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Plano Pets - 18 Reviews - 820 W Spring Creek Pkwy # 304, Plano, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (972) 527-7877

Plano Pets

820 W Spring Creek Pkwy # 304
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 527-7877
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When I decided I wanted a new puppy, I looked everywhere. My last stop was Plano Pets. I found the cutest Dachshound in the world now named Buttons. She is the love of my life...


Do not realize that we the people are why thier in business and the 99percent the costumer is right chip employes need cutomer training sad thing is i love to go thier shop look a...

If you want healthy reptiles, find somewhere else 2/13/2012

I went in looking for ball python females for my collection, (for breeding) and checked out a couple that chip had. He was very rude, and acted as if he didn't want to be bothered with making money at all. The adult female ball pythons I looked at, out of three, two had severe Respiratory infections which are the number one killers of reptiles. Chip knew about it and still put them with others that were healthy. Why? The only one there who actually cares for these animals is David. He is cool and always been helpful but I cannot go back there. I refuse to get my animals sick because of their cruelty and negligence. more

Worst store ever!! 12/31/2011

They are so very mean to their customers. The have a red haired lady that look like she is in her late 30th with a snaggle tooth that screams at anyone that walks by. That lady need to change her attitude...... All the people that work there seem like they are all doing drugs..... They also take in free puppies and they tell people that they are pure breeds...... Come on now. Never buy anything from them.... This store is crap. The puppy cages always have dog pooh in them...The store is so run down. more

rude red head at chips store what is wrong with this people 12/3/2011

Do not realize that we the people are why thier in business and the 99percent the costumer is right chip employes need cutomer training sad thing is i love to go thier shop look around its fun then when you walk out dont feel the same must be the treatment................... more

Not the best Service 6/19/2011

Every time I have walked into Plano Pets the employees are rude. I am not sure if I consistantly catch them on a bad day or if they really just dont like thier jobs! My friend went in for some snails, and the girl told her ""I have all these customers to help right now, I can't get into three different tanks"" seriously? They are a little pricy on some merchandice and animals, but I hear deacent things about thier aquariums. In some pet stores there will be tanks of dead fish, and this has not been an issue with Plano Pets. I would not recommend a newbie to pets going into the store because of the customer service. However if you know what you want and are willing to overlook rude people then check it out! I am going to look at thier aquariums again now I have my 55 up and running. If I find something I like then I will net it myself : ) more

I love my new puppy!! 4/23/2011

When I decided I wanted a new puppy, I looked everywhere. My last stop was Plano Pets. I found the cutest Dachshound in the world now named Buttons. She is the love of my life. I have had her for 4 months now with no issues. All of their puppies looked great so I don't know what the heck the other reviewers saw??? Go see for yourself. I have been back several times for food (They have this lifetime guarantee thing if I keep shopping with them). I have to say Hi to Paris the Cockatoo when I'm there. She is sweet. The big Macaw doesn't like me though. LOL. I highly reccomend them! more

Take it From a Former Employee 3/29/2011

Working at Plano Pets for two months was the worst experience of my life. It's heartbreaking when you see terrible things happen and can do nothing to stop it. Chip traded in two tree monitors (slender, measuring 4' in length) and had them BOTH placed in a tank 2'x2'x2' for over 2 weeks. These poor guys had terrible wounds on their noses from constantly nudging at the walls to get out of their tiny enclosure. These guys were finally moved to a larger enclosure after much pestering from employees. Because of their move, a tegu (a thicker lizard measuring 4') was displaced to a 10 gallon tank (12""x20""x10"") for Chip to take home. Well, Chip FORGOT to take this tegu home for a week, even with employees' reminders. more

Poor conditions for customers, even worse for animals! 3/21/2011

After my experience at Plano Pets and reading the ""5 star"" reviews- it's obvious that they have been posted by either the owner or employees because those reviews convey the complete opposite of what I experienced. The fact that whenever I asked an employee if the puppies ever got to go outside- and was simply told ""No"" is just heart breaking. If I could afford their prices- I'd buy every single one of them. (sick and all!) All I can say is this- whenever money becomes more important than an animal's well being or more important than your customers satisfaction with your product (aka pets/pet supplies) maybe it's time to reconsider why you got into the business that you are in. I'm sure there are plenty of jobs out there where you can make money without ripping off your customers and that won't make animals suffer. Just saying. more

Awesome Beyond Comprehension 2/2/2010

This place is the best pet store I've seen in town. They have many different kinds of pets, ranging from dogs and cats to tarantulas and geckos. Even though they have been known to have sick animals from time to time, they still have the most amazing animals imaginable, and some that I didn't even know existed! A word of advice upon entering: Do not scream ""hello"" at the parrot, She thinks it's a threat! Pros: Wide varieties of different pets Cons: some of them look sick more

rude and nasty pet store!!! 5/23/2009

my son and i have been there a handfull of times and each time the employees cannot answer questions and do not care to help you. I have recently purchased a saltwater tank from another pet store and went to plano pets to get a coral. Being the newbie that i am in this hobby i was sold an majano anemone for 20 dollars and a hammer coral with aiptaisa all over it. they told me the majano was a bubble tip anemone which was not. it is very deadly to other corals. My son is 4 years old and they have been very rude to him and me on several occasions. The store smells like feces and the saltwater tanks are very dirty and completly overrun with aiptaisa anemones which are very harmful to other corals. I will never return to this poorly run pet store. The city of plano should check them out for animal abuse... Pros: nothing good! Cons: very very rude employees and owner! more



Finally, a REAL pet store! 1/22/2009

Wow. A REAL pet store! I Thought I would share my experience. I am not a activist nor do I have an axe to grind. I was pleased to find this fun store the other day. The staff was friendly and helpful. They have a lot of hard to find pet products. Their selection of exotic pets was extensive. They were all well housed and appeared very healthy. They have a HUGE reptile section too. I will definately be back. Pros: Lots of Pets! Cons: Parking more

Do not buy your pets here 1/8/2009

Staff is terrible. My son bought a dog without permission. We did not need another pet in the house and I went to the store to speak with the owner and he said they have an intense interview process, which apparently isn't much since the child lives with the parents and the store does not contact the parents to ensure the pet will be allowed in the home. The owner told me, my son said he lived at home. To make matters worse, the dog had a bad case of ringworm, which when I took the dog to my vet, they said Plano Pets is by far the worse place to buy a pet and they had to know the dog had ringworm, it was apparent and very noticable. My vet is in Plano, so they would know about this aweful store. more

Shocked 11/3/2008

My husband & I had gone in to Plano Pets over a period of a month and a half or so before purchasing a saltwater aquarium. Staff was not interested or eager to welcome us. We bought the aquarium, supplies, fish and spent a good $900.00 in this store and as soon as everything was purchased things went downhill. I went in with my daughter to purchase a crab and was told by an employee that this particular crab would be too big for my tank. He stated ""it's way too fast and I'm not going to mess anything up trying to get it"" (it was in the coral display) My thought, you just told a customer basically that their purchase is not worth you getting a crab for them"" Thinking this guy was having a bad day I didn't say anything. I later in the week went to find a fish for my daughter. She picked an engineered gobie which I was TOLD was an eel and it even stated so on the tank. I paid $29.99 for this damn thing because she really wanted it. I later went to another store to get corals as theirs look much better maintained and I took a picture of my ""eel"" so I could see what other fish it would be compatible with. I showed the picture, the guy said that's not an eel it's an engineered gobie. Looked it up, sure enough that it was. Oh and they sell their gobies for $12.00. I left after I purchased 2 fish and some coral from this other place and went to Plano Pets to explain this to them. I asked for a store credit for the $12.00 gobie that I paid $30.00 for because I thought it was an eel. The same guy looks me straight in the face and says ""No, I told you it was a gobie"" and said he would charge about $12.00 for an ""engineered gobie"" BUT MINE was NOT an engineered gobie but another species of gobie........that apparently is $30.00. I asked Aquatic Design about the crab I wanted, they looked it up after I told them my story and the crab is 4 inches total width and would fit. I bought 2. I've been going to Aquatic Design and I will NEVER recommend Plano Pets to ANYONE. Pros: They have cheap chemical complete kit prices Cons: Dirty store, un maintained tanks, constant water everywhere, unclean bathrooms, unfriendly employees, over priced, un willing to provide customer service or store credit even when they are wrong. more

horrible place to go for healthy pets 10/23/2008

I use to go to plano pets alot for food for my animals only because they are the only place around that sell live food. Usually there is no one at the register to check people out. The owner is rude and absolutely does not care about customer service. I know I tried several times to get help from him personaly. They have no warrenty on there pets and they usually arent in the best condition so you never know what your getting. Petco at least has a warrenty on there pets and if you look at there facilities they are very well kept. Plano pets are cheap which doesnt suprise me and there merchandise is expensive. If you are really going to get an animal there do not buy there supplies it is cheaper at a petco or petsmart. I know cuz I did it. Pros: have better selection of exotics Cons: never know what kind of condition they are in more

Taken advantage of 9/9/2008

I bought a flying squirrel at Plano Pets several months ago. This was my first squirrel purchase, but after doing some research I knew I wanted a baby female because they are easier to bond with. I was shown a ""baby female"" squirrel so I purchased it. I found out about a month later that the squirrel was neither a baby, nor a female. I brought this to the store's attention and was told they would ""get me another one"". I told them that I didn't want to give the first squirrel back as I had owned it for a month and it had become a part of the family. I was assured that this would not be an issue. It has now been 7 months and not only have I not received my ""replacement"" squirrel, but they are now telling me that I am responsible for purchasing the squirrel. I spoke with the purported owner, Chip, and he proceeded to call me a liar. I am not sure what he is basing this claim on, but I assured him that I was telling the truth. He refused to hold up his end of the bargain and became quite beligerent and rude. I was very surprised at how unprofessional he was on the phone and hurt that he called me a liar. I simply want the baby female flying squirrel that I was promised over half a year ago. Pros: ??? Cons: Management does not back promises. more

I Hate Plano Pets!!! 8/3/2008

I have only been in to the store twice, mostly because they carry the brand of food that I feed my dogs. Both times i have needed help finding other merchandise and could not find any help. A woman who worked there was so rude i decided to leave the second time. I will never go back there again. Cons: Service more

Plano Pets...... 1/29/2008

Captainconn, get a life!! If you have nothing better to do than post your opinions on the internet about a ""crabitat"" then you probably don't need to be in a pet store! I'd like to see you run a store like that! I have been going to Plano Pets for years and know better!! I'm sure your pansy complaint hasn't hurt business! more

AVOID Plano Pets 10/9/2007

I was looking for Hermit Crab supplies today so I ventured into Plano Pets - boy, that was a mistake. Their crabitat was terrible, and looked as though the ""sand"" was kitty litter. They did not monitor the temperature or the humidity of their environment, but yet they sell all of the ""supplies."" I saw at least 1 dead crab with flies swarming and mentioned it to the woman working there. She proceeded to say ""oh,"" pick up the crab, look at it, and then take it to the back. If you are going to sell crabs, at least have a habitat that they can thrive in and show the public you actually care about pets. I will NEVER step foot into Plano Pets again and will let my friends/family know about my experience. At least that crab is in a better place now... Cons: Dead crabs more
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