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Primp Daddy

908 NW 14th Ave (at NW 17th Ave & NW Raleigh St.)
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 750-1371
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Primp Daddy - Portland, OR
Primp Daddy - Portland, OR
Primp Daddy - Portland, OR
Primp Daddy - Portland, OR
Primp Daddy - Portland, OR
Primp Daddy - Portland, OR



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I found Morgan at Primp Daddy searching around online for eyelash extensions in Portland. I was hesitant and worried, because I did not want to look like Tammy Faye Baker or Twig...


All reviews seem positive

Very happy with my eyelash extensions 5/8/2010

I found Morgan at Primp Daddy searching around online for eyelash extensions in Portland. I was hesitant and worried, because I did not want to look like Tammy Faye Baker or Twiggy (I had my days). I am a lady [of certain age], and I work in a conservative professional medical/administration office. I was worried that any eyelash extensions I got would be too long. When I spoke with Morgan, he spent a lot of time with me explaining the whole procedure and what my options were. I made an appointment, had them done, opened my eyes, and saw exactly what I had wanted. They were dark, but not overbearing. Longer than my natural eyelashes, but not overwhelmingly. Thicker, but still real. I walked out of my appointment feeling confident and beautiful, and weeks later, I still do! They look completely natural. Morgan at Primp Daddy has an amazing talent and artistic eye. I have received numerous compliments on my eyes and overall "awake" and "happy" appearance. My husband and a few other people have complimented me on "my" beautiful eyelashes, but my husband is the only one that knows that they are extensions (because he is the only person I have told). They are so real-looking and natural that I can get away with it. I am very happy with my eyelash extensions. Morgan at Primp Daddy is incredible. Pros: Experience more

Try it, you will like it 3/9/2009

I was somewhat shocked that this was a service now offerred. I thought, "What will they think of next?" So, of course, I had to give it a shot. Who doesn't want great eyelashes, right? I have to say, at first, I thought it was a bit crazy having eyelashes applied for over an hour. I went through with it, and I'm really glad I did. They really make my eyes show up and my face light up, and they look better than anything I've ever tried before (and trust me, I've tried a lot- false strips, false individuals, tinting, perming, every mascara out there, etc.). I think it has all been 100% completely worth it. I am very happy with these, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Pros: The product, convenient location, great technician (Morgan) Cons: Have yet to find any more

LoVe my LaShEs! 2/15/2009

Finally got in for some lashes last week, and I've started a new addiction! I don't think I can go w/out these puppies ever again. I'm Japanese, and my lashes used to be small and straight until I got extensions. Now they are GoRgEoUs! My eyes look bigger and open and I look more awake. Everybody that sees mine wants them. It was totally worth it, and I will be back! Pros: PeRfEcTiOn! Cons: dont think i will ever be able to stop! more

Totally Impressed and Surprised! 1/19/2009

I just moved here from LA about a month ago, and I didn't think that I would find anyone good to keep up my eyelashes. I have had mine on now for 3 years and the thought of going without them made me cry! When I was in Nordstrom downtown, a woman at one of the counters noticed mine, and then told me about this place. I gave it a try, not expecting it to be as good as I was used to. I must say, I was so wrong. This guy did the best job I have ever had in the past 3 years. There are more extensions than I have ever had, they are cleaner than they have ever been, and now, almost a month later, they are holding on better than any every have. I have had them done by probably 10 different people, and this is, by a long shot, the best. I just read all of these other reviews, and it is no wonder that people travel to see this guy! A+ job Primp Daddy! Pros: Quality and price- they're cheaper than in LA! Cons: Call ahead and reserve in advance more

I finally got my fabulous lashes! 5/27/2008

After waiting for a long time, I finally decided to get my lashes done. Love them. LOVE them! I've had them on for 2 weeks now, haven't lost more than 2 or 3 lashes, and they look AMAZING. I was shocked that they don't look fake at all. Most people ask me what I've changed, but they can't tell that all I did was get some fabulous lashes. I was worried that they were going to feel heavy or irritating, but I honestly don't feel them at all. And to top it off, Morgan is an absolute darling. This is totally the place to go. Pros: Loved it all! Cons: Absolutely nothing! more

Definitely worth it 5/2/2008

After having my eyelashes done, I have to say that it is definitely worth the time and money. I always look fresh-faced in the morning when I wake up becuase I always have perfect eyelashes. It saves me loads of time, not to mention the fact that they look so amazing! I read all of these reviews on here before deciding to see Morgan, only to find out that they didn't even convey how wonderful he really is. Ladies- get the eyelashes. They're worth every penny. Pros: being able to skip makeup in the morning more

Don't know what I ever did without my eyelashes! 4/13/2008

I decided to go to Primp Daddy to get my eyelashes done after reading all of these reviews on here. I am so glad I did my research- I couldn't imagine being any happier with my eyelashes! Morgan was able to decipher exactly what I was looking for in my eyelashes, and he did it so well! They look exactly like what I wanted them to look like, and now I definitely don't need to wear mascara. It doesn;t feel like I have anything on my eyelashes either, which I love. I highly recommend eyelash extensions by Morgan at Primp Daddy. more

My lashes are lasting so long! 3/21/2008

I've been getting lashes now for over a year by Morgan, so obviously I am totally hooked. I have seen other peoples lashes that don't last like mine. I go in every 3-4 weeks and still have lots of lashes on. Some of my girlfriends have to get theirs almost completely redone every 2 weeks- no way, go see Morgan. If you haven't got lashes already, hurry and get them. You will never go back to your regular lashless state of being again! Pros: Long-lasting fabuous-looking lashes Cons: Hard to get an appointment with sometimes more

I am so happy with my eyelashes. 3/12/2008

Morgan did my eyelashes so beautifully that I had to tell everyone on here. My biggest concern was that I wanted my eyelashes to look very nautural, and most of the extensions that I had seen were not very natural. Morgan assured me that he could make them look just the way I wanted, and he was totally right. My extensions look very beautiful, and most importantly, very natural. He still put on a lot of lashes, but he didn't use really long ones. He took the time before we started our appointment to talk about and choose the best length and shape of lashes that fit my eye. There was a lot more to it than I thought there would be! After meeting Morgan I now understand why so many people on here have commented. He really is spectacular at what he does- lashes. Pros: The most skilled professional for eyelash extensions out there- Morgan. more

Thank god I found "The Primp Daddy"! 2/23/2008

I am so glad that I found Morgan after this experience! I went to this chop shop right by my house in Beaverton where I normally get my nails done to get lash extensions- they were only $60, took the lady 40 mins, and were HORRIBLE. I would have started crying when she told me that they were supposed to last 3 weeks, except I already was crying because my eyes were burning so bad! I went home and googled around for some other places around Portland that do lash extensions, and that is when I found the primp daddy! He got me into his schedule in just a few days, and totally redid and fixed my lashes. These gorgeous new lash extensions were nothing like the old ones. They looked gorgeous, long, natural, and they didn't burn at all! I have had mine on for 2 weeks now and I do not think that I have lost a single one yet! Don't let this lash nightmare happen to you ladies- just go to the best the first time. After all, this is your eyes we're talking about. Pros: Morgan's skill- I get compliments everywhere I go! Cons: He's busy and can be hard to get an appointment- make your appointments in advance more

What a great Christmas present! 1/2/2008

My husband got me a gift certificate from Morgan for eyelash extensions this Christmas, and I just got them on. I love them so much! After having them put on this morning, I went shopping and at every single place I went, I got complimented! Nobody knows that they're extensions, but everyone notices that they are just amazing. And I totally don't feel them at all. Morgan made me feel very comfortable right from the start. I was worried about coming out looking like a French "working girl;" so totally not the case! Morgan encouraged me to go a little more on the dramatic side, and encouraged me to get a different design than I had originally intended. I decided just to trust him and let him do his work, since he does it all the time and I had read on here that there were a lot of people really happy with them. When I looked in the mirror, I was so happy; the good news is that I can continue to look in the mirror and be happy about them for the coming several weeks! Morgan went just the right length to give me an extra bump that opens up my eyes, and he shaped them so that they compliment my eyes so well. Go see Morgan everyone. Your eyelashes will be amazing, and plus, he's just so fabulous! Pros: 1 word- Morgan. more

I adore these! 12/25/2007

I found Morgan on here after researching several people who claim to do eyelash extensions. I went with Morgan because he was so knowledgable and had such gleaming reviews. I could not be happier with my results! My eyelashes look absolutely amazing, and I get complimented on them all the time. At first, I got them very natural. On my next few visits, I kept getting them longer and longer. Even as long as I have them now, Morgan still manages to style them in such a way to make them look so natural, yet so dramatic all at the same time. A bunch of my friends have gotten extensions elsewhere, and absolutely none of them look even close to what mine look like. They aren't styled very well, usually they're clumpy, and even the ones that aren't clumpy look somehow just much different. Plus, you will adore Morgan- he is such a sweetie, and SO FABULOUS! Thanks Morgan! --Ali Pros: The best that me and all of my friends have ever seen and/or found Cons: Wish there could be more Morgans! He gets pretty booked. more

Morgan is amazing! 12/19/2007

Today I went to Morgan's studio to get my eyebrows tattooed. Although it took me a while to make the decision to get them tattooed, the moment I walked into his studio I felt comfortable and knew this was the right place to get this done. His eye for detail and perfection, in combination with an immaculate taste, made me feel secure and the result of his work on my eyebrows is amazing. Morgan does not only come across as very knowledgeable and professional, but he's very friendly and has that special gift of knowing how to connect to his customer instantly. Now I have my eyebrows done, I'm thinking of also getting the eyelashes everyone is raving about. I highly recommend his services to anyone who's looking for a good job done by one of the sweetest people I have met in Portland. Pros: Morgan, Morgan, Morgan Cons: None more

Thank you Thank you Thank you! 12/17/2007

I love my eyelashes Morgan. You do magnificent work. I will be back and I will be bringing all of my friends. Thank you! more

I'm obsessed with my eyelashes 12/5/2007

Everybody thought my vanity reached new highs when I decded to go in to see Morgan for eyelash extensions. Maybe they were right, but it is the unanimous consensus that it has been totally worth it. People stop me everywhere (especially Nordy's) and ask me about my eyelashes. They look so great, and people don't even know that they are extensions. The investment of both money and time has been so worth it. I am very happy with my eyelashes. Pros: These are so good more

So worth it, I travel from Manhattan 11/30/2007

I would never normally spend the time to write something like this, but Morgan really warrants my time. I live in New York (Manhattan), and I visit Portland every month for two things; 1- Eyelash Extensions, and 2- Tax-Free Shopping. I have honestly been to all of the "hottest places" to get eyelash extensions around the entire country. I have had good extensions, bad extensions, horrible extensions, glamorous extensions, extreme extensions, hollywood extensions; suffice to say I have tried them all over the course of several years now. My personal trademark has become my eyelashes, and in Manhattan, every person in the social scene has to have some trademark. Many of my friends have tried all around New York to find extensions that look as good as mine, all to no avail. I found Morgan through a girlfriend of mine who moved to Portland for her husband's company. She told me about this "guy who is the total extension guru; the guy who everybody that knows what they're talking about goes to; the guy you have to claw your way to get into; Portland's hidden eyelash expert." Although it sounded a bit too good to be true (especially coming from Portland), I had to try it out. I flew out there for the day, met this lash guru Morgan, and got my new set of eyelashes. I am now a believer! They are better than ANYTHING that I have found ANYWHERE else. I have paid $700 elsewhere, and they were nothing compared to these. I have been to the "celebrity places" in LA, for something only mediocre. I can say with much authority (via experience), that Morgan is the best out there, hands down. That's why I fly over for the day every month. Pros: Morgan is the foremost expert at eyelash extensions. You will not find better; I have tried. Cons: I am trying to get him to move to Manhattan; no offense Portland, but this one could be a superstar. more

Hooked! 11/14/2007

Fortunately I picked the best from day one! I've been seeing Morgan every other week for a few months now and have no plans of going anywhere else. I LOVE my lashes and I get compliments on them all the time. I don't have to use mascara if I don't want to although I do and it doesn't affect the longevity of the lashes. They feel completely natural and the application process is so easy. I just lay down, close my eyes and when I open them back up I have beautiful, battable eyelashes. He just started applying the "C" curl lashes opposed to the "J" curl lashes and the effect is so much more dramatic. I don't even use my heated eye lash curler anymore. Morgan is easy to talk to and SO good at what he does. I am forever hooked on Morgan and these lashes! Pros: Quality lashes, easy scheduling, easy location more

My eyelashes are incredible! 11/12/2007

I love my brand-spankin-new eyelashes so much! These are seriously the new "IT" thing in beauty. Morgan did such an awesome job on these lashes. I get compliments, from random people, EVERYWHERE I go. And nobody knows that they're fake! They just tell me, "Wow, you have great eyelashes!" Of course, I have to tell them about Morgan. Get in to him now while you still can. Thanks Morgan! Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing more

I got the "FULL FACE"... and I LOVE IT! 11/2/2007

I first came to Morgan to get my eyebrows tattooed. I got them, and loved them. And they totally didn't hurt! Since it didn't hurt, I decided to go for my eyeliner too, and absolutely LOVED that too! Then, I thought, "Why Not?" and I went ahead and did my full lips. That took a while longer to heal, but now I am so happy with them too! Now, several months later, I have developed a new addiction to the lash extensions, which I am also SO happy with! Basically, I only have to wear lipgloss and powder now. I get so many compliments all the time on how happy and awake I always look. If only they knew that I really do roll out of bed this way! Morgan really is the master; I had him do every service he offers, and I am so glad that I did. I really recommend the "full face" to everyone. A small investment compared to serious plastic surgery, without the rediculous healing, for such amazing payoff. Pros: Morgan's the master! more

Definitely The Best Lash Extensions 10/30/2007

I found Morgan after having my lashes done at 4 other places in Portland, and 2 places in LA when I lived there. Morgan is, by far, the best. They look so much more realistic, even though I like mine really long. I don't feel them at all, and they seem to last forever compared to the other ones I used to get. I have seen Morgan religiously every 3 weeks for the last 3 months, and I don't think I will ever stop. Loves it! Pros: Seriously the best quality work out there.... and I've shopped more
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Eyelash Extension Boutique in Portland's Pearl District

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  • Located in Portland's Pearl District, Primp Daddy offers professional and individualized eyelash extensions. As dramatic or as natural as you like, we work with you to achieve the exact look that fits you.\n\nOnly the highest quality products are used for every client, and for every set of eyelash extensions. Highly trained and highly experienced, we make sure that every client is thrilled with their gorgeous new lashes. \n\nWith over 7 years of experience in specifically eyelash extensions, you can trust your eyes and your lashes to the very best at Primp Daddy.\n\nBeauty is in the eye of the beholder; why not catch that eye?


  • Permanent cosmetic business works with people in the Portland area sick of applying makeup.

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    Daily 7am-10pm
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    American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover
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