what was claimed to be golden retriever, later finding out from a DNA test I took after the puppy did not grow to the breed's standard size. When I confronted the associate ""Linda"" about this matter, she simply scoffed and asked if I was even legal! I have been in here multiple times after this, and nearly every time I come in here, half of the healthy puppies are being kenneled with sick ones!!! I've also seen the same personnel ""Linda"" pick up a tiny puppy by the tail, and then on another occasion I noticed a puppy sitting in fecal material, looking very ill with teary eyes, and when I confronted her she said ""that's none of your business"" I really wish I would have never contributed to the financial pot of this PUPPY MILL, but I didn't really know all this at the time of purchase and my daughter fell in love with the puppy. Please, look elsewhere, and feel free to contact me if you need further validation of my accusations! more

Horrible Customer Service 12/14/2010

I recently bought my puppy at this store, the lady is a horrible grumpy woman who does not have manners. She did not let my teenager kid hold the puppy even though she saw me interested in buying. Too much attitud. She told me to take my puppy to the vet within 48 hrs. So far my puppy is being eating and playing normal. By the other reviews I was reading I got really scared. Hope my puppy doesn't get sick. I should do more searching before getting in contact with this store. What a horrible experience, HORRIBLEEEEE. more

BEST STORE 9/23/2010

Best puppies, best price. Only store that seems to care about the pups. Not a bunch of people running around carrying pups. No pups get dropped in that store. Great owners. Knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely buy here again! more

NASTY OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/20/2010

I have NEVER in my life been to such a horrible puppy store....I would think most puppy stores would exspect you to want to pet their puppies BUT NOT THIS ONE!!!! my children and I were cursed out for simply trying to pet their puppies....The owner was an older very nasty women with frizzy hair....she could of simply asked nicley to not touch the puppies but she literally told me to F*ck OFF and get my F*cking kids out of her store. To make matters worse she lives in my neighboorhood and walks her dogs in people's yard without cleaning up after them and is VERY nasty to these puppies as well. SHE IS A WITCH and her husband is a total jackass as well. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER with this store, you would be better off with a dog from the pound. Cons: rude, nasty and OVERPRICED! more


I purchased a puppy from this store and within 24 hours the dog was severly ill and needed to be rushed to the vet. I wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing the dog, because everything mentioned about sick dogs and HORRIBLE customer service from both old hag and old fart and very true. Cons: HEARTBREAK more

Best store by far 4/3/2010

I just bought my Boxer puppy from Puppy Stop in Coral Springs. I went to all the other stores and many breeders. Puppy Stop had the most beautiful, best example of a Boxer puppy that I've seen! And, I know, I used to breed them! Trust me, these dogs are from excellent breeders. This puppy had the perfect shaped head, paws, and weight for his age. They keep their puppies in cute, clean plastic swimming pools! The puppies have alot of room, and clean shredded paper to play in! No smell, even with lots of puppies around. It was just a great experience all around. The staff was helpful, and courteous. And believe me, I can be annoying!! They let me play with the dog first, all I wanted. You know, to get to know it. I really liked how the owners are careful about the dogs. They don't just let anyone hold the dogs, and carry them around just for the sake of making a sale. There are definitely rules. Some people might not like that, but it's for the good of the puppies!! My dog is awesome! Healthy as a horse!! Pros: Knowledgeable staff, great price, perfect breed examples! Cons: NONE!! more

The Best Puppies and Service 12/19/2009

I bought my t-cup Yorkie from Puppy Stop about 2 months ago. She was very reasonably priced compared to other stores and breeders. She was healthy and happy from the beginning. They have a terrific warranty though, if you need it because some healthy puppies can still have colds or coughs, or stomach stuff. I don't understand all the negative reviews about the owners and staff. They were nothing but respectful and helpful to me, with a store filled with people..... And I'm a pest!! I called all the time with questions, and was answered in a polite manner each time. I also know alot of other people who bought dogs there, and feel the same way I do. I think all those negative reviews are probably written by the same person or something. After all, how could they stay in business for 15 years if that was all true? Pros: Healthy cute puppies!!! more

otrageous behavior, terrible business etiquette 12/13/2009

I went in to the puppy stop looking for a new puppy to bring home for Christmas and as soon as my little sister started petting one of the puppies, this disgustingly scandalous arrogant old lady with curly brown hair - the owner apparently - told my little sister that she couldn't pet any of the puppies. I was confused because, besides the fact that there's a sign saying ""Pet puppies at own risk"", I know each cage has an opening at the top so you can go around petting each puppy and earlier I'd seen other customers carrying puppies, so I asked the lady why not and she replied with ""Because I'm the owner and I say so."" Clearly, there was another reason so I began asking more questions because nothing she said was making any sense. She then blew up out of nowhere, in front of other customers, and began yelling at my little sister and I about how it's her store and she can do whatever she wants because she's the owner (never giving me a reasonable answer). She continued on with her arrogant and outrageous behavior saying very insulting things to my little sister (who was also trying to understand why we were being treated this way) saying she was just a dumb girl with stupid questions. I never once yelled or raised my voice. I felt very sad to see my little sister crying and feeling hurt only because of the lady's rude remarks. I don't understand how she can treat her customers this way especially during the holiday season more



Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/26/2009

Stay away from The Puppy Stop pet store located in Coral Springs!!! Pros: Proximity to my home Cons: Nasty and rude female owner more

terrible experience 4/6/2009

I also bought a puppy there recently and had the worst experience of my life. I bought her on a Saturday afternoon and whithin 2 hours of being home she was blee**ding and had LIQUID (not loose) stools I had to take her to an emergency clinic because she wouldn't stop bleexxding. When I called them Sunday morning to let them know the man that picked up the phone started screaming at me. Started mentioning the law etc... At no point he even asked how was the puppy doing. He hung up the phone on me. I showed up at their store an hour later and he started screaming at me, refused to pay for emergency care and told me that a puppy can bleexxd for a week and still be fine!!! He ended up kicking me out of the store!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE more

Beware of sick puppies and nasty owner 4/1/2009

I bought my puppy form this store recently. He has a very bad cold and has had to go to the vet several times already. Cons: Sick puppy, nasty owner more

using questionable breeders 1/29/2009

I believe the so called breeders they use are either back yard breeders, brokers, or puppy mills. Cannot track the breeder of the puppy I purchased there other than at website -PetShopPuppies where I found the breeder who seems to be a broker and/or puppymill. Had I known this, I would not have purchased my puppy thru puppy stop and gone directly to a reputable breeder. Purchasing puppies thru a petstore just purpetuates the broker and puppymill horrors that these poor dogs must live thru. Cons: A legitimate breeder will not sell a puppy to a pet store more

read carefully their warranty before you sign it. 11/30/2008

What a horrible experience I had in this place! My husband & I found a beautiful puppy we both fell in love with, when it came time to purchase the puppy, both my husband & I carefully reviewed their ?SO CALLED WARRANTY? WHICH YOU NEED TO BEWARE OF. The lady owner of the store tells you they warranty the pups for 2 years, but their contract says only if the dogs DIES that they warranty. Pros: VERY CUTE PUPS AND NOT PRICEY Cons: VERY NASTY LADY OWNER more

Attitude Problem 7/14/2008

My parents and my little sister walked into the store to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We saw some pretty nice dogs and the prices were not that bad. However, the older female worker would not allow kids to hold the dog. I thought that it was pretty mean because we could not touch or pick up the dog. And usually the parents by the dogs for the kids, so why can't the children pick up the dogs? Also, a week before we went to Petland (really good service there by the way) to see if they had a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They did, but by the time we came back (which was 4 days later) it was sold. Luckily my sister had taken a picture of the dog with her cell phone the first day we went to the store. So we came to Puppy Stop to see what they had. We asked did they have any black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, and they said they didn't. Then the older women had a snobbish attitude and was telling us that they never come in black and tan. And that she had been working their for 12 years. So my sister showed the grouchy old lady the picture on her cell phone, and the lady started to talk softer and she said they never come in that color as af it were rare. So my sister took her cell phone and we left. That is some bad customer service, and my family and I are never going their again. more

Needs to take a class in customer assistance....;. 6/27/2008

I went into this puppy store with my children ... our intention was to buy a puppy .... there was so much attitude from the female owner with regards to the children holding and touching the puppies that I had no choice but to leave without buying. The whole point of going to a puppy store with your children is because it is the children that want a puppy .... if they can not sit and play with the puppy .,.... how are we going to know if the puppy is okay with them ... more

Adorable puppies TERRIBLE sales etiquette 1/24/2007

I walked in a couple of times before buying my puppy. Buying an animal is something that needs to be thought out in order to give that animal the best life you can ...its not something you just jump into however I felt that the owner (a male) didn't want his time wasted unless you were going to buy the minute you checked out the puppy. Pros: Super cute puppies Cons: Nasty owners with bitter attitudes more
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