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Pink Poodle Pets & Grooming - 18 Reviews - 3209 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (509) 324-0750

Pink Poodle Pets & Grooming

3209 N Monroe St
Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 324-0750
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Pink Poodle Pets & Grooming - Spokane, WA
Pink Poodle Pets & Grooming - Spokane, WA


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I took my Newfoundland in to pink poodle to be groomed. His fir had been neglected so he had some mats. Jose the groomer said no problem. He called me an hour later explaining to ...


Dont Shop Here! The owner is very rude!

Dont Shop Here! The owner is very 5/30/2012

Dont Shop Here! The owner is very rude! more

DO NOT buy a puppy from this company 4/3/2012

they use breeders that breed improperly and the dogs pop up with congenital defects within days of purchase. and they are NOT willing to fix the problem even though it happens within DAYS of purchase and is due to them using breeders who breed improperly. DO NOT buy a dog from them. more

Don't SHOP! 3/17/2012

I saved a Puppy! Join the pledge and please don't shop pet stores that SELL Puppies. Over 90% come from puppy mills! In the Spokane area, Pink Poodle, Evergreen Pet Store, Northwest Pet and Seed, and Cheney Pet Paradise to name a few. go to web site nopetstorepuppies Really ... listing the whole website is inappropriate? more

Best Groomers! Excellent customer service! 11/26/2011

I took my Newfoundland in to pink poodle to be groomed. His fir had been neglected so he had some mats. Jose the groomer said no problem. He called me an hour later explaining to me that he recommended shaving him because of the mats. I told him to go ahead. When I went in to pick him up, he was super energetic and seemed very happy. He also looked amazing! Jose did an excellent job. The manager Faith treated me really well too. I have taken my dog to many groomers. Pink Poodle is by far the best in Spokane! I highly recommend them! more

Did not follow through as Advertised for AKC 11/18/2011

Advertised my Westie would come with AKC, paperwork filled out on the spot. Checked back a few months as we never heard anything. They said they are slow sometimes. Contacted AKC finally and they have no record of anything for my Westie. Hey Pink Poodle: still waiting 3 years later. more

Pink Poodle staff r great 6/14/2011

best place for us, Luke takes pride when grooming our dog. Every one there is great. short story customer call she had a missing schnauzer. They call everyone on there list to make sure we had our dog. Thank you for taking the time to call your customer. best place for us. keep up the great service more

The Pink Poodle 3/27/2011

Wow, I am surprised by the varying reviews! My family purchased several dogs for our family throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, and they have always been healthy and happy. We had them groomed there and were always very satisfied. I am looking to buy a yorkie and with limited choices for buying a toy breed in spokane, I am going to the Pink Poodle more

best groomer in town 12/10/2010

Luke is a excellent groomer he is very gentle with the dogs he grooms. He does an amazing job at what he does to make people happy. So all you people that are saying he is an abusive groomer (your very WRONG) more

Bad Groomeer 10/29/2010

I took my Miniature Schnauzer in to be groomed and was so horrified at what happened. I picked him up and he wasn't even done, they said he was bad and that Luke couldn't finish him, he looked so bad and was so scared, he was favoring his left hind leg when I got him home the next day he could'nt walk on it I took him to my Vet. and he found a bruise on his leg and knots on top of his head the said he thinks he was hit! I cried I couldn't believe I took him to this place I should have known better then to take him to a place that sells puppy mill puppies but a friend of mine told me she was taking her dogs here so I thought I would give it a try. NEVER again. They should tie him up and do to him what he did to my little guy, hit him on his head with a comb and see if he likes it. Luke you should be ashaimed of your self. more

Bad Groomer 10/27/2010

I took my Pom to Luke, the worst thing I could have done. I drop buddy off and 30 min later I get a call to come get our dog. I get thee and they tell me that Buddy had pooped, they made me pay for a full groom and all he did was bath him, he wasnt even dry al the way and when we got him he was so upset, I don't know what he did but Buddy is a very loving dog, everyone loves him because he loves everyone. He wouldnt eat for 2 days and we were real worried. I will never recomend him or the pink poodle to anyone. more

Grooming at Pink Poodle 10/11/2010

Luke just groomed my Shima today - her first time, and she looks beautiful! Luke was recommended to me by several people, and I am so glad we found him. My puppy was not stressed out and seemed almost proud of her new do - and best of all the price is very reasonable. Thanks Luke! more

Honest and Caring about People and Dogs 4/19/2010

I bought a chihuahua in October 2009 for my daughters 15th Birthday. This little female was unusually small. I opted to take the puppy to Hunter's Vet clinic free of charge as per the store policy. The vet noticed the tail on the puppy was bent and recommended we not breed the dog. We were heart broken at the thought of returning her. I returned to the store thinking we would return the puppy. The new owners immediately offered to refund my money due to the defective tail. Instead we opted to keep the puppy and the owners gave us a partial refund. We decided to have her fixed and not breed her as recommended by Hunter's. We were very happy to have little Pinky as part of our family. She remained very small just 3.5 pounds 18 months later. We continue to buy all of our food from the store and visit Dr. Leise when it's time for shots. We were concerned about her size and Dr. Leise recommended we have her blood work done to be sure she was healthy. We did the blood work at another vet clinic and Pinky was pronounced healthy. She is tiny but mighty and strong. Like humans not all dogs are perfect all the time. People will claim the dog's tail is defective because the store buys from a puppy mill. Our family has purchased 3 other dogs from the store in the last several years and all of the dogs are healthy. The store could refuse dogs with slight imperfections instead they discounted the dog so it too could have a good home. We Championed the underdogs at the Superbowl and we will take the runt of the litter. The store was not only concerned about money. They wanted us to feel good about doing business with them. They take many precautions to make sure their dogs are healthy and provide you with a free check up at Hunter's if you choose to use this service. I'd say that is going the extra mile in caring about people and animals. Pros: Clean and friendly place to do business. more

Get your information correct . 4/9/2010

After reading the two negative reviews I had to investigate and respond. There are new owners in this store. Both are gentlemen and not a woman and their groomer is also a gentleman, maybe these two people need to figure out what store they were in. I read the stores policy on selling their puppies. All puppies can be taken to the Hunter Veterinary clinic upon purchase to make sure they are healthy, the buyer has 48 hours to do this. If the puppy is not healthy it can be returned to the store without a problem. After this time period the puppies can not be taken back, as the store does not know what conditions the puppies have been in contact with or what kind of care they were given. The buyers need to read the contract that is provided to them when they are purchasing a puppy. This makes sense to me. What constitutes a puppy mill? If a store buys puppies from a breeder twice a year that means the breeders must run a puppy mill? Does this mean that Northwest seed and the other stores that sell puppies buy from puppy mills too? or is it just this particular store. Are the people who sell puppies advertised in the papers puppy mills also. You need to get the facts straight before you write reviews that effect peoples businesses and jobs. The puppies I have seen in this store seem to be very playful and healthy. There may be a time that a puppy could get sick but I think it is probably very rare at this store. This store has been doing business in Spokane for over 40 years it must be doing something right. Like one reviewer said you can not please everybody all of the time and you need to believe about half of what you read and none of what you hear. I hope the disgruntled people out there have a better day and find something to be great full for and not complain life is too short. Pros: Clean and friendly place to do business. more

Makes me sick. 3/12/2010

The Pink Poodle knowingly sells sick dogs. Their poor babies are sick and they just try to hurry and sell them off as quick as possible. We bought a puppy and within two days it was showing signs of being sick. It ended up costing $800 worth of vet bills. First they offered to buy the puppy back so they could resell it sick. (poor thing) Since we didnt accept that offer, they gave us a refund on the dog. But refused to pay any of the vet bill. All they care about is getting their dollar. My puppy almost died. But as long as they get thier money, they dont care. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors in that place. After looking them up on the internet, we are not the first, there have been many others. Do not support them, DO NOT buy puppies from thier store. Cons: Sells sick dogs. more

Awful grooming and attitude by the owner! 2/21/2010

She was rude. I went to get my dog shots from Dr Leise who is great with animals! I asked the store owner if I could get my dogs nails trimmed and face hair trimmed. She said she didn't have any other groomers there that day but she could do it. We went in the back. She said I would have to hold her. [ The groomer at the vet clinic at the Y never needed help. ] Then without any calming talk she turned on the electric clippers and went right in at her face. It scared my dog and she gave a low growl. The owner said in all her many years of grooming, she never saw a black or black and white dog without an attitude. I should have known to leave right then. After a moment she bit the lady. She has never bitten a groomer! The groomer at the vet and the vets say she is such a great dog! Another groomer told me the same thing- wonderful dog. The PinkPoodle owner also cut her nail to the quick and it bled. [Though I know that is easy to do and I am not upset about that.] I apologized profusely and even tipped an extra $5 because I felt so bad for the dog bite. At dinner we usually put my dog's food dish on the floor a few feet away. She wouldn't come near us. My husband had to coax her with a piece of meat. Then we noticed she had a cut on her face! I called Pink Poodle and told her. She vaguely apologized and never offered a refund or credit or anything else. Cons: She did a terrible job, hurt my dog and kept my money more

Best Pet Place in town 10/30/2009

Pink Poodle is to me one of the best place to get good dogs. They take care of their animals. I buy my dog food there and they are always friendly and informative. I look at their puppies and they are always happy and playful. I've never had any problems with them and I have been getting my products from them since they were originally on Division. Don't believe in disgruntled people who complain all the time as they have nothing useful to do. Pros: New owners, clean, friendly more

Don't support puppy mills!! 1/25/2009

Have you ever seen those horrific pictures of puppys living in hideous conditions inside puppy mills?? Buying a puppy from this dump supports puppy mills and condones the mistreatment of animals. They will assure you that their puppys are NOT from cruel mass-production mills, but they can say this because they use a broker that acts as a go between. Broker buys from mill, petstore buys from broker posing as a backyard breeder, and you support animal cruelty buy purchasing the pet. The poor puppies for sale at this place deserve a loving, good home, but this store is bottom of the barrel in terms of health and concern for the animals they sell. Same goes for Bark avenue in Northtown mall. Cons: dirty, shady, sketchy, greedy, more

Excellent Pet Store 10/2/2008

As for the prior review, you know what they say: Only believe half of what you read and none of what you hear. more
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