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Prevent the Pain Therapy

8818 Saturn St.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 623-4444
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Prevent the Pain Therapy - Los Angeles, CA
Prevent the Pain Therapy - Los Angeles, CA


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Years of basketball, tennis and golf without proper strengthening and stretching had left my 55-year old body a complete mess. Overly developed in the wrong places and structural...


Rushed. Expensive. Tried to adjust me and hurt me. Take caution when considering this clinic. Nice staff though. Cons: price, in a hurry, not a good adjustor

L.A.'s Best Healing Center 4/21/2011

Years of basketball, tennis and golf without proper strengthening and stretching had left my 55-year old body a complete mess. Overly developed in the wrong places and structurally unsound. Two way too early hip replacements later and I was able to continue to abuse my body for years but it was all catching up and I was depressingly looking at a sedentary life for the first time in my life. Fortunately, a friend of a friend turned me on to PTPT and Vivian and I'm a teen again. It's a process and it ain't a piece of cake but the results are virtually immediate and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vivian is an old soul gifted at knowing what is wrong and what is needed to make it better. She uses a unique mixture of modern technology with old-fashioned butt-kicking to achieve remarkable improvements. The locale and the staff complement her with a perfect ""going to visit friends"" vibe. If you have issues with body pain, I can't recommend PTPT more highly. Log off and go now. more

Heavenly Physical Therapy 3/23/2011

I'm pleased to recommend all the folks at PTPT. Vivian is a very thorough, caring, and fun :) therapist. Not only are her hands-on adjustments amazing, but the array of equipment she uses (Lifestream, another vibrating contraption you stand on, other tools), provide a level of physical clearing/well being that I've rarely experienced. The massage therapist, Jason, is also fabulous. Very sensitive and intuitive. The massage was heavenly. If you want to feel present, balanced, and blessed in your body, visit PTPT! \r more

The Brooklyn Healer Rocks! 3/22/2011

Vivian Einstadt aka ""Brooklyn Healer"" is a miracle worker. \r I have been to chiropractors, physical therapist, accupuncturist and massuese but after one treatment at Prevent the Pain I never felt better.\r They have every possible contraption and Vivian knows which ones to use on you for what ailment.\r I can't sing enough good praise. You will too once you go and experience for yourself. \r Not to mention, she is a hoot! more

No Surgery 1/19/2011

I hurt my shoulder at a Krav Maga while sparing, the Dr's have been telling me that I will need surgery... well they were wrong, at least for now I am pain free thanks to VIvian at Prevent the Pain. Thank you Vivian! more

Not your typical PT! 1/18/2011

What can I say about Vivian? She is not your typical physical therapist. I came to Vivian several months ago with a 7+ year history of low back pain, and more recent onset of shoulder pain. My back had troubled me for years with ever-changing pain: sometimes I’d feel pain at my SI joint on the right, then on the left, some days I would feel it deep on my right low-back, and other days on the left. About one year ago after returning back to school (going from an active lifestyle to sitting 8 hours per day) I herniated a disc in my lumbar spine. And most recently I was getting shoulder pain with elevation. I felt like I was beginning to fall apart, and I am only 30 years old. I finally decided I wanted to conquer the constant pain that was interfering with my life, so I decided to focus on getting myself better. I have seen many physical therapists over the years, some good and others mediocre. All of the positive reviews of Vivian on yelp led me to her website. I liked her holistic approach towards healing, so I decided to give her a try. And since I am a student in a physical therapy graduate school program, I thought that if anything, it would be a learning experience. I had no idea what to expect…. Vivian will make you laugh, scream and cry all at the same time! Not only does she have hands on steel, but she is excellent at analyzing movement. I would say that this attribute has helped me the most of all of the physical therapists I have seen prior. She is very picky about movement, and in a good way. The most valuable thing I have learned from her is how to correct my posture while performing movements and what exercises I could do that would benefit me the most. She has given me the tools needed to take my healing process into my own hands. Yes, she can work her butt off using manual therapy to lengthen muscles or release trigger points which will help improve your ability to perform a task and decrease the pain involved in doing so. But it is then up to you to work your butt off in order to maintain that range and ability, and work on building strength. One other thing I want to mention is that typically physical therapists spend 30 minutes with patients. The ever changing restrictions imposed by insurance companies on health care providers have cut the length of time for visits over the years. But Vivian actually spends a whole hour with you- this is definitely not typical in the modern day world of physical therapy. The whole team at Prevent The Pain is wonderful. And Jason is a master massage therapist- I highly recommend him. My shoulder pain doesn’t exist anymore, my back is better than ever, and my pelvis feels aligned (it hasn’t for years). Of course, a large part of this is me going to the gym regularly and doing my physical therapy exercises religiously. But Vivian is the person that has aligned my body, worked on my issues, and guided me to this point of being independent and pain free. Now it is up to me to maintain myself. I just have one bit of advice: You are the only one in control of your own health, so take charge of it and let Vivian guide you along the way. more

Magic Healing Hands 1/13/2011

Vivian aka Wonder Woman has the magic healing hands!!!! \r \r I was recently in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. I was the victim of serious road rage. It was one of the darkest days in my life. I had a concussion with short term memory loss, 3 fractured ribs (one of the fractures was .25mm from spine... I could of been a paraplegic) and severe neck and soft tissue injury. Vivian was quick to work on me with those healing hands and got me to a place that would allow my body to heal. Her therapy cut my rcover time in half. They don't call her the Brooklyn Healer for nothing... She is the real deal!!!\r \r more

Extremely Happy and Pain Free!! 10/5/2010

I have to say that my experience at PTPT was wonderful and I wish I would have discovered them a year ago! Vivian is hands down the best physical therapist ever!! I had pain in my neck and shoulders and I was completely amazed at how wonderful I felt after only one visit. I've seen her several times and am so grateful to have found her. Thanks Vivian for ""fixing me""! :) more

Excellent 8/23/2010

Vivian and her colleagues not only clearly know what they're doing but also make one feel cared about. Vivian (the Brooklyn Healer) has a fun but no-nonsense approach to physical therapy. You'll literally be in good hands here. more

Prevent the Pain Therapy Inc. Rocks!!! 7/7/2010

Vivian the Brooklyn Healer. She makes you work! She makes you sweat! She yells (with that hi-larious Brooklyn accent!) and doesn't give an inch! And gets great results. After three injuries from critical failures on spinning bikes in my gym over 7 years and other past traumas, Vivian has helped me strengthen my core and significantly reduce my lower back and hip issues. It's amazing to be able to get out of bed in the morning and walk without hunching over like an old man. She's really helped me get on with my life and move forward in a truly positive fashion. Make sure she shows you her Wonder Woman collection. Linda Carter has nothing on Vivian!!! Pros: Talented and warm staff. Great therapy/massages Cons: Can't Get Enough of a Good Thing! more

Physical Therapy Extraordinaire 6/16/2010

Vivian and the Staff at PTPT are Amazing!! They have created a fantastic healing environment which nurtures you body and soul. I have been struggling with back pain for years was recently diagnosed with Sciatica. In only a few short weeks Vivian has transformed my body, my posture and my pain is completely gone! In addition, the deep work that we are doing together has brought about a personal paradigm shift that has vastly improved attitude and future outlook! I will be eternally grateful!! Love You Viv!! Pros: Life Changing Work Cons: Not finding Vivian Sooner!! more

This Woman Works Miracles 4/27/2010

I signed up with Citysearch specifically to leave this review, because I feel so strongly about this Clinic and its owner, Vivian. I found her last year during a very scary time with my back. I have had back pain since I was 12, and had even had back surgery in college. I only wish I had known her then, as i probably could have avoided the surgery. But, I feel fortunate I was able to find her now. the first time I saw her, I was having severe swelling and numbness in my low back, and my left foot had gone numb. I was only 29, btw. I couldn't function at work or in my personal life. I have seen countless doctors and specialists for my back problems, none of whom ever had such a positive effect. After one visit with Vivian, the feeling began to return to my foot, and my back was feeling MUCH better. I am now working with her on preventative care for my back, and I couldn't be happier. She is so talented, for the first time in 20 years I feel I have actually found help. Pros: Very Knowledgeable, personable, works miracles Cons: Probably doesn't do house calls? more

Outstanding! 3/22/2010

Vivian at Prevent the Pain Therapy is the most talented and fantastic physical therapist I have ever met in my 28 years of therapy! I had cancer three times and had my right shoulder blade cut out. Over the years I have seen at least 20 therapists. I met Vivian 7 years ago and can say that when I met her, I never went anywhere else again. She is a truly outstanding physical therapist and understands the body like no one. We never do the same treatment twice. Each treatment is unique and tailored to my health condition at that time. I need therapy twice a week, just to keep my arm moving. If I did not meet Vivian, I can honestly say that I would be in a way worse physical condition that I am. She keeps my health, shoulder and arm at optimum functionality and mobility. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. She is a true professional and one that cares! Don't go anywhere else! You would be wasting your time and money. Pros: Outstanding Physical Therapist in 28 years of treatments! more

The Real Deal. No Band-Aid Solutions Here! 3/22/2010

I'm a 31 year old woman who was diagnosed with kyphosis and lordosis as an adult. I wore a $5,000 back brace that was aggressively adjusted every few weeks and was only allowed to take it off to eat and shower. It was very painful and although my condition improved for a short while, it eventually returned to its original state. As an adult, I was told my only option was surgery. While researching orthopedic surgeons online, I came across PTPT. My intuition guided me to schedule an appointment and it was the best thing I could have done! At my first appointment I was shocked and relieved to hear that I didn't need to wear the back brace or have surgery! Shortly after beginning my comprehensive treatment plan I tossed my brace in a dumpster and began the healing process. Vivian is the real deal. She is a truly gifted physical therapist and healer who uses her intuition, experience, knowledge and humor to get to the root of the cause. She doesn't believe in short cuts or half-solutions which yields lasting results. Of course, you are expected to do your part with simple at home exercises. Vivian and her amazing team are completely dedicated to your health and well-being. Highly recommended! Pros: Chilled out home environment Cons: Nothing! more

Please Please go to Vivian if you are in pain!! 3/11/2010

Vivian is hands down the best physical therapist ever!! I came to her with back and groin tendon pain so severe I could barely leave my house. I had already seen one physical therapist, and gotten an MRI and my doctor felt there was nothing left to do. Thankfully I found Vivian! After only a few sessions with her I was able to walk around the block again (truly an amazing feat for how badly I had felt) and I have hope of being as athletic as I was prior to my injury. Thanks Vivian!!!! Pros: Wonderful, personalized physical therapy Cons: There are none more

An Excellent Physical Therapist 9/25/2009

Vivian Eisenstadt is, hands down, the best physical therapist I've been to in the L.A. area. I arrived at her office weak and in pain, and now four months later, feel much stronger and more confident in my body and self. She combines her vast knowledge of human musculoskeletal function with specifically tailored, pilates-based training to effect the changes needed to improve an ailing physique. She also addresses the more psychological aspects of healing as part of her treatment. She can refer you to a host of practitioners in other areas of the healing arts for whatever your specific needs may be as well. And she's a great person to boot. If you need a physical therapist, Vivian Eisenstadt is your girl! Pros: extremely good at training the body to function as it should Cons: She can't clone herself. more

amazing 9/14/2009

vivian is a very talented healer and is not afraid to do what needs to be done even if it hurts. she is extremely effective as a therapist. i have never been disappionted in any treatment i've recieved there. highly recommended Pros: personal,peceful athomosphere more

Very Knowledgeable PT 8/14/2009

I had leg and feet pain for months til I saw a podiatrist who recommended Vivian. Within 3 treatments (i.e., a week and a half) in conjunction with exercises she recommended I did at home, I was pain free. I was truly impressed given that I have been to other physical therapists several years ago for another problem which required 10 treatments and only helped a little. Vivian is very knowledgeable, physically strong, and is passionate about helping her clients get better and stay better. Pros: Better than other PTs, accepts insurances more

The place to go!!! 5/7/2009

If you have any kind of physical pain and want to get better, there is no way around for you but to go and see Vivian! She's an amazing PT and knows what she's doing! If only all PTs were like her! The insurance companies were a lot happier because she gets the job done quickly! I've been to my fair share of PTs. I've played sports all my life and let me tell you that I haven't been to a better place than PTPT. First of all, it's not your typical physical therapy place. It's not 'cold' like a usual doctor's or PT's offices. You feel right at home as soon as you walk into the door. Most likely, you'll be greeted by two little dogs. Lady and Lucky. Lucky can be a bit moody at times but once you got to know him, he's your best buddy! Secondly, get ready to get to work right off the bat! There's no fooling around and wasting time in that office, which I really appreciate! Even if you insurance is not accepted there, your money will be well spent! Pros: Best PT in town! Probably in SoCal! more

Who knew?!? 4/28/2009

I went in looking for a massage, but what I really got was a lot of expert knowledge and a plan for a pain free existence. Sure, I got my massage, but I also learned how to stand up straight (who knew that was something I had to learn!), excercise properly using the actual muscles the excercise was meant to work out, and that a life without pain was a real possiblity. I was not sure what to expect when I first walked in, but I can tell you that I am very happy that I did. It has truly changed my life. more

A MUST!!! 4/20/2009

After holding off on seeking out overdue help for my back aches from my previous years as a tennis player, I sought out PTPT in hopes of starting my path towards a pain-free back. Instead I achieved a stunning and immediate recovery that literary felt as though I had received a new spine from God, or Vivian as I would have had it. She truly puts her body, mind, soul, and WIT to work as she sets you anew with an intact body and a reformed mindset to ensure a life of health and pain-free mobility. For anyone looking for a physical therapist with effective results, seriously....Seriously.....Look No Further. Pros: Welcoming atmosphere, AMAZING staff, healing service... Cons: N/A more
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  • Prevent the Pain Therapy (PTPT) is a Los Angeles physical therapy, massage, Pilates and wellness destination where patients receive comprehensive evaluations and a customized wellness program to treat and meet their health and fitness needs.

    For the last three years, PTPT's quaint, homey space has been a place of healing. Also, they offer athletic performance improvement, Los Angeles massage therapy, Pilates, nutritional counseling, alphabiotic alignment, detoxification and more. Vivian Eisenstadt, Chief Orthopedic Specialist with over 18 years of experience, and a team of holistic healthcare practitioners work to relieve your pain and keep you pain free and healthy.

    A variety of techniques are used at PTPT--massage, yoga, Pilates, physical therapy and more. For a new approach to pain management and wellness, schedule a consultation at Los Angeles's Prevent the Pain Therapy.


  • Alleviate pain from aching joints and muscles for improved everyday performance.

  • 8/23/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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