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Who would ever think you could find a place that serves one of the best tasting cheeseburgers in town and have an excellent sushi bar in the same restaurant. Love this place and ...


I organize a new to town group that welcomes new faces to the Nashville area and I took a group of about 10 to 12 of us here one time.-bad idea, bad, bad, bad idea, they yelled at...

Great Burger 5/19/2011

Who would ever think you could find a place that serves one of the best tasting cheeseburgers in town and have an excellent sushi bar in the same restaurant. Love this place and the spicy crunchy tuna roll is the best I've ever had! more

most ridiculous service ever! 2/12/2011

I organize a new to town group that welcomes new faces to the Nashville area and I took a group of about 10 to 12 of us here one time.-bad idea, bad, bad, bad idea, they yelled at us not once but twice just for pushing some tables together outside! They made a huge deal out of nothing and treated us like we were the scum of the earth. The server and also the owner (who I actually thought at the time was a busser) each separately came up to the table to yell at us and the owner actually told us he was ""livid!"" wow, really??! i can see yelling at us if we were being obnoxious or disrupting other patrons, but all we did was push 2 tables together!! Not only that, but we never once had a thanks for coming in from the waiter or a ""hey how's everything tasting?"" nothing. in fact, after we ate, a couple of us were sitting and chatting and deciding whether or not we were going to do next door to bongo java for some coffee or having some at PM. Well, they cleared EVERYTHING from the table, yes even sugar caddies and salt and pepper and our server told us ""we needed to go!!"" I WILL NEVER SPEND MY MONEY IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT EVER AGAIN AND URGE YOU NOT TO AS WELL!! Granted, it was the first nice day out in awhile, so the outdoor patio was the place to be. However, how about a ""thank you all for coming in, we really appreciate your business, however we really need this table for another party. You are welcome to enjoy some drinks inside at the bar, but we really this table."" That would have been wayyyy more professional and cordial. If I had not had some new to town people in my group, I most definitely would have said something at the moment. In fact, I wouldn't have stayed once they told us they were ""livid"" with us for pushing some tables together, i would said, hey guys, let's go somewhere else, obviously this restaurant is telling us they do not want our business. There are way too many restaurants/good sushi places to be treating people like that! So disappointing too because I really like some of their sushi rolls. I did complain to the manager the following week, he agreed that the owner is extremely rude and actually told me he gets embarrassed by him, but all he suggested was us to come back and get a free meal...yeah so u can spit in our food? uh no thanks. more

get PM dinner spot 1/20/2011

I went with a couple of girlfriends on a saturday night around 8, the place is relly popular so we waited about 35-40 min. Which ended up not being so bad, as we found a couple of seats at the bar to share, and got some wine. We had a really sweet waitress, who was very attentive, even with it being busy. i ordered the sashimi chef special, and was in for a treat. On my plate came three pieces each of tuna, snapper, and salmon. Really fresh beautifully cut fish. They also have some of the best miso soup I have ever tried. I'm a big sushi person, and have eaten at a lot of places, and I was really impressed with the mea I received. I just recommend reservations if you're in a hurry, but the food we all had was delightful, and we really enjoy this young hip atmosphere. It is a definite must for the younger crowd in Nashville. more

You have got to be kidding me!!!! 7/18/2010

Upon my arrival to Nashville as a Belmont student I immediately began asking around for great places to eat, specifically where I could get great sushi, and being at Belmont all I could get is PM, PM, PM!!!! So, I went. To begin, the sushi at PM is some of the worst I have had in my entire life. The fish is warm and the rolls look as though they have been pre-made hours in advance and have such a little amount of fish in them. The price that I paid for crap is stunning. I could have gotten sushi at Kroger that was made 5 hours earlier, paid far less and have been much more satisfied. Not to be a one timer I have returned twice since and guess what, same bad food and same bad service. The fact that Nashville thinks this place is good eating is beside me. It does however have a good atmosphere to the place and the location is good. How it has gotten the rep of being the ""go to"" place I have no idea other than mom and dad's credit card in the hands of a spoiled college student. In addition, the entitled attitudes of the servers while dining was distressing, where are my drink refills and smiles? If you want great sushi for far less in a great atmosphere travel a few blocks over to Samurai Sushi off of West End, and leave PM to those who don't know good food and just want to be seen. Pros: Location Cons: prices and food, service more

Great Sushi and drinks 7/11/2010

Lok this place and the place next door Cha Cha's both owned by the same person, who has been on Top Chef DC all week. The food is great the service is respectable and the drinks are to die for! can't go wrong with this place! Pros: atmoshere, drinks, food quality, location Cons: parking more


My friends and I went to PM almost every Sunday afternoon and once a week at night. The sushi was EXCELLENT (some of the best I've had in Nashville) and I never experienced any snobby servers. So, it has been over a year since I've been.... Walking out the door now to get some food and decided to go there. I'll let you know how it turns out! :-) Pros: great drinks, food and atmosphere Cons: COLD, COLD, COLD in the winter more

YUM! 5/16/2010

I just want to say if you have not tried the BELMONT are missing out on the most delicious thing I have EVER joke. I have severe cravings for these often. I have tried many other items and so far everything was great but once I tried the Belmont Roll I do not even bother looking at the is unique because the last step in making it is they drop it in the fryer for just a second so t comes to you warm with a crisp outside and delicious cold inside....TRY IT!!!!!!!!! HA, after writing this I am going to have to go get one NOW! Pros: Great Atmosphere/Great Food Cons: It can get super crowded and noisy more

Really Good food but 4/26/2010

Been to PM and House of Yum several times and really like all the food that I have had there. Went on a business dinner last week and we ordered some small plates and some sushi. As usual the small plates were great, the sushi was so bad we only ate a couple of pieces and left the rest. Pros: Small Plates are really Good Cons: Sushi is really bad more

Horrendous Service Time and Again 1/10/2010

Well first we have frequented PM for the last 4 years since we have lived in Nashville - NOT ANYMORE! We really enjoyed the sushi but it is not worth the horrendous service we have experienced time and time again. This can range from lack of attention to absolute rude behavior. The manager Ross once even complained about the amount of tip we left him! Last visit was on a Tuesday night and the bartender (girl with dreads) never gave me a beer glass after asking for it two separate times! Then she copped an attitude when we moved our tab to a table instead. There are two great waiters (don?t know their names unfortunately) but that is it! Since we have been disappointed time and again with the service we have found some other great sushi places - Wild Ginger (Cool Springs), Toyama (Nippers Corner Brentwood) and a place on 2nd Avenue (can?t remember the name) These places all have great sushi and you can actually have a pleasant experience! If you look at the reviews you can see this is a common occurrence for PM patrons! Pros: Good Sushi - but other restaurants have that too Cons: Undeniably poor service more

So glad I found it 7/29/2009

I went to PM for lunch the other day with some girlfriends. We had a great time and truly enjoyed our experience. The cocktails are superb. I highly recommend the blackberry mojito and the white sangria cocktail. The sweet potato fries are a must-have. They have plenty on the menu for those who don't like sushi, but the sushi is very good. I had a thai chicken wrap--it's huge and the peanut sauce on the side is amazing. I will be returning to try dinner one evening soon. Pros: tasty cocktails, sushi Cons: n/a more

my spot 7/13/2009

I love this place! Sushi is great, burger is awesome, crab wantons are to die for! Conner and the curly red headed guy are the best servers request them and tip them well! Pros: great service more

bad service, not so good food 2/7/2009

Decided to go here for dinner on Saturday last week. When we entered into the resturant, the hostess did not even acknowledge us. Finally when I said can we get a table for two... the hostess finally sat us down. We ordered some sushi and entres. Now I am a big sushi lover... this place the sushi does not taste authetic at all... I wouls suggest going elsewhere if you want good sushi. The service was not good either... the servers feel that they are above you somehow. Avoid! Pros: area Cons: bad sushi, bad service more

great food, awesome cocktails 1/31/2009

We came into PM last night, and just wanted to express how great of an experience we had. We had been in once before a while back, and came in this time with another couple. We had to wait a little bit, but--isn't that the sign of a good restaurant? I wouldn't want to eat at one that is never busy... (We drive/walk by a lot and they seem to be always busy! Good for them!) Our service was pretty good, no real complaints (wasn't outstanding, wasn't terrible) but the food that we ordered, a few small plates and sushi (the Florida roll and the San Fransisco are awesome!) was really good. We each had something different, and we were all happy. I loved the drink I ordered-- you MUST try the Asian Pear Martini! Pros: food, cocktails Cons: parking more

Burnt Burger!!! and HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!! 1/18/2009

It seems like PM has its staff writing rebuttals for each bad review they receive to keep up their ratings. First of all, the service I received from the MANAGER of the resturant was horrible. My burger was burnt so I notified the waiter. He asks ""what do you want to do about it?"". T give one piece of advice to the PM MANAGEMENT... when a customer complains your job is to FIX IT! Don't ask the customer what they want to do... JUST FIX IT. My burger was burnt the first time and it was burnt the second time. If you want a picture of the burnt burger just let me know. I do not recommend this place to anyone nor will I ever spend a dime here again! Pros: location Cons: HORRIBLE SERVICE more

Horrible food.... TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! 1/18/2009

This place has TERRIBLE service. It took awhile for my food to arrive, the waiter ignored us the whole time and when I asked for service he reacted like it in a sarcastic way. I have been here multiple times before and each time the food is below par and the service has been horrible. I don't know how much longer this place can stay in business if the service continues to be this horrible. Also, if you want real sushi, don't go to this place. Cons: bad food, TERRIBLE service more

Not what it once was. 12/1/2008

A group of friends and I used to frequent PM's monthly. The atomosphere has changed. The service is terrible, the staff acts like they are too good for you. Last I remember, I am the customer and you need my business.. But, with its location they are always going to get a new set of customers that think thats the way service is around that area... Screw that, I'll spend my $$ somewhere else. I called to see if I can make a reservation for a small group a few weeks back. I was rudely told ""NO"" on the phone, I even asked politely again just to see if I was hearing the guy on the other line correctly. And he responded again ""Ummm, NO, do you not understand ""NO"". Seriously with service like that, I dont expect them to be in business long.. Go somewhere else for late night drinks - plenty of other choices. If you want late night eats.. , heck RUSAN has better service and thats setting the bar pretty low... Pros: Late night drinks..but you can go down the street for that.. Cons: Service.. Service.. Service... You are in the hospitality business.. Get your act right.. more

Some people are just never happy 11/26/2008

The previous review just baffles me because my girlfriend and I sat right next to these folks on Saturday night. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that we are guilty of people watching but this interaction caught our attention. We had the same server, who was very attentive and pleasant and we actually remarked how patient he was with these people. I'm not going to go into a long explanation of the event. Quite simply the girl wanted a grilled burger without any charring from the grill. ?? Duh! How can you order a burger and not expect an amount of charring? You put meat over a flame and this happens! It reminded me of when I waited tables in college and how ridiculous people can be. Pros: great menu, friendly staff Cons: very crowded at peak dinner times more

Burnt Burger and POOOOR Service! (Not recommended due to poor service) 11/23/2008

My girlfriend and I and our good friend decided to eat at PM for dinner on a Saturday night. I ordered the roasted tomato soup and an order of crunchy crab roll. My girlfriend ordered a burger with fries. She was asked by the waiter how she wanted the burger cooked. She requested it be ""cooked thoroughly"". The burger came out very very burnt. We then tried to get the waiter's attention to show him how burnt the burger was. The waiter comes over and he asks ""whats the issue?"". We replied saying that the burger was burnt. The waiter had a look on his face ""and your point?"". He then said ""so.... what did you want us to do about it?"". We responded with ""can you replace the burger with one that is not burnt?"". He then goes on to say ""but you asked for the burger to be well done?"". Now the burger is totally burnt. We responded by saying that we just wanted the burger to be cooked thoroughly. He said ""I have to get the manager"". Manager comes over and again tries to say it was our fault. After several exchanges of words, he decides to have a nother burger cooked. Abiut 15 minutes later, a burger is brought out... which was ALSO BURNT!!!! This time we decided to just give up. My girlfriend did not eat the burger. Pros: None/ (close to my house thats about it) Cons: Horrible Service!!! more

Will Become Your Favorite 9/26/2008

PM has become one of my favorite places to eat, day or night. Pros: Ambience, food, cocktails Cons: Sometimes crowded more

Great Sushi and Tapas 9/21/2008

We went for dinner a few nights ago on a weeknight. We waited because we wanted to sit on the patio, so we sat at the bar and had a couple or drinks. Only about a 20 min. wait, but it was well worth it b/c the weather was so nice! We ordered a few tapas and a few of sushi rolls. The sushi was very fresh and not heavy. Then we got dessert. The food came quickly and it was delicious! Our waiter was very attentive and so were the other waiters. It had a very relaxing vibe and we will definitely be going back soon. The prices weren't bad either! Great happy hour too. more
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