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Pima Medical Institute - Seattle

9709 3rd Ave NE 400
Seattle, WA 98115
(800) 477-7462
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Pima Medical Institute - Seattle - Seattle, WA


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I have been going to this school for several months now and from day one I have been impressed with how nice everyone who works there has been. They have been very helpful with ev...


I am a current student in the Veterinary Technician program and I am very unsatisfied with the program. If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen to attend Pierce Colle...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/6/2013

Thank you for your post Nick, the advice well taken! \r To the North Gate office staff my experience has not been at all that to which many of these posts allude. The people I have met have been charming and helpful, I hope that my future experience follows suit\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

my girlfriend did the medical assisting and afterwards found that to go to a 2 or four year college was not possible, the credits are non transfereable and the work you do there will have to be redone somewhere credible and real, nationally acredited my butt, see for yourself if you dare. ask any community college if you were to transfer from pima if you would get your credits. no@#%$ way. your best bet is to fill out the fafsa federal student aid form for a grant and go to a real community college where they will not waste your hard earned money and time. DO THE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY. ASK ANY COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR BETTER IF YOUR CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE OR RECOGNIZED FOR CONTINUED EDUCATION.\r \r THIS IS A QUOTE FROM PIMA MEDICAL LITERATURE \r \r ""Pima Medical Institute does not guarantee the transfer of credits from or to any other institution."" more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

I have an interview on Tuesday. From what I understand is PIMA has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Since its a for profit, their results had to change. Im actually pretty excited on going there. I think it has a lot to do with the individual that puts forth into the skills. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

I spoke to Nancy recently on the phone regarding my daughter and she was very nice. She was helpful and reassuring. Reading these reviews does concern me, but I will wait and far so good more

Hostile Staff & Unresponsive HR 5/14/2011

ere's the email I sent to Pima Headquarters (No reply btw): To Whom It May Concern: I'm emailing to inform you of a surreal, hostile, and extremely disappointing interaction with Nancy Laetsch, Medical Center Specialist at the Pima Seattle Campus. I'm an Assistant Professor at a University in another state and am considering a professional change in order to live in Seattle with my fiancee. A health degree in a vocational field would allow my personal life to be less tied to my current specialty. When making an appointment earlier this week, I explained to the Seattle Campus point person of my situation. I explained that I was busy traveling and wouldn't be in Seattle until late Thursday evening. The Seattle Pima campus booked me an ""audit"" appointment time because of the unusual circumstances. I was promised an 8AM appointment. Today, I arrived on campus for my 8AM appointment about ten minutes early. I filled out paperwork and was asked to wait. Eventually, Nancy Laetsch arrived late, with another employee. Waving dismissively at me in a no, up and down fashion (far from a friendly hello wave). Nancy Laetsch said, ""____ you're funny. I know you got my messages!"" Nancy Laetsch's loud, degrading tone,was surreal and shocking. I felt humiliated as sat in the waiting room in with other people starring at me. Well after 8:15AM, Nancy Laetsch finally called for me (from in her office; yes, her loud voice traveled from her office down the hallway then to the waiting room). Much like an enraged, bad parent to a child, I was yelled for, not invited or asked in any neutral sense. Is this the Pima way? To belittle, attack, and infantilize? Having never met Nancy Laetsch, let alone seen her office, she led me to her office with a belligerent and arrogant tone - not a greeting, handshake, or any eye contact. Yes, I had to follow her loud, demeaning, voice to find her office. As I took a seat in her office, Nancy Laetsch re-stated, ""___, you're funny."" Her glares were personal and mean. It appeared that Nancy Laetsch might have a problem with diversity and working with the public. When in her office I stated that I didn't appreciate being called ""odd"" and she became even louder and more adversarial. Nancy Laetsch then restated that she called me ""funny, not odd"". In the above context, I was ""funny"" either because I was laughable or odd. Regardless, both meanings are insulting, offensive, inappropriate, unwelcoming, and when coupled with her tone, pitch and mean glares (when we finally had eye contact)- it was hostile, belligerent, and worse than rude. If you have, or do, receive complaints from other employees about Nancy Laetsch's behavior, she might be a liability in another sense. This is further documentation. Please know I even tried to calm Nancy Laetsch down and reset the conversation in hopes that she'd realize how unprofessional and hostile she was behaving. I apologized to Nancy Laetsch that it was perhaps a ""bad time"" for her and asked for some paperwork on the program. She refused, saying ""my hands are tied ""and proceeded to blame me for showing up and called me ""funny"" again. I got up and left her office, promising to contact headquarters about her behavior. That said, as working education professional, I've had great interactions and wonderful working relationships with admissions staff and nearly all types of post-secondary education professionals (from private universities to community colleges). Nancy Laetsch is perhaps one of the rudest employees I've ever encountered in any education / public services setting. Nancy Laetsch cost you my business. Nancy Laetsch does not belong in this role. Nancy Laetsch is a liability to your workplace and other employees. Should you have any questions, please contact me in writing. If I don't here a Pima official, I will go ahead and broadcast my experience. more

PIMA sucks 1/7/2011

I will adivse any clinics or hospitals to avoid anything to do with PIMA. It will soon be known that PIMA radiological program is a joke. Not only is the education there less than steller, the lady running the program has a agenda as to whom is allowed in. She is rude, uncaring, and a lier to boot! You will never get a proper answer to any real question and the runaround you will get will only leave you with more questions as to their ability to function as an institution of higher learning (they only really know how to count your cash), more

For your sake and your patients, look elsewhere than PIMA 11/3/2010

Renton Campus - Teachers are NOT professional, rude, verbally abusive and insulting to the students, lie to the students just to win (even when the class all knows it is a lie), no questions or discussions on issues (write your questions on the board, if we get to it...never have time to answer questions), incorrect information to class, poor educational information, just pushing through without explanation on information given, saw someone written up by a teacher that stated she left the class early, we all knew she had not left early at all but that teacher got her way and wrote her up anyway, change in the Student Handbook rules verbally even when it states it clearly in the book one way and then it is now what they say instead, need I say more. The fear, they do not have their accreditation yet and we are half way through the program. Looking at the other places, colleges and vo-tech schools that have accreditation. PIMA needs the accreditation so we can work in our field and take the National Boards for the career. So sorry I did not listen to others, and what I had read. Feel that I made a huge mistake...please look close before you jump and regret it as I did. My lawyer states I have a case to bring them up on. I am disabled and have been harassed about it and that I could not possible be in this field being disabled. In the beginning it was great that I was, now that I rarely walk with a cane or show signs of disability I am picked on if I use my cane on hard and painful days. They knew up front, did not lie to get in, and was with cane right from the beginning. I knew I would get better but forever I will on bad days will use a cane, They knew, I did not lie, was upfront now I am a problem. The ACLU and the Department of Human Rights are so interested in my case and have asked to pursuit my case so others never have to put up with what I have had to. Oh, did I mention that they wanted letters from my Doctors, so I took up valuable time from other patients just to get a letter. He was so surprised as the field is one that works with those that are disabled. I am so sad but move on with my life and do what is best for myself and know I will hurt so many once I follow through. For your sake, look elsewhere for a better education, longer time in school will be well worth it plus a much better education for yourself and your clients. more

Go somewhere else... 9/4/2010

If you're thinking about going to Pima for your education, turn around and run the other direction. It may take a bit more time, but you'll get a better education elsewhere and in the long run, will probably be cheaper too. I was in the vet tech program which costs roughly 23k and was told, ""just because I paid the money doesn't mean I have a right to be at the school."" Most of the staff are rude, especially Nancy, who is rude and pushy. For the most part, the teachers pay attention to the star pupils who get the highest grades and leave the others who struggle behind. There are exceptions to the rule though, Ms. Maryam and Ms. April (who taught large animal but is no longer there), they were fantastic teachers that have a lot to offer. The rest I was unimpressed with. Even though they're an accredited program, I wouldn't waste my time. Go to Pierce. To me it seemed that Pima doesn't know what's going on and their students suffer for it. There are lab skills to pass but you do it once and it's never brought up again for the rest of the program. There are surgeries every Tuesday, which you can learn a thing or two from, but I still say a better education can be acquired elsewhere. In my entire school career I have never been talked to as rudely as I was at Pima. A good, decent teacher should never tell a student that they are mediocre and will never do well. They are supposed to be encouraging, especially if the student shows that they are really trying very hard! Pros: Close to home Cons: Rude and pushy staff, poor education for too much money, the list goes on.... more

So far, so good 5/5/2010

So far I've had a great experience. I haven't started class yet but I'm enrolled to begin the Vet Assistant program at the end of this month. I'm glad I didn't read any of these reviews before I went down there, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it. I don't see where all the negativity is coming from. Pros: Very helpful, manageable schedule, great financial aid dept more

Not worth your money 3/30/2010

I am a current student in the Veterinary Technician program and I am very unsatisfied with the program. If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen to attend Pierce College instead. The only benefits are that Pima is close to my home and the program is accelerated. These points seem minor to me now. One of the reasons I feel this way stems from when I went on my first externship, the Veterinarian complained how frustrating it is that that Pima students weren't very well prepared. This point made me feel very embarrassed. The school is understaffed, and has too many students. It is a struggle to get practical experience in during class hours. The school does however hold surgeries every tuesday. I is helpful to come and watch but there will only be a few opportunities to be able to practice the highly technical skills that will make a student desirable and useful to an employer. Pros: Accelerated degree programs,Financial aid people are great. Cons: Expensive, poor instructors, poor resources more

Stay away...stay far, far away. 12/17/2009

I am a current student at the Seattle campus and can't wait until graduation. My impatience is not due to enthusiasm about my new field, but the fact that I hate this place. I'm literally counting down the days until I can leave. Every staff member is rude, unreasonable an unhelpful. If you have a question good luck getting it answered. I have instructors that are so demeaning and unapproachable that students will actually plead with other students to ask their questions for them because they fear the instructor. When you pay this much for education, particularly for a job where certification isn't even required, you shouldn't hate and fear your teachers. The office staff is even worse. Students that complain about wanting to be treated decently are labeled as ""high risk students"" and treated like dirt. One student who complained even had to sign a paper stating she ""would not question"", in order to advance to the next program. The ethics of this place make me ill. Pros: Rapid graduation Cons: Everything else. more

dont go here 10/27/2009

Again, i am having trouble as it took me a month of screaming at the director to help with job placment i mean what the f#$% did i pay 10,000 for again anyway???? she would email me ads from craigslist, no s*!!! lady i can do that from home, help me to get a job????/ i would def look into other programs, in lab 35 people cant all do one thing, and Liz Warfield is a horrible person who needs to go somewhere else with the way she smells. and treats students. Pros: close to home Cons: cost, instructors, everything more

Avoid Nancy! 9/2/2009

I advise not seeing Nancy. She was rude. So rude I walked out of the interview. She will push other programs on you & will try to discourage you. Avoid her! The rest of the Admin was very nice. But because of Nancy I won't be attending PIMA. I don't want my money to pay her salary. Cons: Rude! more

PIMA Advisors in Seattle are RUDE! 8/25/2009

The advisor's who conducted our seminar were less than professional! Nancy was one of them! They insult you, slam other schools, and don't seem to be willing to return phone calls should you have any other questions or concerns! Look at other schools first! I would have rather have gotten information over the phone than to have wasted time off from work,sitting in one of their hokey non-personal advising seminars! Their wead out process is demeaning! Honest schools and tech programs will be willing to help and answers questions over the phone! Pros: I'm sure the instructors are better than the advisors! Cons: Too many to list! more

Pima is a Wonderful School 6/13/2009

I have been going to this school for several months now and from day one I have been impressed with how nice everyone who works there has been. They have been very helpful with everything including Financial Aid. Instructors are knowlegable and fun. They are fully accredited with The AVMA after only 2 years when it takes other schools 5!!! Take it from someone who actually goes to this school, they are a great school and well worth taking a look at for anyone who wants in this field. Pros: Friendly, Helpful and Accredited more

I love it here 6/6/2009

I chose to write a review once I noticed the only people writing worth a damn about this school are people who never even went here. As far as rude people, I have no idea who they had, but mine and everyone else experience is great with the staff. They remember you and talk to you, and pop in class to see how you are doing. They are great here. Not Rude! I came here recently (going into my 7th week) completely scared of this place because I never did well in the past, but the teachers here make it a cinch. I have great teachers and counselors whom explain everything in black and white. I do recommend this school to anybody interested. Ignore these people who don't know a thing about it before they write a review! FYI the ""assistant"" programs are required unless you have worked in the field before, the tech programs otherwise are too advanced and you would be waist deep in information you wouldn't yet understand! You're crazy if you think you can just walk in a tech program and be fine. It's very challenging. I am planning on doing tech only when I am ready! Pros: Great school, great teachers, great programs Cons: expensive more

Unprofessional Team 3/3/2009

If there would have been ""zero"" to rate the Seattle's Pima advisors, I would have choosen it! They are so unprofessional! Very rude, aggressive sales people without any style, totaly unrefined! They will attack and insult you as soon as you start asking real questions! They are obviously hiding something and confirming all the bad reported about them! I will never cross their door again! Actually, I am gratfull that they showed their real face! more

DONT DO IT!!!! 1/16/2009

Everyone all involved are rude, not helpful and want you to do more schooling that what you should. Beware of them telling you to start at there 'assistant' programs' then later doing the tech. or next level program. All they care about is how much money they can get and very rude about doing it. Don't do it, it'll be a big mistake on your part! more
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