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Podnah's Pit - 22 Reviews - 1469 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211-5174, Portland, OR - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (503) 281-3700

Podnah's Pit

1469 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211-5174
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 281-3700
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Podnah's Pit - Portland, OR
Podnah's Pit - Portland, OR
Podnah's Pit - Portland, OR
Podnah's Pit - Portland, OR
Podnah's Pit - Portland, OR


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I rarely will rage about barbecue, there are simply so many good places coast to coast. But once in a while I'll find a location which you know at...


I had received rave reviews from a friend of mine and was eager to go check it out since it's 10 blocks from where I live. It had been compared to the quality of Clay's and I was...

Kudos to the staff, cook and owners. 6/22/2014

Rick Provided by Partner
I rarely will rage about barbecue, there are simply so many good places coast to coast. But once in a while I'll find a location which you know at... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

Brisket. It's an experience best tasted not described. Always get the mac & cheese when it's offered. Beer and BBQ are a natural match, but Podnah's drinks are worthy. Pitboss plate should be featured on one of those eat til it hurts shows on basic cable. I split with a friend and was nearly paralyzed from the caloric intake (but it was so good, I couldn't stop) more

Just go! 6/5/2012

Just go! more

Best BBQ in Portland!!! One of the 6/3/2012

Best BBQ in Portland!!! One of the breakfasts as well. While it's way out of the way, the food, drinks, and service is worth it. Keep up the good work. more

Great barbeque but they have moved 6/25/2011

This address is incorrect, and as of June 24, there was no sign outside Podnah's. The new address is 1625 NE Killingsworth, and we coulodn't find a parking lot nor a surly staff. No wait on a Friday afternoon. more

Solid, But Unspectacular 11/26/2010

I'll admit, I'm tough to please when it comes to BBQ. I tried Podnah's Pit on a rainy Tuesday night. It was surprisingly crowded. It took 20 minutes to be seated, but since I'd had plenty of time to study the menu, the food came lightning quick. They had a special of $20 for a full rack of ribs. I certainly got my money's worth. These were big and meaty spare ribs. They had plenty of smoky flavor, but were otherwise bland, and would have benefited from a spicy rub. I really disliked the highly vinegary sauce, so I skipped it altogether. For $20, I was plenty satisfied, but as far as the best barbecue I've had, this place doesn't even rate. more

Totally UN-impressed! 10/25/2010

I enjoy going out for a truly good meal. And although I've cut back on eating out over the last year, for economic reasons...Enjoying good food out with friends at least twice a month is about a infrequent as I'm willing to cut it. I also like to visit a restaurant at least twice, to compare the dishes and service and possibly give the establishment a 'second chance' if my first visit didn't score high in my book. Here enters Podnah's BBQ Podnah's BBQ had been open for about 8 months when I went for the first time. The reviews I'd been reading up to that time were pretty good, and I was looking forward to trying some tasty bbq beef brisket. What a let-down. The first thing I noted was that the waitress ignored me for what seemed like a good 30 minutes -- even waiting tables who's occupants arrived and seated well after me. OK... I thought that seemed pretty rude, but I'm an easy going person. And I was hungry. So I finally got the server's attention and placed my order for brisket with greens and potato salad. When my order finally arrived ( which took another 35 minutes), I was REALLY hungry by then. But when I took the first bite of brisket, it was so dry that chewing just made it swell and expand in my mouth. Dry, sauceless, almost flavorless except for a bit of smoke... what a disappointment. The sides were just ok. Greens were way too salty, and some of the potato dices in the potato salad were still raw. Trying to get a refill of ice water, some bread, or condiments was impossible. Its like I was invisible. I thought I'd NEVER go back again, after that first visit. But when some our-of-town friends came to visit and had dining at Podnah's on their agenda, I tagged along thinking maybe it would be better this time. Boy, was I wrong. This second time around was even worse than the first. Same dry, overcooked meats. Same over-seasoned or completely bland sides. And amazingly, even WORSE service. I will never go to this place to eat again, nor will any of my friends. Suffice to say, don't believe all the positive reviews you read about this place. more

Blasphemous Rumor 8/22/2010

Had dinner with the family at Podnah's on 8-21-2010 and them having ""great Texas BBQ"" is a blasphemous rumor. I have lived in TX and St. Louis and I feel I have a good idea of what good BBQ should taste like and this establishment falls short. I was not impressed by the service we received. It was unprofessional and inconsistent. There were six of us and the menu states"" Free bread, Jalapeno's and onions"". Anyone who has eaten BBQ in Texas knows that white bread is a must when eating BBQ. We order a half rack of ribs, brisket, pulled pork, collard greens, beans, black eyed pea salad and potato salad.So she brings out a basket with 4 slices of bread (6 people). These are quickly eaten and we asked for more bread...She brings out 3 slices of bread this time..Again, eaten quickly and when we asked the 2nd time for more bread AND we got attitude from her....6 people, 7 slices of white bread so far and we get attitude. My initial thought is...It's white bread...If it was really ""Texas style BBQ"" they would have dropped a loaf on the table. Getting your beverage refilled was like asking for a loan. I can understand if it was really busy, but it wasn't. Now for the food...The collard greens were nasty as hell, the beans were way too salty from the pork and bacon fat, The brisket was good, but not impressive, the cornbread had a funny taste to and I have had better pulled pork out of a frozen package from Costco. The black eyed pea salad was pretty tasty and so was the potato salad. I can't comment on the ribs because I didn't eat any. To sum it all up, I would not eat there again even if my dinner was paid for by someone else. I've had better food and service at Buster's BBQ and they don't set a high bar. If you are looking for good service and BBQ, I recommend trying Russell Street BBQ. So far, it has been a great experience and the food is always good and you actually get your drink refilled without showing signs of dehydration. more

Best Brisket in Portland. 7/1/2010

Discovered this place by accident; we were driving by and just happened to noticed their sign. We had heard about it from friends and Triple D, but had not been there yet. We turned the car around and decided to stop in for lunch. We were able to sit outside in the sun on one of their two patio tables. They only offer two starters, two sandwiches and four baskets for lunch. But you will not be disappointed. We tried the trout and beef brisket sandwich. The portion on the beef was very generous and tender. It just melts in your mouth. The trout was something we have never had fresh smoked; it was amazing. The side dishes are what you would expect for BBQ, nothing to wow you but they were done right. Overall it is a great little BBQ spot to try. Pros: Brisket, friendly service, great quality for good price Cons: Small menu, noisy street corner more

Very poor service--will not return though food is great. 4/28/2010

As a native Texan I was excited the first time I came here a few years ago and found they had some of the best TX-style BBQ I've found here in PDX. And I miss the migas I used to get in houston, so was happy when they started doing their breakfast. Pros: Great BBQ, only place I've found with migas, awesome biscuit Cons: Lousy attitude, poor service more

Try their breakfast 1/31/2010

We've added Podnah's to our Sunday morning breakfast rotation (joining Marco's, J & M, Besaw's, Sanborn's and Tin Shed). Simple menu, good food and good service. Try the parmesan cheese grits instead of potatos . . . and don't forget the bisquit. It's really good. Pros: Great bisquits Cons: Average coffee more

Will never return 1/30/2010

I loved Podnah's, it was one of my favorite BBQ restaurants around. The sides were mediocre, but the Blue Cheese Wedge was delicious, chili was very good, the brisket is amazing, and it is real smoked meat that is not hidden by sauce. Very good quality ingredients and real home cookin. That is the good. Now- the bad- tonight's experience was ridiculous enough for me to immediately post this and decide to boycott ever going back. We called to order takeout- were told they were ""too busy to take takeout calls, to come in and order"". We were aware that they tend to run out of some meats since they smoke only a certain amount, so we had a backup for what we may want. Upon arriving to order takeout we found out they were out of brisket and pork?! Wow. This didn't make us angry, just annoyed. Of course- it isn't their fault. However, they do run out of SOMETHING every single day. Figure out how much you need and make enough people. So this left only ribs, trout and chicken. We decided a whole rack of ribs. Then we were told that though they had plenty of ribs to give us a rack they wouldn't because they had a wait list and the people waiting MAY want to order ribs- they couldn't sell us any more than 3 ribs!?!?! But they could give us trout. Not even chicken because they didn't have enough if the people STILL WAITING wanted chicken. So if I want anything except 3 ribs and trout I am out of Luck. Keep in mind they HAD THE RIBS AND THE CHICKEN! THEY HAD ENOUGH, but they were turning us away in case the people that were waiting wanted ribs. So pretty much, the people that were waiting were more important than us- even though we were there- ready to order NOW, those people on the wait list got priority- just IN CASE they wanted a lot of ribs and a lot of chicken. Screw that- I will take BBQ I like a little less over that any day. they are full of themselves and were very rude in telling us, no apology even. I will go to russell street. Pros: Yummy brisket Cons: takeout not possible, Running out of all meats! expensive! more

Great BBQ 9/28/2009

Ribs were meaty, juicy and tender. Great smoked flavor and yummy bark. Brisket was the best I have ever had, moist and fork tender. Smoked Trout hash was to die for some of the best trout I have ever had. And the Biscuits were Delish as well. Service was good :) Pros: Everything was wonderful. Cons: None that I can think of. more

Great All Around 7/9/2009

Vaguely remembered a BBQ sign on the corner of 15th and Prescott, since we were in the area, we decided to check it out. Started with a pitcher of Anchor Steam, so even if the food was bad it wouldn't have been a wasted trip. But the food was great! We had Brisket and pulled pork and they were both awesome! I love their Virginia style spicy vinegar. Their coleslaw was awesome, not drippy and creamy, but sweet and vinegary. Yum! Their greens were awesome as well. Must try! Service was awesome too! Pros: Most everything Cons: Limited seating more

yummy 2/21/2009

We were scared....Portland does NOT know BBQ....but guess what? Podnahs was excellent! Very tasty! We had a brisket sandwich, greens, smoked ruby trout, black eyed pea salad, and frito pie. The brisket was tender and delicious. The trout was served whole stuffed with lemon and seasoning....tender and flavorful. They make their own hot sauce and it is yummy. Never had b.e.p. salad but I'll be looking for it again.....tasty. Really I cant say enough about how much we enjoyed Podnahs. After trying so many places just to be disappointed, it was nice to leave stuffed and happy! I'm from Georgia/Tennessee and was starting to wonder if I'd have to go home for a good plate of BBQ. Thanks Podnahs! more

Special Smoked Prime Rib - Amazing! 2/1/2009

A group of guys enjoyed trying Podnah's last night after learning that they would be making their special smoked prime rib this weekend. We had a large group (10) so we contacted them in advance and they held a table for us. 8 of us had the prime rib and everyone thought that it was great. Cooked perfectly. Another had the brisket and thought it was excellent. Last guy had the pulled pork sandwich and also liked it very much. Go to their website and sign up for the e-mail newsletter. That's how I heard about the prime rib. We changed our plans to go to Podnah's after receiving the e-mail and it was a smart move. We will be back. Pros: Good food, very nice waitress Cons: Get a reservation (large group only) or wait and watch others enjoy while you drool! more

If you're looking for great bbq stop in, if you're looking for romance move along 1/19/2009

The room is pretty bare bones (no pun), and the seating is fairly limited, but if you're looking for the real deal look no further. This place is fanatastic. From the rub, to the real hardwood smokin', to the sauces it's hard to beat Podnah's. And not just in Portland, I'm from the South, and there are few places I've been to that can compare. The ribs, chicken, pulled pork, or my personal favorite the lamb ribs are all outstanding. The sides are great, but not as amazing. But you have to like a vinegar based cole slaw (not creamy), and the black-eyed pea salad is the best for what it is. Pecan pie was good, too (although once it was a little dry). Definitely worth the wait, but I usually do take-out, so I don't have to bother. Pros: Food, food, food Cons: ambience lacks, that's it more

place is small but not that bad, food is okay too. real bbq though. I appreciate their efforts... 1/3/2009

very similar to clay's, kind of run down small place without much ambience...yum yum's? that place is little too wacky for me, and I didn't even mind the Reo's ribs decor...Campbell's has great ambience and food, and like the Podna's, they have good meat. They both have good beers and wine. Sides? Campbell's have good sides like the Russell street, but Russell street is little bit snobbish undeservingly. Because Russell street is not your real bbq joint, it's a fusion bbq. I know they make their bbq in a pellet burning smoker, not a real wood-fire bbq. Podna's and Campbell's uses real wood-fire bbq. Which are two of my favorite joints. Sometimes it's not consistent, but I'll settle for real bbq than gas fired or pellet smoking bbq. Pros: real wood smoking bbq, not using gas or pellets. Cons: too small of seating areas. more



Podnah's sets the standard for Texas BBQ in Portland. 10/13/2008

I keep going back to Podnah's again and again, and everyone I've taken there has loved it. Podnah's ribs depend on the smoke for their flavor. They have some nice sauces for supplements, but the smoked meat all by itself is wonderful. The sides are OK (I'm partial to the beans and coleslaw), but the meat is the reason I keep coming back. more
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  • Portland's Podnah's BBQ offers diners delicious Texas style barbecue, salads, desserts and more in a friendly atmosphere.

  • 6/4/2008 Provided by Citysearch

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