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Pistachio Bar & Grille - 32 Reviews - 341 S CEDAR Crest Blvd, Allentown, PA - French Restaurants Reviews - Phone (610) 435-7007

Pistachio Bar & Grille

341 S CEDAR Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 435-7007
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I usually spend weekends with my friends to be relieved of the stress that we usually get from devoting long hours of work in the office and it is really refreshing to find a plac...


Not the great, but OK. If you want to make a reservation for less than four, tough luck. You are put on a prefered waiting list. Food is so so. Lots to choose from, but none g...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/25/2013

We were searching the smartphone for somewhere in the area to eat. After viewing the online menu, we chose Pistachios.. we never would have guessed how much we would LOVE the food! Salmon & scallops to die for! Add in a great drink menu & friendly staff.. it is out of our way but we will definately find reason to come back! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

This place is awful. If you want an upscale dining experience, this is not the place to go. The only good thing I have to say about the restaurant is that the atmosphere was very nice. That's it. Our waitress took forever to take our drink orders, and then our dinner orders. She never offered us bread and we saw her offer bread to other tables. Some consistency would have been nice. Our calamari appetizer showed up (30 minutes after we ordered it) and this restaurant must not know how to drain their food once it is fried because the calamari was soaked in grease. I ordered a burger medium-well and when it got to me (after waiting an hour) it was black and crispy. I sent my burger back, which I hate to do. When it came out again, my boyfriend was already done his meal because I told him to eat so his food wouldn't get cold. The burger was tasty the second time around, however the french fries were soaked in grease. I was so unhappy with this place that we told the manager to take the burger off the check because there was no way were paying for the awful service and food. We never do this at restaurants, but we were so taken back by the lack of care and attentiveness this restaurant showed to us and the tables around us that we couldn't leave without saying something. The table next to us was complaining about the service too. Shocked this place is still in business. To top it all off, the bathroom was out of toilet paper. Save your money and go to Wendy's across the street. more

Cannot Understand How They Stay in Business... 1/29/2011

After years of having one negative experience after another at this restaurant, I've kept going back because of its convenient location. But today was my last visit to an establishment where the the quality of the food is spotty at best, the service is consistently bad, the prices much too high, and attitude by management is so rude and arrogant that it's beyond anything I can describe in this review, except to say I cannot understand how they treat customers as they do and stay in business. The manager actually raised his voice to me and told me to get out his restaurant when I questioned the order I had been given. It was so bad I actually considered calling the police. There are so many lovely places to eat in the Lehigh Valley. There is not need to go near PIstachio's more

Great Atmostphere and Excellent Food 1/6/2011

I met some business associates at Pistachio's for lunch. We were impressed with the atmospere and food. The waitress and servers were very pleasant. The crowd seemed to be mostly local professionas. I highly recommend this retaurant. more

Stomach turner 12/20/2010

will never never eat there again. I ordered a hamburger and received it 15 minutes after everybody else was served. I ate about half the burger and noticed it was totally raw inside. The sauce I put on the burger hid that fact until i noticed it. The manager did not care at all and was rude about the situation. I did get the burger for free but big deal. Later I was driving up Cedar Crest and quickly pulled over. I vomited out my car door. Not a good experience more

An Excellent After-work treat 9/29/2010

I usually spend weekends with my friends to be relieved of the stress that we usually get from devoting long hours of work in the office and it is really refreshing to find a place where the servers have a pleasant smile on their faces from the time we came until the time we left, not to mention that they have the best tasting salads that I can?t seem to have enough of. It is definitely a place where one can find comfort after days of hard work. more

Worst Resturant ever!! 7/6/2010

I went to Pistachios for my first experience and it was the worst place I have ever been to. As soon as you walked in the door, I did not feel welcomed. Our first experience was we were there for a couple of minutes and we heard "good ole Sid" swearing up a storm. What a classy individual he was. Elderly people and children all around him and he acted like there was no one there. In any case, we waited for over an hour for our food which was disgusting. I could have found tastier food in McDonald's. As I hear from the employees, he makes them write good comments on city search since there are just so many bad comments about him. I still don't understand how this man can still be in business with his piss poor attitude. I guess there are just a lot of stupid people who do not appreciate good food, just abuse. If there were a negative number to rate this place I would put it in. So I rated it -10. Trust me it is not worth the one star. Pros: No Pros at all Cons: Are the overly priced food and the Owner, Sid more

Not that great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/21/2010

dropped in sunday, pretty much empty ordered chicken ravioli and spicy shrimp for appetizer . came back saying we only have 2 ravioli left- the shrimp were just dipped in old bay or something very salty. ordered shrimp rigatoni for entree-- wow 4 small shrimp with pasta and a cream tomato sauce. it made our once and done list !!!!!!!!!!! waitress was friendly -- thats were the 1 star goes !!!!! Pros: location thats about it Cons: so so food more

Desserts to Die for! 10/20/2009

From the Key Lime pie to the Chocolate cake, the portions are huge! Enough to share with another person or to eat some there and take the rest home. I have been here a handful of times just to eat dessert and I end up getting something different each time because each option is better than the next! Pros: Large Portions! Cons: A little cold inside. more

Happy Hour 10/2/2009

I went back to Pistachios recently and found a new watering hole. This place now has not only a happy hour everyday of the week but it now has something i have never heard of. A reverse happy hour on friday and saturday nights from 10pm till midnight. Me and my friends thought we were going out for a drink and decided to make a night out of it. These happy hours could be one of the best kept secrets in the valley. Pros: Open space and atmosphere Cons: Acoustics more

We tried again but... 7/24/2009

Let's just say the food is good. Nice. Ok. Husband and I ordered a few Thai entrees. Drinks were nice. . BUT... Pros: Food is pretty good! Cons: Service is not consistent table to table more

Terrific Cuisine 4/2/2009

I had a great experience at Pistachio's last weekend. Took my family to celebrate our Mom's 75th birthday. Guests ranged in age from 22-75 and with the diverse selection of appetizers and entrees, everyone found something that they loved. Pros: Attentive Server - Jessica, Delicious Food. more


THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Not only do they have POOR Service/ The manager is prejudice, inconsiderate, selfish!! I invited my daughter and a few friends for dinner there. I set the 7pm reservations. more


I was in Center Valley for a team meeting (about 25 of us) and we went to dinner at Pistachio. Interestingly, the focus of our meeting was customer service and we observed the best example of POOR customer service during our dinner. Our table had 4 servers (which was great), but the food came out in such a haphazard random way that no one could enjoy their meal. There was at least 30 minutes between the time that the first person received their meal and the last two people. Then the last two people were yelled at and bullied by the manager. When they did receive their food (which was supposed to be the same dish that the 1st person served received-I have to ask why not prepare them at the same time), it was the wrong order. One of them was supposed to have lobster in their pasta. When it wasn't there, the manager gave huge attitude and basically threw a side play of lobster on the tabel for him to add to his own meal. The meals were terrible. Personally, I had two or three bites and couldn't get the lysol taste of my meal out of my mouth. For our trouble, the servers offered the last 2 people a free drink (not free meals, just drinks). Additionally, the manager was yelling so loudly at the servers that we could hear him from our table which totally ruined our meals. He came over several times to tell us basically that it was our fault that the food came out so late since we were a large group. But 1. what take the reservation if you can't handle that size party and 2. technially, we were four smaller parties, since we had 4 servers with about 6 people each. What was most infuriating was that after all was said and done, we paid about $2000 for this meal that left us all feelig extremely frustrated and hungry. Pros: none Cons: Bad food, rude manager more

Poor customer service and long wait times for meals... 7/27/2008

Our lunch party of 10 visited for a business lunch and unfortunately we Pros: Large menu selections Cons: Service, long wait for meals, overpriced and ala carte everything more

Where to start.....Part II 6/17/2008

We sit and wait for a 'while' at least 10 minutes as wait staff whiz by. We had already eaten, so we werent in a hurry to order and chatted happily. We both made eye-contact with servers and the owners. My companions family owned restaurants in Manhattan, so he is versed in handling this situation politely and compassionately. With the guest to server ratio, there is no way they could be that busy and most poeple were finishing their meals. It became apparent that the owner, The SYD, had been telling them to not wait on us. After 25 minutes past, I yanked up out of the booth and headed for the door. The hostesses were engaged in gossip and texting and didnt even notice us. The owner, on the other hand, walked briskly over to the door and gave us a huge "GOOD NIGHT! HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT" . He had a grotesque smile on his face like he won this battle of wills. He won, He won? He lost two customers at least, wait until i start telling everyone I know. I found out from a former employee that Mr SYD really has no self-confidence and loves to hang on the big name of others. huh. Makes sense for his 'lacking' personality and tremendous people skills, doesnt it? And I said earlier, if he had any clue who me and mystery boy are....he'd be you-know-whating-himself right now. But let me say: NOBODY deserves his treatment: from famous person to homless person.....staff or customer. This guy is an idiot. Please spend your money somewhere else. Most of the staff is superb and Im sure you will see them waiting table at another fine (finer) establishment shortly. The food is close to what a good cook could make at home for 1/20th the cost without the attitude or childish behavior. Do yourself a favor and explore some of the lesser known haunts of the area, ask friends about established places that they go for fun or just good food.... this place is an over-rated hang-out for pretentious people that need to feel important by throwing money away. Pros: Parking, Wait staff Cons: The SYD, noise, big-time attitudes in a Pennsyltucky area more

Where to start.............. 6/17/2008

Believe what you read on here. i was personally touched by the "prince" on Friday night. Call him Syd, Sid, Psycho, Satan, Creep, Mentally Ill, whatever you want........he will always have a place in my heart. For in this down-turned economy, he let me know how much my business doesnt matter to him and saved me from spending money at his establishment. Thank you, sir,keep going this'll end up alone and penniless. Pros: The Staff, parking, location Cons: The SYD, noise, big-time attitudes in a Pennsyltucky area more

The Owner.... 4/24/2008

Alright, i worked at Pistacho for a while and i agree with what everyone else has to say. Sid is psycho and really is a horrible person. His wife Lynn is just as bad shes nice to your face and then goes and tells Sid if youre not doing what he asks you to. The one day he yelled at the hostess for not asking everyone who walked through the door for their email address. He said to one of the other servers "if she didnt ask one more person that "she was out of there"...sorry but people dont want to be annoyed like that. Although all the servers, hostesses, and managers are cool it the atmosphere is completely ruined by the owner and his wife. If they would sell the restaurant it would be a much better place. Oh and for that comment about the "sleezy manager" who was doing shots, those were his friends and he was not hitting on them. so all in all id say dont go here unless you want to pay an overpriced amount for food and hear the owner yell at his employees over nothing when without them he would make NO money due to the fact that he is not an appealing person. Pros: food, servers Cons: price, SID, LYNN more

Most Hideous Dining Experience of My Life! 1/26/2008

We arrived at this restaurant excited, not having been here for about a year or so, there were three of us - we were told the wait would be about 40-50 minutes. About an hour and 15 minutes later, we were seated at a table that had been vacant since the moment we walked in the door. At least we had the bar to hang out at, except that the bartenders hardly acknowledged our presence and in that hour and 15 minutes we each had only one drink... Pros: vast menu Cons: service, food, cleanliness more

Owner tells employees to post on here with 5 stars!!! 1/9/2008

As in the previous reviews, the owner kills this place. As a former employee, he used to tell us to post on city search and dine dot com to up the overall rating because they were so bad. His own secretary told us to keep our slips everyday because he shaved hours. SHAVED HOURS!!!! Just to save him money as if he needed it. He would come in and complain to all the employees because he wanted everything to be "perfect". He really did mess with his employees whole mood. His wife was a complete mess, and walked around like she knew what was going on as well. The food was bad, it was overpriced, and just a terrible place to eat. It looked nice, the other employees were cool, but once that guy walked in, it was all over for everyone. I don't even want to know what he paid the Spanish employees in the back that worked all day. I hope one of the employees catches him with proof of shaving hours so they can shut that place down or kick him out. Don't go! Pros: The servers Cons: Everything else more
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