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Playmakers Bar & Restaurant

3801 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 743-5544
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Playmakers Bar & Restaurant - Raleigh, NC
Playmakers Bar & Restaurant - Raleigh, NC


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I wonder why NEAL2ZOD wrote a bad review about us, we have not served any of that food for atleast 4-5 months. Also we are not Playmakers at all, we are The Brickhouse Sports Bar,...


i have been to Playmaker for drinks before the games, and also just had a lunch recently. The pre-games event was pretty ok, but the lunch exprience is horrible. The waitress does...

Playmakers has really good karaoke on the weekends 1/2/2010

metalguitar76 Provided by Partner
I liked going to Playmakers when I can because they have a really good Karaoke DJ and good song selection. Pros: Really good karaoke more

Loud but Fun! 8/1/2009

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Playmakers is a great hangout location if you go to Meredith College. They have tons of TV screens and hilarious karaoke. It's always loud... more

FINALLY seems to be good again! 2/23/2009

rdusportsnut Provided by Partner
I used to go to this place quite a bit back in the day (4 or 5 years ago) when it was Playmakers. Things pretty steadily went down and down (TV's, menus, food, etc)... so I stopped going. I did go once over the summer and the menu had like 3 items (slight exageration) on it, about 5 people in the whole place and the waitress was painfully slow or didn't care about getting a tip. But a week or so ago I went to what's now the "Brickhouse" because I was essentially forced to by some friends who promised me new people ran it and it was good. They had what looks to be a good menu (different that what was there before). I really, really like the Ale House and this menu reminds a lot of it... and it actually tasted that good too. But, I figured it must have been a freak occurance. So I (by choice) went back a couple nights ago after a ball game and it was good again. And when my wife also has been impressed twice, I'm pretty sure He!! has froven over. So, this place might have some business back from me. Reading some of these reviews seems like some sort of soap opera... all I can say as someone who used to go there, to stopping... I can now say this place may (reiteratting the word, may) rank tops again for me (time will tell!). The waitress both times was good. I wouldn't say over-the-top awesome, food could be a little quicker I guess... but honestly, it's a sports bar, not Angus Barn. I sometimes have to keep my expectations in check. I'd at least give it shot if you're looking for a sports bar near downtown Raleigh. Decide for yourself. Maybe all these bad reviews below me are right, but I didn't see it like that at all on my recent trips. Pros: A menu that doesn't stink like it used to and the food actually tastes pretty darn good. And Bud Light was cheap, can't remember how cheap, but remember being pleasently surprised. Cons: I guess food could have been a bit quicker, but it wasn't that slow. A Golden Tee machine would be good too. more

Good sportsbar 2/23/2009

thedub4 Provided by Partner
people just need to accept the brick house for what it is, a sports bar. the food is good, not great the waitstaff overall is good not great, etc. etc. great place to watch a game, play trivia, etc. and lots of good drink specials. bartenders are always friendly and keep the drinks so coming so ok by me. Pros: Friendly staff, good specials, lots of tvs Cons: could use more hot female regulars more

playmakers and brickhouse are the same owners with worse food and digusting service.It was good until the new idiots took over this past summer. 1/28/2009

raleighncfoodie Provided by Partner
The menu choices are horrible and the are are to high for the low grade dog food they serve.i was a regular last year for football season but this year the food and staff were awful.the owners talked to me this past summer and told me they were making a change for the better by changing the menu and the name.i walked in the hole when they were changing out the tv's and there was a tall guy and a short fat guy and they told me of the new changes that were about to happen,so don't be fooled playmakers was good until these a-holes took over and ruined it!!! i'm sure if you stop by one of these ugly guy's who say's he's the owner will try to pick you up.It's really funny,you should stop by and if you want a good laugh.The beer selection went down hill and the staff got mighty ugly.Thanks for giving me a reason not to travel to hillsborough street.If you want a good place to watch sports try the alehouse in cary or high park in 5points or my favorite sammy's.all of the above have great food but sammy's has the best staff!!! to the new owners of the sh--house,give it up try something else,this is not working.Why did you have to ruin a good thing,My girlfriends and our guys will not return!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: The female manager was nice, I think her name is stephanie Cons: The male manager lokks lost and dirty more

All in all a pretty good bar 1/25/2009

mkathrynp Provided by Partner
Waiting 45 minutes for a basket of chicken wings when there's only 10 other people in the restaurant eating pretty much says it all. The slowness of the food combined with the terrible musician made for a less than ideal experience. Our waitress was extremely nice though. Pros: Wings, Friendly waitstaff, lots of TV's Cons: SLOW!!!! more

We Are The Brickhouse, New Owners, New Name, New Wait Staff, New Atmosphere 12/25/2008

cehawkins4483 Provided by Partner
I wonder why NEAL2ZOD wrote a bad review about us, we have not served any of that food for atleast 4-5 months. Also we are not Playmakers at all, we are The Brickhouse Sports Bar, new name, new atmosphere, new owner's, and new wait staff. So before you write a review make sure you know what you are talking about. more

Disastrous 12/16/2008

neal2zod Provided by Partner
As the previous reviewer said, it's getting hard to find a "review" here that isn't written by an angry ex-employee or an angry ex-regular mad at all the changes. But I can see why - The Brickhouse (formerly Playmakers) used to be decent but is straight-up terrible now. I guess I'm an ex "semi-regular" - only went there for trivia night but just stopped going after a while. Why? a) the food is the worst kind of bar food- greasy and expensive. The menu keeps changing every week, and that's not a good thing. Some weeks they decide they want only bar food like sandwiches, wraps, wings, etc.. next week the menus suddenly push steaks and meatloaf. Doesn't matter because none of it is any good. The best item was the bbq nachos, but that's strangely gone. b) The chalkboard that shows what dishes they're "out" of always seems to be filled up. Orders are constantly changed on you - don't be surprised if 20 minutes after your order, the waitress suddenly tells you they ran out of x item you ordered. Who's in charge of stocking the kitchen? c) the "specials" used to be good with $2 or $3 beers and 1/2 price appetizers, but that's gone too. EVERYTHING is overpriced now. d) the constantly revolving wait-staff is more often than not, terrible. Sorry to offend any ex-employees reading this, but bottom line is service was awful. Waitresses would run up to you on the way out the door saying they miscounted drinks and you suddenly owed them more. I've been told a drink special/price was one thing, then told it was another come check time. I was served a meatloaf and mashed potatoes without gravy and the waitress, instead of admitting a mistake tried to explain b/c it was the nightly special you don't get gravy(!!) Oh, and e) the website is dead and nobody picks up the phone half the time you call them. The place closes down for "emergencies" (i.e. water heaters exploding and apparently from this site - staff walkouts) more than any place I know. Bottom line: stay away. Pros: trivia guy is nice, place changes frequently so it MIGHT be good by the time you read this Cons: expensive, bad food, bad service, unreliable more

Its was ok. 12/14/2008

ktscott01 Provided by Partner
Dont all the reviews look like people that used to work there vs. people that now work there. They all start I used to go or The new owners..... I gave up on playmakers after they made the changes to wait staff. The food wasnt bad but I got used to one thing and then they changed. Its great to watch a game and watch other games. Prices arent bad. more

Great for sports games 11/30/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Playmakers has a great setup for watching games. I don't know if they still do it, but their karaoke is amazing! The amount of tv's and big ... more

Outstanding,Excellence throught 2 Alarms 8/9/2008

chris1999to2008 Provided by Partner
Where do i start i have been working for PLAYMAKER"S for now almost 8 or 9 years an i can finally say that we've accomplished alot from working as a team to get throught the tough times. We handled the situation put upon us earlier this week. And to our regular for coming back an showing us they care thank you, to all of the customer's who showed up for the UFC Fight Sat, and other night's we thank you for hanging in there with us through all the Alarms. I have to point out some very important people. I can say they made a difference cause without them i couldn't of done it. First to our "Regulars" thank you for hanging in there with us through the transitions, Rob i owe you won. Second to KRISTIN, NATE, PROFIO yall were awesome behind the bar. JULIE, DATHAN, TABITHA, BLAIR, and DANIELLE excellent. TO THE KITCHEN STAFF (TEAM TEAM TEAM thank you) and Finally the owner OUTSTANDING. To tell you all the truth i couldn't of done it without you'll so thanks to the following people, for showing and taking pride in working. TROY PATRICK DRE TABITHA MICHEAL GREG JULIE BLAIR DATHAN EDWIN PROFIO KRISTEN TREVOR BUKARI DANIELLE NATE HUDSON,STEVEN,STEVE,SAM,TOBY-Yall are alright with us !00% Thanks for helping us out Pros: Everybody working as ONE more

Going back to the old ways.... 8/7/2008

dizzy08 Provided by Partner
I used to be a regular at Playmakers but hadn't been back since May when all the negative changes took place. Two new owners chased all the orinigal staff out and brought in their own that were rude, slow and only cared about socializing amongst themselves. Not to mention they were converting the sports bar into a dance party and could have cared less about "the regulars," those who had kept that place in business during the slow seasons. After hearing a rumor that the two owners had been let go, I decided to go back last night. There were only two girls working, one serving and one bartending, but both were very attentive despite having to handle the entire restaurant on their own. I didn't recognize the server, but I know the bartender has been there for at least a couple years, she had been my server on a lot NFL sundays. Upon talking to one of the kitchen guys, I learned that once the owners were let go within the last week, the majority of the staff staged a walk out on Tuesday night, very professional!! Only goes to show the type of people they really were....needless to say, I heard that some of the old, original staff is coming back on, the ones who could bring you your beer before you even sat down because they knew who you were and your favorite drink; it looks like this place might go back to having a positive future after all. With football season coming up, I can guarantee that there is no better place to watch the games and have a few drinks. I hope the new managers will be smart in the type of crowds they are trying to attract and maintain the sports bar atmosphere that Playmakers has always been known for. If so, I am sure I will go back to being a "regular." Pros: Great wings, staff changes Cons: Need to work on drink specials more


Jacob2008 Provided by Partner
I haven't been back in a while since atleast 2004 but, i was in town Tuesday 05, 2008 and i could not believe that the place had changed so much they now have flat screens all through the place. The now have flat screens all through the place. I did recognized one of the kitchen staff members i think., but i'm not sure if it was him. My friends ordered some wings that were delicious but the sauce was very watery like, i guess they changed the sauce. I asked one of the people at the table next to me how long they been coming. they said about 2 years now. They said it's new faces everyday you never get the feeling of being somewhere that people know you. I finished my food an started to go to the bar when i realized their was no bartender an my waitress just walked out the door. One of the Kitchen guys came an said that everybody quit. I couldn't believe it. After sitting their i had to get another beer an i asked another guy to help me he said he works in the kitchen but he would get someone. He went an got the guy that i knew from back in 2004 it was Chris i asked him what's going on an he said were having some issues but, he would get someone to help. I was thinking everyone walked out on them by the way they were acting but, they handled it. I ask one of the guys behind the bar what happened an he said we had a couple of people walkout on us., but we will have everything under control. I finished my beers an had to tell the kitchen guys hang in their Chris the tall guy came out an said come back Saturday for UFC everything will be more organized, an better. So i think i'm going back for UFC. Thanks for talking to me an making me feel wanted. Yes i will be back Saturday. Pros: customer service, feeling important, kitchen staff, whoever the 3 guys were behind the bar Cons: I can't really say just because of what happened , staff members walking out more

I'll try to be fair 6/17/2008

BlkCrooner Provided by Partner
Playmakers did a good thing by adding servers. Although it did take money out of my 2 favorite peoples pocket. But now with new owners come changes. The food there is great! I have to say. Megan is awesome! Pretty hot too. And customer service WAS good. But now that the new owners took over every bartender or server that would have known your name or just brought your drink without asking is gone. They were run out because all the changes ate into their profits and the others just weren't happy. How long will they be in business if they run off their customers and their employees? Both the cornerstones are gone. Our bartenders and karaoke. When they got rid of karaoke on Fridays they threw away the only thing that brought in a steady income. Change is good. Giving up constant, steady, long term business is poor business sense. I was going for 5+ years. For 2-3 yrs I went for 2 days. I would often stop by on random days (that were not karaoke) just to see my people up there, eat, or have a drink. Now they get nothing. No matter how much I spent the days I was there, to give up loyalty like that is ludicrous. If they are doing another karaoke show they're in for a rude awakening. more

anoying band 6/10/2008

tvrnpkrplyr Provided by Partner
all i know is that i have been coming here for 2 years to play poker on monday night so i have stayed outof it, until now. they tried to audition a band that was so horrible. we begged them to stop, but they wouldn't. malcom is really cool, so i will try to hang in there. if i have to listen to any more annoying stuff like that. i will be forced to just play at Sammys tap. i now feel your pain "karaoke" regulars. this place ain.t the same. not in a good way either!!!! Pros: malcom Cons: everything more

Sometimes change is not for the best 6/9/2008

lbteach3318 Provided by Partner
I was a regular for a long time at playmakers karaoke. It was something different to do- especially as an undergraduate student. I enjoyed watching the singers and having a good time. Eventually I got up there myself and loved every minute of it. I met a lot of people who are my friends now through karaoke at Playmakers. Skid and Doug became part of my life and I appreciated every night we all had. I eventually moved away and managed to come back for karaoke from time to time. When I heard karaoke was ending, I drove 4 hours for one last night of memories there. I know the place will go on and times change, but Playmakers lost a lot of regulars by canceling karaoke. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in mine it was a huge mistake. I know I'm not a ton of business on my own, but I will never go back there again. We will all find somewhere else to take our business and support of Doug and Skid. It's sad that people coming up now in Raleigh won't have this opportunity for something besides dance clubs. Pros: Nothing anymore. Cons: New owners. more

huge dissapointment 6/9/2008

musiclvr101 Provided by Partner
Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I have been a regular there for about 5-6 years. I was out of town for a couple of weeks and did not realize all the changes that took place. I never sang, but I used to come there with my husband and about 3 or 4 friends just to listen to the karaoke. It used to be quite entertaining some of the characters. i showed up to find out it was "theme night" I think it should have been called ghost town theme as that was the atmosphere. I read the other reviews and agree. The only good reviews appear to be written by the new owners (which is against city search policy) as they really seem to be advertising themselves instead of writing a review. Nonetheless, good luck trying to turn a restaraunt into a dance club, especially when there are already great dance clubs such as city limits, ess, the office, or any bar on glenwood south. Playmakers used to offer what no one else did, until now.I guess the regulars that have supported the place for years don't matter. By the way, Overtime sports club has a good karaoke show on saturday for anyone interested. Pros: met a lot of great people there over the years Cons: new owners more

Best wings, Delicious food, GREAT ATOMOSPHERE hands down 6/8/2008

The2008Cooks Provided by Partner
I've been coming to Playmakers every since they opened back in 1999 so before anyone shoot's them down just because they are changing a couple of things. Let me be the first to let people know Karaoke was 1999-2003 then it fell off plain an simple. Owners after that very good people from 2004- now change is good. yeah a couple of people have left but, it's all about "Change". You can't put something that has just begun down you can only suggest or help bring it up. Food wise very great, Atmosphere excellent, Bar, Wait Staff very friendly, Kitchen Excellent, Owners Priceless. Before you read other reviews come check out the place. It's an outstanding place to relax after that long day at work. You just have to try the VIDA Energy drink very very delicious especially with a shot. So come checkout the changes at Playmaker's where eveyone score's. Friday night Theme Night club like with a dance floor. Must try the Ultimate Burger umm umm good. Pros: Wings sauces more

New owner has shot himself in the foot 6/8/2008

rtpjoe Provided by Partner
Friday night Karaoke is the only reason I ever went to Playmakers - always packed with a great crowd of fun people. I can't guess what sort of thought process would lead a new owner to torpdeo an eight-year local draw like Karaoke at Playmakers. Big mistake. Pros: Next door to Ben and Jerry's Cons: New owner exterminated Karaoke night more

Playmakers is no longer the place to go. 6/5/2008

gobears1986 Provided by Partner
With the new owners coming in and fixing what "aint broke", playmakers is no longer an enjoyable atmosphere. They have gotten rid of almost ALL the original staff. This was the reason that kept people coming back, it was like a small family. All the servers knew who you were when you showed up, and bartenders too. Now they have gotten rid of Karaoke on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now, there is some version of open mic on the patio which makes the hair stand up on your neck when you hear it. Karaoke was the only thing bringing people in during the summers. Whats next? Cancel showing Football or Serving Beer? Its like the new owner just said, I own the place and this is what were going to do whether it makes any business sense or not. Ive been coming to playmakers for about 3 years now, but I am moving my business to edwards mill bar & grill. Im sure they would appreciate a customer 3 times a week averaging 40 bucks a tab. I wont be back. Playmakers is not what it used to be under the old ownership. Pros: i enjoyed playmakers before it was sold Cons: you name it. idiot new owner, no karaoke, food, staff, service, bad bands on patio, rude servers more
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