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Printing House Fitness + Squash Club

421 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014
(888) 458-0989
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Printing House Fitness + Squash Club - New York, NY


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I m sorry but I have to tell u something . I worked for this gym 8 years !!!! And was the best time in my life !!! I m great Fitness Trainer like every body from this gym ! And is...


I wasn't one of the people who felt the Printing House was my family. It was a gym. A gym with a sauna and hot tub and a nice airy locker room and some excellent classes. I didn'...

THE BEST GYM IN NYC !!! 12/21/2011

I m sorry but I have to tell u something . I worked for this gym 8 years !!!! And was the best time in my life !!! I m great Fitness Trainer like every body from this gym ! And is not about how fancy is gym ! is about the result we made all clients happy !! We are nat like Equinox they just love $$$$ but dont care about client !! I m happy to tell this! If you want to more really true information about this gym please contact with me more

Annoying 6/27/2011

I wasn't one of the people who felt the Printing House was my family. It was a gym. A gym with a sauna and hot tub and a nice airy locker room and some excellent classes. I didn't think the previous management was particularly saintly or genuine. So, I greeted the takeover by Equinox as a possibly good thing. However, because branding is far more important to them than service, Equinox demolished one of the two locker rooms to make a new ""branded"" lobby. Then they closed the other locker room for renovations. For at least four months. There are no showers. They could have renovated one locker room before demolishing the other, but such a service-oriented approach was, I'm sure, never an option for them. I suspect the sauna and hot tub are not returning, since they aren't standard Equinox features. While the new finishes are, well, new, they aren't particularly elegant. I was hoping perhaps for something more upscale than the old Printing House, but this place is upscale only if one is firmly wedded to the notion that expensive=upscale. The cardio machines abut each other in a way that makes Lucille Roberts look high end. And the manager is probably as rude as any human being that a major corporation has allowed to have dealings with their customers. more

Stressful 6/6/2011

Equinox really destroyed the community that was the old Printing House gym. Instead of your workout being relaxing, it's an attack on your senses with wall to wall machines, blazing lights, and blasting music. The great training staff from the old Printing House is almost all gone because of the stupid corporate rules. Equinox is so arrogant about their brand, they didn't keep what was positive about the old Printing House. The staff Equinox brought in is fake perky. The Equinox manager is rude to everyone. more

Terrible 5/31/2011

Of all the changes in recent years to the low key, small town neighborhood that once characterized the West Village, the saddest is the end of the one-of-a-kind Printing House gym. The corporation Equinox took it over in December 2010, breaking the hearts of the 3,000 plus membership. The feeling among us members in the old Printing House, as we dreaded the end of our sanctuary, was grief. When Equinox finally invaded our club, it was like a death in the family. We watched 95% of the warm, dedicated, skilled training staff leave. Equinox brought a culture loathed by Printing House members. Some had come from other Equinox branches, running from the music they impose on us, the bar scene atmosphere. Printing House members really came to work out, not to hook up. ""Upscale"" is the word the Equinox team uses. Oh, please. Equinox bragged about the amenities they would bring us - renovations (pressed wood), shops, juice bar. Equinox actually removed amenities. The saunas and whirlpool are gone. And now we have a price increase on average of $45 per month which eventually will go up again. For what? Juice? No other gym in New York can match the plant built by the original Printing House, the pool and two rooftop decks with glorious views of the Hudson. I left the new Equinox Printing House after giving it a try. (So have many others) The rigid, corporate mentality of Equinox was too much. I joined NY Sports Club. It is better than I expected, and I've been to several branches. It is clean, has friendly staff like the old Printing House. Their machines are fair to good, depending on the branch. NYSC offers tracks of music on each machine. You can plug in your headphones to their selection, or listen to your own mix. My old Printing House gym will be a beautiful memory. more

Awful 2/4/2011

Since it was sold to Equinox it's been absolutely awful. They closed boxing and squash and all the things that made it a great place. I think all their talk of exclusive and best is frankly rubbish. I was willing to listen to what they had to say as after being a member for years I figured I would at least give them a chance. I spoke to the sales girl and she was all friendly (aka phony) and she said I would be in touch to arrange a visit... I'm still waiting. I called the another person there and left 4 messages and am still waiting to hear. As far as I'm concerned Equinox has ruined a good place. more

Printing House & Equinox Support 12/5/2010

Hi this is Dariusz Garko, Fitness Manager at The Printing House gym. As everyone knows Printing House and Equinox are joining forces to create the most exclusive and best gym in New York city The staff and I would appreciate everyone's support in this transition. The Printing House including all management and trainers work hard to serve all clients and members. While I really appreciate the positive reviews the negative comments would be more effective if we received them directly and we would be happy to address them. In the meantime, please be kind enough to remove negative comments and give us the opportunity to continue to make our gym an even better experience and facility with Equinox. You may contact me at PH 212-243-2457 ex 258\r Thank you and Happy Holidays,\r Dariusz Garko more

Hope Equinox Has Done Their Homework! 12/2/2010

Rumor has it Equinox is taking over the Printing House, should I be sad? It's an awesome location and the facility has great bones and local vibe but a make-over wouldn't be so terrible. What would be terrible is a McGym taking over and replacing a highly knowledgable training staff McTrainers who have trainer certifications they got in a couple of weekends Most of the fitness staff at the Printing House have really sound knowledge, expertise and are genuinely passionate about what they do. They take their careers seriously, it's not just a job and that makes a difference. There are a few exceptions and hopefully Equinox will rid us of the ridiculous likes of ""Joe Trainer"". (Yeah he actually calls himself that) The Hollywood wannabe, once manager, acts like a punk teenager with absolutely no business sense, treated members with complete disrespect, called the gym ""his house"" and never lived by the standards he preached to his staff for all members to hear, especially when he was dis'ing people or beating his little chest on his huge power trip, kicking out paying members. A super-sized ego with very little reason and utterly unprofessional. WHY oh WHY is he still around???!!! So many members HATE this guy!!!! THANK GOD for the current Fitness Manager, Dariusz Garko who was always an incredible trainer, way lower key, humble, very respectful of members and is literally an encyclopedia of quality information on everything from form and technique to progression. The dude is super strong and agile too and an athlete in sports like surfing, snowboarding and swimming - this is a guy that lives what he does and knows EXACTLY what he's talking about, truly a professional and has raised the bar of The Printing House in my opinion. I actually ended up joining PH because of two of his clients who swore by him....they were not wrong, the guy's NYC's best kept secret and gets results! You gotta be motivated by one who actually tests his own physical condition regularly and pushes people to peak performance. His clients who vary in age and gender. He literally got some 65 year old lady in the best shape of her life and coached her into a power lifting competition. She now holds a US record....that's crazy! Lynn is another really focused no BS pro who's a PH veteran, Margaret is super passionate about her classes which are intense and Joanna is a Pilattes master to name a few of the gems. Oh, Michelle and Carly I've heard good feedback on too and both are in good shape. You cannot miss the Santiago family in the downstairs boxing arena...accomplished champions The jury is out on ol' Ralph - The GM who apparently doesn't believe in new ideas and has freaked out publicly in front of members. Yet another manager who has used ""his power for evil"". The guy's a health nut and he's always biking but...beyond that? Someone lets this guy run an entire club?! Christ, it could be so much more profitable, efficient and SOOO much more of a positive customer experience if Ralph could actually leave 1985! I've never seen a staff so demotivated and agitated by someone or such silly systems. The front desk staff is generally rude and annoyed by customers ""interrupting"" them. But, the views are killer, the facility space and variety is terrific, quality fitness staff (all I really care about) is much better than most, the roof top deck and pool in the summer is a major bonus so overall, a lot going for this club. Hopefully Equinox will highlight the best parts and finally do away with the bad which....would make it almost a perfect 10... potentially. more

Printing House gym is a sanctuary 10/24/2010

Printing House is one of the crown jewels of the West Village, and has stood the test of time as one of NYC's best (and few remaining) independent gyms. Before I moved to NYC I got a coupon booklet from the American Lung Assoc., and checked out dozens of Manhattan gyms. Nothing can compare. I fell in love the first time I worked out there, and became a member for the 6 years I lived in the village. Tom teaches the best Yoga practice I've ever had. His classes are accessible to both beginners and pros. He infuses just enough spirituality and mental tips to remind people that yoga is a mind-body awareness, not just a good stretch. You'll get a great workout and more. My favorite Pilates teacher is Michelle. She teaches with a calm grace and strength without compromise. She instructs the true Classical Method as Joseph Pilates created it - something very hard to find in a gym mat class and without paying for private lessons. The gym has a huge variety of classes, space, and all the equipment you'll need. The physical environment is a beautiful and peaceful place. It's a sanctuary. There's no annoying music to interrupt your thoughts, the abundance of natural light and views of Manhattan and the hudson are inspiring. Everyone is a professional and minds their own business, but you can always find help if you want it. more

Margaret's Fitness Evolution Class 8/29/2010

Margaret is incredible. I haven't been this fit in years. She is a true professional, bringing it to every class with enthusiasm and energy. Ever evolving and fun, no two classes are the same. I sweat a ton but I haven't been in a class that has served me better. Worth every penny. If you are willing to stick with it you will be amazed by what you can accomplish. more

Fitness Evolution Class - Margaret's Class 8/27/2010

I started taking this class because I was SO bored with normal running and weights. I thought I would just do it a few times before my wedding. Now I'm addicted to Margaret's class! It is better exercise than you could ever get on your own, combines both cardio and weights (working every muscle) into under 1 hour, plus FLIES by! Margaret's workout is incredibly challenging, but she's so encouraging that every time I think I can't possibly do one more thing...somehow I can! The results are amazing! Thanks, Margaret!! more

Margret's Fitness class rocks! 8/27/2010

I started going to Margret's class in April. From the very first class I was hooked. I workout on a regular bases so I generally don't get too sore anymore, that was until I met Margret! Margret brings energy, love and passion to the class. She helps you push yourself further then you could alone. She and everyone in the class are warm and welcoming. Everyone who takes this class consistently has an awesome body. They generally look lean, with muscle definition. more

Shangrila Over the Village 8/27/2010

This is not just a gym its an escape. Start downstairs with squash, spinning or boxing then retreat to the peace of the facilities on top of the building. Enjoy stunning views of the city while working out without obnoxious music blaring from a PA system or people talking on cell phones. The workout areas are always clean, quiet and never crowded. One can also work out or lounge on the rooftop deck and even get food delivery up there. I often make a whole afternoon of it up there: swim, yoga on the roof, food, then steam or sauna before coming back down into world. Come here for the squash, boxing, swimming, or yoga but don't go without trying Margret's Fitness Evolution Class. Margret is one of the best, friendliest, and professional trainers I have seen come though the Printing House in the 15 years I have been here. The class is challenging, never boring, and very comprehensive. You work all the muscle groups and it incorporates cardio, balance, and stamina with a focus on core strength. Margret and her class is one of the best upgrades the Printing House has made in recent years. more

MGMT- GET REAL!!!! 8/27/2010

wish i could rate -1stars.\r \r This gym is great, well most of its staff but as you can see it really do need help and it should start from the top!!!\r \r We all know the truth to all these reveiws and its ploy to clean up the damage of ones personal and true account of a poorly handled situation and yes she is a loss cannon and the MANAGER LIKES IT, well from what i could see cause look at the out pouring reveiws to support her even when she was WRONG, IT'S NOT ABOUT HER CLASS PEOPLE, ITS ABOUT HER PERSONALITY AND HOW SHE HANDLED THE SITUATION, and yes i was there and my jaw on the floor with her reaction/bully like mentality which she uses to kick paying members off equipment and to see all these bulls@%t reveiws about her class, come on guys be real.\r \r i have been a member for alittle over a year and thought this was a club that stood all on its own, so if you thinking about joining just do your own thing and avoid the juice head staff members, they have too much ego and as you can see get away with murder, for the staff get out her way cause here she comes.\r \r MGMT- it shows how good of a job you do running your club keep it up, at this rate you WILL LOSE!!!! more

Margert is the Best trainer I've met :) 8/27/2010

Margaret is the Best trainer I’ve ever trained with. She doesn’t just do her job she puts her heart and devotion to it. She gives you such motivation to stay fit and healthy. An hour workout with her passes by so quickly you can’t believe it’s over, you don’t get bored with her routines, you just want more and more of her challenging and effective workouts she established. \r She’s been my private trainer for the past few months and to see the joy on her face while she is training me just gives me strength to continue on and don’t stop. It sure makes her happy to see results of her hard work on her clients. \r I’ve met Margaret on several different occasions besides our workouts and truly all I got to say about her is that she is not only the best trainer in my eyes but she is the most patient & kind person I’ve met. I do not believe even one word the lady stated in her review about Margaret’s behavior so don’t try to ruin her reputation just because she is better than you are. Jealousy has no limits, but Margaret is a strong woman and she can overcome any unpleasant outcomes.\r Margaret, my life is much healthier since I’ve met you. Thx MUCH!!!!!\r more

Margaret has the best class and 8/26/2010

I've watched Margaret work for the last 2 years developing and perfecting what my friends are calling one of the best and most challenging classes at the Printing House Gym, EVER. The special ingredient that makes this class so motivational and inspiring is Margaret herself. She will bend over backward to make people feel special and happy before, during and after her classes. I've seen her on several occasions help members when she didn't have to, and I've personally watched her generously share her valuable training information that cost her thousands of dollars over the last 4 years to develop and distill into this highly creative and inspirational program with other trainers and members . It seems to me someone got out on the wrong side of bed this morning. And Lizzyp22 are you just agreeing with this crabby person who still sounds like a pimple throws them into a tizzy or were you actually witness to this ""scene"" as you say? And a terrible class?? have you even tried it. Bitch bitch bitch. If you take a look around the training scene these days you might discover that Margaret is keeping current and growing as the industry grows by offering the most up to date training techniques and programming that most clients are demanding. ""Just add more boxing""?, can't think of anything else? Maybe Fitness Evolution is just what the Printing House needs. more

Best Classes! Margaret and Roland... 8/26/2010

I have been a member of The Printing House for about 15 years now...I even got my boyfriend to join a few months ago. I have to say that the classes here are unbelievably AMAZING! There is a TRX-Fitness Evolution class that has completely CHANGED my body. Better than having a personal trainer (and I've had them here). The teacher, Margaret, challenges you constantly and is right by your side encouraging you...amazing! I've never had this in a class before. She's like a buddy and a fitness guru all-in-one. What a huge asset to this gym. I cannot say enough good things about will just have to witness it for yourself. Also, Roland is excellent, as well. Really, these two are such HUGE assets to this gym...if they left, half of the clients would follow. more

Great boutique gym! 8/26/2010

I have been a member of this gym for over a year.. even if I didn't live in the neighborhood I'd still maintain my membership. I've gone from working out on my own regularly to taking the Fitness Evolution classes with Margaret. I haven't had a better workout or instructor. The class itself is quite effective and fun.. and Margaret is fair to everyone while pushing us to do our best. I've been in classes before where instructors just bark out orders.. but Margaret has a great upbeat personality. Understandably not everyone will have the same experience, but mine and the others in my class has been a great one! I will continue to take this class with Margaret on a regular basis. more

If u like feeling like sh*t come here 8/23/2010

I can understand certain people's experiences at this club and I myself have had several good ones but this is not one of them. I have been a member of the club for close to 2 years and I never been more insulted than I was last week. I am warning you all now never, ever take anything related or associated with an instructor/trainer named MARGARET. This woman is nothing short of a complete b*tch.\r I was in an abs class which was to start at 6:30p on the rooftop because it had started to rain the instructor brought us downstairs. We ended up starting a little after 640p but the instructor (Miriam) told us that she would be willing to stay a bit extra if we wanted to make up the lost time.She also informed us that we would have to move to a different spot at 7p for another class that started then.\r We got thru all of this just fine and at 7 we moved over to a different area of the floor. Apparently this was not good enough for Margaret, who needed ALL the space on the floor for the 6 people she had.I didn't catch the very beginning of the argument ( I wasnt expecting it, I was getting thru my class) but what i did catch is that we (the abs class) were not as important as Margaret's class. Apparently those people paid for that class and since they did THEY were more important.. As far as I can tell (I have seen the flyers since this day) these people paid less than 20 for this ""class"" ALL I KNOW IS I PAY OVER $100 PER MONTH AND HAVE SINCE I HAVE BEEN HERE. HOW AM I, WHO HAVE SHOWN SO MUCH LOYALTY TO THIS GYM AND GIVEN SO MUCH OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY NOT AS IMPORTANT?!?\r SO, I'M NOT EQUAL BECAUSE I DIDN'T PAY ON TOP OF WHAT I ALREADY PAY??? There really was no need for any of this seeing as we could all share the space without anyone being crammed. I hope the club has enough brains to do something about this (probably not) but regardless it won't matter to me because i will not be around for it. Lots of other places in the neighborhood where you can be insulted for less. more

Best Gym Hands Down 7/7/2010

As a true gym rat, when I moved into Soho in March the first thing I did was look for a gym, after visiting the Equinox on Broadway and the NYSC on Varick, I was told to check out the Printing House on Hudson street. It took about 5 minutes for me to ask ""Where do I sign?"" and I have been happy ever since. \r \r \r \r The environment here is like no other, and trust me I have been a member of several gyms in NYC. This place is the total opposite of the dingy basement weight rooms you find in a typical Juicer Gym, it has a roof-deck Swimming pool like the Herald Square Bally's, a full boxing ring like the Laffayette Crunch, and a tons of friendly members and trainers, not to mention the awesome views of NYC from all floors. There are also full Racquetball courts and an array of state of the art training equipment like TRX cables and kettle bells of every weight. \r \r \r \r I train at printing house at minimum 5 days a week, My body has changed in ways I could never have at any other gym and the reason is the staff. On my first free session, one of the trainers gave me the best chest pumping workout I have ever had, it still leaves me sore even though I do the routine weekly. And the Training manager Dariusz is one of the friendliest and smartest Trainers in the game. I have never payed for a full session and still Dariusz constantly give me free workouts, tweaks, routines, and is genuinely concerned for my well-being as far as avoiding any sports injury. As far as the management, Pete the membership advisor has given me free passes for every person I have invited and every person who has trained with me there ended up joining. Thats is as good as a review as any for a gym. \r \r \r \r To be frank, I don't know where the negative reviews are coming from, several of my neighbors in my building are also members and love the Printing house, as well as several of my Co-workers who I have introduced to the gym and they have become members. This gym is clean, has new equipment and offers an environment like no other. I been treated very well by the staff and have made several friends among the membership. \r \r Pros: Great Equipment, Awesome views, Friendly Staff, Cool Members Cons: None Whatsoever more

Just try it, and see for your self 7/1/2010

I have been a member for the last 6 years. I am coming all the way down from 93rd and Broadway, because this is the BEST by far from all the other. Best newest equipment great atmosphere and views but more important Best trainers, Professional Yoga, Fluidity and Pilates teachers. Not only that the warmest and most welcoming people. I always have out of town guests that LOVE the place. I can go on and on but Just come and try it. Haim Amit UWS more
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  • Printing House Fitness + Squash Club is a Greenwich Village health club that the New York Post says "is one of New York's best boutique clubs".

    Our members agree that "if you live or work in the Greenwich Village area, don't even consider another gym". Enjoy a free trial membership for unlimited use of our state of the art penthouse fitness center, group fitness classes, boxing gym and when the sun is shining-our rooftop pool and sundeck with a 360-degree view of NYC.

    Interested in yoga, spinning, pilates, boxing, sculpting, or cardio?
    Group fitness classes at Printing House Fitness + Squash Club are taught by some of the finest trainers and instructors in NYC. With everything you could possibly want in a health club or gym, we can show you how to have fun and get into shape at the same time.

    Call us for your free trial membership today!
    212-243-7600 extension 1


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    From the boxing gymnasium to the five squash courts with galleries for tournaments, not to mention the high-tech cardio and weight-training machines with eye-popping views of...

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