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1. Panic Exit Devices -Rim Mount and Vertical Rod: An exit device which may legally be installed on a fire door. It is distinguished because it is labeled for fire and panic and h...


All reviews seem positive

Professional Service 10/28/2010

Found we were locked out at about 8am. I called Haven 24 7 Lockout & Security New York and got a prompt answer and they were here fast. Did a great job with the lock, were friendly, and fixed another small thing for free on our house lock. I will call them first the next time I need a good locksmith. more

professsional locksmiths 9/17/2010

I lost my car keys 2 days ago. I've literally turned my house upside looking for them & I was just wondering if I can just go to a car dealer and get another key? I bought it from a used car place and I didn't get a spare key. I called Haven 24 7 Lockout & Security New York they came to our house very fast, took all the details and fixed me with a new key in no time at all.Great service more

experts at work 9/12/2010

I got lock out of my car...did that ever happen to you? that's one of the most frustrating incidents that i had ever experienced. i didn't know what to do, so i just typed in google something like - car keys lost, help. or something like that, and . a couple of searches later, and i got to HAVEN 24 7 LOCKOUT & SECURITY NEW YORK they sent out a guy that arrived promptly, did his bit and I was set on my way, in an hour or so. more

Commercial Service 9/6/2010

1. Panic Exit Devices -Rim Mount and Vertical Rod: An exit device which may legally be installed on a fire door. It is distinguished because it is labeled for fire and panic and has no means of locking the latch in a retracted position. o Rim mount is when a device is mounted on the surface of the door rather than installed within the door itself. o A vertical rod is a device that has rods that lock both the top and bottom of the door, as opposed to the side. 2. Full Surface and Concealed Continuous Hinges: A heavy-duty hinge that runs the entire length of the door, rather than at 2,3, or 4 individual points. When it is full surface mounted it is installed on the surface, or outside of the door. 3. Grade 1 and 2 Door Locksets and Trim: Sets of hardware used to lock or shut a door. Specific security features and the durability of the product determine its grade and are issued by ANSI. Grade 1 locks are “industrial strength”, grade 2 locks are “commercial strength”, and grade 3 locks are suitable only for residential applications because they will only last in low traffic areas. 4. Mortise Locksets and Trim: A locking device, complete with trip, mounting hardware and strike. Mortise pertains to a method of installation in which only the face plate and trip is exposed. The lock case is installed in a pocket in the door or drawer. 5. Door Closers -Surface Mount and Concealed: A device which automatically controls the closing or position of a door, usually via a hydraulic mechanism. It can be mounted on the outside or concealed on the inside of a door. 6. ADA Compliant Levers and Barrier Free Door Closers: Americans with Disabilities Act is a U.S federal law dealing with minimum standards of building accessibility, as well as other issues concerning individuals with disabilities. Barrier free door closers are absent of restrictions in access to the handicapped. more

Residential Service 9/6/2010

1. Locks Re-keyed: Disassembling a lock to replace the pins or tumblers inside. Once completed, the lock requires a different key to operate than before. 2. Deadbolts Installed: A locking device that once fully extended, cannot be retracted except by operating the locking device. It cannot be “jimmied”, “shimmed” or pushed back. 3. Door Viewers Installed: A viewer drilled into the door that allows one to see outside without needing to open the door. Also known as a “peephole”. 4. Intercoms: An intercom is an internal communication system with loud speakers. An intercom let’s you talk to people in other rooms of your house or business. 5. Renters Security Package: 6. Window Locks: Having heavy duty window locks can make your home less attractive to burglars. 7. Window Screws: There is a wide variety of high quality window screws ideal for reinforcing hardware. 8. Patio Door Locks and Security: Patio doors are a nice addition to your house, they can be a gateway for intruders. There are a variety of locks, latches, and other security devices that can keep your patio door secure. 9. Home Safes: There is almost an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to home safes. You can choose from gun, document, fire proof, vault doors …check our safe section to find your perfect home safe. 10. Home Alarms: A Baldwin’s, GE alarm system user will be able to do the following: o Know that children have arrived home from school and be notified it they do not arrive when expected. o Turn lights on and off anytime via the Internet. o Arm or disarm the security system to allow deliveries, guests or repair personnel to enter the property. o Receive immediate notification of any event monitored by the GE alarm system the subscriber can choose to be notified by e-mail, text message or phone. o Be immediately notified of power outages, water problems or HVAC system problems. o Small business owners can monitor opening and closing times. more

experts at work 9/5/2010

HAVEN 24 7 LOCKOUT & SECURITY NEW YORK came and installed my intercom within a snap everyone else was giving me the run around but not them they were straight up and let me know what was going to happen and had me up and running later that day Great locksmiths. more

Biometrics & Fingerprint Readers 8/30/2010

For convenient, secure access to indoor or outdoor office or residential doors. Now stand–alone capable, the next–generation radio–frequency scanning technology means that you never need to manage keys or cards again. We do carry a wide range of biometrics and finger print readers. • Can operate stand–alone, with all functions controlled from the unit. • Can operate networked for multiple doors managed by a PC for instantly available network-wide fingerprint enrollment, audit logs, and greater customization. • Can be integrated with an exit button, any alarm or door–controller, and can connect to card–readers where casual users are not required to enroll their fingerprints. • Does not require battery replacement or expensive and complicated door modification and wiring. • Backup UPS power • Helix 100 Windows™ software for time-zone control, data export • Helix 100 Windows™ software for full Helix 100 functionality plus time and attendance and Crystal • Bio-Axxis L113 • The L113 Biometric • The ACTAtek Access Control System • The DL210 Fingerprint • The 1TouchXLS Fingerprint Lock • The 1Touch IQ2 Fingerprint more

Telephone Entry System 8/30/2010

The all new AAS Phone Link telephone entry system is a "No Phone Line" residential. Telephone entry system, allowing you to use your existing telephone line without creating an addition to the phone bill. This unit is constructed with a heavy gauge powder coated enclosure and stainless steel faceplate and is designed to be post or surface mounted. The Phone Link system allows the user to conveniently screen entrants from the security of the house. When a guest presses the call button, a double ring alerts the user inside the home that someone is at the gate. Access is allowed by simply pressing * * on the telephone for a momentary relay operation, or * # to latch the gate open. The gate can be called and latched open without a guest being present at the gate. This system also features a "one-shot" code, which enables the user to safely give out a code for one time use only. Features • Available in 500 code capacity • Programmable Master Code, Latch Code, Sleep Code and "One-Shot" Code • 2 relays • SOLAR COMPATIBLE (12VAC or VDC input only) • Adjustable volume for microphone, speaker and phone tone • Optional camera available (color or monochrome) • Signature AAS Blue Nightlights more

great service 8/28/2010

I found HAVEN 24 7 LOCK OUT & SECURITY NEW YORK to be the best and I stopped by on Saturday and they were opened. I bought a safe and had it delivered that day. Its nice to find a locksmith that provides that service on Saturday because I work all days but Sat.Great Safe Prices on Sale. more

professional service 8/22/2010

I had a used safe to open and get my papers out of it. I called HAVEN 24 7 LOCKOUT & SECURITY NEW YORK and locksmith and they had the best rates. It was a short and very interesting experience to watch the safe cracker do his stuff. The price was the price given over the phone and they repaired the safe and set a new combination more

Fingerprint car security 8/14/2010

Basic Identisafe-09 BASIC: 6 fingerprint memory + Single Mode (Dashboard Installation) Fingerprint Car engine start. Intermediate Identisafe-09 INTERMEDIATE: 8 fingerprint memory + Dual Mode (Dashboard +Door Installation) Fingerprint Car engine start + Auto telephone dialer. Advanced Identisafe-09 ADVANCED 10 fingerprint memory + Dual Mode (Dashboard +Door Installation) Fingerprint Car engine start + Auto dialer +Car secretary Super Advanced Identisafe-09 SUPER ADVANCED: 300 fingerprint memory + Dual Mode (Dashboard +Door Installation) Fingerprint Car engine start + Auto dialer + Car secretary + Nap alert system. Luxury Identisafe-09 Luxury: 320 fingerprint memory + Dual Mode (Dashboard +Door Installation) Fingerprint Car engine start + Auto dialer + Car secretary + Nap alert system+ Bomb blast protection + Gun point threat detection + Accident detection + Anti Hijacking system + Speed Control + 24 hours satellite/IP camera surveillance system + Voice Installation Guide + Free Auto Dialer Alert system If an unauthorized person attempt's to start the car or get access inside the car by placing his finger on the fingerprint scanner on the dashboard then the inbuilt dialer system calls up on your mobile phone number or your telephone number. It then warns you that the car was attempted to be stolen but it is safe now. Nap Alert System If you are driving a car & accidentally fall asleep or start dosing off then the system will wake you up with small alarm or beeps. If you are not able to respond in three beeps then it shall with the help of Auto Dialer call the emergency number or the number of your relatives that has been stored. more

Door Closers 8/14/2010

C9000 Series Suitable for high–traffic. The 9000 Series surface closer has a heavy–duty cast iron body and forged steel arms, and is ideal for institutional and other heavy–use applications. C5000 Series Suitable for light to moderate–traffic doors. This economical closer retrofits into many popular hole patterns and includes standard . C3600 Series Overhead Concealed For use in applications where the door speeds needs to be controlled without detracting from the aesthetics of the opening. With a cast iron body, and built in pressure release valve to protect the closer from rough use the C3600 series is built to absorb the demands of day to day use. C7000 Series Suitable for moderate to heavy–traffic doors is shipped with closer body, slim–line (C73) or full (C75) cover, slider–type arm, parallel arm bracket, wood screws, machine screws, hex nuts and bolts and parallel arm shoe. Non–handed for standard, top–jamb, and parallel arm installations. C3000 Series With a compact design suitable for openings with light to moderate traffic. Quick and easy installation make the C3000 Series great value choice for many applications more

Commercial Access Control Locks 8/14/2010

Haven Lockout & Security commercial biometric access control systems are the culmination of many years of experience in corporate access control locks and card based physical access control solutions. Our Actatek now in its third generation, builds on the field tested platforms of former generations while incorporating the latest advancements in biometric scanner, card access and network appliance technologies. ACTAtek has partnered with the leading security vendors, including HID Corporation, Philips Electronics, Legic and EM Microelectronics, to provide the most flexible solutions for both new and existing installations. The ACTAtek Access Control System Biometric Fingerprint Reader * Web based server (software built-in) * From 1000-20,000 user models * TCP/IP, multi-unit setup * Fingerprint, Card Access or Pin * Weatherproof IP65 rated housing The L113 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock * Sophisticated Biometric Access Control programmability. * Multiple access methods - fingerprint, pass code and emergency key (SC4) * Heavy Duty commercial grade construction * Remote registration and PC based audit trail features (optional) * Too many features to list. The Bio-Axxis L113 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock * Large 310 user capacity! * Sophisticated Biometric Access Control features - in a door lock! * 20 programmable and selectable user restriction time zones * Free Ingress Mode determines when the system is unlocked or locked * Easily move users to multiple Bio-Axxis L113 fingerprint locks more

Residential Keyless Entry Locks and Keyless Door Locks 8/14/2010

Home security plays a major role in today's ever-changing world we live in. Its time you took your security to new levels to prevent crimes against your family, your home, and your personal assets. As the industry leader, understands by keeping ahead with state-of-the-art residential Keyless lock technology. Our biometric keyless entry locks are ideal for safe convenient access to your castle. With our high security keyless door locks you will never have to replace or rekey your door lock ever again due to lost, borrowed, or stolen keys! We stock a large inventory and are ready to help you secure your assets. The 1Touch IQ2 Fingerprint Lock * Easy Installation * User Management * 36 Fingerprint / 78 pin number users * Weather Resistant * "Bump Resistant" High Security Dimple Keys The 1TouchXLS Fingerprint Lock (Single Latch Version) * US Standard Single Latch * Built in user management and audit trail * Easy to read LCD display on back of lock * Stand alone (no PC required) * Battery operated * 99 user capacity with 3 user levels * All weather fingerprint lock * Bump proof - laser cut dimple keys * ADA compliant handle The DL210 Fingerprint Lock and Deadbolt * (DIY) Easy replacement for USA standard lock * Interchangeable with most standard handset & deadbolt locksets * Double security with latch and deadbolt * Fingerprint access for up to 50 users * Approved for Indoor and Outdoor use * 3 level user management * 5 selectable security thresholds * LED display/simple buttons for operation The BioAxxis L113 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock * Large 310 user capacity! * Sophisticated Biometric Access Control features - in a door lock! * 20 programmable and selectable user restriction time zones * Free Ingress Mode determines when the system is unlocked or locked * Easily move users to multiple BioAxxis L113 fingerprint locks more

fantastic service 8/14/2010

The home security camera systems that HAVEN 24 7 LOCKOUT & SECURITY NEW YORK installed for me are really great. I was really happy with the installation services of the home security camera systems also. This company really is great. I would defiantly recommend the home security camera systems installation service to others more

highly recommended 8/7/2010

When I called HAVEN 24 7 LOCK OUT & SECURITY NEW YORK and asked for a service at my resident, the dispatcher was nice and I got the technician in about half hour. The guy was professional and the price was reasonable. What else can you asked? more

Perimeter Intrusion Detection 7/31/2010

We integrate all weather video capabilities into our perimeter detection systems along with all other methods such as ground sensor, micro-wave sensors, laser beam refraction, galvanic systems, short and long range radar and various means of video analytics, everyone boasts their solution is best. Our systems are designed to operate under extreme conditions in the toughest of terrains and are fully performance tested. We are pleased to work with these manufacturers of perimeter intrusion detection systems. * Fiber SenSys Considered a world leader in perimeter Security and Data Security Solutions, Fiber SenSys manufactures high-performance fiber-optic intrusion detection solutions for a vast number of markets including military, nuclear power, water storage and a wide variety of infrastructure and highly restricted areas. These systems, known for their reliability, easy installation and effectiveness can be used to not only protect some of our nation’s most critical sites, but also its most critical information. Fiber SenSys’ products are approved for use by programs such as BISS, TASS, IBDSS, Protected Distribution Systems, and the Nuclear Active Seals program. UTI has used Fiber SenSys equipment to protect our customers nationwide with these secure solutions to protect even the most critical sites and information. * X-Tralis The Xtralis ADPRO product range is unique in delivering a complete end-to-end security solution— and because a system is only as strong as its weakest link— you need to invest in a system that embeds integrity and reliability all the way along the critical path. Adpro is the definitive Multi-site Video Security System designed, developed and manufactured by leaders in Video Security Technologies. When used in conjunction with Video Central, the unique combination of video alarm verification, remote site monitoring and control, and long duration evidential quality recording – provides the most flexible Multi-site Video System available. more

brilliant service 7/30/2010

This is a very nice local HAVEN 24 7 LOCK OUT & SECURITY NEW YORK they arrived quickly and did a great job on my car door. I was very satisfied with the company and the services they gave me. There was no damage on the door or anywhere else. Very professional locksmith more

Access Control System 7/27/2010

Haven Lockout & Security provides you advanced Access Control Systems with the high end technology. We supply and install complete Access Control System for your sophisticated security solutions. Our trained and experienced engineers install complete access control system very professionally for your home, apartment or office. Call us now to install advance access control system for residential and commercial purpose. Description about all items in Access control category • Advanced technology Keypads • Enhanced security with Access Control System • Browse through our catalogue of Fingerprint Readers • Card Readers for intensified Access Control • Pir Request To Exit provides advanced protection • Large selection Proximity Readers more

Intercom System Installation 7/27/2010

Haven Lockout & Security provides Intercom installation and repair services in the entire NYC area including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. We are providing 24 hour fast, professional and affordable services. Our well trained and certified technicians quickly install complete intercom system for your home, office or apartments. Call us now for intercom installation services for your residential or commercial need. Description about all items in Intercom systems category • Amplifiers for Intercoms • Catalogue of External Audio Intercoms • Audio Intercom Internal Hand Set Unit with Advance features • Audio Intercom for indoor use. • Featured catagory of External Audio/Video Intercoms • Browse through our selection of Intercoms and Monitors more
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