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360 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010
New York, NY 10010
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Porcao - New York, NY


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My husband and I stake out the best churrascarias wherever we go. When we moved to New York 3 years ago, it was right around our anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than...


We have been having our end of the year luncheon for our staff here for 4 years now. When it was Porcao, we always had a lovely experience. This year, our experience was extre...

Such a shame... 5/19/2009

We have been having our end of the year luncheon for our staff here for 4 years now. When it was Porcao, we always had a lovely experience. This year, our experience was extremely disappointing. When we arrived, the private room that we reserved was not prepared at all when we arrived, so all 30 of us had to wait until it was ready. The service was extremely slow, we only had one waiter for 30 people. The food was less than noteworthy and quite bland. The coffee we all ordered with our deserts was cold. And half of us were served and ate our deserts before the rest of the party was served. At the end, we had to hunt them down for the bill. On the positive side, the steak was good and the staff, when present, was very friendly. However, at the end of the day, it made us decide that next year, we're going to have our luncheon somewhere else. Pros: Decent steak and it's a gorgeous restaurant Cons: Just about everything else... more

Disappointing 10/31/2008

My sisters and I have been the biggest fan of Porcao since we first tried it in Rio.. When we found out that they opened one in NY, we were so excited and couldn't wait to check it out. However, tt was pretty disappointing. Good drinks, nice ambiance, but the selection of meat was limited (7 or so) and they kept bringing out the same ones. For how much they charge per person, you would think that they would have a much better selection. The salad bar and dessert was just OK too. The worse part of it all, they overcharged us for certain items (drinks) and didn't even apologize when we pointed it out to them. My sister read a review somewhere about this place regarding overcharging so that's why she reviewed bill a little carefully and what do you know! CHECK YOUR BILL if you decide to eat here. As a matter of fact, don't eat here; it's not worth your money. Pros: nice ambiance and good drinks Cons: not worth your money more

Plenty of food, friendly bartender 2/14/2008

A group of 4 of us went here for a Valentine's dinner. Seeing as we hadn't made reservations, we were fully prepared for somewhat of a wait. Upon arrival the maitre'd assured us that we would be seated once our entire party had arrived. We grabbed a drink at the bar (bartender was extremely friendly but a bit slow), and true to her word, once our fourth showed we were promptly seated. The unlimited salad bar was quite extensive including a vast array of seafood. The initial waiter was also very friendly and immediately took out drink orders. Of course the food never stopped...plenty of meat to be had. I did find many of the cuts fatty which ruined the taste a bit, but other than that I don't really have any complaints on that front. The dessert was mediocre - we all ordered something different and sampled. The chocolate cake and truffles were a bit lacking in taste. We did have a bit of a difficult time acquiring our check as we weren't sure who to ask, but we grabbed a guy in a tux and earpiece and he found it for us quickly. The music was a little too loud for a romantic dinner, but without reservations on vday - who can be picky? Pros: Friendly wait-staff, wine, salad bar Cons: loud music, cuts of meat more

No service 2/9/2008

So a friend and I go to this place and we were just ripe for a good and drinks. Well I realize that this is ""supposed"" to be a Brazilian place but the pace nearly put us to sleep. We sat for easily ten minutes before anybody came to over us. Mind you the place was basically empty....and there were plenty of ""managers"" and other waitstaff walking around. My friend ordered a strawberry capirinia and I got the passionfruit version. The drinks were simply superb. We sat in the lounge area behind the bar so I cannot speak for the actual ""restaurant"" area...we get 3 appetizers....sushi, fried mini patties and a sizzle plate with sausage, steak.....the food was ok....not overl expensive I thought. Sadly we finished our drinks halfway tru our meal.....mind you it was so good I could have stayed there all night drinking it. Eventually we finished our meal and our empty plates sat there for waht seemed an eternity. A busser removed our plates walked away.....and literally 30 minutes went....For sheer spite I refused to call anyone over. My friend actaully went up to get someone. By that time I was so frustrated I didnt even want a drink. My friend had one.....finished it and again we sat there wondering where our check was.......amazingly when we did get it the guy stood over us waiting for it....priorities, I say. I work in sales...and these fools turned what could have easliy been a $300 bill into a $70 one and we ended up going elsewhere to spend our money where people actually want us to spend it......Did I forget to mention we were the only table in the lounge area......Never Again.....Great drinks thats it. Pros: drinks Cons: everything else more

BEST Brazilian Rodizio Churrascaria in New York City! 11/6/2007

My husband and I stake out the best churrascarias wherever we go. When we moved to New York 3 years ago, it was right around our anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than by going out for some perfect, succulent meat? We scoured the web, and concluded that Churrascaria Plataforma was our best bet. Were we ever WRONG! It is absolutely (I was so stunned by the poor quality, that I have tried both locations just to be sure) the worst rodizio I have had in the US. I wanted to ask for our money back. We decided to avoid the churrascaria scene like the plague after that, but one night, driving down Park Ave, I saw a sign advertising an opening for Porcao. I could barely contain myself, because I knew it was an authentic Brazilian chain that I had frequented when I lived in Salvador, and this characteristic I have found to be the most accurate predictor of good quality (like Fogo de Chao). We were not disappointed, and we go back whenever we have an opportunity to celebrate. We never wait for a table, which concerns me, actually. My husband and I are terrified this place doesn't get enough traffic, for whatever reason. Are people still going to Plataforma?? Yeesh.\r \r This is my first review, and I became a member just to write it. I would be devastated if this place closed, so I decided to get my voice out there and hope people would discover this same precious gem! It's not the best churrascaria I've ever had (I'm still a Fogo devotee), but it is by far the BEST in New York City. The meat is excellent, and includes some unique preparations (be sure to try the beef injected with parmesan pellets!). Try it! Pros: Great beef, good non-alcoholic drinks, decent desserts, good place to impress carnivorous guests, good pao de queijo! Cons: Parking can be tough, salad bar can be a tad weak (but who comes for that distraction?) more

Don't bring the Girl From Ipanema here... 10/1/2007

05/23/2007 Posted by greg_b\r \r A great bit of restaurant-meets-theater, Porc?o (New York) served low-quality Brazilian 'fusion' cuisine that resembled more an average-quality MId-western salad bar than a fine Midtown Manhattan restaurant. Indeed, with friendly service and an attractive young Brazilian lady wheeling around a caipirinha cart, the food did not live up to the presentation. In fact, the meat (seemingly the centerpiece of Porc?o's menu) was of such a low/cheap quality that I was taken aback at first -- it was the kind of taste that you get from the cheap, budget selection of meats at a local discount supermarket. The pork sausages were slightly better, but all of the other meats, frankly, sucked. With handsome young waiters, charging around with swords (that's right, I said swords) skewering chunks of lamb, pork, sausage, filet mignon, etc, and slicing off juicy servings--the meat should have tasted as mouth-watering as it all looked, fell short--way short. Nice touch: live pianist playing Brazilian classics added wonderfully to the ambience--restauranteurs, keep live music alive! Spice up your place with live piano, guitar, or jazz trio/quartet. It's worth the extra expenditure.\r \r Pros: Great ambience, live music (piano), friendly service.\r \r Cons: Cheap meats with bad aftertaste, mediocre salad bar (looked great, but...wilted salads, strange combinations, cheap produce, not Brazilian!)\r more

meat market in its truly original state - eat meat & meet... 7/30/2007

meat market in its truly original state - eat meat & meet people. wow, $55 for all you can eat meat: beef,... more

meat market in its truly original state - eat meat & meet... 7/30/2007

ClaraPark Provided by Partner
meat market in its truly original state - eat meat & meet people. wow, $55 for all you can eat meat: beef, venison, chicken, duck, pork, etc. bring... more

pricey but delicious 5/21/2007

Recently took a friend here for his birthday with a group of friends. The food at Porcao was fresh & delicious. They start you with a salad bar - not the greatest variety but still plenty to choose from considering that the best is still to come. A few small appetizers are then brought to the table before the real meal begins, or as I like to call it ""the meat parade"". Servers continually come to the table offering you samples of a variety of meats. Sausage, steak, prime rib, pork loin & many other choices come around again & again until you say ""no mas"". Everything was hot & fresh, but a few choices could have been cooked better, namely the skirt steak which was a tad rubbery. I have had better rodizzio experiences, and this was quite an expensive dinner, but still a very good meal that everybody should try once. Pros: the meat just keeps on coming Cons: some choices could use better cooking more

AMAZING 4/30/2007

WOW! I think I may have just had the best meal of my entire life here.This is the AUTHENTIC Brazilian steakhouse. I love meat, and Porcao does not dissapoint. A huge selection of high quality cuts including lamb chops, top sirloin, bacon wrapped filet mignon, and ribeye with garlic just to name a few, are sliced onto you plate tableside. Oh man, and their sides, I can still taste the yuca fries. My only advice, try not to fill up on the salad bar and try all the meats. Although a bit pricey, its well worth it for the quality and freshness, much better than Churrascario Plataforma. Also, the homemade desserts are heavenly... the flan and ""condensed milk with brazilian chocolate"" are unreal. more

Brazilian show! 2/4/2007

After my first experience there that was not so good about the service, my friend, a very experienced person talking about meats and I diceded to visit Porcao again for a lunch! The place was empty, but the outstanding service startedb with a very young Metre'd asking us about our preference of temperature of the meat, affering us a cocktail and lots of others kindness! Well, the parade of meats still perfect and the salad bar had a perfect ""talharin with shrimp"". The Caipirinha prepared in front of us with a fresh lime, Leblon Cachaca and a lovely bartender that since that notice that we were Brazilian, started having a veruy good conversation. We spent there almost 2 hours and the experience was simply perfect! The only negative point is that I'm a regular at Plataforma and during lunch time the price is diffrent but the meats and salad bar are the same. At Porcao the ""parade of meats"" at lunch and dinner are the same price and we know that lunch's suposed to be cheapier than dinner.... John! Congratulations! Pros: Great foo, Great Service.... Cons: expensive for lunch! more

Soooo much fun! 1/25/2007

I have been to a few of the popluar Brazillian chains, and i just enjoyed this one sooo much. Took my in-laws from London and the LOOOVED it. Was such a new experience for them and the STAFF was so incrediably friendly and sincere...not to mention in-laws still talk about it, to this day!!! Love the roving drink bar and the ""salad bar"" was so good, we barely had room for the meat. Great place for a birthday or group meal. Easy Park ave location and nice bar up front....But VERY big and lots of open tables, I hope they can stay open!! i Will go back for sure! more

Written With Regret 1/22/2007

This place tries. Great service and staff, fun, festive yet not too loud. A great addition to the hood. The only thing lacking is the food itself. This is just not a Churrascarria as good as it can be. The salad bar despite having some unique items is simply not as good as others. And not one piece of meat or chicken excels. Many of the meats had a metallic taste of lower quality cuts. The chicken was actually the best . I'm a frequent customer of Fogo de Chao, a Los Angeles churrascarria. Nothing here compares. And they charge the same amount. This was a one time only experience for me unless I hear they've changed. However, if you want the experience then try it. It's a worthwhile adventure. more

excellent service, food and drinks!!! 1/22/2007

this restaurant (recommended by a friend) turned out to be one of the best suprises i've had restaurant-wise in a long time!!\r i went with some girlfriends there to start a girls-night out for one of their b-days, it started the night off great (very fun ambience)\r the meat was excellent (the servers even go as far to ask you how you'd like your meat cooked), and the capirinha cart should not be passed up on (careful though- they are quite lethal)\r would def go back!!!! Pros: service and caipirinhas Cons: salad bar could be a little better more

Misleading special offer 1/8/2007

I went to Porcao prompted by a special offer I got in the mail for a complementary Brazilian dessert sampler with the executive lunch. I brought a friend to lunch, we both ordered the executive lunch, and when we presented the coupon were told that it was just one individual (very small) dessert. That is NOT a dessert sampler. I did not complain because I did not want to embarrass my guest, but I was very annoyed. The meal was otherwise quite good and the salad bar very extensive, but I would not return because of the disappointing response to the promotion. It is also a bit overpriced (more so because I had to purchase a dessert that I was not expecting to purchase). Pros: Extensive salad bar, tasty meats Cons: Misleading special offer, price more

best meat in town 11/19/2006

best brazilian atmosphezre in town. loved food. great buffet and nice service around it. recommend highly especially if you plan a trip to Brazil. Pros: food Cons: price more

Corporate Dinners Only, Desert not Included 10/28/2006

Just not worth the bill. At $55, eat meat to your heart's content, but the salad bar had dried sushi (not intentional) and stews reminicent of bad wedding catering.\r \r Drinks were fine, and the dessert tray was gorgeous, but when your bill comes to $160 (with tip), you just ask for the bill, and pick up a pint of ice cream on the way home.\r \r For expense accounts only. Pros: Nice space, Great Meats Cons: Salad bar, selection outside of meat more

If you love meat... good for vegetarians too. 10/27/2006

My partner and I went the first time this week. Just amazing food and service! Very romantic. We realized that next time we have a group dinner, we'd bring them here. We love the meats selection. Weren't too impressed with dessert. I love lamb, but I found it hard to eat here... it was a bit smelly. Other than that, it was excellent time. Pros: Ambience, Romantic, Group-friendly Cons: Desserts could have been better more

Best Churrascaria in New York 10/26/2006

To be honest, I'm suprised to have read the slightly the negative reviews below, and cannot believe these people could have eaten at the same restaurant I did. When you sit down they give you a plate of tasting appetizers- don't pass them up. The cheesebread is amazing. The salad bar must have almost 50 options, from pasta salads and such to delicious fresh marinated vegetables, fish filets, soups, smoked salmon, you name it. I could eat my whole meal from it. Then they bring around the rodizio meats and I can say I've never tasted such good meat, they even ask you if you like it rare, medium, well, etc to make sure you get what you want. Don't miss the lamb chops- so tender! Even the desserts were standout- they come around with a little dessert car with a mix of American and Brazilian desserts. Be adventurous and ask for them to recommend something, I don't know what the dessert I had was called but it was absolutely delicious and the perfect way to end such a lovely meal. I will be going back! Pros: Highest Quality food, delicious! Fun for everyone, even kids. Cons: non more

Lots of meat, which is good, little else 6/3/2006

The rodizio here has a couple of very good items--the top sirloin and pork sausages were excellent. Many other cuts were underseasoned though most everyone could find something they like and cooked the way they like (the chicken hearts' rubbery, flavorlessness excepted). Th salad bar is just ok. Too many mayo-laden items, afterthought sushi, fried calamari with marinara? The parade of carbs--do we need tepid yuca firees and regular fires and mashed potatoes is superfluous; better to put some of these on the salad bar.Wine list is short but has some nice selections but some markups are ridiculous: e,g., Numanthia '03 $100 ok ($45 list), but Gago '03 $57 ($13-20), Goats Do Roam $37 ($8). Service tries hard but pushes food too fast once it gets going. Linger and wait for what you want. Pros: meat, meat, meat Cons: too big, cold space, Overpriced wine, Tepid carbs more
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