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Polo Springs Vet Hosp - 20 Reviews - 5557 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (719) 822-0540

Polo Springs Vet Hosp

5557 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 822-0540
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Polo Springs Vet Hosp - Colorado Springs, CO
Polo Springs Vet Hosp - Colorado Springs, CO
Polo Springs Vet Hosp - Colorado Springs, CO


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After reading all the reviews, the ""very positive glowing reviews"" appear to be written by staff/family/friends.\r The glowing reviews read like a on line sales advertisement. ...


I would give Polo Springs 0 stars if I could. We had been going there for a few years taking our two dogs and did not have too bad of an experience. It was a two year or so peri...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2014

Amazing wonderful and caring staff that takes time to spend with you and your pets. \r \r We went to Polo Springs for two years (the whole time we lived in Colorado). They have a wonderful staff and great vets who care for the animals. We had a lot of issues after adopting our dog and they would walk us through treatment and options prior to doing them. \r \r They are open early and late, which is extremely helpful for our working family and are able to get the care for our dog without missing work. They are great for fitting in emergencies and could always get us in when we needed it. \r \r The best part of Polo Springs is that they are there even after we moved. We had some problems with a vet not explaining everything to us and we called them and they took the time to walk through the medications we were given and what is best for our dog. \r \r Yes, they are more expensive than some, but their quality of care and dedication to each patient is well worth every cent spent. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/10/2013

Worst experience ever!\r We have a 4 yr. old golden retriever who is well socialized, very friendly, well behaved and always off leash. She is the best dog ever! We went to Polo Springs to board her for the weekend and she also required some shots and an exam. So we dropped her off. When we picked her up, there were several major problems and concerns! She was very dehydrated! She had a big cut on her nose. She had completely lost her voice/bark. Also, the exam report was just checkboxed. There was no exam done, even though they charged us for it! They checked ""appears normal"" on everything but her teeth needing to be cleaned because that means more $ for them! On the exam report, they also checked ""appears normal"" under Skin Condition, even though our dog has a big growth on her upper back that they couldn't have missed if they truly did an exam. When I called about these issues, they said they were muzzling my dog! There is no possible way my dog should ever have to be muzzled!!! She also was lying and giving me contradictory statements regarding the exam report and trying to cover up all the issues I brought to her attention. On the exam report, they wrote that ""your dog did great during her stay with us."" Oh, really!!! Then why were you muzzling her! Why dehydrated?! Why did she lose her voice?! She is not a barker at all unless she's trying to tell you something like she's thirsty, OR you're mistreating her!!! Why did she have a cut on her nose?! This place is also extremely expensive!! Also, they have terrible record keeping. I just received a postcard from them saying she is overdue for her exam. Hmmmm...I thought you just examined her!!!!\r Avoid this place!!! We will NEVER go back.\r \r more

Questionable Great Reviews 10/31/2011

After reading all the reviews, the ""very positive glowing reviews"" appear to be written by staff/family/friends.\r The glowing reviews read like a on line sales advertisement. Remember if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. more

Love This Place 7/23/2011

Great facility, great staff, great care. Enough said. more

Wish my own doctor's office ran this well 5/3/2011

I recently began going to Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital because of a negative experience I had with a vet that I'd been going to for years. The first time I called Polo Springs to inquire about their facility, doctor credentials, services, hours, etc. I found the nurse to be very friendly and informative over the phone. She suggested that I come to the hospital (unannounced) for a tour, so that's exactly what I did. I found the facility to be very impressive. Their entire surgery area could be viewed through a solid wall of windows - from the front lobby!!! The rooms were all windowed so that I could see throughout the hospital. One of the nurses took me on a tour and explained the hospital's design, the staff's credentials, the services they provide etc. etc. It was obvious that these people had nothing to hide, which made me very comfortable. I made an appointment for one of my dogs to have a check up by one of the vets and found the doctor to be very thorough and friendly. She asked me a lot of questions about my dog and explained everything she was evaluating during my dog's exam. She answered all of my questions and also discussed several things that were important for me to know in order to better care for my dog. It felt like she really wanted to take the time to get to know me and my dog. I found the staff to be professional, caring, thorough and informative. I wish my own family's doctor's office ran this well. My brother subsequently boarded his three dogs at Polo Springs and was also very impressed by the facility and the hospital's level of care. He felt like the staff really did their best to have his dogs' stay be as much like home as possible. more

Treated my dog's diabetes 3/24/2011

My 3 year old miniature schnauzer had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and needed twice daily insulin shots in order to get better. When his regular vet was having trouble getting his blood sugar under control I took him to Polo Springs vet hosp to see if they could help him. After my first appointment I discovered how much I hadn't been told about how to properly treat a dog with diabetes. During my initial appointment at Polo Springs, the vet and her two nurses spent a considerable amount of time with me, instructing me on how to give my dog his insulin shots and what I needed to do at home to make sure he was doing okay. They also took the time to answer all of my questions. The vet diagnosed him with a bladder infection which she said contributed to his blood sugar problems. Once the infection was gone and the vet made some changes in his insulin dose, my dog was like a puppy again. I really appreciated all the time they took to help my dog get better. more

Felt like this hospital really cared 3/8/2011

I brought my dog to Polo Springs when he wouldn't stop throwing up. Dr. Lehman examined him and immediately suspected that something was wrong with his pancreas. She ran some tests to confirm that was the problem and told me what needed to be done in order to help my dog get better. We followed her instructions and my dog did recover from his illness. My wife and I were very impressed by the care our dog received. We felt like the staff knew what they were doing and that they all really cared about our dog. I would recommend this hospital to other people who are in need of a good, caring vet. more

Helped me in a crisis 2/7/2011

I recently had an emergency with my cat. I had come home from work to find my cat had thrown up all over the house. My regular vet was about to close for the day so they referred me to Polo Springs. When I called Polo Springs and described what was wrong with my cat they had me come in immediately. My cat required emergency surgery that same night to remove a cat toy she'd previously eaten. Four of Polo Springs' staff members (including two vets) stayed well into the night operating on her and caring for her. I was very impressed by the level of care my cat received as well as the entire staffs' dedication to her. more

Saved My Dog's Life 1/28/2011

The staff at this veterinary hospital is amazing. I had previously taken my dog to another veterinary hospital repeatedly because he was terribly sick. When he wasn't improving, a good friend of mine referred me to Polo Springs because of the excellent care they had always given her cats. It wasn't until I got a second opinion from Dr. Lehman that I found out exactly what was wrong with my dog. After taking some xrays and running some lab work, Dr. Lehman and the other staff members spent a considerable amount of time explaining my dog's condition and what treatment was necessary. Fortunately, my dog is doing so much better because of Polo Springs' care. The doctors and staff have checked up on my dog several times since my initial visit, in addition to helping me over the phone whenever I have any questions. I HIGHLY recommend this veterinary hospital because of their compassion, experience and professionalism. They took the time to figure out what needed to be done in order for my dog to survive, and they did so in a concerned and caring manner. I would never go anywhere else. more

Very Bad and Sad Experience 1/27/2011

I would give Polo Springs 0 stars if I could. We had been going there for a few years taking our two dogs and did not have too bad of an experience. It was a two year or so period since we had been there when we had to take our 10 year old Great Pyrenees in because she could no longer stand up after we groomed her that morning. They wanted to run a series of expensive tests of which we could not afford at the time. They were not sympathetic or caring and did not give us a whole lot of options except to spend hundreds of dollars. We took her back home and did not know what to do. We were very short on money during this time period and did not know where else to go to get her looked at. We talked to a relative that raised Pyrenees and suggested she probably would not be able to function or stand on her own due to her age and life span and the best thing may be to put her down. We made the mistake of going back to Polo Springs to have this done. The front office and assistants did not seem very understanding and were more concerned about payment. Even with our previous relationship and years of going to Polo Springs, they couldn't even offer any condolences and we never received a card or acknowledgement in the mail for our loss. For their fancy facility and prices, they sure are cold hearted. For the last several years, we have been taking our pets to a wonderful veterinary hospital that is compassionate and offered so much when we had to put another pet down. more

The Best Veterinary Hospital 8/5/2010

I wouldn't take my cat anywhere but Polo Springs. They listen to my concerns, give me several options and let me take my time in deciding what to do. All costs are up front and they never do anything I don't want them to do. My cat loves the place and I love all the people. more

Over priced, don't listen, don;t take action 3/2/2010

I think having options is good, but to tell me of test that won't check for what we have been discussing is a bit silly. I asked for one test had the test re-explained to me to make sure and then they performed another test. Cons: price and lack of quality info more

Tring to act fancy but the service sucks! 12/14/2009

This office is horrible. They try to act fancy and professional, but in fact they suck. They over charge you always, the staff is very rude. The vet doesnt take the time with you, but definately hurries to give you the bill. \r I took my dog to get her immunizations and have a check up. Charged me very high, that was fine. I called in after 3 days and said I have to travel to Alabama and need a certificate for my dog bla, bla, bla. They said we have to check the dog and do an exam from the beginning I said wasnt i there with my dog 3 days ago? yes but thats the rule, whatever I did that and GUESS WHAT??? they charged me like they did three days ago and made me pay $80 for 2 worthless papers and thats the way they treat their clients. We are a medical family, with vets, pharmacists, dentists etc, but this case was not normal at all. Simply sad they RIPP you OFF! more

Will never go back!! 11/6/2009

I really wish I had read these reviews before my kitten's appt. I was extremely dissatisfied with this vet's office and will NOT go back. Their prices are outrageous. They charged me $111.00 for a medication I found online for $52.00!! My routine exam took TWO HOURS. They'd leave the room to do something and it'd take 20 minutes even though I was the only person in the office! The office was empty and I'd say there's a good reason why. You cannot keep customers with these prices and complete lack of concern for the customer's time. My bill for a routine exam, a couple of shots, and some meds was over $300! Seriously. Never again. And the waiting room with the uncovered cookies and pitcher of water is just disgusting. It's a vet's office, people...with FUR flying everywhere. Nasty. If you're searching for a vet, keep looking! Cons: EXPENSIVE more

TERRIBLE!!! 10/3/2009

I recently went into Polo Springs to ask a question about my dogs leg. The lady at the front was very rude and seemed almost annoyed that I cared about my dog. But it wasnt that that made me weary of the hospital, I looked back into a hallway and saw 2 dogs running around and barking. I asked why there were dogs walking around loose and she said it was the owners dogs and not to worry. Not to Worry?? That is so not cleanly and frankly stupid of the Polo Springs Staff. What happens the day those dogs get attacked or attack another dog that comes into the hospital....awful rude, irresponsible place and i will never go back and i suggest you dont either. Pros: Cookies and Coffee Cons: Not clean, disrespectful staff, over priced, just awful! more

Exceptional Vet! 11/5/2008

I found Polo Springs Vet to be exceptional, and I disagree with all current negative reviews! Dr Meadows took very good care of my brand new puppy and the staff was very friendly. Cost is reasonable and compares to other vets I've seen in the past with various family pets. After the exam, they take the time to go over all options before completing care. One customer review thought this odd...wouldn't you rather they go through all costs prior to the end of the visit so you're not surprised?! You choose only the ones you need after consulting with the doctor on what's best for your pet. I did not get the impression they were just trying to make a buck...I got the impression they genuinely cared about the well being of my puppy! They were very thorough and took very good care of Ruby! She was comfortable the entire visit and that's the most important thing to me....I could care less how they treat's all about the pet care. They did; however, treat me very well also!! I chose them because I live close by and I'm glad I did. They followed up my appt with a phone call and a letter to ensure I was completely satisfied. Both Ruby and I are pleased with our experience and will continue with Polo Springs Vet for future visits. Pros: Very thorough,y friendly, caring, and reasonable. more

And you say you care? 11/3/2008

I have been a customer of Polo Springs for a little while now...and have had mixed reactions lately not only about the office staff but also the professional staff.\r A year ago, when I telephoned, I had just moved to the area, and needed to find a vet clinic that only cared about my pets but also me. I talked with Sienna(sp) on the phone, and I immediately felt that I had found the information she provided me with the cares that could be provided and information on the clinic very helpful. Over the year, I was very pleased when greeted by the staff.and the overall care was above my expectations. A simple phone call and talking with the right person-proved my decision was right!\r I now am sad to say that in the last month I have become greatly disturbed with the running of the office.\r The cleanliness has gone down considerable in the last month...when I call on the phone I have been talked to very abrubtly--I think the new girl's name is Molly. She doesn't seem to be completely aware of the services...times available..and has put me on hold several times only to be disconnected. My last visit, I was the only one in the waiting room, but yet had to wait for well over 45 minutes. I could hear staff in the back talking and laughing, almost forgetting they had a customer. I no longer felt like a ""personal"" customer, but more like a nobody. When I was seen the vet was impersonable and abrubt and didn't seem to listen to what I was saying about the symptoms I had been seeing at home. This was not at all how I had been treated in the past.....I miss hearing a cheerful voice on the phone, miss coming into a clean environment, and I miss the compassion of the staff. I have talked to several friends who had gone to Polo springs clinic in the past, and they too felt the feeling that things were ""falling apart"" Time to move on, and now that I am more familiar with the area, won't be hard to find the kind of clinic that Polo Springs was. Pros: Was a great place 6 months ago but.... Cons: Clinic appears to be struggling and it shows in office personal to professional staff more

Clean, long wait 9/27/2008

This place is ok if you have no other options. I agree with others about the ""sales pitch."" I wasted probably about 20 minutes waiting between people talking to me. That would be ok, except the place seemed empty. The vet was very nice and thorough, no tough sell at all. However, they did take my dog to the back to do her vaccines which I've never had a vet do before. Also, they suggested a vaccine my dog had already received and was not due for. Pros: clean, seems up to date Cons: price, wait, just overall feel of how things were presented more

wow how rude! 7/17/2008

I've taken my dog here about 3-4 times to be groomed. I am in a contract with Banfield for my vet needs and basically only take my dog here because it's so close to my home. I have been reasonably happy with their grooming (I don't have it done by the groomer, just the general workers there, I only get a bath and brush). I have spoken with their receptionist sienna (sp?) and every time I call I get the rudest, snottiest, snobbiest response. Just because there is ""polo"" in the name does NOT mean this is a designer vet so stop acting like you are better than your customers! There are cookies and coffee, but they don't cover the cookies and I know my dog sheds like crazy in there so I find that totally gross! The last time I called I had to have my dog RE-GROOMED because they didn't even brush his tummy, just bathed him and brushed the top portion of my dog...he looked great until I brought him home and he started dropping huge clumps of hair on our carpet. The last conversation I had with their receptionist I explained that I wasn't happy with the groom. She started off by saying ""well he wasn't in here to have his hair cut"" and I said ""no, but he wasn't even brushed."" to that she said ""I heard you, I was just checking to see what he was supposed to get."" I heard you? When I was younger I was a receptionist, I would NEVER have said anything so curt and snotty and this is so typical of this place. I have never met or used the vets here but if they offer a grooming service it sure doesn't make much sense that I am treated in a substandard way, I feel like they just wish I'd stop wasting their time because I am not a huge vet bill spender there. Well they are getting their wish. After my dog's re-groom I will never go back there, EVER! Pros: interesting lay out and glass fronted surgery area Cons: so many! Snobby, curt, and my dog doesn't seem to like them (he loves EVERYONE!) more

This place is a rip-off! 3/24/2008

We tried Polo Springs once. We called ahead of time to get the price of a lab test we wanted and if results could be back within the time frame needed. They were great on the phone, gave us the price - a bit high but it was the best we could do on the weekend, so we set up the appointment. Once there, they did as the first reviewer stated - tried to get us to sign up for all these other ""services"" that we didn't want or need. Worst of all, the quoted price was not what we were charged. We were charged an office visit fee, which was unbelievable, along with extra fees for the appointment being on a Saturday. DON'T GO HERE - it definitely is a rip off and you can get the same quality of care at a hundred other places for a fraction of the cost. Why do I need coffee and cookies at the vet's office anyway? Who do you think is paying for that??? Cons: This place is definitely in it for the money, trying to coerce you to get more done than what you came in for. more
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  • Since 1997, we have provided the best possible care available for our pet owners' companions. At Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital, we consider it both an honor and a privilege to care for your special companion. All of the doctors at Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital graduated first in their class from the top veterinary colleges in the United States, and are assisted by a highly skilled and dedicated nursing staff. Our animal hospital has expanded office hours, and offers a variety of veterinary services and can assist you with all of your pet's needs. In addition to providing wellness examinations, vaccinations, and spay and neuter procedures, we offer a multitude of routine and advanced diagnostic services, general, complex and emergency medical and surgical care, hospitalization, critical care services and comprehensive dental care. We operate a state-of-the-art, international award winning veterinary hospital. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine by meeting over 900 rigorous standards published by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). If you are currently looking for an animal hospital in Colorado Springs, or if you have a question related to how we can help serve you and your pet, we would welcome you to call or visit our hospital. We are confident that you will see why Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital is a place you and your companion will feel right at home. CALL US TODAY AT 719.822.0540. Comprehensive Wellness Examinations,Customized Vaccination Programs,Internal Medicine,Emergency Treatment,Surgery,Dental Care,Nutritional Counseling,Boarding and Daycare,Grooming Services

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