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Properform Private Fitness - 61 Reviews - 1935 West Ave Ste 208, Miami Beach, FL - Fitness Reviews - Phone (305) 531-8818
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Properform Private Fitness

1935 West Ave Ste 208
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-8818
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Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL
Properform Private Fitness - Miami Beach, FL


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I was so happy to find Proper Form. I had gone to Gold's Gym and gotten a big time hustle. What a relief to find a great place where I felt comfortable. I was given a fantastic tr...


While I can't say for certain, I'd definitely be weary of many of these ""glowing"" reviews. Posters with only 1 review to their credit, reviews full of hyperbole and nary a nega...

Already noticing a difference~!! 1/20/2011

I was so happy to find Proper Form. I had gone to Gold's Gym and gotten a big time hustle. What a relief to find a great place where I felt comfortable. I was given a fantastic trainer (I suggest David if you go) and am now already feeling a change in my physique after only two weeks. I am working hard, but it goes quickly. If you are a newbie to working out like me, there is no better place to start out. I feel so lucky to have found it. more

Private Instruction is great and easy too 1/19/2011

If you're looking for a small, friendly place to get private fitness sessions then this is the place for you. I liked my trainer so much that I haven't switched around, although the owners, George and Chris have always offered that option. My trainer is always ready to start on time, focused, nd enthusiastic. Its a little hard to find entrance so call ahead for instructions, but definetly worth the effort. PS: the facilities are always clean nd smell good. more

Great Gym, Great Staff 11/22/2010

I purchased a package of one-on-one pilates sessions at a charity auction. I was always interested in trying pilates, but this was the jump start that I needed. From day one, the staff was extremely friendly and informative. Michelle, the pilates instructor, is wonderful. I have enjoyed every minute of my time there. I am definitely going to buy another package and continue with pilates. In addition, they gave me a free personal training session. Although I have worked out for most of my adult life, I have never used a personal trainer. It totally blew my mind! I really appreciated the unique nature of the workout as well as how knowledgeable the trainer was. more

A Happy Customer 11/18/2010

I bought a series of training sessions from ProeprForm at a charity auction, thinking that at least my money was going to a good cause. I've found trainers at Crunch, NYSC and other clubs overpriced and underwhelming. I resented the constant hardsell on sales and the inevitable sense of apathy from trainers who charge out at high prices but are paid very little.\r \r ProperForm took me by surprise. It is owner-operated, friendly, personal and professional. This place is very different from a corporate franchise... in the best of ways. \r \r The trainers I've used are incredibly knowledgeable. I like to be pushed to my limit, not coddled. The trainers get that. \r \r I didn't expect to become a loyal customer, but that's exactly what I am.\r \r Jeff\r \r more

Well... 10/13/2010

While I can't say for certain, I'd definitely be weary of many of these ""glowing"" reviews. Posters with only 1 review to their credit, reviews full of hyperbole and nary a negative sentiment... ""Call today to start the first step of your journey...""? Puh-leez, lol. I am astute enough to recognize sales pitch when I read one.... more

Great atmosphere to train in 10/8/2010

I originally started going to PF w/a friend for partner training sessions. These were great and I quickly bought a 1:1 training session package. I love the democratic approach taken, where you can try out different trainers or alternate. It helps keep things fresh and since your file is available for all the trainers to review any one of them can get up to speed on your progress and trajectory. I've got a ways to go but for the first time I feel like I'm in it for the long haul, a shift due in large part to my experience thus far at ProperForm. more

Not Your Typical Gym 4/17/2010

The staff has special training in the latest techniques and in injury prevention and therapy. They have been working with me to rehab a knee injury and it has been great! Anything but just plain weight lifting. Pros: Professional, Immaculate, Expert Trainers more

Great Gym 4/5/2010

I joined about a month ago and I am very happy with the gym. The ease of scheduling training sessions online keeps me committed and motivated. The gym is clean, quiet, not crowded. It is almost like training at home, but you get to get out a little bit. It is a great place to really get serious and work out. You do not waste a minute waiting for a machine or chatting with someone you run into. I have trained with 3 different trainers and they have all been very good. Pros: Easy Scheduling, No Crowds more

LOVE IT!!! 1/16/2010

I became a client with my husband over three months ago and we have been doing partner training in the morning before work. While the training has been top notch, I have decided to sign up for the PERSONAL BEST 8-week intensive boot camp. I am really looking forward to changing my life as well as improving my look! We love the atmosphere and the personalized training that is offered at this gym. You will love it! Will Cameron is our trainer and not only is he the best he will help you to improve your life!!! Call today to start the first step of your journey towards better health! Pros: Best Personal Training more

Effective Personal Training 1/7/2010

I came to Proper Form a month ago, with an injury and plenty of goals I wanted to achieve despite it. Right from the start I’ve received attention and care that have seen me making great progress, gaining strength and losing body fat even while in my recovery phase. The staff are friendly and focused, providing positive support and regularly reviewing my program so I’m never bored and can see that we’re well on our way to achieving what we’ve set out to do. I’m excited about what comes next! The gym is well equipped with everything your trainer needs to keep you moving and motivated. No jockeying for space or waiting for someone to stop hogging a machine. It’s easy to make (and keep!) appointments and there is always someone available to answer any questions you may have. In short, it’s everything I expect and hope for from personal training. Professional, focused and effective. Pros: Professional, focused and effective. more

Amazing Results in just 8 weeks! 9/26/2009

Having just completed the ProperForm Personal BEST program, I couldn’t be more excited about the whole experience. I lost 15lbs and about the same number of inches which changed the shape of my figure. I was already a client but this ""boot camp"" really did it for me and those in my class.\r \r During the eight-week program, we received professional guidance and motivation from their team of highly skilled trainers. The dedicated staff is passionate about fitness and nutrition, which they eagerly share. The group bonding made it more fun, easier to stay on track and was very motivating.\r \r Critical to success was the daily monitoring of my food journal and the 6-day per week program, which alternated among weight lifting, cardio, Yoga and Pilates. The owners run a really tight ship and you can literally eat off the floors of this well maintained studio. Very client-oriented and attentive to your needs.\r \r At my fortieth high school reunion, nobody could believe that I look better now than I did back then. ProperForm Personal Best is my fountain of youth!\r \r With the holiday season coming soon, I am keeping up the hard work and suggest you join their next class. You won't be sorry, that's for sure! What do you have to loose?\r \r Pros: Best small private gym in town Cons: Very early wake up more

""Personal Best"" Boot Camp 8/27/2009

I signed up for Proper Form's ""Personal Best"" Boot Camp. I was extremely out of shape and felt I needed to completely reprogram my mind and body to a more healthy lifestyle. I was lucky enough to find this gem on the beach that was just starting a new 8 Week fitness program. The facility is nice and immaculate, but it is the trainers and owners that really make Proper Form the best gym in my view. \r \r The ""Personal Best"" program combined one full hour a day/ 6 days a week of weight lifting, cardio and stretching exercises with nutritionist counseling for food selection. I never knew there were so many different types of exercises!!! I did exercises I had never done before, like spinning, pilates, kickboxing, exercise ball, etc... The result is that I lost over 12 lbs of body fat and gained 3.5 lbs of lean muscle mass during the Personal Best Program. I went down 2 full dress sizes in 8 weeks! I lost over 6 inches on my waist alone and had muscles develop on my legs that I hadn't felt in over 25 years. Needless to say, when the 8-week program concluded I immediately signed up for another 5 weeks of personal training before I leave to Europe on vacation. ( I want to look good in my pictures!) \r \r The trainers are knowledgeable, patient, funny and excellent in their profession. I could not have asked for better trainers than Will, Tiffany, Mario and Kathy, they push you based on your personal best abilities. I learned so much from Alan and Andrea regarding health and nutrition and from Mario regarding exercise physiology. The owners, Chris and George, completely cater to the client's needs and run a smooth, friendly, professional and immaculate establishment. The facility and personnel are first class. What more can one ask for? Lose 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks, that's what!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Just do it, you won't regret it. Pros: Lost 2 Dress Sizes Cons: Waking up at 5am more

Outstanding Personal Training Studio! 8/10/2009

The ease of booking sessions online and the flexibility of the staff make Proper Form a great training studio for busy people. The trainers and staff truly have an interest in their client's success. Pros: Great Trainers, Great Facility, Easy Booking of Sessions more


When I moved to Miami Beach I thought 'how am I gonna find a trainer as great as my guy in NJ?' Well, Proper Form hooked me up! Tiffany Lam is the best trainer I've ever worked with. She is also the toughest. Everyday she continues to push me harder and I now have my body doing things I never thought possible. George and Chris are the friendliest and most approachable people and really and truly care about their clients health and happiness. The new website is also really great, you can make/cancel/adjust appointment online and keep watch of your account. I love Proper Form, it's the best investment I've ever made. I wish I could take them everywhere with me :) Pros: super knowledgeable, always friendly, kiss your BUTT!!! Cons: ZERO! more

Work Out with the Experts 4/28/2009

I have trained with many different trainers over the years, and I have to say, Proper Form Fitness is my favortite place thus far. Everyone working at the center seems invested in your outcome. The owner(s) greet you immediately upon entering and your trainer is right there to take over. Not only do they concentrate on your workout, but they are concerned with eating and sleeping habits as well and truely want what is best for you. Great energy! Great people! Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, Proper Form Fitness is the place for you - guaranteed! Pros: Qualified Trainers, Caring Staff, Great Atmosphere more

Proper Form - it exceeds all expectations 4/13/2009

I have always (and I mean it!) disliked gym environment. Going to the gym was always something unpleasant to me. Thanks to Proper Form and its team this has changed completely. My expectations are usually high and Proper Form was (and continues to be) able not only to meet those high expectations but it has exceed them in every way. The gym is small and unique, just the proper size for what it is meant: get down to business and do it properly! And above all, it is IMPECCABLE. Super clean, fresh, friendly without being a social club. Just perfect! And the trainers are simply the best. High qualified professionals who devote their entire time to make sure you are exercising in the proper way, the proper form. It is very hard to find a gym like this. Thank you, Proper Team! Pros: extremely professional trainers, outstanding service Cons: a bit expensive for my budget but worth every penny more

Thanks for the extra push and support 4/5/2009

I eat well and exercise regularly but plateaued out and needed an extra push. The trainers push me harder than I am able to push myself and regularly introduce new exercises into my routine to attack my weak areas. I started seeing results shortly after joining and feel so much better. Pros: Excellent facility with extremely knowledgeable trainers more

Proper Form Works! 4/4/2009

Before I joined Proper Form, I worked out regularly but was suffering from a lot of back pain. My trainer at Proper Form has helped me adjust my work outs so that the pain has gone away completely. Proper Form is a friendly and caring place where your personal training needs are met. They are also very flexible with scheduling. Thanks to Proper Form, I am able to stay in shape - and no more back pain!!! Pros: Trainers that care more

Proper Form is the BEST! 2/4/2009

When I started to visit Proper Form four years ago, i was developing many aches and painis around my body. From the beginning, I explained my personalized situation to the PF staff, who were extremely attentive and helpful. Since then, my condition has improved markedly and I have learned a trememdous amount from going to PF. Now, I can take better care of myself while still benefitting from the progress that only PF can provide ... try it, you'll be glad you did! Pros: Personalized care and attention Cons: none more

Best training and gym environment in town! 1/13/2009

From the moment I walked in, I knew that this was the right place for me. It is a clean, nurturing, and empowering place to work out. Oh and did I mention clean? It's beyond spotless! The staff and owners take great care to maintain the space and make you feel comfortable. But if you're expecting social hour, you'll be disappointed. This is a get-down-to-business type place. The trainers are all super friendly and great motivators. But don't let their smiles fool you; they'll have no mercy! I've trained with Tiffany, Al and Terrance. Each so different yet each so good. I have recommended Proper Form to many friends and will continue to do so because it is such a great experience that I know I won't let anybody down. If you're looking for a trainer, you must try it! Pros: Very flexible and convenient scheduling. Can schedule online or on the phone 24hrs a day! Cons: Haven't found any yet! more
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  • Customized corporate, partner and individual training with Bod Pod body composition analysis, Hammer Strength equipment and nutritional guidance.

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