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Prout, Franklin J, Dds - Parkway Dental

323 Fox Rd 200
Knoxville, TN 37922
(865) 690-5231
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I have been going to Parkway Dental for over a year now and the changes there have been refreshing. I have noticed the front desk staff has been recently replaced and they are bey...


The Dentists are qualified and professional. However, be wary of their insurance billing procedures. Services are performed, sometimes, without checking whether they are cove...

Don't Be Fooled 10/29/2015

This firm is PURELY focused on income generating tactics. Your oral health and specific needs are secondary. If you have cheap, bulk insurance such as what is provided by the state, then you are excrement to them. more

Terrible Dentist 7/22/2014

I went to this office a year ago and it was the worst experience I have ever had. I am 20 years old and they talked down to me and acted like I was stupid. They were unnecessarily rough with my mouth and always made me bleed. I had never had this problem at other dentists. The last time I went there they told me I had 3 cavities that needed to be filled. I went back to my previous dentist and he said my teeth are great and I have no cavities. I do not recommend going to Parkway Dental! more

Over Charging 6/10/2014

This is a letter I sent to their homes. Drs. Lovely & Prout, I’m writing you due to a moral dilemma my children and I are having with your billing practices. Our dilemma is whether to stay with your practice; find another practice; or report you and find another practice. Over the past few years we have noticed extra charges being submitted to our Ins. Co. for x-rays. There frequently is an extra one or more x-rays that have been billed than taken. I have instructed my children to carefully count the number taken. This number between x-rays taken and billed rarely match up. What other charges are being submitted that are not easily seen by us? My children and I have been happy with both of you over the years and would hate to change dentists. The extra charges need to stop. I don’t know if these extra charges are at your direction or being done by your billing person(s) who might be pocketing the extra without your knowledge. I’m trying to bring up my children to be moral responsible adults. I’m sending this to your homes in the event you have a problem with your billing people. more

Dr. "NOT SO" Lovely I'm tempted to sue for Malpractice. 5/5/2014

This review is for Dr. Lovely ONLY. Dr Prout I only saw briefly and was very nice and professional. I went to see Dr. Lovely for a cracked tooth and after he was done I had a horrible bruise on my cheek. He was extremely rough. He then told me I needed 3 crowns, 2 fillings and had gingivitis. I was shocked as I had no other signs or problems with any of the teeth he mentioned. This is a complicated story so to condense it, Since I didn't feel comfortable with him and his diagnosis I went to my regular dentist for a 2nd opinion. ( I ONLY stopped going to her because my finances had changed and she does not take dental insurance) and Dr. "NOT SO" Lovely does. (I now see why) My regular dentist said I did NOT need ANY crowns, fillings, nor did I have gingivitis!! In addition she told me that the tooth was beyond repair and needed to be pulled which Dr. Lovely contradicted. Even though I lost a tooth it was much better than the alternative. I called the office and asked for a partial refund on the crown which they had required for me to pay UP FRONT before the work was even done. And Dr. Lovely went off on me and basically said it was ALL MY FAULT??? I pointed out to him that dentistry was not my profession and I relied on him the "SO-CALLED" professional to advise me. I repeatedly called with no -response from Dr. Lovely. The receptionist even told me that I would have much better luck with Dr. Prout ( which I did) SO after all the trauma Dr. lovely sent me a PERSONAL NOTE.(remember he never gave me the courtesy of a return call.) and said I would need to find another DDS. as he would not be treating me any more. I have been told by several people that I FOR SURE have a case against him. (Again the story is longer and more detailed I just condensed it for space.) I just want to move on from this nightmare and put this behind me. This Dentist if you want to call him that is an UN-CARING monster who just has an eye on the pay out. He was harsh,rude and callous. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST! more

rude rude rude 3/26/2014

Front office staff are just plain RUDE! Wait time is unacceptable, horrible bedside manner by doctors, hygenists are nice, over companies get discounts but patients don't. Will not be returning!!! more

Rude staff - more centered on money than patient care 6/5/2013

One of the most disorganized medical offices I've seen. The staff is rude and condescending and has an overall attitude that they could care less about you as a patient. The office is a cattle call and they frequently overbook visits. The last straw was my husband being told he needed 3 crowns then marched into an office to discuss how he can pay $900 copayment. It felt fishy and after seeing another dentist we were told he didn't need crowns at all! Good luck getting a call back- messages go unanswered and the transfer of records took 3 requests. more

Five stars for this dental practice 1/29/2013

For 17 years Doctors Prout and Lovely have been my dentists. Every six months I get my cleanings there. I have had crowns and cavities handled through the years without issue. I have always found the Parkway Dental Practice to be very professional and friendly. I have never had a problem with their billing. I must say that I have total confidence in their practice. I would recommend them to a friend. Joe S. Knoxville, TN more

Terrible office staff. Rude to say the least! 1/21/2013

My first visit to Parkway Dental was a year ago, along with the rest of my family of 6. We all had our exams after waiting an excessive amount of time. Dr. Lovely was OK but offered a terrible bedside manner. I went back a few weeks later for a cleaning. The hygienist was very rough and even chipped one of my teeth while scraping. I called the office back 3 weeks ago to make an appointment & was disconnected. No One returned my call. I called back over a week ago during business hours & left a voicemail...Still no returned call. I called this morning and asked to speak with the office manager & got Jessica Lovely. What a waste of time. She was even worse than anyone else I had previously spoken to. The office has been in the process of changing billing systems & it took them a year to get my family's bill sent to us. I literally received the bill 3 days ago & while on the phone with Jessica Lovely,she gave me a hard time about the bill not yet being paid. She talked down to me. I will be asking for my records to take to another office where I will expect to be treated with courtesy & respect.... more

GREAT place!!! 11/25/2012

I have been going to Parkway Dental for over a year now and the changes there have been refreshing. I have noticed the front desk staff has been recently replaced and they are beyond helpful and friendly. They also have went completely digital and even have large screen TV's in their rooms. They had checked my insurance before my procedure was done and explained my procedure and what was covered before they even started. I have seen Dr. Lovely and he was just that, lovely. His assistant explained everything to me and was so nice and funny too. We had some good laughs about raising teenagers. I have never had so much fun at the dentist before! more

Upsell,rude staff, unhappy staff,etc 8/28/2012

the staff has a good deal. 4 day work week. They all get to take lunch together closing the office for an hour. They often return late. after returning late one day with me I was placed in a room and sat for 15 minutes. I went to look where she went. found her in the break room with a big subway sandwich being lifted to her face....I thought she just returned from lunch...haha..what a joke more

Run them out of town! 6/15/2011

If anyone gives Parkway Dental a good review they are telling a big lie! Parkway dental staff should have their heads put on a stick as examples of what happens when you do customers like they do! Close em down and put them under the jail! more

Parkway Dental Nightmare 6/15/2011

In my 48 years of going to Dentist, Parkway Dental PC 323 Fox Rd # 200, Knoxville, TN is the worst Dentist in the world! The Dentist and Office women are very rude and they simply don't care about their patients and prove it! I had several nightmare experiences with the 2 Dentist Prout and Lovely both, and Billing problems too. An example of my last visit I had pain from a wisdom tooth coming in, Prout gave me a prescription for 40 very strong antibiotics, way too much for my problem. I got a bad case of thrush, my tongue turned Black and had a severe sore throat and mouth for over 9 months, spent over $800.00 in medacines and Doctor visits to try and get rid of it, due to the amount of strong antibiotics Prout prescribed me. I suffered 24 hours a day for over 9 months. Parkway Dental was contacted several times and the showed me they could care less. It was a horrifying nightmare experience they put me through. I had another terrible experience with them, and billing problems too. They told me I had gum disease and gingivitus, convinced me to spend hundreds of dollars for procedures, then claimed the gingivitus was gone and made a appointment for standard cleaning, made me wait over 3 months for cleaning appointment, then would not clean my teeth at the appointment said my gum disease had progressed too far and I needed to see a oral surgeon they referred me to? After telling me the gum disease and gingivitus was gone with no more signs of it. They tell so many lies they can't remember and keep up with the lies themselves. Parkway dental should be put out of business and put in jail. And I am being nice. The worst experience in my life! Trust me! Parkway Dental is masters of lies and deception, a nightmare! more

They overcharge and are rude! 4/16/2011

After telling me that they honored my dental discount plan (Carrington Care), they tried to overcharge me for every service. When I pointed out what the Carrington prices were supposed to be, they said that they didn't care... "This is our price." ($820 vs $473 for a crown) During the checkup, they said my teeth and gums were fine. Then they insisted that because it was my first visit there, I needed a $368 cleaning! When I questioned why, they were very rude and said I had terrible gums, gingivitis, etc, etc. I decided to find another dentist. I just got back from seeing the other dentist who said my teeth/gums are fine and I had a regular cleaning and they honored the Carrington prices. Avoid Parkway Dental like the plague and find a dentist who isn't running a scam. more

Parkway Dental - Horrible staff! 3/29/2011

The staff here are really rude and they have non smiling faces. And they act like you are a loser if your aint as clean as they 'should' be. I dont recommend anybody to go there. And they charge you stuff you know nothing about and dont take the time to explain what they are charging you for! more

Parkway Dental - Horrible staff! 3/29/2011

The staff here are really rude and they have non smiling faces. And they act like you are a loser if your aint as clean as they 'should' be. I dont recommend anybody to go there. And they charge you stuff you know nothing about and dont take the time to explain what they are charging you for! more

HORRIBLE 2/3/2011

I've been going there for a few years, everytime I go they try to tell me I need all kinds of work done that insurance won't cover. One of the assistants messed up my tooth because she was too busy flirting with the dentist the whole time. Billing is horrible. Went to a new dentist and he said I didn't need any extra work done, so i've been paying extra all these years because they just want the money. more

dr.lovely is super 7/3/2010

this guy is funny as hell and gets right to business. the office is new and spacious. about 10 staff members. there is a wait to get teeth cleaned. i have had 3 crowns and one root canal by dr. lovely , had one temporary come off , but they worked me rifgt in to fix. overall,i would recommend dr. lovely to anyone. more

Great Doctors! 7/13/2009

I have seen Dr. Lovely for years and I've always had a great experience! more

Run away FAST 6/8/2009

I concur with the others here... billing is a NIGHTMARE!!! They are pushy in getting you to buy or do any procedure they can and are terrible with billing. I am in a personal dispute with them currently due to them calling on my behalf (while in the chair) to see if I was covered by BCBS ... I was not AND they never called! They have begun bully tactics with a collection company that CLEARLY feels they did something wrong ... asked me to call them to work something out if I could. Best to take your business elsewhere and enjoy your life and dental health. more

i love going there 5/28/2009

I have been going to parkway dental for years and I love the staff and quality care I receive. more
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