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Preserved Pets

28075 Sea Biscuit St.
Moreno Valley, CA 92555
(888) 298-4434

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Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA
Preserved Pets - Moreno Valley, CA


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Thank you preserved pets..Preserved Pets is the greatest..My cat Kiki is sitting up and with his left paw in the shake position and his tale curled around his right side..He looks...


On 9/17/2015, I sent my mother's cat to be preserved, wishing that she would have changed her mind about the process before her cat died. The cat was supposed to be done within 4-...

Freeze drying a pet is not the same as taxidermy - you can't keep the bugs out of the pet 1/8/2018

On 9/17/2015, I sent my mother's cat to be preserved, wishing that she would have changed her mind about the process before her cat died. The cat was supposed to be done within 4-6 months. My mom kept asking me to call about her cat at the beginning of March, 2016 because she had not gotten her cat back. I finally called Jim at the end of March 2016. My mom finally received the shipment on 4/11/16 and when she opened the box, she realized that the cat was not hers and she called me, crying and obviously very upset. I emailed Jim at preserved pets and sent pictures of the cat she received, along with pictures of her cat when she was alive. Jim called and at first he said he must not have ever received her cat, which really had my mom upset. Less than a day later, Jim found my mom's cat and sent a picture of it to make sure it was hers, which it was. We shipped the wrong cat back and got her a week later. My mom was okay with it, but I thought she looked terrible. Hopefully I can attach a photo so others can see what she looked like. Anyway, I bought an expensive wood base acrylic display case to put her in to keep her clean. Within one month, I noticed moths inside the case. I bought some moth balls, put them in the case and it helped for a little while. It has been about a year and a half now, and I was cleaning out the case and there were more moths in the cat and they had eaten away most of the fur on the back and the rest of the fur was falling off. I know that this is not the fault of Jim at preserved pets, but this is a warning that if you spend $800.00 plus dollars to preserve a pet, expecting it to last, you'll be disappointed. There is a disclaimer about bugs that you must sign when you get your pet done, but I assumed that if you kept the pet clean and properly stored, that bugs would not be an issue. Unfortunately, that was not the case and now I understand why he has the disclaimer. Dead, freeze dried pets will most likely end up with bugs. more

The Greatest I've ever seen 12/20/2017

Thank you preserved pets..Preserved Pets is the greatest..My cat Kiki is sitting up and with his left paw in the shake position and his tale curled around his right side..He looks so real..If anyone wants to preserve their pet, send it to preserved pets. Thank you Preserved Pets...10 star ratting.. more

Forever Thankful 10/1/2017

Preserved Pets Thank you thank you thank you.. Sunshine came back ... word can not s=describe how amazed we were. Thank you AAAA+++++ more

Hey Rabbit Lady...Hope you read this 9/22/2017

Honestly, I think it's really sad, pathetic and very desperate of this Rabid, oops, sorry, rabbit person to continually harass this business owner all over review sites. Her latest harassment was just posted on YELP and it's very clear by the picture that Preserved Pets did a fabulous job on your obviously not so fabulous DEAD rabbit. Perhaps you should spend more time in animal shelters and less time trying to prove a totally skewed biased point. It's very apparent that you did not take care of your DEAD rabbit once you got it home. Jim, you are an amazing pet preservationist and you have to remember you cannot fix crazy. There are laws against people who choose to harass out of spite and misery. You did an amazing job on our hamster and we will use your service again when out cat passes. more

Thank you Preserved Pets 9/11/2017

Jim thank you so much for all the time and car you took with Jazmyne. My little Chihuahua was hit by a car and I thought there was no hope. You did a great job with the repairs better then I ever hope for. more

Attention to detail no BS 8/18/2017

Just got off the phone with Jim at Preserved Pets. Our belovid dog passes away few days ago and not knowing if this is something my wife and I wanted to do. My wife and I have called every place we could find coast to coast and Preserved Pets was the most knowledgeable, most up front took the time to answer all my questions, then some. We have not yet had our dog done so that why only 4 stars. If my wife and I do move toward Preserved Pets we will be in contact again and our go to place. Thank you for being so understanding and caring during a very difficult time more

Just because 8/17/2017

You are awesome at what you do! more

cry baby 8/16/2017

I have been dealing with preserved pets or over 10 years now. I run a taxidermy studio in the mid part of the country and will not post my name in fear of you crazy pets owners. i was showing a customer preserved pets work who is wanting a cat done and saw the craziness going on here. I have sent 8 pets to Jim and everyone has been what the customer expected. If there was ever an issue jim was there 100% o the way. this is why I dot do pets, crazy pet owners , guess what it dead Jim is no miracle worker. Stop destroying his creditability and score just because others out there love him. You said your piece move on . Preserved Pets protect your image there are laws against what some these are doing. more

Preserved pets...AMAZING! 8/15/2017

WOW! Talk about a crazy rabbit person! You really need to take your rabbit and your refund and hop off! Jim, I couldn't me more grateful for all the work you did on our pet! You're amazing at what you do, her professional, and go over and beyond to make your clients happy. God bless you! Keep up the great work! Sadly you'll never satisfy everyone. Crazy is crazy and you can't fix that! more

Look at the pictures posted across the internet 8/12/2017

If your pet came out great? Wonderful for YOU! What if YOUR beloved pet came back destroyed from horrible workmanship? Every Business should stand by their work and NOT be afraid to see the good and bad reviews. That's business. We dropped off a pet in great condition and he came back DESTROYED and it was for NO reason. NONE! more

What this guy did to our pet! 8/7/2017

If I had seen a testimony like this before I dropped my pet off, I would have been so grateful. Let the pictures speak for themselves. Any Business who would return a pet (I picked the animal up, this is not a packaging error) to an owner looking like this and think that there was NO problem, is living in a fantasy world. When I expressed my shock, he had nothing but excuses. He saw NO problem with this "service". On the day of drop-off, the animal was in pristine condition, but came back looking like this? I had planned this procedure for 3 years prior to my pet's death, so I knew the procedure --I just picked the WRONG facility. I had no idea that this outcome was even possible. There was no commonsense to this, just sloppy workmanship and no remorse for it either. Don't have enough space to discuss the endless emails and back and forth about this pet, but basically it ended when the owner refused to refund my full payment, and then I threatened to sue for a refund and damages. He has been in business a long time, so probably does well or better with different animals--not specialty ones. They have NO business doing an animal like mine apparently. He didn't follow the pose picture, he freeze dried the rabbit wet instead of with dry hair, and the pictures say it all. There are so many industry mistakes with this animal's return condition that I cannot post. It was just sloppy, careless, workmanship to the highest degree! This was a gorgeous animal, and my pet was mutilated by this business's work.. This was to be an honor to my pet's memory, instead, it was a trashing of my pet's memory. A horrible way to remember the love of your life. He ruined the one chance I had to preserve my Beloved pet. Attention Preserved Pets: If you stand by your work, then you should have NO problem with someone posting your finished product. more

Outstanding 8/7/2017

We had lost our cat patches about a year ago. My wife and I called every pet taxidermy we could find. When we contact preserved pets , Jim was the warmest nicest man. Easy to talk with completely answered all our questions and put our minds at ease. We provide Jim with what he asked for, our Kitty was a real mess. Jim perform a miracle. We could not be happier. Jim you have a hard job, doing your best when all appears lost. We will be forever grateful . JS more

Awesome job 8/6/2017

Jim thank you. Bob Great job more

Mixed review 8/1/2017

Rabbit lady I seen your same post twice and seems to me that all your doing is trying to ruin Preserved Pets reputation shame on you. I have personally had my dog completely re done by Jim. My Buddy was completed by another studio and it was horrible. Jim brought my Buddy back to me when I though he was gone forever. Call Preserved Pets directly tell him Johann in MN said hi. more

Mixed Reviews here, but our pet came home looking HORRIBLE 7/27/2017

He should be sued for the workmanship he did on our beloved specialty pet--a rabbit. Finding a bug in his fur a few days after the pet was brought home was the last straw--got the video to prove it. Got a FULL refund after threatening to sue, but it'll never cover that he ruined the one chance to preserve our pet . Freeze drying is a ONE time deal. No do-overs. If the pet is done wrong, you can't change it. more

some people 7/4/2017

I have know JIm for 30 years . 25 years ago it started out as a hobby that got way out of control. He went under the name wild wing. Couple years went by he found explaining to customers that yes, they do all wildlife all animals, pets included not just birds.The name was changed to hunters choice. As the years passed and that helping the pet owner that lost their beloved pet was a stronger passion so the name Preserved Pets was the best choice. They were never hiding. In the 25 plus years I had personally seen them do thousands of wild life animals and birds and pets. They have an open door policy for anyone to come by and decide for themselves. They do not run a dirty, inadequate shop. The studio is always presentable ,clean and very professional, organized . They run 9 commercial freeze dry machines , all state of the art all the most advanced and has always been there for their clients, trying their best to help them before, during and years after the process is finished. They have ALWAYS asked if at any time you find or notice any suspicious please contact us immediately for help. I find it hard to believe an anonymous client that spent 5000 that found bugs would not have called or emailed. Call Jim see for yourself, stop by. He is the most knowledgeable person that I know when it comes to pets. Jim stay positive and don't let anyone put you or your love for what you do down. Dennis D. San Diego Ca more

The best pet taxidermist ever 7/3/2017

My name is Mary Ellen and I'm not afraid to share my name. Jim has done 6 pets from me since he first started. The first pet he did was 21 years ago and he went under a different name at that time. I know Jim , his love for helping pet owners goes over and beyond. His love went from taxidermy to just specializing in pets, His shop is always clean and tidy. I cant believe what others are saying about him. Mabey its his competitors jealous of him and his success. Jim is top notch in the industry. Do not fall for the so called bad review, call Jim and see for your yourself. in the 21 years I have been going there I have witness over 100 pets and all looked very good to me. Jim keep up the good work and cant wait to see Baby when she get home. more

Preserved Pets 7/2/2017

My wife and I recently lost our beloved pet dog, Mikie and we felt so empty without him. We were considering cremation, but were hesitant about doing it. Our veterinarian suggested preserving our Mikie and told us about Preserved Pets. When we called, Jim was very professional and he explained the whole process to us over the phone. He does offer his own shipping care kit and we could've easily sent our Mikie through the mail, but since we live in the SoCal area, driving and dropping off our pet seemed to be the best bet (plus this allowed us to speak face to face with Jim and see his facilities.) Jim does all of his work from home studio, which we found to be quite impressive! Meeting and talking to Jim about the process helped my wife and I realize we did the right thing for our Mikie. Once the process was done, we drove back down to Jim's studio to pick up Mikie, my wife teared up and told Jim he did a fantastic job! It was amazing to see our Mikie look so alive! His workmanship was beyond words! My wife and I cannot thank Jim enough for giving our Mikie back to us! more

STAY AWAY 6/28/2017

I cannot emphasize how bad we our family has suffered from the damage Jim has done. Our beloved dog was infested with cadaver bugs after leaving this place. We spent $5,000 and Jim lied to us over and over. He is a crook and has no compassion for his customers. Stay away you have been warned. more

Taxidermy and Freeze dried Pet Preservation at it's worst! 5/18/2017

Not sure how this place is still in Business It is beyond substandard results for animals brought in in pristine condition. Owner is cocky, rude, absolutely unskilled at his craft. In addition, he does not follow preservation direction on posing your animal, among other multiple inadequacies His workmanship is sloppy and unskilled. Worst in this field I have ever seen. Even though we had before and after pictures of the negligent destruction his process did to our pet, he refused to give a refund. We are going to trial, which shocked him. He was very adamant that we were the pickiest customer in 20 years, when we displayed the shock at the condition that our beloved pet was returned to us in. The owner lives in some alternate reality to think he performs industry standard work. Too, we live in Califonria and the facilty is filthy.He astually puts newly dried pets on his filthy work table with his pre-processed pets. STAY AWAY! He has bad reviews under multiple facility names because he changes the name every few years. We will be starting a review website about the company to warn owner pet owners and posting the before and after pictures of our pet as proof, that they are taking a terrible risk bringing their pet to this facility. Freeze drying CANNOT be undone and even if it could he offers no refunds for any reason. more
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