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Play It to the Bone

11736 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 754-0900
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I've been to Sams three times having my dogs groomed. After 3 great experiences, I know that this place is the real deal and without a doubt the best grooming studio I've ever bee...


I've taken my dog to Sam's about a half dozen times and the last time I noticed the service was starting to decline when they had trouble finding my reservation, which wasn't that...

This Dog Grooming Studio Rocks! 1/26/2009

I've been to Sams three times having my dogs groomed. After 3 great experiences, I know that this place is the real deal and without a doubt the best grooming studio I've ever been to. Not only do my dogs come back looking and feeling great but the staff is unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable; they obviously love what they do. I haven't yet used their boarding or daycare services, but it's apparent that many people do. Also, it's a fairly large studio so there's plenty of room to manoever around the other clients and their dogs.\r If you love your dog, this place can't be beat! Pros: Outstanding Services, Great Staff, Convienient Location Cons: Limited parking in the back lot more

Best Daycare and Grooming in Town 10/5/2008

I've taken my dog to Sam's since he was a pup and have always had an amazing experience whether it be in daycare, grooming, or overnight boarding. \r \r On many occasions, Sam and the staff have gone out of their way to give me a hand when I've needed it most. Just recently, I was unexpectedly hospitalized--not knowing how long I would be out of commission, I dropped my dog off and the staff put my mind at ease when they took him in and told me to simply come back for him when I was well again. When I returned, not only was my dog happy and looking great, the entire staff showed great concern for my well being.\r \r There are probably a thousand places to get your dog groomed and boarded in this town, but there isn't one that can or will ever match the genuine caring service you and your pet will get at Sam's. I recommend Sam's to my friends all the time and will continue to do so as long as their doors are open. Great job guys! Pros: Great hours, AMAZING staff Cons: Parking is a bit of a bummer more

Sam's is the only place I would take my dogs 9/30/2008

I have been taking my dogs to Sam's daycare and grooming for at least 3 years. After having some really, really bad experiences at other local daycares, I decided to give Sam's a chance and I couldn't be happier. My dogs are both so so excited for ""daycare days"" and are pleasantly tired when I pick them up at the end of the day. No cages or crates at Sam's - just lots of room to play and lots of beds fro relaxing. The staff is friendly and attentive and always takes the time needed to take care of my guys.\r \r The groomers are great, especially with my old dog who is deaf & blind and a bit on the cranky side. Scooter always comes back from a grooming looking amazing! Pros: Great staff, lots of room to play, plenty of beds to relax and sleep on more

WONDERFUL! 9/27/2008

Hi I am a recent transport to the valley from Covina and as I was searching for a grooming shop many people recommended Sam's Grooming. I then went o this site and was a bit dismayed by the recent reviews and unkind words said about this company. I knew I had to find out for myself, and boy was I [pleasantly surprised! Not only was the staff very helpful and cheery but the grooming was superb by a woman named Sofia. I brought my dog in at 8 oclock and he was done by 11! I was amazed. I then set Elvis up for a daycare trial and was very impressed by their diligence when it came to shot records and detailed health info. I then was able to watch Elvis on the large TV in the front lobby and see him interact. I as waited, at least thirty people came in for grooming or daycare, and all the animals AND the owners seemed happy! I begin to wonder about the legitimacy of some of these reviews and actually as I reread them realize some were just disgruntled employees. I will ALWAYS recommend this place, and am happy I found out for myself.\r Sincerely,\r Bridgette Pros: service, quality, accessibility Cons: parking can be tight more

Beagle Approved! 9/19/2008

I was really shocked to see the negative reviews of Play it to the Bone. I've been taking my beagle Toby once a week for about 2 years and he loves it! We're always greeted with a smile and everyone know Toby by name. I used to take him to a daycare in Burbank, but when we would pull up to the building he would start shaking and whining. When Play it to the Bone was suggested by a doggie friend mom, I thought it was worth a try since it was close to my office. Toby LOVES it! When I open the car door to take him out, I always have to hold him off a bit because he practically jumps out. \r Being a beagle, Toby is high energy and it's not often that he is very active in the evening, once he's been to Play it to the Bone. He plays hard and has a great time with his doggie friends! \r \r Play it to the Bone is definitely Beagle Approved! more

Rude Staff and Neglectful Service 7/27/2008

I've taken my dog to Sam's about a half dozen times and the last time I noticed the service was starting to decline when they had trouble finding my reservation, which wasn't that big of a deal and I thought I'd give them one last chance. I shouldn't have given them another chance. This place is awful! I made an appointment on a Thurs. to get my dog clipped on Sun. I arrive at 11am on Sunday and they can't find my reservation and the staff was very rude. They finally find my reservation and tell me that my dog will be ready at 5pm and that they would call when he was ready. They never called at 5. I finally called at 5:30 and they can't find my dog! I'm on hold and very concerned about my puppy. They come back on the line and tell me to come get my dog. I show up and find that my dog hasn't even been groomed. They only bathed him and he was still wet! My poor dog spent over 6 hours in a cage for nothing and they didn't even apologize. I will never take my dog here again. Cons: Rude Staff, Lack of Concern for Pets, Disorganized more


I have been taking my dog Eddie to Play it to the Bone for about 2 years now and I can't say enough good things about it! NEVER has my dog come home with any injuries or not wanted to go in and play. Everytime we pull up the tail begins to wag and we are greeted by a friendly staff that knows me and my dog by name. Eddie has been groomed there reguarly and has never once had any cuts, burns or a bad cut!! They do exactly what I asked for but perhaps that is because I am capable (unlike some of the reviewers) to actually say what I want and draw a picture so I am not disappointed when I pick him up. Eddie attends daycare Mon-Fri and is boarded there as well several times a year. Not once have I had ANY problems with his care there. But then again I took the time to train my dog so maybe he behaves a little better than some of the reviewer's dogs and doesn't cause problems or not have a lick of training due to lazy, ignorant owners. This is a daycare for dogs! These are dogs! They get into fights! They don't want to eat sometimes if they are depressed because they miss their owners! And sometimes they urinate on each other when someone isn't looking! BIG DEAL!! They are DOGS! \r \r Sam has been in business longer than all of these newbies and knows what he is doing and really cares about these dogs! I think the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. As for what the review said about JoJo, it seems there is just another jealous and prejudice woman out there that is only frustrated with herself since she can't speak spanish and is probably not very pretty either. These people work very hard and long hours to take the best care they can of your pets. It may not be how you would take care of your dog but If you want perfection get a dog you can put in a purse and never let it leave your side! more

To the best home away from home. 4/14/2008

Hi , my name is Jael and I have decided to use my real name due to the fact that as a Play it To The Bone employee, I love and believe in the good service we provide. I had the pleasure to spend some time with some of the most wonderful dogs and made sure to give them the love and care they needed during their families' short absences. I have been startled by some of the comments written here and pleased with some as well, but as an owner of two dogs myself, I trust the staff to take care of them (Tini, Kaylee). I have been employed here for 4 years now and as a previous employee of other companies, I can definitely say this is the company I want to stay in. I am proud and confident that the service we provide is loving and caring. With all that said, i have no doubt in my mind that in my absence I can trust my family to the Play it to The Bone staff. Go ahead and take a personal look at the facility. more


What a wonderful place to leave your dog. Kyle and Cody have so much fun there. Sometimes I sit in the lobby for hours just watching them play, although I am always late to work because of it! The staff is great, the place is clean, Sam is so loving, and thoughtful. I will never forget when my lab Oscar passed away last year. It was very painful for me as he was my rock through a very trying time. When he passed, Sam and Tanya were so wonderful. A few days later I recieved a leter in the mail from TREE PEOPLE. Play It To The Bone had dedicated a tree in in Oscars name...a place to go and remember him. We have since spread Oscars ashes over the site, and now every time we go there I visit my wonderful buddy. I found out that Sam does this for all his clients. What a wonderful sentiment and I will never forget them. When we adopted these crazy guys (love them) Sams daycare saved my life, AND my couch! Thanks're the best. Pros: see above Cons: nothing I can think of more

THIS PLACE ROCKS!! 4/11/2008

I absoluuuuuuuuutely love Sam's Grooming! I look at some of these negative reviews and wonder who these people are. I can't imagine any place else to take my pet. I have talked to hundreds of other people at the dog parks and the all come to Sam. It makes me think that maybe someone is reviewing the wrong ""bone?"" I'm just thinking, because I will never ever EVER loyalty for life! Pros: sweet and loving staff Cons: parking just sometimes more

WONDERFUL!! 4/11/2008

I want to say I have been using this company for the past 11 years now, and I can say that I have recieved nothing but superb care from these animal loving people. My son actually worked there for a summer a few years back, and he had the time of his life. My dog Arnie is a 12 year old lab and he is a bit arthritic and is on medication. The whole staff at The Bone, is extremely careful about giving the meds and making sure he is comfortable. These people are animal lovers...PERIOD! I would never THINK of going anywhere else, and I am thankful for their service...Gary Huber Pros: personal care Cons: none I know of more


I picked my poor little guy up today and his crate that he sleeps in was filthy with feces and urine. This is a dog who NEVER -- not once, even as a puppy -- has soiled his crate. I cannot even fathom how long he must have been left in it -- and whether or not he was fed/given water in that time -- to have this type of accident in it. When I complained, I was told that he must have not gone to the bathroom the night before and thus had an accident in the morning. Again, this is a dog who routinely sleeps through the night for 8-10 hours without having any problem -- so for him to have made such a mess means he was left for a long, long, LONG time. And then, to give me back a crate full of feces coated blankets and not mention his ""accident"" is ridiculous -- scary that they care so little and are so out of touch that they didn't even try and wash the blankets and at least mitigate the mess. I've boarded my dog at other establishments and never had any issue at all. Needless to say, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER return to Play It To the Bone and I really encourage dog owners to look elsewhere for boarding. This place is not where you want to leave your pets. more

NEW TO LA 3/18/2008

I have just relocated to LA from NYC and was very nervous having to find a new groomer in a new city. I looked online and read all reviews...went to other places reviewed on City Search but was extremely disappointed...until now. WOW...Sams Grooming is my dogs new second home. Not only are the girls upfront adorable, but they are loving and caring too. I met with Oscar the groomer, and he was very friendly and informative. I just booked a trial for next week in DC and judging by the way the dogs coming in were anxious to get into the daycare facility, I am sure Bud will love it. The grooming turned out exactly as I wanted, and I would highly reccomend this place. Pros: Animal friendly, centrally located Cons: ? more

DOGGIE PARADISE!!!! 3/18/2008

I have been a client of Sams FOR YEARS and I have to tell you I have been extremely happy with his company. From their daycare and overnight care to their great groomers, Bruno (my pup) and I have been nothing but thrilled...also the professional and caring staff is second to none, and the clean environment is very refreshing. The large TV upfront, where we can watch our pups play, is extremely entertaining. I would never leave my little guy with anyone else! Pros: Everthing about the place Cons: always busy... more

Not recommended for grooming. 10/17/2006

My dog was to be shaved and bathed. When I picked her up her cut was very choppy and she had clippings all over her. I had to bathe her again when I got home. I took her back to correct the cut, DAYS LATER. The staff was not apologetic, but I remained calm and pleasant. When I returned to pick up my dog, for the second time, they lost her leash and collar!! My dog is a service dog so she needs her tags! I was extremely patient as people PRETENDED to look around for my dog's collar; I insisted they search. A few days passed, when a woman from the staff called to say they looked everywhere for my dog's collar and they don't have it. I insisted to the woman on the phone that the owner refund my money. Days later, they called saying they found my dog's collar in a drawer! I had to go back again to pick up the collar, the leash was never recovered. Don't expect them to own their mistakes; I didn't receive an apology the entire experience, even though I was kind. more


I am hooked on this place! I have been to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany grooming facilities and by far this place is the best! I need search no more...besides being the cleanest facility I have ever seen, it is also the friendliest! The staff made my pet feel loved and welcome, and as a pet owner, that is extremely important. The daycare smelled fresh and clean AND I love the fact they seperate the pups between big and small rooms. The camera in the lobby to watch the pups play is fun and a comfort for us ""nervous nellies"" who adore our pets. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how Lili's grooming came out! It was amazing! Lili is a goldendoodle, and Ismael made her look like velvet...she smelled wonderful, and left the place with a wagging tail and a cookie in her mouth! I am hooked on this place, and now Lili has a doggie daycare place to go to every day. What a relief...I highly reccommend Sam' Play It To The Bone! Pros: clean, friendly, knowledgeable more

User review by robb0995 6/19/2005

Don't you hate those groomers who make you leave your dog all day long while they arrange their day around their convenience, not your dog's comfort? Me too, and that's why I LOVE Play It To The Bone. They take real appointments and don't keep your little one any longer than they have to. Their groomers are great and attentive and take wonderful care of your dog. They also offer doggy day care service with cage-free boarding, which is the only way I'll leave my dog for any length of time. The dogs have an initial appointment to check out their behavior and make sure they'll be safe with the other dogs and then they are cared for in an open room where the dogs can play together or nap in a corner, just like home! I can't recommend these guys more highly. Pros: Caring, Thoughtful, Pet-Lovers Cons: A little pricey more
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