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Pif **CLOSED** - 39 Reviews - 1009 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA - French Restaurants Reviews - Phone (215) 625-2923

Pif **CLOSED**

1009 S 8th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 625-2923
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Pif **CLOSED** - Philadelphia, PA


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Super attentive and knowledgable staff, creative menu and top notch execution. David Ansill doesn't miss a beat. My only complaint would be tight quarters and sometimes difficul...


My first visit here was teriffic, best filet I ever had. Second visit produced salty veal chops for two and a lecture from the chef about how "Americans don't understand salt"....

Bad food, poor service 7/1/2007

digdon Provided by Partner
The Philly BYO scene is one of the best things about this city; Pif can't hold a candle to the other terrific BYO's we've been too. I understand that every restaurant can have an "off night", but we've been twice within the last year, and both times came away very disappointed. The food seems ambitious but was poorly executed (under seasoned, under cooked -- are they scared of their own shadows at Pif?) and the service was really, really slow (which was odd, since there's only a handful of tables in the place - you'd think the two servers could handle it). A co-worker reccomended the langostines, so I tried them both times I went, and both times I thought to myself, "Either these are old, or I just don't like langostines". But then I tried them at a new Philly restaurant (not a BYO) and they were delicious, so... My wife tried a lamb dish and found just about equal parts fat and meat (sure, lamb is fatty, but come on, learn to trim, people!)Bottom line is the food ain't worth the hefty price, the service is slow (although pleasant), and there is no atmosphere to speak of. With all the other great BYO's to go to in Philly, I say stay away from Pif! Pros: I guess parking was easy to find... Cons: taste of food, value, ambience, service, etc more

Pif is the most overrated restaurant we have ever been to. 6/19/2007

phillyfoodfan Provided by Partner
Pif is the most overrated restaurant we have ever been to. We recently went to Pif as a party of four on a Friday night. Pif was half empty which tells you something. Bottom line Pif is by far the most overrated restaurant we have ever been in PHL or elsewhere. We had four appetizers and four entrees. None was outstanding or even good. The steak was a poor cut and badly prepared. The veal was inedible. Even the signature escargot appetizer was mediocre. Service was terrible. The coffee was cold and it took 20 minutes to get a warm cup. We have subsequently talked to other couples who love the Philadelphia BYOB scene and they have all been substantially disappointed by PIF. Don?t waste your time and money with so many other good BYOB restaurants in Philly. We were very embarassed to bring guests Pros: None really Cons: Mediocre food. Terrible service. Waited 20 minutes for cold coffee more

Intimate BYO delivers with great cooking and service 6/8/2007

catoufc Provided by Partner
Went with four friends on a Friday night - (do make reservations) to check out this place - we're first timers - and I'm definitely returning! Pif is great, understated and a very casual french BYO. Service was good, at times a bit aloof - What's great about this place is that you feel like you're dining at someone's home.. they didn't rush us out and they let us enjoy ourselves and our meal. Their menu is changed daily depending with what the chef finds at the market that day. Do try the Escargots PIF - you won't regret it. The food was outstanding, from the duck, to lambs two ways to the Scallops with the Truffle coulis, everything was well-executed. Desserts are made in house by the chef's wife. Make sure you get the Financier - a delicious nutty poundcake. Entrees are all under $30, appetizers (aside from the foie gras at $20) are under $12. Pros: well-executed food, fresh and delicious Cons: no air conditioning, inside was a little stifling more

David never disappoints 3/6/2007

chefbradardee Provided by Partner
Super attentive and knowledgable staff, creative menu and top notch execution. David Ansill doesn't miss a beat. My only complaint would be tight quarters and sometimes difficult to get a table. Make reservations and bring a nice bottle of wine, and I guarantee you will be happy. The escargot is a must. Pros: fresh ingredients, creative menu Cons: tough to get a table more

I won't go back either. 1/23/2007

flip217 Provided by Partner
I have been to Pif five times, and I won't go again. I kept going back because I heard a lot of good things about it, and thought perhaps I had a string of bad luck or something (plus I like the fact that it's a BYO). But after four visits in 10 months, I can tell you this: the food tends towards the undercooked and underseasoned side, and they do not welcome requests to send the food back to be adjusted in any manner. The service is a throw of the dice -- I had one terrific server twice and another fellow the other two times, and he was uninformed, slow, and appeared to be wishing he was doing anything other than what he was doing at the moment. Finally, the prices are out of line with the quality of the ingredients. The chef aspires to wondeful dishes, but the execution is lacking, and I think part of the problem is the freshness and quality of the food. The next time I'm going out to a BYO in Philly, I will try one of the dozen or so other places I've heard about but haven't tried yet. Pif, you had your shot (four, in fact!). Pros: few Cons: many more

Now a french citizen opinion : Terrible service. OK french food but classic. Arrogant chef. 1/5/2007

vjouenne Provided by Partner
We had reservations for 10 p.m on New Year's Eve but had to wait on the curb until 11:35 p.m with all other groups with 10 p.m reservations. Not acceptable. Then although arrived second of the 10 p.m groups, we got seated and served last. 20 mn before a bread basket made our table after our request. Another 5 min we had to grab the chef to get champagne glasses. Our waiter forgot and no one reacted although we had an obvious bottle of sparkling on the table. Then out of the 4 entrees on the New Year's Eve menu, they had run out of lamb. We got to the desserts 2 and a half hours later and had only one of each dessert left. So you got the point, the service was terrible. Maybe since it is a small restaurant, avoid the big days. In any case, your waiter/waitress will be no "5 star hotel" trained. It is your regular joe waiter. I did not like the chef's attitude either. The food was good but as a french citizen, I was not impressed. Nothing but classic french food. A five course special New Year's Eve menu at $65 (Surprise. Nobody told us when we made reservations 2 weeks ealier). First course, a "charcuterie" platter. Good but not the best quality. Second, "one" big grilled scallop. Dry-packed scallop because of the "above american average" taste. Third, salad ( I forgot, I had to request the "goat cheese" supposed to come with. They had the last one. Fourth, veal sweetbread, very good. My wife had the "shrimp and suzuki", good but disappointed with the sauce. As for desserts, I had the saffron pear, light and tasty, I recommend. My wife had raspberries in whipped cream rated "nothing special". We expected much better from one of the "so-called" top BYOB in Philadelphia. A bit pricey for what you get in other "casual" french restaurants. I notice a trend of "bad" service in so-called "casual french" restaurants and Pif was certainly no exception. No real french nor french experience at Pif. We do not plan to go back because of the service. Cons: Service, "french" experience more

a special treat 10/11/2006

ibetron1 Provided by Partner
Pif was wonderful! The food was fresh and simple the way good french food can be. Our table of 6 was equally delighted by thier food experience. It's pricey, but not if your a foodie and don't mind spending for a great meal! Pros: delicious! more

Pif is tasty -- not salty 9/14/2006

anchovy Provided by Partner
I understand that some people may not like the taste of salt but Pif certainly doesn't oversalt its food. We have been frequent diners at Pif since it opened five years ago and the food has always been superb. I can say the same for the staff -- friendly, professional and interesting people. I am really surprised to hear that the music is too loud. I've never experienced that. It's very nice French music (also not run-of-the-mill). Pif is a wonderful, intimate restaurant where one can take a good bottle of wine to enjoy with great food. BTW, the chef does not smoke a cigarette and cares very much about the quality of his food. He shops the Italian market daily to get only the freshest ingredients. That is why the menu changes daily. I want to point out that I have no connection to the restaurant except for the fact that I love it and would hate to see people stay away because of an unfair review. Pros: lovingly prepared French food; intimate atmosphere; great French music more

Salt is not a food group 9/10/2006

diner230 Provided by Partner
We had high hopes on a quiet Sunday night. Now on my top 3 BYOB restaurants to warn my friends about. The food was overrated, expensive and so salty, we imagined the chef with a cigarette in the kitchen tossing handfuls of salt on all the dishes. The frisse salad was covered in crystaline sodium nuggets and the croutons looked fresh out of a Pepperidge Farm box. Fish was overcooked and, you guessed it, salty. The acoustics are poor, the music loud. There is nothing subtle about this restaurant. I don't plan to give it another try. Pros: Classic menu Cons: Salty food, indifferent service more

Big beef & Luscious scallops 8/20/2006

eugene2945 Provided by Partner
I had the scallop and pear appetizer and the cote de beuf. The scallops were the best I've ever had. The cut of beef had somewhat more connective tissue than I would have liked, but it was cooked to perfection (medium rare), delicious, and massive. Some of the other reviewers have panned the service. The service I received was beyond reproach. Pros: non-smoking Cons: decor underwhelming more

fantastic dinner and phenomenal service 5/30/2006

kerriah Provided by Partner
Planning a surprise birthday dinner for 2 friends and inviting 11 others was not a problem thanks to Ed and the wonderful staff at Pif. We were in a private room, which was perfect for a crowd. The food was wonderfully delicious and everyone at the party had a lovely time. I can't wait to go back! Pros: food, service, great for groups more

What a horrible place 5/6/2006

boss77 Provided by Partner
I must say I have never been treated so badly in my whole life. I went there the other day and the food is mediocre, the service horrible. When I asked to speak with the manager to inform him of the poor service, he basically berated me and told me that I had made the "black list." Good riddance I say as I don't want to ever go back and I strongly suggest others avoid it also. Cons: Service, Management more

Great food .... not so great service 1/29/2006

cmb217 Provided by Partner
We brought friends to Pif recently. My husband and I had been there by ourselves on other occasions. The food was as delicious as ever. Everyone raved about their choices (all different). We were disappointed with our waiter though. Not sure if they "team up" on tables but the waiter we started with was very distracted. Another waitress took over (though he continued to wait on other guests). Both seemed to forget about us at times. Maybe just an off night ... I hope so. Pros: Great food, Reasonable, Good Parking Cons: Service more

Very good 11/29/2005

carley07 Provided by Partner
The best filet I have ever had, went there with another couple don't expect much ambience, but who cares the food was great and the services was very good. The chef I think he was drunk walking around talking to everyone ..a little strange, but we went there for the food....must try the creme brulee!!! Excellent!...There is a parking lot just past Pif on the left, don't miss it or you will have to loop around and make a left on Washington Ave..yuck! more

WILL COME AGAIN 10/30/2005

gradgirl4 Provided by Partner
The meal was a delight, full of different flavors but not heavy on the stomach. For two, we each had an app, an entree, dessert, tea and of course byob for all it cost about $120 (with tip). I will definately come here again! The service was low key, not uppity and I got some great suggestions from the server! BEST foie gras, roasted quail (juicy and flavorful), and normally a ribeye would not cost $30--but for this--it was WELL WORTH IT!!! The creme brulee melts in your mouth. I eat out five days out of the week and this is a restaurant I will definately take my out-of-towners to try. One thing I noticed was that the crowd seemed to be all over 40--so that is something to consider if you're planning on bringing kids--or are younger like me. Pros: BYOB!, FRENCH FOOD more

Really Terrible Service 10/29/2005

rd05 Provided by Partner
The restaurant is very overpriced. The waiter messed up several plates (crisp shrimp bisque) and brought other ones instead. When we wanted to change the plates he said that the kitchen was closed. Some people didn't even finish their food and he still charged them for the entire meal. That was not correct from his side, he should have been responsible. It was seriously a not nice experience. They need better qualified staff to provide a better service. At the end of the night, no one was satisfied with the service and food, they lost several potential clients. Not recommended. Cons: Terrible service, Overpriced, No Privacy more

The most superb escargots 9/27/2005

evansaunt Provided by Partner
I had the most wonderful experience at Pif recently. The escargots were stunning. My friend and I were fighting over the Pernod and red wine sauce for bread dipping. Duck was medium rare and glistening with a port wine sauce, braised lamb shoulder over white beans was cozy and comforting. For $100 including tip, I think Pif is a value not an extravagance. Pros: Good parking Cons: Tight space more

Great food & service 8/2/2005

sevilla Provided by Partner
The food and service were truly excellent. The waitstaff were attentive and helpful. Even the parking situation was great. A wonderful place for a date or treating your friend/family. The only negative was that the appetizers were a bit too pricey. Pros: cozy, great waitstaff, easy parking Cons: a bit pricey more

Always good 5/30/2005

hollygooo Provided by Partner
Been here a couple of times and always enjoy the meal. Good service and great desserts. Keep it up! Pros: Parking Lot more

Consistently good BYO 4/17/2005

euroguy Provided by Partner
This really is one of the best BYO spots in Philly. Who would guess there would be really good French food near the Italian Market. I have seen the chef buying fresh food there, so that may be part of the reason for the consistently high quality food. I think he is one of the best in Philadelphia and would not be suprised to see him move on to a bigger place. Right now, this is my favorite BYO/bargain restaurants in town. Pros: Food, BYO Cons: tightly packed more
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