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Pretty Penny Kennel

W8743 State Road 67
Plymouth, WI 53073
(920) 526-3512
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I don't know what all the bad reviews are about. I went today to look at the puppies and I found them to be well taken care of and very friendly. I was a little leery after readin...


a buddy was helping me find a good lab as this was my first dog buying experience. my buddy said we were coming to look at labs when he called this place in advance. when we ge...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/27/2013

It's not the dogs purchased from this's the way they are treated. My daughter and I happened upon this man's puppy mill almost 10 years ago and I was sick to my stomach. Rows and rows of these cages and many pups in each. I saw one pregnant dog that was SO miserable in this cage. I wanted to see a pup, he reached inside with a RAKE and got one out. I couldn't leave fast enough. Sickening. Maybe the dogs you got are fine...super. But the way they are treated God, how awful. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/9/2013

We purchased a schnauzer from the kennel approx 3 yrs ago. When we got there it was the middle of winter and we experienced the dogs in small kennels outside as well. No heat. At least 6-8 dogs in one small kennel with one food bowl. We were let into the main house porch were we were introduced to 6 of the puppies who all but one were very playful and social. We were allowed to meet the mother father and grandmother of the puppies. The puppies were filthy and very smelly. They had never been bathed or groomed or so it seemed. As the puppies scurried about, there was one that was very antisocial, very small and looked over her shoulder, as she stood and hudled near the corner of the room. The puppies were already 6 months old too. I had to leave the room as I wanted to actually take them all. I couldn't make the final choice but told my husband if I was the one making the choice I would take the poor little one in the corner. It was just before Christmas, we named her Holly. Today she is 3 yrs old. The only health issue the runt had was an absess that developed on her side from something that she got an open sore from that festered. She has the so called small subacious cysts / pimples on her skin in multiple places but other than that, she's been basically healthy, great with my kids and grandkids. I do believe he breeds them too close together and like I said they were already 6 mos old. There was an 8 mo old lab he wastrying to practically give to us. I questioned why the puppies were so old and wondered what he did with the ones that didn't get adopted. We lover our Holly though and if he's still in business would recommend someone save another one from there. Yes the money keeps him in business but it also helps to hopefully feed the dogs that are still there. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/12/2013

This guy is scum . He has let puppies burn to death in his barns ( heated only with heating pads ) .. and says they die of distemper it was nothing. This is an evil man. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

We had the good fortune of adopting our male mini schnauzer, Rocky, from the Pretty Penny Kennel back in 2004. Sadly, he passed away yesterday from natural causes and we are bereft. Rocky was the BEST DOG EVER!! He had a wonderful and even temperament and got along with other dogs and children even little toddlers. He never bit or snapped. He was a perfect delight and I remember how the folks at Pretty Penny knew the exact temperaments of all the pups in that particular litter. My friends liked Rocky so well that they adopted a female mini schnauzer from the Kennel and has been a sweet little girl dog as well. So, all in all, I had a a great experience here and feel bad that these people are so vilified. We are mini schnauzer lovers so if something were amiss I would definitely write about it! Planning on getting our next dog here. more

Good Dogs 4/26/2012

I don't know what all the bad reviews are about. I went today to look at the puppies and I found them to be well taken care of and very friendly. I was a little leery after reading the reviews, but I did not feel that Pretty Penny Kennels deserved to be put down in such a way. I have had far worse experiences in dealing with the dogs at the Humane Society. more

Great place to find a fantistic furry friend! 12/21/2011

To all those writing negitive comments about pretty penny puppy farm, shame on you!! I have bought two dogs from there over the years and each of them were absoutly the best dogs i have ever had. They were not sick. They were not mean. The kennels were clean, they had plenty of food and clean water. The owners are the most pleasant people you could ever meet. They have a great deal of love for these animals. They care for them like they are keeping everyone of them as thire own. This puppy farm is not one of the mills that neglect their animals. Go check it out for yourself, and see. more

This is not a puppy mill. 12/8/2011

Im my agriculture class at school, our teacher brings in ten puppys from different breeders every year. This year, he borrowed puppys from Pretty Penny Kennels, because he heard about their""bad reputation"". He showed up unannounced, and told us that everything was clean, and the puppys are kept where it is clean and arm, and they had plentty of clean food and water. When I saw these puppies at school, i fell in love. The basset hounds coats were silky, and their ears were clean. The Carin Terriers were playful clean and healthy, and well as the cocker spaniels. They were the happiest puppies I had ever seen, and none of them were sick. At all. SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE dont write a bad review if you havent been there, or seen his puppies. My teacher knows what he is talking about, so please, just think about what you say. And so many puppies can get sick, so you can't just say his dogs are sick, because he has a large number. I am currently saving money to get a puppt from him... hopefully a cocker spaniel. more

puppy mill 10/20/2011

I bought myPuppy in July 2010. 3 weeks after I had her she got very sick .The vet said it was Auto immune disease.He also said he has seen dogs come from this so called breeder(puppy mill) and some were good but most there was something wrong. I had my pup at the Vet every week for two months trying to get her White blood cells to stop eating her red cells.She made it through. But I do not know the long time term effect it will have on her. But she is a beautifull dog and loved. I feel sorry for the dogs at that place. Hope he goes out of business. more

this is a puppy concentration camp 6/27/2011

this guy obviuosely could care less about his dogs..they may as well be turnips he treats them so poorly...It's hard to walk away and leave the dog there...But giving this creep money for that sad little creature only keepshimin business...then hejust creates more sad dogs.... more

bought an amazing dog 12/17/2010

a buddy was helping me find a good lab as this was my first dog buying experience. my buddy said we were coming to look at labs when he called this place in advance. when we get there, middle of winter, all the dogs are in kennels outside with no wind protection. he says the dogs survive in the wild, but in the wild they can find shelter from the wind. \r anyhow, i bought a yellow lab that i fell in love with. when he grabbed her out of the cage, it reminded me of how a chicken rancher throws chickens around. these dogs are not used to people, and my dog (1 yr old now) still won't let a man reach for her. she doesnt mind women at all or a couple of my friends she sees every day, but it's been hard to get her to like men. she's great with kids because my g/f has a rough 5 year old. i wouldn't trade her for anything. so i'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing because with that being said... she is the best dog in the neighborhood as far as listening to my commands, barking aggressively at strangers, and guarding the boy. she sleeps next to him all the time. we're tempted to go back for another pup but i think i would rather get a dog who has been around people since birth. i feel bad for the torture she went through as a pup, but im sure she has forgotten. she is a healthy happy dog so i give this place mixed reviews. more

One of the WORST facilities I have seen. 9/4/2010

I am completing my DVM in Madison, and I know a thing or two about this 'Puppy Farm'. You met the adults he keeps on his place? I have on multiple occasions. The mothers live in deplorable conditions. Their mammary glands are very swollen and painful looking, with sores from rubbing the bottom of the unacceptable cages that man keeps them in. They are extremely stressed, and many have neglect-related behavioral issues. He inbreeds almost all of the dogs he keeps. Inbreeding is just as bad in dogs as in people. It is widely recommended that a female have no more than 2 litters in her lifetime for both her health and that of the puppies. Some of his females have birthed upwards of 10 litters. As soon as they cannot bear more puppies, they are discarded. The stud dogs almost all have some sort of disease or disorder. I've even seen DEAD PUPPIES on the property. Some friends of mine were duped into buying a 10 week old Labrador from Pretty Penny Kennels. They came to me for help soon after, because he was very sick. Turns out he had both Lymes Disease and Roundworm; both of which he developed while at that horrible place. Sadly, he passed away before he was 6 months old. I have spoken with many unfortunate people who purchased dogs from that facility that passed away at young ages from both hereditary disease, and illness developed as puppies. Look, you might find a puppy at PPK who will live a long and healthy life. But do you really want to support this HORRIBLE business? Every year almost 60% of dogs abandoned at the humane society are euthanized because they cannot find a home. I have helped out at the fox cities humane society on a first hand basis and have met so many delightful, adoring dogs. They even get puppies on a regular basis! why not give one of those HEALTHY, LOVING dogs a second chance and put people like Gerald Schultz out of business? more

Not happy... 9/4/2010

i was just at this place today and as i was there i was in shock at how the animals were kept. some of the dogs were extremely unsocialized and unfriendly and the ones that were friendly were obviously starved of attention. \r the bottom of the cage is just wire and a lot of the dogs were laying down and wouldnt even come toyou because you could tell their feet were sore. the food that was there was old and had mold growing in some bowls. i felt so sorry for these dogs. the cages were filthy and deffinately not suitable for cold weather. more

Gosh People! 12/2/2009

Listen, unless you have been to the kennel like sarakgolden don't be making assumptions! Find out the facts and then make assumptions. Seriously people, don't judge a book by its cover! more

Puppy Mill 8/23/2009

I have seen this place. It is not a working dog farm... it is a Puppy Mill. Dogs kept out in the elements 365 days a year. How would you like to have your feet on a wire grate your entire life??!!! That is the fate of his breeding stock.This guy has no concern for the wellbeing of these animals. He is driven by greed.\r \r For more informatio re puppy mills go to:\r \r nowisconsinpuppymills\r \r Cons: too many to list more

Pretty penny kennel 4/17/2009

I got a beagle from pretty penny farms and he was perfect. Everything there seemed very well taken care of, it did not seem like a puppy mill at all. when he took my beagle out of his kennel he was as warm as could be and it was the middle of December. he had no problems not even worms. I think it's just the luck of the draw with any animals no matter where you get them from, if they are healthy or not. I will go back! Pros: Well taken care of pups more

This is america people can buy dog from who they want 4/11/2009

This couple raised AKC Registered Dogs BEFORE I bought one I called AKC they said he was in Good Standing and had NEVER received any Violations\r He passed ALL his AKC Kennel Inspections, I bought a Cairn Terrier and she was in perfect health I took her to the vet the next day. I heard Oprah Winfrey adopted 2 cockers from the Chicago Paws Humane Society within DAYS BOTH came down with Parvo and 1 DIED!!!!!\r I would much rather buy from an AKC Registed Breeder. Pros: AKC Registered and Inspected more

G Shultz. Puppy Farm Palace Not a puppy Mill Pretty Penny Kennel 3/3/2009

I bought a basset hound puppy from G Shultz. When I arrived at his place he seemed like a very friendly person.Greeted me nicley then showed me the puppies. There are a 4 lines of Dog houses that are up off the floor about 3 feet. To me it seemed like a good idea to keep them up off the ground. I mean think about it. If they were on the ground they would be cold in winter and would sit in there feces. Not at this place. Very proffesional idea and great for the puppies.I first was a little weary given that I looked up everything on the net. But after careful consideration came to this conclusion. Number one, the man is raising dogs and has made a business of it. He is a Business man. He did not treat the dogs mean at all. I was given a full tour of the dogs and the parents. They were all very clean and very appearded very healthy. I could not smell any dog feces or urine at all. That amazed me as Ive had dogs my entire life and can smell there bad odors left by doing there duty It did not stink like I've heard on the net. Maybe in the summer it would have a bad odor but then so would any dogs kennel. So anyway getting back to the dog. She is great nice and fat, good coat and very affectionate. I got her home showed her off to a few farmers in the area and went home. I then showed her to the kids,who were estatic. After a 1 hour at home I took her outside and to my suprize she went piddle and pooped, like she was already trained.Seems like a great dog. I did prefer buying it from him as he most likely raises hundred of them and I would think he has to know what he is doing. I did a little research on the net and found a few complaints one on Westie's having White Shakers Disease, then did more research well it turns out these dogs are very prone to that disease this is par for the course and should be no suprise if they develop it. I have nothing bad to say about the dog or his operation and I am an animal lover and I am sure he loves his dogs too. Will update later. Pros: Great dogs. This is a dog farm not some horrified mill. Cons: Couldnt find any except He Wouldnt negotiate the price...Owe well! more

Pretty Penny Farms has hereditary OCD (Osteochondritis) in their dogs..and still breeds 2/10/2009

My dog, purchased from Pretty Penny Farms was just diagnosed with Osteochondritis and she is only 6 months old. The specialist I took her to said that it is hereditary and any breeder knows if their dogs have it and should not be breeding anymore. My dog Sadie, has a very good personality and disposition, I love her and we are so happy that we did rescue her from this bad farm. We did not know of the bad reputation until after we got her. We now are looking at surgery for her that is costing $2500.00 and also a dog that will have arthritis when she is older, if not right away and she is only a puppy! I do not recommend anyone buying a dog from this farm because he is breeding dogs with hereditary defects and knows it. I am so sad for my dog right now, but I am more angry that this farm continues to breed these dogs without regard for their future health. We just pray that nothing else is wrong with our puppy. Pros: well behaved dog..actual timid with a wonderful personality Cons: hereditary defects = costly vet bills. more

Puppy mill! 1/12/2009

This is not a responsible breeder. This is a puppy mill. Please do not support puppy mills. They are only in it for the money. more

Best Dog Ever! 4/19/2008

Penny is the Best Dog We have ever owned, very easily trained and house broken, great herding dog. Gerald has Great breeding lines (NOT ""MESSED UP"" SHOW DOGS) and He Knows DOGS! Our NEXT dog will be from Gerald. He still has the parents of the puppy we bought 4 years ago, if he was not taking good care of these dogs they would not be as health as they are and lived this long. Pros: great dogs, great breeding, very pretty drive thru wisconsin to his farm Cons: this is a working dog farm, not a country club. expect good dogs at a fair price. not a lattie more
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