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Proms & Promises

17455 68th Ave Ne Ste 203
Kenmore, WA 98028
(425) 486-8571
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Proms & Promises - Kenmore, WA
Proms & Promises - Kenmore, WA
Proms & Promises - Kenmore, WA


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My daughter and I have been shopping here for years and continue to be amazed at the selection and the service each time we come. The owner, Betty is the kindest and is a sincerel...


Recently I went in to purchase a prom dress. Found a beautiful gown, but it was $500.00. Went ahead and purchased it and had Betty do the alterations. First, we were told they ...

Unfair Criticism of This Business! 8/5/2011

I have done business at Proms and Promises three times and NEVER experienced any of the things I'm reading from these ""Brides."" It IS a smaller shop, and it IS full of HIGH-END DRESSES!!. People should treat the dresses as such!!! My Goodness!!! I've seen the way some young women act when they go through dresses at shops, such as David's Bridal, throwing them on the floor and walking on them, also leaving lipstick and makeup stains on dresses with a who cares attitude! I'm sure this small shop owner has to purchase her merchandise and it is hard enough to run a small shop today without having clients that don't appreciate anything you do for them!! If you want High-End Merchandise and Service, Shop at Proms & Promises!! Treat the Dresses With Respect, and You Will Receive the Same Respect Back!!! more

Have to agree with the others 7/11/2011

Recently I went in to purchase a prom dress. Found a beautiful gown, but it was $500.00. Went ahead and purchased it and had Betty do the alterations. First, we were told they would contact us when they were ready for us to come in for measurements....1 week before prom and still NO call. The dress had not been touched and when Betty was questioned we too, like the others, were made to feel like it was our fault! I was told that the dress was not finished, and I then told Betty how it could possibly be finished when you never had us come in for measurements...she then quickly changed her story and said that she had been so busy. I then let her know that we would be in the next day, but at that moment decided to go to the shop at once. When we arrived, ironically she was talking to city search and questioning them how people could place comments on the internet about her shop and continued to tell us her story. more

sorry 5/29/2011

i just want to say sorry for the reviews some of the people have wrote and they have bin taken off.. there are no bad rewivews from me or anyone in my group.. \r im sorry \r \r more

""Tears of Truth"" 5/26/2011

My bride to be went to P&P with her close friend who is also getting married a few months before us to look at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. From the moment they walked into the store until the time they left they were glared at and verbally assaulted by this woman who swears she has done no wrong. I had to hold my bride to be as she broke down into tears recalling her time there. This was suppose to be a great time for her and her friend because they are both getting married and now they have been emotionally tormented by this woman even to this day after both of them wrote bad reviews this woman has the nerve to continue her assault over email, phone , etc. with threats of legal suits if they didn't take down the reviews. It's called Freedom of Speech for a reason!! We can say all we want about the horrific time we had to prevent others from shedding the same tears. I just pray that someday soon that someone will lock her doors and stop this from happening again. more


I would like to be honest here. I went to Proms and Promises and personally had a bad experiance. I don't really want to say what the experiance was. I felt I was talked down to and disrespectful. Betty felt She was nice to me. I guess her and I do not see eye to eye. When one person tell you that you cant try on the dress cause it doesnt look right or dont pull them out to look at them slide them when the racks are stuffed I can't really see the dress that way. She snapped that she didn't want us to ruin her dresses. I'm sorry to me if you would like me to buy a dress. I have to be able to look at it and be able to try it on. In her opinion it might not look good. but in mine it might. The after math of me taking my dress some were else to get fixed was even worse. I have sat here and read the bad reviews there are over 30 and a couple of good ones. Betty and iIdo not see eye to eye and personally I would never shop here. I will say You can go and judge for your self. Then write a good or a bad review. Sincerely, Unknown more

I was so happy and my daughter looks like a princess! 5/18/2011

My daughter and I have been shopping here for years and continue to be amazed at the selection and the service each time we come. The owner, Betty is the kindest and is a sincerely caring woman. She is an absolute magician how she works with both mothers and daughters to make their day so special and absolutely perfect. The most gorgeous dress, making it fit just right, pressing it and finishing with a smile. Betty you are awesome, Thank you! more

Disappointed 12/20/2010

Ladies, don't bother coming into this store. The owner is unprofessional, not helpful and has poor customer service skills. She will blame you for her mistakes. My dress came in completely in the wrong size due to her measurements. She blamed me said that i asked for a smaller size and then went on to say that its because i gained weight. There are way better places to go for purchasing your wedding dress or prom dress. I experienced exactly what the other negative reviews have said. This is just my opinion and experience that i had. \r \r I would give this place 0 stars if i could. more

Betty was Amazing 5/2/2010

After going out to every formal wear boutique and bridal shop in the greater northwest over the span of four days, Proms & Promises was the only place that had enough of my size (which ranges from 0-4, depending on the designer) so that I could finally have a selection to find the right dress for me. Betty was attentive, helpful, and very friendly and even held the dress the entire day while we looked around at other stores but nothing compared. I would definitely recommend this boutique. Pros: Great Selection, Awesome Customer Service more

Unprofessional, disappointing 11/30/2009

We purchased our daughter's wedding dress from P & P at a bridal show in January 2008. Alterations and cleaning were supposedly included in the sale price. The first fitting was done on August 10; the second/final fitting was scheduled for September 2, three days before the wedding; Betty, the owner, would not make the appointment any sooner than this. Upon arriving on September 2, no alterations/hemming/cleaning had been completed. Betty worked for the next two hours, but was never able to make the necessary alterations. Our daughter was very distraught; Betty's customer service attitude was very unprofessional and non-supportive. To add insult to injury, the wedding dress was filthy. Long black streaks were found up and down on the dress. The bottom of the unhemmed dress was noticeably dirty. Our daughter's feet, just from walking back and forth from the dressing room to the fitting mirror, darkened from the dirt and dust. When Betty was confronted with this issue, she could only reply, ""Well that's not MY's all the construction outside."" Evidently taking precautions to keep her inventory clean was not a high priority. On September 3 we scrambled frantically to find a tailor who would be able to make professional alterations in the two days we had left before the wedding. Luckily we stumbled upon Alterations Express in the Crossroads area of Bellevue; the tailor did amazing work on the dress...very impressive. Clampitts Cleaners on Mercer Island took the dress less than 24 hours before the wedding, cleaning and pressing it...another totally professional and customer service based shop. We spent well over $200 to get the dress ready for the wedding. Early last week I sent Betty a certified letter, expressing our displeasure with the experience at her dress shop. As of this posting, she has yet to accept the delivery of this letter. We are asking to be reimbursed for only the cleaning costs...a more than generous compromise, we believe. I wish we had done a more thorough investigation of this business before purchasing the dress. There are numerous negative web postings of this establishment. When an owner admits that she has been taken to small claims court more than once (although she does say that she has never ""lost"" one of these small claims law suits), that should be quite a red flag. I'm just sorry we didn't read the postings first. Please don't make the same mistakes that we made...patronize some other dress shop. Update: January 11, 2010 Ms. Dietz refused to accept delivery of my letter and it was returned to me today unopened. more

Another great job by Bette! 9/22/2009

My son was just married and my daughter and I bought our dresses and had Bette alter them. She is amazing! Our dresses looked beautiful and we were so glad Bette did the alterations! She is the best! Thanks Bette! Pros: The most beautiful wedding dresses more

Horrible 4/11/2009

My friend and I went to the store to look at prom dresses. From the outside, there seemed to be cute looking dresses displayed in the window, but those were the only good ones in the whole store. When we came in, the lady there was cold and unwelcoming and as soon as I walked past the single row of prom dresses to see if there was more, she quickly stopped me and told me that prom dresses were right behind me and to go back. She then scolded us for looking through the dresses and made a big show of one that was sticking out, that we didn't even touch. There was only about one foot of space to look at dresses, and none of them were attractive. She kept stopping us from trying to leave, so the moment she went to talk to someone else, we booked it out. Pros: NOTHING Cons: No room to even walk around, terrible costumer service more

Good service. Beautiful dress. Decent alterations. 12/19/2008

I had been shopping around for a gown to wear for my engagement party. I went to all the big department stores and couldn't find a thing, except for a green dress from Nordstrom that cost nearly $400. Yikes. Besides, my mom really wants me in red. (We're Chinese.)\r \r I was scared to go in because of all the negative reviews I read here, but I thought it was worth a shot. I could always leave the store if Betty was being nasty.\r \r When my fiance and I walked in, Betty was at the counter and asked how she could help. I told her what I needed a dress for and that I was looking for red. I told her I was a size 10-12, and she went to the racks and pulled pretty much anything she had in my size that was red. She even pulled a few 8's just to see.\r \r I followed her to the dressing room, where she provided me with a bustier in my bra size. Then she proceeded to help me try on the dresses. All the while, she was very pleasant. She explained how some dresses fit differently due to the cuts. We finally chose a beautiful $200 red dress dress with a pretty white ribbon at the waist. She was very honest in telling me her opinions -- I was never insulted. It was a difference in shades of red that she was advising us on that helped me pick the dress.\r \r We got it altered: hemmed and a few other adjustments since I have mild scoliosis, which she noticed on her own. She had 1.5 weeks, and didn't charge me for the alterations until today. When I walked in for the final fitting, she had the dress up waiting for me. Tried it on and the hemming was perfect even with my uneven hips. She took out the sides a bit, which made it fit better. And she had to take in the front of the left side because my body twists. That part wasn't perfect, but it still looked good.\r \r The entire time she was attentive to me, and she was very personable. I could only wonder about all the negative feedback -- perhaps these people were there during really busy seasons? Pros: Prices; easy to get to; Betty was nice, very helpful and attentive, and helped me find my perfect dress Cons: Alterations aren't completely perfect, but she recognized her mistakes -- we just didn't have time to fix them. more

Don't even think about entering this place!!! 12/10/2008

A friend of mine got married in July or 2008, and I was in the wedding. His wife purchased her dress here and had it altered as well. When she went to pick it up the Monday before her Saturday wedding, The dress was ruined. The hem was uneven, the seems were pulling and bunching, and bra pads were sewn in against her wishes! If that isn't bad enough; there were lipstick stains on her dress! She waited all day at the shop to get them to correct it to no avail. The owner warned her not to persue the matter in court as she claimed that no one has ever beaten her! Bottom line; she had to go somewhere else and purchase a brand new dress! more

Horrible Horrible shop 10/19/2008

So I go to pick up a dress for my wife and the owner was no where to be seen. I looked at the sign and was over 45 minutes after opening time. So, I proceeded to wait in my car with my screaming 1 year old nephew for 30 minutes. She finally arrived and was unapologetic for her delay. Then she proceeded to take a phone call and ignored me. The best part is that she didn't have the dress ready and even denied that my wife purchased it after I showed her the receipt. After much arguing, she said to pick it up tomorrow. We'll see what happens then. Where do people like this come from? Pros: Great parking because no one comes here Cons: Everything...just everything more

Rediculously bad customer service! 9/10/2008

I recently went to a bridal show and tried on dresses at Proms & Promises booth. I found a dress I loved and was taking down the info so if i decided later to buy it I wouldn't have to search for it in the store. The owner approched me and my friend and tried to get me to have him take my measurements, to which i replied, the dress fit great... not necessary, but wrong color! He then said, well wrap it up... I thought i already said ""WRONG COLOR"". I told him not yet and he then accused me of taking the info to use elsewhere. I told him I had been engaged for a total of two weeks and wasn't sure if the dress in question was what I really wanted he said he would only appologize if I came to the store and bought the dress. I told him not to concern himself as I would NEVER go to his store. I suggest NO ONE go to this store and experience this terrible treatment! Pros: The woman who helped me try on the dresses was very friendly Cons: The owner was rude, mean and unapologetic more

Poor customer service 8/7/2008

I went to this shop with my mom & sister, looking for a wedding gown. We pretty much knew what we were looking for, so we began browsing through the racks. We got scolded for looking through the racks--the saleslady pointed to a dress hanging 1/2 way off a hanger and said ""See--that's why I don't like you to rummage through the dresses"". We hadn't even been over to that area so I don't know if she was blaming us for the dress falling off the hanger or just trying to point out the dangers of browsing through the dresses? Anyhow, the last straw was when the saleslady totally insulted me. I wanted to try on a mermaid style dress that I saw hanging up in the room--it was a size 6, and I have been trying on a size 8 if it's a mermaid or trumpet style dress, and a size 4-6 if it's A-line (not fitted through hips). I'm curvy in the bum and thighs, but not fat. When I asked to try it on, the saleslady said ""Oh, that's not your size honey"" and I politely agreed and said ""yes, I probably need an 8, but maybe I can just see how it looks"". Would probably be inappropriately bootylicious, but I'm sure I could at least get the dress on. Oh, and the lady would not let my mom help me put the dresses on--she came into the dressing room with me--so she could have stopped me if she thought the dress was going to rip as I pulled it over my enormous size 8 hips. I could not believe it when the saleslady said, ""No, you really shouldn't try it on--don't torture yourself!"". OMG. I'm glad I could laugh about it later with my mom & sister, otherwise I would probably have left feeling like a totally depressed cow. Pros: cheap (low prices) Cons: cheap (low quality), poor customer service, outdated dresses more

Terrible customer service 8/30/2007

The owner has missed her calling in life- bridal service is not it. She scolds everyone that looks through the racks. She forgot to order my shoes then insisted that I ordered a pair she seemed to find in her back room. I had to produce my receipt to prove otherwise. Then she forgot to dye my shoes- twice. I had to wear white shoes with my ivory dress. Finally, she did a very simple alteration to my dress that had to be redone. Please go anywhere else but here!! more

Very poor service 6/30/2007

My wife read a bad review of this business online, but decided to get her dress here since it was the closest option. In the end, the extra drive definitely would have been worth it. Betty got the order wrong, my wife had to argue to get it fixed (and made multiple unnecessary trips in the process), and the entire experience ended badly. Make the extra drive if you have to and go anywhere but here. ANYWHERE BUT HERE! more
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  • Make sure you look radiant for your special day with the help of Proms & Promises, a bridal store located in Kenmore, Washington. Since 1992, Betty Dietz and her team of professionals have helped people find the perfect dress for their wedding or other special occasion.Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and Betty will help you find the dress that perfectly accentuates your natural beauty. Our shop is stocked with a seemingly endless supply of clothes and accessories that we can use to create a breathtaking ensemble. Some of products we have to offer include:• Bridal gowns• Bridesmaids gowns• Flower girl dresses• Tux rentals• Prom gownsWhen you visit Proms & Promises, you are sure to find the perfect attire for your big day. Whether you are walking down the aisle or supporting a loved one on their wedding day, we will help you make sure you look your best. Call today to find out how we can be of help to you!

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