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Priscilla of Boston

3234 Peachtree Road Ne
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Priscilla of Boston - Atlanta, GA
Priscilla of Boston - Atlanta, GA


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I had an amazing experience at Priscilla of Boston! I had a dress already, but I had to postpone my wedding when my father got sick. The wedding changed so much in a year that m...


I ordered 8 bridesmaid dresses from the Atlanta location. I drove from Chattanooga to Atlanta to pick out the dresses thinking that I would have greater selection and higher quali...

Made Me Feel Like a Bride Should 10/6/2010

After getting engaged, I made my first appointment there (I also ended up looking for a gown at Lori's, New Natalies (yuck), Demetrios, Le Chic, Kelly's Closet, and LaRaines. The gowns I adored really came down to Priscilla's, Lori's and Kelly's. My price range was initially $2000 but it quickly jumped to $4000. However, don't think that Priscilla's isn't for you if that isn't your budget b/c in July I bought a gown at their annual sample sale for $250 (originally $1700) as a backup. I also bought a brunch (short) dress for $500 (originally $3400). They also have a section of gowns that are in their Vineyard collection that are affordable; you can find a gown in this store for $2000 or less but it will most likely not be a natural fabric (will be a gorgeous, high end look made from poly or blend). These gowns will not be the gowns you see when you first come in -- they will be in the back so you must tell your consultant. PS - I now have to sell the $250 ""Bettie"" gown since I purchased the Arabella gown from them last weekend (in case anyone wants to buy it from me -- it's gorgeous). My consultant was Lindsay and I recommend her 100%. My initial consultation was 1 hour, which is not nearly enough time to make such an expensive, important decision. Though I did feel rushed, the good thing about is that they let you come back. So, I simply kept making one hour bridal appointments to whittle down the choices. I believe I had three altogether plus the visit to their sample sale. Lindsay always remembered what I liked and had the gowns pulled ahead of time for the re-try (UNLIKE Lori's who forgot my name and gowns twice, despite appointments). She also provided a delicate opinion. When it came time to buy the gown, she seemed to sense it and offered a 20% discount ""if I buy it by the end of the day"". Seemed designed to pressure me... I'll never know if the sale was really ending or if that was bs. In any event, they did work with me to extend the discount another 24 hours since they knew I was close to making a decision. That was VERY helpful since I needed the extra day to sleep on it. Needless to say, I ended up purchasing my gown from them (Arabella by Melissa Sweet). We ordered the size 8 that fit me perfectly in the store and not the 10 she sort of suggested. I told her I planned to really lose 7-10 lbs for the wedding and there was no need to order the next size up when the sample size fit well. She agreed and we decided that alterations would just be more expensive with the size 10 purchase. She did warn me (in a nice way) to really watch my figure since the size 8 just fit. I found her seriousness very helpful in that regard. Lindsay allowed me to come back repeatedly and without making me feel like I was wasting her time; I felt like she was a partner in the process and really felt like she cared about this decision. She also responded to several emails I left her at the store. I don't know how the alteration process is gonna be now that I placed the order. I'll try to keep u updated. My only suggestion is that they should serve bottled water; u get thirsty trying on all those gowns. PS - Priscilla's (unlike every other store I went to) allows you to take photos of any gown you try on. You don't know how helpful that is, as gowns look diff't when you see them in pics then in the mirrors. Suggestions: 1. Be realistic about the size you are/will be on the big day 2. Don't try on gowns out of your budget b/c you will fall in love with the difference in fabric and workmanship 3. Don't be afraid or intimidated to mention budget or to make repeated appointments 4. Take a photo of yourself in the gown and download it to the big screen to review 5. Ask them to give you swatches -- for e.g. they are giving me a flower off the gown I ordered so I can match it to the cake and other items in the wedding more

better than expected 6/23/2010

When I called to make my apt, I was pleased that the woman was so pleasant on the phone. She even made me feel at ease about being a size 16, and said that the consultant would still be able to show me how the dress would look. When I got there, I had to wait about 20min before my consultant was ready, but my bridesmaids and I used that time browse. Pros: Nice staff, comfortable atmosphere Cons: Selection is just OK. They need more dresses to show more

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE- totally disorganized mess? 4/16/2009

I ordered 8 bridesmaid dresses from the Atlanta location. I drove from Chattanooga to Atlanta to pick out the dresses thinking that I would have greater selection and higher quality. I am happy with the dresses, but the service is absolutely horrible. The dresses came in and they didn't call the bridesmaids individually to let them know to pay the other half and the shipping. I had to call each of them and let them know otherwise the dresses just sat in the store. That was annoying, but not terrible. Then, I called to make sure everyone had called to pay and they never seemed to know which dresses had been shipped and which hadn't and who had called to pay and who hadn't. Each girl had to call multiple times to finally get the dresses shipped. And now one of the girls STILL hasn't gotten her dress and the wedding is in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. We both called a month ago and she paid and they assured us it would be sent. Then when she didn't get it after 2 weeks we both called again. She told the girl to physically put the dress in the mail as they spoke before she got off the phone. The girl at the store assured her it would be in the mail that day- AND SHE NEVER GOT IT. So today we both called again and said that she still hadn't gotten the dress. First, they said they couldn't find it and were we sure that we hadn't received it. Um yes. Then she called back to say they had found it and would be one day mailing it today, so we'll see if it arrives. So the moral of the story is, do not buy your dresses from here unless you want to spend the month before your wedding calling them over and over trying to track down dresses that they don't have any record of if they've sent them and apparently no organization whatsoever. I do not get irritated easily and I have been very relazed and easy going about wedding planning, but this was too much. Pros: the dresses were pretty Cons: terrible customer service, extremely disorganized more

Amazing Dress Experience with Wonderful and Accommodating Staff! 2/24/2008

I had an amazing experience at Priscilla of Boston! I had a dress already, but I had to postpone my wedding when my father got sick. The wedding changed so much in a year that my old dress was just not the right dress anymore. The worst part was that I didn't realize it until only 6 weeks before my wedding! So I called Priscilla of Boston and asked if they had any dresses available on short notice. I made an appointment for that evening. Pros: Friendly and Helpful Staff, Beautiful Selection, Great Bridal Atmosphere more

Excellent experience at Priscilla of Boston 1/23/2008

I am quite surprised by the string of negative reviews for Priscilla of Boston. I am getting married this April and found a very pleasant experience with POB in Atlanta. Yes, you do have to make an appointment to try on you do with most bridal salons. I was assigned a wonderful consultant who has and is still providing excellent service to me and my bridesmaids, not to mention to my mother and future mother-in-law who came along for support. The alterations department has been friendly and very easy to work with. When trying on the sample size, it fit perfect. My consultant did recommend me order a size bigger because that's how I measured out, but was fine when I told her that I wanted to order the sample size as I did not expect that I would need the bigger size. My dress is in and fits absolutely perfect, even better than the sample, other than a few minor alterations. I think when you start planning your wedding, the first thing one needs to do is have realistic expectations, know your budget, etc. This way you are less prone to being disappointed. I cannot comment enough on what a wonderful experience I have had a POB. I would definitely recommend this bridal salon. Pros: Ambience more

Worst Bridal Store Experience 10/8/2007

I sent my bridesmaids to their Tyson's location, and no one would help them! I love in Denver CO and all 9 of my bridesmaids live in Maryland so I asked them to take a day off their busy schedule and try a few dresses on that I liked. They made an apt and got to the store to find no one willing to help them find a dress that I asked them to try on. They were only told to go ""over there""!! They wouldnt help them with any sizes that they needed, and they watched them all leave and wouldnt even say good bye to them!! more

Really great experience. 5/21/2007

I am shocked to see such bad reviews and wanted to give my experience at this amazing salon! I bought my wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses from Priscilla and don't have a bad thing to say about them. My consultant was wonderful in helping me choose my dress, she was so patient with me as I had a hard time deciding between two dresses. She suggested a bridesmaid dress that went with the gown I decided on and I absolutely loved it, never even had to look at any more dresses which I've heard can be even harder than picking your own gown! My gown came in a couple of weeks early which I was really impressed with, and my bridesmaids dresses came in on time as well. My girls have all commented on how well they fit them, which is rare for bridesmaids apparently. One of my girls was trying to get pregnant at the time of ordering so she went up a couple of sizes and ended up not getting pregnant after all, which brings me to POB's wonderful alteration ladies! They did an impeccable job on my gown and took in her bridesmaids dress to where you couldn't even tell it had been 2 sizes too large to start with. Everyone was so pleasant to work with, they always had a smile for me and always returned my calls quickly and answered all my ""bridezilla"" questions. :) They made the experience an amazing one and I would recommend them to anyone! Pros: Great customer service, gorgeous gowns, beautiful atmosphere, great alterations dept. more

they just want the sale 5/10/2007

My mom and I spent thousands of dollars at Priscilla of Boston in Atlanta. We got everything there- wedding dress, veil, shoes and jewelry. The service was good at first. I thought it was weird that they ordered a size 8 for me since I'm a size 4 or size 6 at most but another reviewer said they just want you to pay for alterations there and in retrospect I think that's true. I came back for alterations and they altered the top. They didn't suggest altering the skirt. But when I got my photos back I noticed what I hadn't in the store, that there was an enormous fold in the skirt that shouldn't be there. At this point I was back across the country and couldn't go to Atlanta again for alterations. My consultant was now totally unhelpful, now that our wallets were drained. And she wouldn't even call me back, but had her manager call me. The manager pretended to not know what I was talking about even though I emailed photos of me, as well as photos of the dress as advertised. Although I love my dress, I do regret purchasing it from a chain like Priscilla of Boston. I should have stuck with Kelly's Closet in Virginia Highlands which is individually owned and where they stick to their word. Honestly I went with Priscilla of Boston because I was shopped out and wanted to make a decision. POB is typical of big corporations and chains, where the customer is just a number. And yes, I had to have my dress shipped out to LA and re-alter the whole thing, quite a pain. Pros: wide array of different styles Cons: customer service, once you've paid they're done with you more

Dresses made badly 12/4/2006

I agree with the previous reviews. I bought 2 bridemaids dresses at Priscilla. The sales staff were rude and the dresses were horribly made. I looked like Madonna in the bust b/c they looked like cones. One was higher than the other too! Also, another bridesmaid had to get them to remake her dress b/c it was so off. I think they intentionally give you the wrong size so that you have to get it altered there. If that is not the case, then the other option would be that they don't know what they are doing. Also, the other dress I had two straps bust...and they were loose, not tight. Overall they are overpriced, snobby, and have badly made dresses. Pros: Dresses came in time Cons: Horrible Customer Service. Dresses Low Quality more

Wasted time and energy 12/3/2006

I called this place to find my wedding gown. They ask me what size I was I exaplined that I was a Plus size they said immedently we dont carry cow dresses for fat women. You dont know how bad that hurt me and made me feel. Here I am tryign to get ready for my speical day . Needless to say the lady was rude and members of the staff where sniggering in the back ground. You have to make appts to go there and just to think that I was playing to get my dress there. I sure dint and will not being my SKINNY MARTIEN OF HONOR DRESSES THERE. more

Horrible Customer Service 6/10/2006

I have never written a review before, but had to based on my experience at Priscilla of Boston. I have been twice. Once to try on bridal gowns and once with my bridesmaids. When trying on bridal gowns during my first visit, I was extremely disappointed by the shape the samples were in. They were dirty, and torn in several places. Now, many places have samples that are not in the best of condition, but these were pretty bad. The staff was stuffy, and tend to make you feel pretty small. During the first visit, there was one other girl in the store looking at gowns. The place was pretty empty. For the second visit, we went for the sole purpose of finding bridesmaid dresses. I had purchased my dress elsewhere by this point in time. My maid of honor was in from out of town and all five of us were having a blast spending the day together. After being there for 10 minutes, we were approached by a lady that informed us we must leave. Apparantely, you must have an appointment to look at and try on bridesmaid dresses. We looked around the store and noticed that the place was virtually empty. We asked if we could make an appointment for that afternoon, and stated that the maid of honor was in from out of town. They said, ""No, we are extremely busy."" We asked if we could make an appointment for the next day, and they said they were booked. I must mention again...the place was virtually empty with 6 sales staff sitting and chatting at the front desk area. This place is not worth the vist! There are so many other great bridal salons in Atlanta! Cons: customer service, state of bridal gown samples more
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