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Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - 52 Reviews - 14562 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (818) 783-9380

Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon

14562 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 783-9380
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Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA
Pink Cheeks Skin Care Salon - Sherman Oaks, CA


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Charming salon with a terrific group of talented stylists. Everyone is super accommodating. It has a great atmosphere and is reasonably priced. Eva is outstanding with color and c...


I used to LOVE this place, but it seems like things are going south. I had not been back for some time as I had been in New York and also tried Wax on Melrose. The first thing I...

Great Salon! 7/14/2011

Charming salon with a terrific group of talented stylists. Everyone is super accommodating. It has a great atmosphere and is reasonably priced. Eva is outstanding with color and cuts. Book early!! more

Majorly Disappointed! 12/31/2010

Let me preface this review by saying I have never written a review of a place, but after my experience here, I felt compelled to! After reading great reviews I decided to try Pink Cheeks out. I was assigned to Andrea. Everyone was nice and I only waited about 10-15 minutes. Then when Andrea came in, she started on me right away without asking me any preferences (i.e. I usually don't like to get waxed on the top). She was super quick, but didn't take the time to ""hold"" the skin or seem to try to make things any less painful. Now, I know waxing is a painful process...I have had bikini waxes before, but this was unusually painful! She also didn't seem to really check her work afterwards (i.e. check for stray hairs), and she left wax on me. Finally, to top it off I bruised immediately on my left side...something that has never happened. When I called the place to complain, they simply said ""sorry"", and that ""bruising happens"". I guess I would have hoped for a greater show of PR in some way or another. Long story short, I will NOT be going back. more

Aya is the Best! 11/9/2010

Though the receptionist ins't always very friendly, I continue to go back because Aya is fabulous! I went to 2 other women there, including Cindy, and both left me in pain and less than thrilled with the work. Aya is efficient, thorough and makes the process about as painless as you can hope for. more

Pink Cheeks is the place to go! 11/5/2010

I gotta say, in the 7 years I have been going to Pink Cheeks, I have never had anything to complain about. I was just there today and Cindy is awesome. She has a wonderful energy about her and is genuine! She gets the job done!.....I have recommended my friends there and they love it! For the people here that expected waxing to be painless; you must be crazy! and to say that it was painless elsewhere? hahaha! go tell that to someone that's gonna believe you!......Cindy Rocks!? more

All Good Things Must Come to an End 11/1/2010

I used to LOVE this place, but it seems like things are going south. I had not been back for some time as I had been in New York and also tried Wax on Melrose. The first thing I noticed, there was not the normal ""walk in"" crowd there Saturday morning. And then when I went to get my service, I found Cindy was not as thorough as usual, and whereas in the past the bikini wax had been relatively painless, it HURT like hell. And that's because she used much wider strips than in the past. I think she used 4 strips to take off all the hair down there. And she did not inspect her work. I still have hair in hard to reach places. I also noticed that she no longer placed her hand down on an area after she ripped the material off. In the past, this soothed the area and counterbalanced the pulling of the hair. Sadly, I don't think I will go back. I think Cindy is great, and she has a wonderful energy. But I guess things change. :( more

Believe the Hype 10/10/2010

I'm 23, and finally decided to get a wax for my upcoming trip to Hawaii. A lot of people told me about Pink Cheeks (and was even featured in the movie Bruno, haha) so I decided to try it... I was late for my appointment, so I had to wait behind a few people, probably about 45 min. The stout little receptionist seemed as though she was PMSing, or something, and came off a little rude. It was my turn, and Cindy was my 'waxer.' Let me tell you... it F@&cking hurts - I almost wanted to leave!!! She was polite about it, and talked me through it. It hurts waaaaaay more than getting a tattoo, i.m.o. You have to understand that this salons waxing will hurt a lot because it's going to last! The results of the wax lasted a REALLY long time, and I totally recommend Pink Cheeks!!! more

Pink Cheeks is AWESOME! 8/27/2010

I've been many times... everyone is so nice and makes you feel comfortable (even in uncompromising positions)! My girl Aya does an AMAZING wax job, both on the private areas and eyebrows. Cannot recommend this place enough! Will be making an appointment for next Wednesday if Aya is working =) One thing is, they do prefer cash for the tip. more



Thank You Cindy! 9/22/2009

I just got back from visiting Pink Cheeks Salon. I have been going there for awhile now and even tho I only see Cindy, she and I talk about things like she was my true friend. She gives me insight, feedback and objective perspective on things I struggle with in life while she is working on me and I always come out of there feeling better, in every way. Her quality of work is excellent. My life is falling apart right now (-money, -relationship - job) but I had the need for a wax, something to make me feel better, cleaner... so I went in to Pink Cheeks. When I went up front to pay the very nice receptionist told me that my wax was a ?Love Donation? from Cindy. Cindy, it?s those thoughtful gestures that you do that make you the wonderful person that you are. No wonder that your lobby is packed, that your employees respect and love you and that you are the success in business that you are. You are a genuinely kind person. P.S. It was also very mind-blowing to pass the singer ?Pink? coming down the hallway while I was leaving. Whoa! She is SO COOL!!! Double Pleasure Day at Pink Cheeks! Thank You Cindy! Pros: Cindy, Cindy, Cindy! Cons: I have to wait for my hair to grow to come back more

Long Wait, Rude employees, Very Poor Job 9/7/2009

I have been getting waxed for about 6 years now. I recently moved to Los Angeles from San Diego, I was asking around to get a recommendation of a good place to get a bikini wax. A guy I have been dating suggested Pink Cheeks because he read that where a lot of P*rn Stars go, and you know they have to look good down there so I checked it out. When I got there it seemed as if I was in a flea market bunches of thing surrounded me for sale and not just salon products. There were homemade crafts and snacks I found that to be a bit off. I was 10 mins early for my appt and I wasn't seen until 45 mins after my appt. There were 3 other women and a man waiting as well. One woman grew anxious and went to ask how much longer it would be, then the receptionist looked at the appt schedule and went around to all of us waiting customers pointing at us individually saying she has a Brazilian, she has a playboy, she has an an@l bleaching, and he has a full back wax so about 45 more mins. I was appalled. I know it's not a Dr.s office but I would still think it to be confidential. When I finally got called she pretty much just put me in the room and shut the door, not knowing if I was a first timer or anything didn't give any instruction at all. During the process I found her to be very short with me not responding to attempted conversation, the process was very painful like I said I have been doing this for years and never has it ever been this painful. She only used about 5 strips which as another reviewer stated as well but she mentioned it like it was a good thing when in fact it's not, She pulled out hair from different areas with one strip hair that grows in different directions in each area if you don't pull the correct way you get severe in growns which I did. It took a whole 3 months for my hair to grow back in properly (+there was 3 months of itching and discomfort from the ingrowns) Then she says ""up on all fours"" I felt like I was being treated like a dog. Then she glopped the wax on so thick in every crevice in the back, even areas that don't grow hair. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable and painful, unlike the other professional places Ive been to. When she was done she just walked out of the room and said nothing. I went to the front to go pay and the receptionist was on a personal phone call and was ignoring me for a good 3 mins she then puts her call on hold takes my payment and before giving my change says ""How much do you want to tip"" I thought this was rude and unprofessional. Over All BAD experience * * * NOT RECCOMENDED * * * Cons: Rude, Unprofessional, Ingrowns soon to follow treatment more

I Love Cindy!!!!! 5/20/2009

Cindy is amazing!! The last time I got waxed, I went to this place called Treats For Your Face and the owner waxed me. I had never really felt so much pain! She claimed to be the best waxer in town and the way she kept pulling my hair was excruciating!! I didn't think it was going to end. The way she kept telling me to breath did not help at all. Then on top of that, she was rude. Seemed like maybe she was frustrated since I had grown out my hair for a while=) When I went to Cindy she was done within 5 min. Didn't hurt nearly as bad and she was sooo nice to me. Definitely knows how to treat people and she knows how to be a good business woman. Will return! Pros: Faster than anyone who has ever waxed me! Cons: Little wait time more

Worth Driving 3 hours for! 5/6/2009

I come up from San Diego. Cindy comes in for me at 5:30 am so I can beat the traffic and get back down here to get to work on time, by 9am. I have tried others over the years and never have they held a candle to Cindy?s proficiency and abilities. So I drive up there and she opens up early for me. (Thank-you Cindy) She operates a great business and is a heartfelt and forthright soul. Cindy please, Don?t ever retire! And it is very much worth the drive. Pros: Cindy IS the BEST Cons: I wish they were down in San Diego! more

Made an Appt, But They Were Closed When I Arrived! 4/22/2009

I have been going to a salon in W. Hollywood for years for waxing, but upon moving to the valley I decided to try Pink Cheeks based on my sister-in-law's RAVING review of it (Plus, it was right down the street from could I not try it?!). I made an appointment with Cindy, aware that she tends to run late and that I might be waiting awhile. True to form, she was late but her great personality and the great job that she did on me made up for it. It hurt ALOT (more than it usually did at my other place), but I decided to give Pink Cheeks another try, as changes in your body could easily effect the pain level and it could have had nothing to do with the job Cindy did. I finally made my second appointment, which was not easy to do as they are NOT open at 6am every day like many reviews here state. They said they opened at either 9 or 10 (I can't remember which one) which did not help me as I have to be at work at 9. They finally told me that on Wednesday someone would be there as early as 7am and that I could come at 8. I stressed the importance that I be finished by 8:30 to head to work and they said no problem. So I showed up at exactly 8am and NO ONE WAS THERE!!!!! I waited a few mins in case they were running late arriving and called multiple times, only to have my calls answered by an answering machine. I finally just left, leaving an angry message on their voicemail. I am going out of town Friday early AM and now will either have to find some random salon that is open super early and/or late that I don't know/trust or take my vacation with a beast on me. I was EXTREMELY dissapointed. Pros: Adorable Place Cons: Pay for Parking more

CINDY please learn some people skills !!!!!!!!!! 4/15/2009

CINDY (the owner) has the worst people skills ever ! She is rude & sarcastic !!!!!! I went in for was my first time ever ! So ofcourse, it was going to be painful ! So as cindy began to wax me, my body's instinct was to jump....i just can't sit there passively while this lady is waxing me. So she got very frustrated with me and told me : ""WHY ARE YOU PUTTING YOURSELF THROUGH THIS ?"" ""IF IT'S SO PAINFUL...YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT!""*** i'm sure she doesn't speak this way to her CELEBRITY CLIENTS ! *** And besides, it's none of her f*ck*n business as to why i'm getting waxed....i'm paying her for it and she should just put the money where her mouth is ! So then i told her to give me a few minutes to be alone so i could think about continuing with the waxing or not. Five minutes later, she came back and i told her i did want to continue. So then she told me this : ""YOU JUST NEED TO STOP JUMPING...I'VE ASKED THE OTHER GIRLS IF THEY WANT TO WAX YOU AND THEY ALL SAID NO"" ""NONE OF THEM WANT TO WAX YOU"".""NONE OF THEM WANT TO DO IT...So then i told her i would go back some other day & try it with JESSICA (the blonde girl that was highly recommended to me by my sister) i went back the next day & JESSICA was very professional,gentle,patient, and had great people skills ! Pros: Fast Service during weekdays !! Cons: bad people skills more

Best Bikini Wax 12/8/2008

I go to Aya. I am always happy with the results from my waxing. She is very thorough. It isn't too painful because she is quick. She is also very professional and makes you feel comfortable. I have never had to wait long but always go on a week day. more

Pink Cheeks is AMAZING 7/17/2008

I've been a customer of Pink Cheeks for about 2 years. The first time I went there was the first time I got waxed, ever. Cindee was absolutely WONDERFUL! She put me at ease, talked to me to distract me from the slight discomfort of getting the Full Bikini Wax. Cindee has found her calling and is quick but she does an extremely thorough job. She's the only one I've seen there, but I've recommended friends and family and they say the other waxists are just as wonderful. I live in Orange County, so the drive is insane, especially with gas prices the way they are.....but you can't put a price on a great wax job and excellent customer service. I don't mind the drive at all because once I get there the receptionist, Stephanie, welcomes me, I wait for no more than 15 minutes and then Cindee comes in and makes me feel at home. I leave delighted knowing that the environment is friendly and clean and I'm smooth and bump free. I highly recommend Pink Cheeks to anyone who is looking for a fantastic wax at a great price with wonderful customer service. Pros: Ambience, Parking in front, Fantastic Service more

The best 6/26/2008

I have been going to this place for years and love it. I use to go to Jennifer and then when she left I went to Cindy. Even though Cindy is great I kind of felt like my mom was waxing me. That is when I found Andrea. She is amazing!! I feel like I am laying there hanging out with my girlfriend. She remembers things I tell her about my life and dose a killer bikini wax. Her eyebrow waxes are amazing as well. I have receives many compliments on them. And yes it is going to hurt. All waxes hurt. When I go there I am afraid because I will know that it is going to hurt (I am a huge wimp) but am also feel excited to see Andrea. Pink Cheeks is the only place I will go. I am there every other month. And yes there is a wait but that is what happens when you see the best. more

Cindy is so Nice! 6/25/2008

I havnt been to Pink Cheeks to get a wax done yet , but I have spoken with Cindy on the phone numerous of times.She is So sweet I hang up with a smile on my face every time we speak . Being this will be the first time I get professionallly waxed She let me know that there will be some pain but she will make it totaly relaxing. I find myself recomending her to my family anf friend that are in LA. My plans are to fly there in a few months . I want to go where the stars go! Cindy thank you for making me smile this morning. I will see you soon! Pros: She listens and is very patient always has something nice to say more

Excellent Service ~ Clean Salon ~ Highly Recommend 6/8/2008

Of the 15 years I've been waxing, I've spent the last 10 going to Pink Cheeks. I've highly recommended it friends, business associates & clients for years so i decided to write a review for any of the potential first timers. I don't live in the neighborhood, but am willing to make the drive because i know each time i do, the customer service & waxing will both be QUALITY. The only drawback is that sometimes there can be a wait. At most salons getting an appointment with the salon owner can be both costly and require booking weeks in advance. However, I've never had a problem booking my appt with Cindy, Each and every time I've been there she has been professional, warm and welcoming. The salon is very clean and comfortable. MOST IMPORTANTLY the bikini wax is quick but never rushed. And while no bikini wax is pain free, this is without a doubt the most painless wax i've ever had. Pros: Service, Hair Removal is quick but thorough and sting free Cons: Sometimes there's a wait more

Fast, reasonable, convenient, and excellent. 6/7/2008

I'm a regular at Wax Poetic, but a friend recommended Pink Cheeks so I decided to try it. I had my first waxing with Cindy this morning and was extremely pleased with the results. It's the cleanest, most thorough waxing I've ever had. In addition, they have very early morning hours, which is really convenient for people who don't want to clear a chunk out of the middle of the day. They have a reputation for running late, but my appointment was at 7:00 a.m. and I was out of there by 7:20. Cindy did a really excellent job and charged less than my regular lady at Wax Poetic. This place is a find. Pros: Early morning hours, excellent waxing, reasonably priced. more
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