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54 E 1st St (at nr. First Ave.)
New York, NY 10003

(212) 677-6221
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Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
Prune - New York, NY
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I ordered the ratatouille open-faced sandwich ($14). Ratatouille is a Ni?oise dish of stewed eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. This one, atop crusty, toasted ciabatta bread, was fl...


food was good and it is eccentric and different. however, service was slow and food was not worth the price. sat there for a good 15 mins before we got our check, while a bunch ...

Ratatouille Sandwich @ Prune 12/16/2011

I ordered the ratatouille open-faced sandwich ($14). Ratatouille is a Ni?oise dish of stewed eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. This one, atop crusty, toasted ciabatta bread, was flavored with olives, capers and a variety of herbs; it was topped with an unbelievably delicious, silky garlic aoli and toasted poppy seeds. The flavors were well-developed and pretty intense. The dish was simple and, for being meatless, surprisingly filling. Read the rest at more

Horrible Service Experience 9/30/2011

I made a reservation at the restaurant for 10 people at 8pm on a Saturday evening. It was my 40th birthday and had some friends fly in from out of town just for this event. We were seated at 8:10pm which was no big deal. As I sat down the manager (Lauren) said coldly that the reservation was until 10:30pm. No good evening, no hello, no smile. The food was good and as expected. I like the intimacy of the space. The service has always been pleasant from past experience. I was cognizant of the time considering that they have a large clock on the wall in the corner. I saw 10:30 was approaching so I asked for the check. (over 1,300) As we were moving out, by then 10:35, the manager, (Lauren who was cold from the very first moment,) leaned over to my friend next to me as basically said the sooner we can leave the better and just walked away. The manner in which she stated it was so inappropriate. My friend who did not want to interrupt my celebration walked up to Lauren and told her since we were already leaving that there was no need to be not only rude and could have said it in a more polite manner. (It more

Great Brunch at The Nexus of The Universe 7/20/2011

First and First, the nexus. The place is such a unique gem. To have an all star chef cook in the kitchen everyday is a rarity in nyc. Prune has a romantic small atmostphere and thoughtful artisinal dishes. If i could afford to Id brunch there every weekend! more

Generally unimpressed. 12/13/2010

I brought my little brother here for a nice early lunch in celebration of his straight A report card for his first semester in college. I was expecting some delicious, exciting food, but I was sorely disappointed. The chef really seemed to like capers that day. 75% of the plates I saw leave the kitchen were all speckled with the little green orbs. I had the fried oyster omelet. I don't know what I was expecting really, but what I got was less than palatable. It was a slab of pale yellow, lukewarm eggs, folded over a hunk of fried oysters, which I cannot imagine were fresh. They had that ""been frozen"" powdery texture. The Tabasco sauce I got on the side was a mystery. They had added something to it which made it incredibly sweet. Sweetness + eggs = notsotasty. I left feeling a bit queasy. My younger brother, under my insistence, and his own curiosity, ordered the sweetbreads with bacon. It was the better of the two dishes, although it wasn't anything spectacular. He said they were a bit on the greasy side. I tried it and agreed. The bacon was good, but there was hardly a strip of it on the plate. It seemed more a garnish than a part of the dish. Once again, his plate was littered with capers. We shared a side of stripped kale with pine nuts, which was probably the tastiest thing on the table. It was cold though, which was a bit off putting, but I don't know the laws of kale, so that may or may not be normal. The coffee was pretty delicious though. more

Overhyped Brunch 7/11/2010

My friends suggested coming to Prune for brunch. I read reviews online before I came so I had high expectations. Prune is a very cute and tiny restaurant. We came here for brunch around 1PM and it was packed. I thought we had to wait for 45 minutes but luckily it was only 15. I looked at the menu and it actually didn't really interest me much but I managed to get some scramble eggs with lamb sausage and their homemade whole grain healthy bread. My food came and I was a little disappointed because it was tiny. The scramble eggs was more on the wet side and nothing special. The healthy bread was very hearty but besides me nobody in my table liked it. The lamb sausage is flavorful but seems to be slightly undercooked? I was not too impressed with the food. Service was good and atmosphere was very cute. Pros: Good Service, Cute Atmosphere Cons: Crowded, long Wait and Average Food more

Good food, but not worth the hype 4/6/2010

I've heard and read reviews on Prune, everyone saying it's ""one of the top brunch places in NY."" My husband and I are HUGE brunch people - Saturday and Sunday brunches are sacred times for us, and we've been to almost all the top-rated brunch places in NYC - so of course we had to try this. I have to say, I was kind of disappointed. The food was good: very good quality (even something standard like the eggs benedict was very well made), but it wasn't anything to write home about. All of it - food, service, menu variety - was just good... but nothing to be tooted ""top brunch in NYC"". What made it more unattractive is the price: if it were cheaper it might be worth it, but for the price, I'd go elsewhere. more

Fine - but not worth the hype 1/22/2010

If you like innards, the appetizer list at Prune has as good a selection as you'll find in the city, and several of them are quite good, especially the veal heart and the signature bone marrow. The fried sweetbreads, on the other hand, tasted far more of fried than of sweetbread. The entrees are disappointingly safe, however, and I fail to understand the enthusiasm so many people have for whole fish dishes. Who wants to spend the better part of an hour trying to separate fish from bone? Portions, as at many ""value"" places in New York are on the small side, so big men might walk out hungry. My only other complaint was the music, which was set just slightly too loud for comfortable conversation. Pros: Good selection of innards Cons: inconsistant quality, loud music more

Don't Waste Your Time for Poor Food and Cramped Space 3/6/2009

DON'T GO HERE. The fact that it has such a high rating is beyond me. The dinner was very disappointing. From the poor selection, we ordered the fish and two lambs. The first fish apparently burnt and it took over one hour to get our meals due to the cooking of the second fish. One of the lamb dishes was very overdone and the other lamb was underdone. The squash spaghetti was undercooked also. The white wine Sancerre was bitter and likely sitting in a re-corked bottle. The dishes are bland and unimaginative and EXPENSIVE given how they came out. Go to BIANCA - it's way way better and half the price. more

The dutch pancake is an oversized slab of cornbread... 2/28/2009

As every other new yorker who enjoys his/her brunch, I took the liberty as always to check citysearch before I get excited about a new eatery. Well, guess what? The only good thing about this place was that miraculously we got seated, and believe it or not, it was full. People were waiting to get seated, so I figured it must be worth it. Folks, the dutch pancake is an oversized slab of cornbread with a few pears on top, which had a decorative purpose. The rotsi potatoes were the worst. They tasted like unsalted McDonalds hashbrowns. And no one likes that kind of torture especially when it comes with high expectations in an overcrowded small room. more

Unbelievably BAD service 12/27/2008

2 weeks in advance reservations. Showed up AFTER they confirmed my reservation only to find out they totally screwed it up. They had me and my wife down for a 6:15pm reservation. Who on earth eats dinner at a restaurant like this at 6:15p? NO ONE. They seated us with SEVERE attitude - like we will seat you but were knocking someone else off the list. Hey sorry, but your restaurant had 8 tables empty at 7:45pm on a Saturday night. Get a clue, Gabrielle - times are tough - you should appreciate someone going out of their way to eat at your restaurant. Perhaps you should reconsider who you should have to represent your business when you walk in. There is like 2000 restaurants in NYC to choose from, who needs this kind of attitude from a place that isn't even new enough to warrant a honeymoon? more

Good, solid, unpretentious food. Delicious... 11/20/2008

Good, solid, unpretentious food. Delicious sweetbreads and bone marrow, and surprisingly strong desserts (I... more

Good, solid, unpretentious food. Delicious... 11/20/2008

susan Provided by Partner
Good, solid, unpretentious food. Delicious sweetbreads and bone marrow, and surprisingly strong desserts (I especially liked the Earl Grey custard). more

great cozy dinner... 8/27/2008

My dinner at Prune was great-we arrived early for our reservation and were seated right away. The food was unusual in that there were a lot of choices that you don't usually see on a menu. After seeing the restaurant on No Reservations I wanted to try all of the things that they had eaten. The head on shrimp were sweet and flavorful and the sweetbreads were soft and with a great caper sauce. The whole grilled fish was delicious and the green tomatoes side were sweet and sour like those pickled cukes from your youth. And whatever dessert you get ask them to add a scoop of the ricotta ice cream-its phenomenal!! Definitely worth the trip and the atmosphere is just what you'd expect in the East Village. Pros: great food, reasonable prices, good service Cons: some people might not like the cramped seating- I love it! more

Recommended if you order the right items.... 4/2/2008

I went recently went to dinner at Prune with my husband. A few of the dishes were exceptional and a few were below average. To start with the good, the entree of the whole grilled fish was amazing -- very flavorful and moist, the jewel yam side with a brown butter sauce and the dessert of ricotta ice cream with brioche ""croutons"" and a butterscotch sauce were also outstanding. Our waitress was great and gave good recommendations when asked. We also had a very good bottle of wine which was reasonably priced. On to the bad... the fried oysters were odd -- shaped like chicken fingers (long tubes) and in a heavy coating. We also disliked the sweetbread appetizer which was also deep fried. If I had closed my eyes I wouldn't have been able to tell what was an oyster vs. what was sweetbreads as they both just tasted heavy with the thick coating and not-so-fresh oil. The other strange thing about the place is that the lights are on fairly bright especially since they have candles on the tables -- too bright to make it good for a date. I would go back, but would try the marrow bone appetizer as it looked really good. If you pick the right items you can have a really good meal here, but if you pick the wrong ones you'll be disappointed for the cost. Pros: great value wine, fish, dessert, yams Cons: a few menu items and bright lighting more

Food with no flavor plopped on a plate 3/15/2008

I had dinner at Prune with a Manhattan chef who visits regularly. The staff is genial, the ambiance pleasant and the crowd hip but not too. The thing is, it's a restaurant, and they serve food. I ordered ""Head-On Shrimp"". I was confused for a few minutes, wondering what sort of preparation would give a head-on flavor. Then I realized they were going to be prawns with the heads on. The waitperson asked if I'd like any vegetables, but I thought whatever came with the shrimp would be fine. In fact, nothing came with the shrimp. There were two jumbo shrimp, and not only were the heads on, so was the shell. Well, I thought, one shrimp sitting on top of another on a white plate. $14. Imagine peeling that shrimp skin right off and getting at the juicy, flavorful meat. Uh uh. The skin didn't want to come off. The shrimp were overcooked and dry. Zero flavor. No garnish, nothing. My companion ordered an omelet (?) and some sort of vegetable like fennel. Her omelet plate consisted of one perhaps 3 egg omelet, folded in half, and that's all. Flat. Nothing in it. The companion, remember, another chef, was stunned to see the other plate with an entire fennel plant that looked as though it had been boiled. The chef ate little of it. The dessert menu featured a delicious sounding chocolate cake, which I thought would be just the thing, but when it came it was the size of a brownie, tasted like a brownie, but a really bad brownie, again overcooked. The chef ordered some sort of milk thing that came in what appeared to be a shot glass. With no bottle of wine, but one glass and one well drink, the bill was over $80. The ingredients could not possibly have cost more than $15. That's an obscene markup. I would rather have had prunes for dinner. Pros: It's a small place, so you can easily miss it. Cons: The food is inedible. more

Best rib-eye steak ever. Roasted marrow bones (as seen on Anthony Bourdain show) worth a try. 2/18/2008

I was skeptical after reading the recent negative reviews on Citysearch, but thought we'd just give it a try - after all Anthony Bourdain made the food look so unique and good, and the place looked cozy. Pros: Great food, friendly staff, cozy interior Cons: Tight seating, prices on a higher end more

Cramped and Sloooooooow 2/12/2008

First off, getting there for your 8:30 reservation and being seated at 9:30 is a bad way to start a meal. And forget waiting comfortably for a table. There is nowhere to stand, so you end up hugging the entrance door and dodging the hostess who keeps telling you to move out of the way. Pros: OK food Cons: Overpriced more

Had brunch there, the southwest bloody mary... 1/13/2008

Had brunch there, the southwest bloody mary was very tasty. I had sausage and oysters, I've had better... more

Had brunch there, the southwest bloody mary... 1/13/2008

stefanopm Provided by Partner
Had brunch there, the southwest bloody mary was very tasty. I had sausage and oysters, I've had better oysters, the lamb sausage was very good, bu... more

Totally overrated 12/8/2007

This place is totally overrated and totally overpriced. This is a restaurant for people who do not know how to cook but want food that somewhat resembles home-cooked food. The problem is, it's not a good as home-cooked food from a reasonably skilled cook and they are over-charging for it. The food is not very inventive and not well presented. In addition, although I am someone who really likes all kinds of food, the selection is not great. I had a hard time finding things I wanted on the menu, they had something like three pork dishes and the only other protein was chicken. Pros: Well, it is near my apartment . . . Cons: Overpriced, boring food more
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