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Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - 68 Reviews - 2100 Earhart Blvd, New Orleans, LA - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (504) 299-9800
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Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body

2100 Earhart Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70113
(504) 299-9800
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Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - New Orleans, LA
Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - New Orleans, LA
Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - New Orleans, LA
Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - New Orleans, LA
Pit Stop Automotive Repair & Auto Body - New Orleans, LA


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These guys are great they took care of me and delt with the other guys insurance company so i didn't have to. Thanks to the Pit stop crew for all your help. Car looks great!!!


\r My wife and I have been screwed three times in the last three months regarding our car repair. It has been a combination of auto shops lying, not being able to fix the proble...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/5/2013

Have taken my 95 Honda to this place 3 times because of the check engine light. this last time cost me $1000.00 and still not fixed. Unless you are a masochist and want to urinate on your money, never use this shop! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2013

The very best service in NOLA. They've always looked at my car & fixed it on the same day for a fair price. They're freindly and honest. There is free coffee in the waiting room. My car still has out-of-state plates and I've never felt like Im being treated unfairly or taken advantage of. They're just the greatest. Highly Highly Reccommended! more

Great Job!!! 11/1/2011

These guys are great they took care of me and delt with the other guys insurance company so i didn't have to. Thanks to the Pit stop crew for all your help. Car looks great!!! more

Pit Stop Body Shop 10/26/2011

Went to the body shop for my bumper and I can honestly say that they did a really good job. They matched my color perfectly and had it done within the time frame. They can count on me to be a returning customer. more

Dishonest STAY AWAY 10/24/2011

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I took off from work to get an estimate for some paint and body work. The auto body manager looked my car over and promised to call with an estimate the next day. I did not get a return call. I called them two more times and they refused to call back. Should you really have to beg to get service done in this economy? My recommendation would be to find a reputable business. Oh, I forgot to mention... check their web page, they do not allow potentially negative reviews to be posted. more

Great Service and on schedule 10/24/2011

looking for a place to change a motor in a Nissan xterra isn't as easy as it seems, but the guys at pit stop automotive were not only on time but the work was impeccable!!! Done on time and also found a almost disastrous issue with the flywheel and clutch. got us the cheapest price and did the work in two days!!! Thanks guys you are the best :) more

The worst! 8/18/2011

I recently had my 1989 Volvo towed to PitStop Automotive for repairs. The gears would not engage/the car would not move. After the technicians ran their ?diagnostics?, I was told I had a sheared rear axle due to the brakes seizing because of excessive rust and corrosion. The seals were intact and not leaking fluids. The brakes had to be totally rebuilt, as did the differential. I was told it would be close to $3000.00 for repairs which included $1200.00 for a salvaged axle (and 700.00 for an AC compressor). I asked twice to be shown this sheared axle, but my requests were ignored. I had a hard time accepting this diagnosis as I had the car thoroughly checked out the week before by the mechanic who has taken care of it for more than 20 years. I was driving it down from Tulsa, OK. and other than the bad compressor the car was deemed ?road-worthy? . Out of curiosity I got on-line and found 10 to 15 suitable axles ranging in price from $165.00-$300.00. That?s when I decided I really needed a second opinion! When I told Kirk at PitStop I was towing the car to another repair shop he told me that there was no one in town that could beat their price. Well, I did not have a sheared axle and my brakes are not corroded. My emergency brake had failed/seized. $228.00! Beat your price Kirk! I have a few questions for PitStop: 1. Any chance I can get a refund on the $79.95 ?mis- diagnosis? charge? 2. Want to buy a salvaged axle? A deal at $300.00! You could try to resell it for $1200.00! Stay away?far, far away! more

The WORST repair shop in NOLA!!!! 7/28/2011

I wish I could give a negative one star!!!! This shop is a RIP OFF!!!!! They lie to you and over charge you for less then garbage repair work!!! Shawn Berger is the lying owner of this dump and will do anything in his steroid riddled mini brain to screw you out of as much money as he can!!! Stay away from this business and the criminal owner!!!!! more


\r My wife and I have been screwed three times in the last three months regarding our car repair. It has been a combination of auto shops lying, not being able to fix the problem, charging us for things that worked before we brought our car in, and being blamed for why the mechanic more

Bewarethey are the worst 6/20/2011

***BEWARE******BEWARE******BEWARE******BEWARE*** I had the most unfortunate and horrific experience with this company last week after my thermostat light came on in my 2003 Mini Cooper. I usually get all my work with G.R. Automotive LLC (I HIGHLY recommend this company), but I was near this place and I pulled in and dropped off my keys for a diagnostic and estimate. I got a phone call later stating the problem was a faulty thermostat and four different hoses. They also told me several other things that should be replaced. She then stated that the dealership in Baton Rouge (we don't have a Mini Cooper dealership in New Orleans) did not have two of the hoses. I informed her that I have great luck finding parts online and I would try to find them. I found all parts in about 15 minutes online through Sport Mini of Alexandria in Virginia. They were very helpful, inexpensive and shipped the parts overnight. I called her and told her I found the parts and she said that the cost of labor goes from $80 to $100/hour if I bring my own parts. I then asked if the diagnostic fee of $59.95 would be applied to the overall bill and she said no. I found out later through a mutual friend that goes to the same gym (they are all Roid Heads) that she was complaining about me to him (highly unprofessional if not RUDE)! The next day after receiving called my regular mechanic at G.R. Automotive LLC and asked if I got it towed over if he could fix it and he said of course, he has had MANY customers come to him after faulty work done by The Pit Stop. I then called AAA and lined them up to tow the car. I called The Pit Stop and said I was uncomfortable with their price hike and overall done existent customer service. She said she would not release the car without me paying the diagnostic fee. I then asked to speak to a manager and told him the problem. After screaming at me for several minutes he said come tow it. Run away as fast as you can, that's all I can recommend. Thanks for listening, but I think everyone should know the truth about this company. Total cost of labor $185.30 at G.R. Automotive LLC. One last note, after my car reached G.R. my mechanic told me he found one of the strut bolts and a nut was missing on my front tire....This was VERY DISCONCERTING as I have a seven year old daughter. My car did not have any steering issues at all before this. more

THE PITS!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!! 6/13/2011

I needed my alternator replaced and I was quoted a price two times the typical repair costs but since it was a Thursday & I had a weekend road trip planned for the following day I figured it easier just to let them do the work opposed to having the car towed to another shop. Besides Ruell & Shannon seemed knowledgeable and insisted they only used the best replacement parts in addition to their 12 month/12 mile warranty. HUGE MISTAKE...I picked my car up the following morning, got on the road & only made it a few minutes over the MS state line (I-59 North) before my car died on me again...THE EXACT SAME ISSUE!!! I was stranded on the interstate in the blazing heat for over 3 hours and when my car was finally towed back to their shop, instead of honoring the warranty, they blamed this breakdown on a faulty battery cable for which they would charge an additional $300 (including towing) to repair!!! Yes they are nothing less than con artists...STAY AWAY!!! more


1 star is too many. I had the unpleasant misfortune of dealing with these guys just last friday. I had just installed a new fuel pump in my older bmw, and it didn't solve the problem. The fuel pump was obviously straining to push the fuel, as was the one I took out. I knew the next step would be to use a pressure gauge to check the lines. But I'm from out of town so I didn't have my tools. I'm not a great mechanic, but I do a lot on my own. So i get there, and agree to the 80$ diagnostic fee, hoping they'll be able to track down either a clog in the fuel line from the rail, or an air leak in the fuel line from the fuel tank. They come back that I bought a bad fuel pump. I told them, I doubt it, it's brand new, and the same problem, and ask them what they did to come to that conclusion. The only thing they did in an hour, to ""diagnose"" the problem, was check the fuel pressure at the rail, and see that it's 0. IT TOOK THEM AN HOUR, AND THEY CHARGED ME 88$ (with tax) TO UNSCREW AND RE-SCREW A SINGLE SCREW. I say, ""well did you check the voltage?"" no, of course they didn't.. he has his dude do it.. comes back 2 minutes later.. voltage is fine. Then they look up stuff on the computer, and give me bad information, saying it only has one fuel pump, when I know for a fact that it has an in tank pump as well. Then they say that they'll have to remove the gas tank to get to the in tank filter, also bull because i'd taken out the in-tank pump and filter earlier that day through the hole in the rear seat. At this point I suggest them testing the pressure at other points in the line, but they say that they can't do it any more because the first hour is already up. What kind of a mechanic takes an hour to check the fuel pressure at one point. I should have just bought a cheap pressure gauge myself. These guys are either horrible at what they do, or professional con artists. Also, while in their waiting room, I hear them overcharging people to the tune of thousands of dollars for minimal AC work, and other wild claims. I should have known just by the fast talking nature of the guy at the desk that they care nothing about helping people with their cars, and only about finding a way to make as much money as they can. Do yourself a favor and go ANYWHERE ELSE. more

Couteous and knowledgeable 3/23/2011

My recent experience with the shop was great. I went for an oil change and was on my lunch hour (in a hurry). It looked like it would take longer than I had, so the staff arranged a shuttle for me to return to work and pick me up to get my car at the end of the day. Friendly and courteous staff with many resources. Thanks Pit Stop! more

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! 3/21/2011

Man I hate when i need my car fixed, Especially when my dad, who lives in California, has a shop out there. So of course any time my car acts up I call him. Well he found pit stop on Google, and told me to go there, THANK GOD!!! These guys even talked to my dad on the phone and worked out all the details on having my car fixed right. Nothing is more frustrating than having car troubles but the crew at pit stop made this otherwise miserable experience a bearable one. Both of the counter people were very nice and helpful and my car is back to normal. Thanks again to the pit stop, I couldn't have asked for more. more

It's the Pits, so Stop considering this place! 2/19/2011

They should rename this place Forever Automotive because it takes them forever to complete even the most basic repair. There is NO way that all the positive comments on this place are valid, as I am sure they have been written by the people that run the place and their cronies. Very poor customer service and nothing but utter disappointment and disgust. If you like being lied to and are a glutton for punishment, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, you are better off just pushing your car into the river. more

Best Car Repair Shop in New Orleans 2/10/2011

I went to Pit Stop Automotive and was very impressed. Good customer service! My engine light came on my in my Honda Civic and brought it over to the shop. After they diagnosed it and found out what was wrong, they repaired it in a day for a low price. Good price and good warranties. My car has been running good ever since. I will definitely bring my car to Pit Stop next time it gives me problems. more

Great automotive repair shop! 1/22/2011

I'm new in the area and found myself with a car that would not stay running. As any woman with zero.... knowledge of automobiles would do I called my father who searched the web and came up with this little repair shop. After he called and spoke with the service manager(Jerry) he called me back and informed me of his findings. It was like ""Wow!"" as soon as I hung up with my father my cell was ringing it was like all of a sudden I had family/friends reaching out. They had my car towed to the shop, dropped me off at work, and contacted me later with exactly what it was going to take to repair my car. They(Jerry) even dealt with my repair shop back home, which I trust with my car and they seemed very impressed with this shops willingness to communicate with what they'd found, and even the cost of the repairs were discussed, which made me feel even more comfortable with the service at Pit Stop Automotive. My experience with Pit Stop was fantastic! Thanks, Guys:) more

** THe Inside Scoop On Pitstop Automotive 1/17/2011

** Inside scoop on Pitstop Automotive** more


My 20 year old, but in excellent shape, Lexus LS400 which we bought new, wouldn't start and was brought to PIT STOP. They kept ti a total of 10 days and charged us $2300. When they released it to my daughter, it ran rough and some hazard lights were on. Eight days later when my daughter was driving it, flames shot out from under the hood and the whole front end of the car burned up. Total loss. So, after my experience with PIT STOP I'm out $2300 and my car was murdered. The owner, Shawn Berger, told me that mice must have caused all this. I feel sure that I was overcharged and that faulty ""repairs"" were done. Of course any absolute proof of botched repairs burned up with the car. more

First Class Operation 12/12/2010

I brought a bucket of bolts to these guys and I drove away in a fine running automobile.I can't say enough good things about The Pit Shop.The owner gave me updates and when I had questions Andy the counter man had the answers.I always knew what was going on with my car and how they were repairing it.Shawn { The Owner} gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him anytime for anything.They told me drive the car and stay in touch with them.THEY CARE! When I picked up the car the price was just what it was quoted to me.It was just a refreshing experience and to top it off Shawn's secretary is a knock out. more
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  • Pit Stop Automotive is a complete auto /car repair body shop and paint center located in New Orleans.

    We are a certified and experienced car and truck service and repair center. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your vehicle is diagnosed correctly and efficiently for repairs and service. The mission of our New Orleans auto repair shop is to build and maintain a relationship with you. We will do everything possible to make you feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied with your service experience at Pit Stop Automotive repair and collision center.

    Pit Stop Automotive is a New Orleans complete auto / car repair shop and collision conveniently located to Metairie, Kenner, Harahan, Westbank, CBD, Uptown, Downtown, French Quarter, Mid City and Jefferson Parish.

    AAA certified repair center, ASE certified, BBB member and ASA member.


  • From rims and tires to full mechanical services, these automotive experts can fix any current problems or simply maintain vehicles.

  • 11/20/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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