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Plane Henley Jail Complex - 14 Reviews - 904 Fm 686, Dayton, TX - City & County Government Reviews - Phone (936) 258-2476

Plane Henley Jail Complex

904 Fm 686
Dayton, TX 77535
(936) 258-2476
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Our ex-office manager is currently serving time in this facitily. She embezzled half a million dollars from her employer, a physician. I think the conditions there sound dismal....


I was at Plane State in 2008. I agree the conditions and inmates were horrible. I must say that Harris County was alot worse. I took advantage of the Turning Point rehab program, ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2013

i just left the unit in nov 2013 the conditions are worse than horrible food and chow hall are unsanitary summer it was so hot u couldnt breath and dorm i was in blower was broken the staff have no training on how to treat people there is no way to describe the inhumane conditions of plane state jail going to medical was senseless not only were you cussed out and degraded you pay $100.00 FOR NOTHING.are they even real dr? I know"" this is jail"" but come on i fallowed the rules and now im hm but every day i think about the needless suffering of the ladies i left behind and to the staff i realize you are there to make a pay check support your families and i also realize that some ladies make your job difficult but the majority are just trying to get hm just like you your job is not to punish and see how miserable you can make their lives because not all but most do just that!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/2/2012

all texas prison units are like this, dont worry about calling a congressman they are the ones who have it like that, when you do call them they'll tell you shouldnt break the law,prison isnt supposed to be comfortable. i spent 5 yrs in a tx max securtiy unit. debratt you are wasting your time more

plane state is bad and good 4/21/2012

i was in psj for 7 months and 22 days i hated it more than words can express..the conditions ARE bad,..but..if you stay busy and involved with WHATEVER program they offer and HOPEFULLY get to go out to REC once a'll make it through,, it's not the HILTON, that's for sure.. but the living conditions,specially in the summer can be very, very;smell, sleeping, heat,food (uck) worst i have ever had..BUT,, they are cooking for MANY on a limited budget (write your congressman!!!).. i experienced this first hand. and of course, depending on your job, very laborous.. especially ""cleaning"" razor wire .. iv'e seen lots of injuries there.. remember some of these women have never WORKED and then to be thrown into this is definitley a culture and life shock.. the guards are not the best.. but, in there defense they are dealing with SOOOO many people... it's hard to make a human connection and actually be treated as such due to, of course the nature of it and so many people being there. they are TRANSFER unit.. that means, pretty much. if have a 3 yr or more sentence, you WILL be moving to a ""home unit"" so..this is only patient..unless your on a big #.. it will be over soon. GO TO THE CHAPEL AND GET INVOLVED..ESPECIALLY PASTOR BOYDS 12 STEP.. it CAN change your life..for the better. it DID me..and just try to take this time to get it together and NEVER forget it.. so you Never go back..PRISON SUCKS.. more

Plane State Jail 3/14/2012

Our ex-office manager is currently serving time in this facitily. She embezzled half a million dollars from her employer, a physician. I think the conditions there sound was my life while I had to work with her. Still my heart goes out to her...I hope she finds God there....Teresa Walker's comment gives me hope for her. Through God I am trying hard to forgive her, and knowing the money that should have been mine through my own hard work, that she took, must be in Gods bigger plan...I shall quit being spiteful. I cant help but comment though...all the people who comment about how bad it is there....Shouldn't it be????If you break the law, you should be punished........Either way, God will reward or punish you for your actions....I will pray that all prisoners there find their way to God. Sincerely, Keli Lanclos more

Plane State Jail Place of Hell 8/8/2011

y daughter is there and she say's its worse then hell. I feel for anyone that has a loved one in there. They have no air conditioner. The food is twice a day. And my daughter is dehydrated real bad. the worse thing is they just don't cre I really need to know if these are read by anyone that has connections with the state that can write congreesman or give me info. I will be glad to raise some fire up someones butt. more

Saved my life 5/23/2011

I was at Plane State in 2008. I agree the conditions and inmates were horrible. I must say that Harris County was alot worse. I took advantage of the Turning Point rehab program, that Plane State offered. Then counselors were very helpful to the inmates who wanted the help. The program also helped women get into transitional housing, for women who had nowhere to go upon release. I am thanful for the horrible conditions. If you don't like them, then don't break the law. Today I can say , that in August I will be 3 yrs clean. I just graduated college with a degree in engineering. I pray, that the uncomfortable conditions , will change the life for many other women as well. Take care and God Bless more

plane state's suckiness 5/6/2011

ive got my girlfriend there doing a 2 yr sentence there an after reading all the reviews im like god i gotta get er outta there.what can i do??? if anybody has any ideas or leads please let me know @gonzalezbarbara69@yahoo my heart weighs heavy after reading the reviews im thinking back at the letter i got just yesterday an im smh there is no kind of education classes being offered to them people are constantly fighting an commissary is a joke all i can say is please god help all those there an keep my girl safe an kool cause she's also commented on the heat an the fact that they took the fans out of the dorm more

felon 2/8/2011

I was unlucky enough to be there for two years because of my own stupidity.I was lucky I worked at the chapel the entire time and took advantage of all that was offered to me. I have been out 2 years and will never go back. To anyone out there with family there say a prayer they do not care it is not a resort.Some learn and some go back.. Tell those you love learn and go to chapel. The chaplain will make it better.The program will make those that want help find it, If you ask they are there,Conditions are bad i will not get started but it is up to the person.. more

pros and cons of plane state jail 11/9/2010

I was incarcerated at Plane State Jail. It is just that ""Jail"". It's not meant to be a resort. It is to teach the criminal a lesson and it does just that. Now, there are bad points such as not enough food, medical takes forever , and in the summer its a 110 degrees inside the buildings. It is hell. That is a nice word but the pro to this is that you won't want to repeat the crime end up in here again. The chapel was my safe haven. I didn't sign up for the christian dorm because of the lesbian activity..and because if you were in that dorm you could not go to any other christian classes. I explore with my faith..and alotted time to different religion and found my home in the catholic realm. That class inspired by God changed me forever and that stint in jail saved my life. Sure it was horrible...But jail isnt suppose to be a picnic. If your smart you will never go back. My problem is with society not giving you a second chance once your released...They could give you more food. They could treat you with respect...more kotex upon needing...toilet paper. If you don't have help you won't make it...At the end when I got commissary it was tolerable. You don't get to see outside enough . You learn to appreciate the sky and the grass and birds God created...I feel for any one in that place. May God be with them. God saved me and I pray for each and every inmate in there. more

not a place for animals 11/18/2009

The only thing that saved me in my two years was the chapel. The warden, the guards, and most all are there to judge you and give you a hard time. I saw male guards with inmates, the inmates got the hard time and the guards git a promotion, If you have a family member there write them,pray for them because they need all the help they can get. Pros: the chaplian Cons: everything more

doin hard time 10/24/2009

My daughter is in plane state jail Dayton Tx and she's pregnant and she says it is horrible there. The medical is totally wrong the way they ignore these women and she says she's having pains and the doctor thinks she just wants pain medicine that messes you up.She's 22 and already had one misscarage and she says the milk is not even real. I went on a sight and got the Senior Warden's name and the number there and Im gonna try like h*ll to get her out of that nasty place.Be persistant with them if you want to try and get some where cause I'm NOT gonna leave these people alone untill she's in another facility for pregnant women.That facility has over 2,000 women there and 38 doctors.Now thats is scary. more

can somebody help me 7/24/2009

my wife is currently in plane state jail out in tx and im here in washington i realy need some info on sending letters what i can and can send about pkgs books stationary ect. if you are able to help me e-mail mw at buckyluvsjana@yahoo thank you and god bless more

sister 6/19/2009

My sister just got sent there. Im very concerned about her. She got a 1yr for revoking her probation. This is the first time she has been in trouble. Im so worried. I think they are sending her there for a couple mnths then to Dawson i dont know. Very worried. more

Inhumane 10/15/2008

My daughter is incarcerated there right now and is waiting to be sent to another facility. She was in another county jail before being shipped there and she has told me that even with a: not getting enough food, b: not getting the medical attention she needs, & c: not having warm enough clothing now that it is getting cool, it is 100 times better than where she was. That says a lot for our jail system - they all stink and treat the inmates like less than human. You have to have the personal experience of a loved one being there before you can make a real and honest judgement call. I have had to talk to the jail system several times because of some legal matters, and they even treat me like they don't have the time of day, nor do they want to mess with me or with her. My daughter causes no trouble, she follows the rules and tries to get along with everybody, and still does not have the medical help she desperately needs. She needs to be sent to the place she was originally supposed to go. Cons: Not enough medical attention more

I was there 10/14/2008

That aint no joke..... I was in Plane State They had 27 people die before December 2006 from Harris county and orange county.... They don't have medical personnel there after 5 pm ....or on the week ends. I can tell you all you need to know about that messed up unit.... they don't feed you like you need to be fed .. heck the mens unit feeds you a whole lot better. more

worst darn medical assistance ever imagened 6/18/2008

\r This place should be forbidden by law. If you have a family member there with any type of life treatening illness they will forsurly die. Those you love most are obviously just a number to them. I feel ashamed just knowing of the fact they let people die because they have no conscience or no time to help those we love. You can only pray GOD takes care of those we love. after all gods the only chance they have in there. no thanks to you guys. Cons: conning those we love out of their lives more
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