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Potranco Veterinary Clinic - 16 Reviews - 10839 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (210) 521-4813

Potranco Veterinary Clinic

10839 Potranco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 521-4813
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I have to think someone is out to smear Potranco Vet. There are three reviews here that bash Jennifer Padilla and they all sound suspiciously familiar, like they were all written ...


Jennifer Padilla is dangerous. We took our puppy to the Potranco Vet Hospital. We asked for Dr. Graham. It turns out she owns the property but has nothing to do with the clinic...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2013

I have been going to Potranco Vet for over 7 years with my Dog. I found my dog she was abandoned about 2 months of age, she had mange and she was totally stressed out. So from the initial visit of getting shots, treatment for mange, to later in life when she was bit by a rattlesnake, they have been totally helpful the whole way. I have had yearly scheduled appointments and emergency appointments where I was always able to get in the same day. I order all my dogs monthly meds thru Pet Meds and I have never had a problem. I just have to have a yearly check-up appointment so they can go over everything and make sure my dog is getting the appropriate dosage. \r Sincerely,\r R. Stewart more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2013

We have been going to Dr Graham for many years. And I only can say good things about the whole clinic. The staff has been very understanding to our needs as well as shared our grief. Just about a year ago our small dogs developed parvo just days after we bought them. Dr Graham and her staff brought these dog back to life. As with our many other pets. only have received very professional care and kindness with a smile. THANK YOU to the whole clinic more

Best Vet Clinic in Town 11/13/2011

I have to think someone is out to smear Potranco Vet. There are three reviews here that bash Jennifer Padilla and they all sound suspiciously familiar, like they were all written by the same person. I have been taking my animals to Potranco Vet for 10 years, and have never experienced any of what you said you experienced. Every time I go in, the waiting room and exam rooms are clean. The staff is very professional, I've never heard any yelling or seen any upset owners. Dr. Graham has treated my animals so, contrary to what you say, she does have something ""to do with the clinic."" She is very knowledgeable, and was always willing to listen to what I had to say, and following what our wishes were. She always gives us different options that are available, and does not try to persuade us to do anything. And when the time came for us to part with one of our beloved animals, she was very compassionate and gave my children plenty of time to say our goodbyes and mourn. Then a couple of days later we received a wonderful sympathy card in the mail. I couldn't ask for better treatment from any clinic, as from what I have received at Potranco Vet. I would, and have, highly recommended them to others. I wouldn't let someone who is out to smear them keep you away. more

One Scary Vet 10/23/2011

Jennifer Padilla is dangerous. We took our puppy to the Potranco Vet Hospital. We asked for Dr. Graham. It turns out she owns the property but has nothing to do with the clinic. The lady at the front desk was plain rude, very unclean, and kept loosing the one piece of paper that we gave to her. Padilla made her entrance into the filthy and cramped exam room. She did not listen to a thing that we said and started giving a speech about how to treat our dog. She started to give the dog a shot and I asked what it was. She was not sure and had to get the tech to find the medication name. My wife and I were nervous by then and we asked to see the label--sure enough it was for cats--elderly cats. We asked Padilla about this and she went into a tizzy fit, right there in the clinic. Throwing papers and yelling at us that she was a doctor and we had no right to question her.We decided that she was right and that we would not ask the cost and left. The idiot sent us a bill. When my wife called about the bill the filthy lady at the front desk could not find it. Tuff ... The Padilla idiot is licensed, we checked, but who knows how she got the thing (this is San Antonio friends). I agree with the customer that remembers the criminal Roque Gonzales working there, there are lots of good vets in this city--run to them. more

I won't take my pets anywhere else. 7/5/2011

I have been taking my animals (cats and dogs) to Dr. Graham for 6 years and can't imagine taking them elsewhere. They have always been kind, caring and considerate of my pets needs and my family's feelings. We had a cat who got very sick, needed extreme care and an operation. The staff and Dr. Graham were very understanding of our needs and helped us through our grieving process. Dr. Graham is awesome when it comes to animals and as a person she's very involved in our community. If you live in this area and have pets, Potranco Vet Clinic is the place to go! more

Hard working; Concerned; and Busy!!! 5/6/2011

I run a rescue and have depended on this vet hospital for their advice, concern, and support for many year. You couldn't ask for a better group. Do they have bad days?....Sure, but from what I can tell the problem is from the fact they don't gouge the pocket book and they understand the plite of person in love with their pet but can't afford expensive treatment. They are busy because of their great care and great prices. Dr. Graham is the owner and as the owner must do many other things other than animal care. She does keep clinic throughout the week but needs time to run the business. We recommend this vet hospital to all who live in the area. more

Run!!! This place is a Trap!!!!!! 10/27/2010

There is no Dr. Graham here. There is a Jennifer Padilla. Her biggest business is sending out for tests, I suspect because she really just is too lazy or can not practice. When asked about pert foods, she very politely answered that she just knows what the can says, nothing about the content. more

Which end is up!!!!! 10/25/2010

I have to agree with the ""bakerswife"". The place is chaotic, filthy, and highly unprofessional. While waiting the receptionist lost the paperwork for an exiting client. The recpetionists major theme of conversation is just how busy she is--major practice management issues here folks! more

Dirty, ineffiecient, frustrating 9/15/2009

Finally fed up and won't be returning. I've been taking my dogs to this vet for over 2 years now and it's never been a pleasant experience. The wait is always too long and it's crowded and awkward in the waiting room because of the way the desk is positioned. The vet herself comes in for about a minute, and if you ever need to talk to her, again, the waiting. But it's close to my house and they always have an open appt so I continue to use them. I had a whole conversation with her just now through the receptionist where I was put on hold several times so she could talk to the doctor and come back and tell me what the doctor said- just put the doc on the phone if it's not something you can answer or take my number so the doc can call me back when she is available. When I told the receptionist to tell the doc I was very unhappy, and wouldn't be coming back, she said she wouldn't tell the doc that. What?? Why the heck not? My frustration this morning began when I found out that the doc denied approval to KV Vet supplies. This doc charges at least twice what KV does for prescription meds, so I wanted to order from KV obviously. The doc said that would be fine, just have them fax in the approval form. Well, they did, and the doc didn't approve it. Didn't DISSAPROVE, just didn't respond to several faxes. Very unprofessional. They finally called the vet and the vet said no. I called in to find out why and the vet said the dog needed to come back in and be re-checked to get the prescription. Why?? Not sure. They couldn't tell me. It has been over a week now, so maybe because of time passing, but time has only passed because they stalled on approving the meds. Ridiculous. I could buy my meds for them for a total of $85 for the ear wash, ear ointment and 6 months of heartworm meds, or pay $27 for the wash, ointment and 12 months of heartworm meds from KV! Also, doc wouldn't approve for the brand of heartworm that she sells in her shop because she sells it there. Um? Is that even legal? I've never had a doctor dictate where I could get my meds from and insist I buy it from the docs office. Write me a prescription and let me get my meds. RIDICULOUS. Pros: Easy to get an appt Cons: Dirty, won't approve outside meds, hard to work with more

Outstanding Care 8/13/2008

I have been taking my two Pugs to Potranco Vet for about a year now. Dr Graham is outstanding. My Pugs love her and her staff. They all are very helpful & friendly. I have even taken one of my pugs there without an appointment and they squeezed him into their tight schedule. I would recommend Dr Graham to anybody! Pros: Easy access, friendly & efficient staff more

Great Place for Pets 6/3/2008

I've been a customer since March 2000 when I adopted 2 lab puppies that were full of worms. In the early months, my puppies were frequent patients until we could get them healthy. I was a first time pet owner and Dr. Graham and the staff were a great resource and were very patient with my questions. Today, the puppies are 8 years old. Dr. Graham and her staff have always been wonderful with my dogs. I'm very happy with their knowledge and service and the loving attention they give to my dogs. Pros: knowledgeable, caring, convenient hours more

Great veterinary clinic on Potoranco Rd 10/10/2007

I've been a customer of this Veterinary clinic for 6 months, and so far my pets and I are happy with the service we've received. The waiting time is typically from 5 minutes to 15 minutes so it's not bad at all. They never overbook, which is a plus. I get a 10% discount on services since I'm in the military. Just mention that you're in the military and show your military I.D.card. I only had to show my military I.D. card just for the first visit, and I always get a military discount automatically ever since then. Dr.Graham and the staff at the clinic are very sincere and professional. Highly recommended! Pros: Dr. Graham is great! Clean enviroment, awesome staff, cozy clinic but plenty of parking lot Cons: None so far more

This is one of the best vet clinics around!!! 7/20/2007

My guys have been going to this clinic since they opened. When I moved here I conducted a search for a vet clinic and even though there were some very good ones, I found Potranco Veterinary Clinic to be the perfect place for us. I have four cats and two dogs so I have had many occasions to interact with the caring, polite, and competent people there. My animals love this doctor and her staff. I got one of my dogs from an aquaintance, saddened that she was unable keep him. When I told her that my vet was Dr. Graham, she had heard well of her and said that it eased the pain to know that her dog was in good hands. When Dr. Graham goes on vacation, her fill-in doctors are as competent and caring. During this time, her staff provides a great consistency. When I have had to board any of my animals, they are always calm and happy to be dropped off and the same when I pick them up. I feel consistently confident with this clinic. Pros: Caring, sympathetic, polite, service-oriented, consistent more

The best, most caring, friendly and reasonable Vet clinic in the area!!! 6/7/2007

I've been a customer of this Veterinary clinc for almost four years. In that time, I've had not one complaint. In fact, I've referred many of my friends to them because of their commitment to the customer. No one I've known who's gone to them has ever had a bad word to say about them. They are also great to military members by offering a 10% discount on services. I've never felt that they were out to get my money. It's like going to a small town doctor you trust. You can't put a price on that. Pros: Location, service, caring, clean, friendly, Great Doc's & staff, reasonably priced more


I am very specific when critiquing anything. This place is absolutely wonderful! Dr. Graham & all the techs are amazingly helpful. They have not only met my expectatins, but have surpassed them. They remember you and your pets by name. They are courteous and eager to help-never rude. I don't know if the negative reviewers reviewed the right clinic. They have always given us quotes up front-even printing them out before having a procedure. If your pet has to board the day, they'll call you if anything happens. I once had to call the office when my cat was not improving. One of the techs helped me out--going to the extent of calling the vet (who was preoccupied leading a troop of girl scouts). She called me back within a few minutes with a new script and high-cal food. They are genuinely concerned & follow up with their patients. My 80lb dog is high-energy and can truely try your patience, but they all love him...just one more reason for me to love this establishment! And hey, what other vet clinic promotes the girl scouts as well as Potranco Vet Clinic!? :-D Pros: Economically friendly, Great service, Great Doc, Great Staff Cons: Not open every weekend more

Freindly Staff! Excellent Service!! 6/20/2006

I have been a patron of this clinic for several years. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and caring. Dr. Graham is a no-nonsense type of vet that doesn't try to guilt you into unnecessary treatments. (ex. I once had a vet try to talk me into acupuncture for my dog!) Pros: Caring, sympathetic, reasonable pricing Cons: They might need a bigger clinic more

Unprofessional/Not neighborhood friendly 10/21/2005

This is a convienent location, unfortunatley the staff has better things to do like talk to each other while customers are in need of help. Very RUDE. I live in ""Oak Creek"" and have heard of this before but I visited the office for my self and experienced the same POOR comunication skills of this over worked and unfirnedly staff. I took my two cats and 1 dog to another establishment. To be fair I will not name the other location or give them a plug. They don't need one. Pros: none, none, none Cons: Rude, Unprofessional, Lack of Interest more

Unfriendly Staff, 10/17/2005

I ask the young man in the office how much blood work is or any information about how much for services. He was disinterested and just said for me to bring my pet in. He did not want to takew the time to look on the computer to give me even a ball park figure of any prices. Very unprofessional and in a need of lessons on politeness. This office seems to judge poeple by there looks. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I guess they pnly are nice to soccer moms in nice close. I called Angel of mercy down the street and they were more than happy to take the time to take my money. Pros: none, none, none Cons: unfriendly, rude, unconfortable atmosph more
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