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Puddle Jumpers Child Devmnt - 29 Reviews - 802 N 2200 W, Salt Lake City, UT - Child Care Reviews - Phone (801) 536-0993

Puddle Jumpers Child Devmnt

802 N 2200 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
(801) 536-0993
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Puddle Jumpers Child Devmnt - Salt Lake City, UT


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Puddle Jumpers is an awesome place to take your children. This is probably the warmest group of people I have ever met. The teachers and management care about each other and the c...


I am a parent who has had some good experiences with this school and some bad ones.

Change 1/13/2012

Yes, Puddle Jumpers is going through changes right now. If you read all the previous reviews there clearly has always been a need for better management. The teachers are great but with bad management inplace it makes no room for growth. New management can be a good thing. I have met the new management team and they both have a lot better customer service skills then the last Director. Right now, change is happening. It takes time for change to get settled. If there are parents that are not happy with the change then they should move along. The new management team cannot make this a better place with out parents and staff's support. Some teacher, very good teacher have left but, do you blame them? Look at how negative the parents have been. Everyone needs to give the new management time to rebuild the mess the previous Director left behind. If you are not happy with the change .. like I said, move along because I am sure there is a waiting list. I am grateful for the new Director and Assistant Director. I will support them by being postivie. more

Today is the last day of a key member... 1/10/2012

This is difficult to write; today is the Assistant Directors last day... She is off to a Director position with a new center and we are happy for her but extremely sad to see her go, from the first phone call to today the interaction with her has been nothing but exceptional, warm, and welcoming. My child loves her and I can tell she loves my child as well as every child in this center. You are leaving a huge hole in this center, bigger then anyone truly realizes at this point honestly, I know you have taken the brunt end of many things as well as taken the blame when you shouldn't have, some of that is part of being management, and some of that is because people act more like their children than they should. You have proven you can rise above it and your new center is getting one hell of a new director... Please know you will be missed. more

Poor Management and Major Turnover 1/6/2012

Puddle Jumpers could have been one of the greatest facilities in Utah, at one point if actually felt like it was. Over the past six months the center has been run into the ground!! It all started when a parent crossed the line and started getting to involved with the directors and management. The parent and management started unnecessary rumors and facilitating unprofessional behavior. These actions started a shock wave through the teaches and caused over 75% of the staff to leave the center. The center is currently being ran like a un-kept zoo. None of the children and parents know who are staff and who is running what. There currently feels like there is no structure and this is having a huge impact on our children. I have been at this center for over 4 years. I am so upset at the action taken by so many people. Parents and staff need to not cross the client and business relationship and be professional when conducting business. I did some research on this government ran facility and found that the government can shut the facility down at anytime if they feel it is not benefiting their staff. At this point that sounds like where this center is going and then where will we take our children?? more

Awesome Center with Awesome Management and Teachers 10/4/2011

Puddle Jumpers is an awesome place to take your children. This is probably the warmest group of people I have ever met. The teachers and management care about each other and the children, which is a recipe for an amazing center! more

BEST place!! 10/3/2011

I would like to say as a teachers point of view, I love this place, I love the people I work with and we are like a big family there. If anything were to happen to our director or assistant director it would ruin the whole place. We love them and trust them, they are always trying to do what's best for us. The teachers there LOVE their jobs, we wouldn't be there if we didn't, teachers don't do their jobs for the money, it's because you love your children and you love teaching. If the Director or assistant director were to leave, I bet half of the teachers would leave. It would be destroying a place we all love. If any parents are looking into this center, just come in and see us. It is a very friendly, loving place and you will see that the second you walk in. To talk about the new holidays that we are open, I feel like not too many people realize the job we actually do, the work and effort it takes to be with that many children 40 hours a week, we NEED our breaks, having an extra long holiday helps ALL of us. We get time to not only spend time with our loved ones, but to rejuvenate for another week ahead. The directors are there to help us out and to take care of us. I would trust them with my life. This is the best day care I have ever worked at, and you will love it too!! more

This School Needs a New Management Team 9/25/2011

I feel the same way as RL Deal does. If The Sunshine House/Puddle Jumpers wants this daycare center to the best it can be then they need to really look hard at the management here and make some major changes. Most of the teachers here are wonderful but when I walk in the door I am given a cold shoulder by the Director and the Assistant Director. It seems to me that the Director does not want to be here and does not care about the children or parents in her center. She is not cut out to run a center and is holding the school back from becoming one of the best here in the state. more

Potential is there. but NOT with the way it is now! 9/2/2011

I am a parent who has had some good experiences with this school and some bad ones. more

Love it 3/16/2011

I am a single working mom and had a really hard time finding a daycare for my son that we both felt comfortable with. more

Are These Parents Being Paid For Their Praises? 5/24/2010

I am wondering if the parents who are writing these reviews are being paid to write good things because the kind of daycare they are talking about can't be the same one my child went to. It makes me think that in this parent meeting they had they asked the parents who they knew would write them a good review to write one and not the parents they knew would tell the truth. This is what I saw when my children went to this center. The infant room was always dirty with food in the highchairs and spit-up in the toy bins. Also the highchairs didn't have straps in them which wasn't very safe if you ask me. Also the management was very rude to me every time I tried to talk to them about questions and concerns I had. I also had one of the teachers tell me that one of the two year old teacher has left children out on the playground before and didn't realize it until another teacher would point it out to her and that teacher still works there. That is why I pulled my children out. I want my children to be cared for and kept safe which this center does not!!! If you read all the reviews on here you will see that there is more bad ones then good ones that should tell you what kind of center this really is. I would give this center no stars but they make me give them at least 1 star which this center shouldn't get. Pros: There really isnt any Cons: Horrible management and Staff more

Safe and Clean Daycare!! 3/24/2010

I love my daycare, my two year old son has been there about a year, and he is very happy. They have a cook on site for breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Everyone who serves food to my child wears gloves. The center is sanitized every night on every surface, they teach my child to wash his hands before every meal and after potty time. He also brushes his teeth after every meal. He is provided with high quality supplies to make crafts and his pictures are everywhere which makes him feel special. But best of all the staff is very caring and extremely patient with all of the children. Violence is NOT TOLERATED at this school, time out is immediate and consistent as a consequence. Choices are given to my son so he can make the right decisions. I love this daycare!! Pros: Very clean, very secure, loving teachers, new toys Cons: none!! more

all good things need effort from both sides 3/22/2010

My son has been at Puddle Jumpers for 3 years. Yes there have been problems. Once I showed I was interested in solving the problem and not just being a thorn and wanting someone to bend my way the staff and management were willing to work with me. As with any situation I needed to make sure I made my needs or wishes clear. Yes this does require commutation and cooperation from both sides. Yes there have been good and bad teachers. More good than bad. When I?ve had trouble with a teacher I?ve gone to the director and worked things out. I see some parents show up to get their kid(s) and leave never saying anything to anyone. These are usually the ones I hear the ?they (management/ teachers) won?t work with me or they (management/ teachers) never tell me anything. Do they look around in the children?s cubby or at the notices outside the classrooms or even at the front desk? Not doing this could be why they are missing things. Granted nothing is perfect, but not asking questions or visiting with teachers won?t solve anything. And some people are never happy. When going through potty training for the 3rd time (we had lots of starts & stops) I alerted any and all teachers myself what was going on and they all were very helpful. I found it better to speak to teachers one on one. Rather than ask the management to convey my wishes. As they have enough to do without doing my responsibilities for me. My son has been at Puddle Jumpers for 3 years. As for cost it is middle of the road. I looked at every daycare in a 5 mile range from my work when I was looking. Some of the one you would think were lower cost actually were more expensive and were right on Redwood Road. Some had no security and non had the scanning requirements that Puddle Jumpers has. Pros: close to work, security cameras outside in parking area Cons: all day cares have high turn overs in teachers more

The Best Daycare/Preschool in Salt Lake City!! 3/1/2010

Sunshine House / Puddle Jumpers is absolutely the best preschool in Salt Lake. If you are a concerned parent, like I am, check out the other daycares that are available and compare how dirty, outdated, and disgusting they are. Do you want a professional school for your child that has planned activities, where your child is in a clean, caring environment? Then come to Puddle Jumpers. It is open to the public and the cost is very low for what is provided to your child. The director has been there four years and all of the staff truly care about your child. All of the teachers are accredited in early childhood development or are in school for degrees in this area. Activities are planned daily for your child. They have their own kitchen where breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are prepared daily for your child with a cook on site. They provide all of the school supplies for crafts, the toys are new and clean, I cannot stress enough how CLEAN this preschool is. And your child is always kept CLEAN, I have never picked up my child dirty, unkept or with a dirty face or hands. They even brush their teeth in school!! I love this school, you will find none better. Pros: Excellent care, teachers who love your child Cons: None! more

Fun & Safe Place For Your Kids 2/15/2010

My son has been in this daycare for over a year. He loves it here and never wants to go home. I have to chase him around the center and carry him out when it is time to leave. He has so much fun and learns so much. His teachers are so patient and understanding of him. My son has had some behavioral problems lately, partially due to family problems. And no one has talked down to me or made me feel like a horrible mom. Pros: Great Staff Cons: None more


My daughter has been going here since she was a two year old and she is now in the kindergarten program. My son has been going here since he was an infant and is in the older toddler room right now. Pros: awesome management, great staff, safe and clean environment Cons: the mean people that wrote all the BULL CRAP about the place more

Worst child care center! 11/8/2009

My child was attending this center for 2 years. In the beginning I was VERY impressed. I felt that hit the jackpot when I put my daughter here. After about a year, I started noticing different behavior from the staff towards me. I am a young mother and I believe that staff ESPECIALLY the director treated me as if I was a moron and didn't know how to raise my child. If I made any mistake as a mother it was putting her in this center!!! Pros: Close to work Cons: Careless environment more

Mediocre Care for a High Price 9/22/2009

I have had my son in Puddle Jumpers for about 11 months now. For a long time i really didn't have any problems. Except the past few months, my son has gotten bit by other kids on multiple occasions. I am getting about 2 or 3 incident reports a week. Other times he fell or got scratched by another kid. I have a stack of incidents. My son does not instigate or fight back, He just cries. They should be watching the children that are aggressive and make sure they try to keep them away from the passive children. My son deserves to have fun with out getting bullied. The teachers are pretty good though. I have an issue with not really knowing what teachers are in the class day to day. Or being introduced to the new ones. But besides the incidents or accidents. He seems to like it there. I am just concerned as a mom that they are not keeping that good of an eye on them. Children deserve to be in a safe environment. They need to be protected from bullies and yes, there can bullies at any age. And the price of this center is too expensive. The first 8 months it was good and the day care was worth paying more. If I didn't have so many incidents as I have had lately than I would not mind paying so much. Something drastically changed the past few months. I am looking for another daycare. Pros: Some good teachers Cons: Too many incident reports more

Look Elsewhere 7/28/2009

I have had my children in this center for a while and have had good and bad experiences. I have a daughter who is currently in the infant room and while I have always liked one of the teachers in the infant room, Ms. Koriann, the new teacher, Ms. Lindsay, doesn't seem to listen to what I have to say. Whenever I ask her to do something I feel like she brushes me off and I find out later that she totally ignored what I asked her to do because she believes she knows what is best for my child. I have talked to management about my concerns but they always side with the teacher so I am currently looking for a childcare center that places parents concerns above their teachers. I want my daughters to be in a center where if I ask the teachers to follow a certain schedule or not feed my child certain foods my requests will be honored and as long as Ms. Lindsay continues to be in the infant room here that will not happen. It's too bad Ms. Koriann won't move to a different center because my child and I certainly have loved having her as a teacher and she always seemed to address my concerns. I hate having my child go to this center when Ms. Koriann is off. Pros: Some good teachers Cons: Some bad teachers and bad management more

Great Preschool Program 5/14/2009

Both my kids attended this facility before they started Kindergarten and I absolutely loved it. They did too. They still talk about it and my daughter is 14 and my son is 9. Pros: educational, secure, clean more

Great Teacher, Below Average Management 5/13/2009

My child currently attends this childcare center. If your looking for a center where the teachers really care about your kids then you have found the right center. My child's teacher really shows how much she loves my child and I know that my child is safe in her care. However the management really bites here. They don't treat parents like humans and whenever I have a problem they just pass it off. I have had my children in several centers and this ones management team is the worse I have ever seen. The director is the worst. Pros: The Teachers here rock Cons: The management is only concerned with themselves more

Excellent daycare that is very affordable. 12/28/2008

My son has only been going here a week but I took a tour several months ago. During my tour, and my son's first week there, I have encountered nothing but thoughtful and caring people. My son (21 months old) was immediately happy from day one. My husband and I said goodbye to him, he hugged us, and then went about playing. Not one tear has been shed at all upon leaving him here and he comes home happy, and eager to go back the next day. I was very hesitant after reading some of the reviews so visited the daycare a few times before starting my son there. I honestly cannot fathom that these negative reviews are about Puddle Jumpers. And I am surprised by the person that says it's expensive. $170/week which includes food is $4.25/hour. Could you honestly get daycare for any cheaper? The playrooms are nice and clean, each child has his/her own cubby with their picture on it, the staff asks for family photos and all around the room are these pictures with the name of the child whose family it is, and we get a ""report card"" at the end of each day documenting diaper changes, what they ate, the activities of the day, and any extra pertinent information. I feel so comfortable knowing my son is there and would recommend that anyone take a tour and talk to the staff if looking for quality daycare that is very affordable. Pros: Caring staff, very affordable, son seems eager to go back every day more
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