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Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss

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Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX
Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss - Austin, TX



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I am 32 and decided it was time for a real change. I had dieted and tried everything, and slowly got 10 pounds off over the period of 1 year. Well, when my Fiance proposed to me, ...


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Do it! 9/16/2011

I am 32 and decided it was time for a real change. I had dieted and tried everything, and slowly got 10 pounds off over the period of 1 year. Well, when my Fiance proposed to me, I decided to get some help. Boy, am I glad I did! I made an appt. through Nesha, who was super sweet and helpful. I met with Dr. Kelley and his wife, Sherrill, and they both helped me get on a program that was customized just for me. I exercise regularly now (love my chart, it really helps!), and eat 6 protein rich meals a day, so I am not hungry. I recommend if you have been saying ""maybe tomorrow"", do it now. Nearly 20 lbs lighter for my big day, I am so happy I found Physician's Way and the amazing team that works there. more

Having Trouble Getting Motivated? I have an answer. 3/28/2011

About two years ago I decided it was time for me to make a change in my appearance. I was not happy with my weight. So I began my journey in the weight loss world. I had set my goal to lose about 30 pounds. I was able to lose the first 10 pounds on my own. But as always, it becomes harder after those first few pounds. I decided I could use some help. I went to Physician?s Way. Through their help and guidance, I was able to reach my goal. Unfortunately, this past year I had some health issues which caused me to slip and I gained some weight back. I continued to go to Physician?s Way. Even though I had gained some weight back, they continued to provide excellent guidance and encouragement. They have never given up on me. I am happy to say that due to their ?sticking by? me, I am now once again on my way to achieving my desired weight. more

The Best Way To get Skinny! 1/14/2011

I Love everything Physicians way has to offer! I live an hour away from their office and I dont mind making the Commute to come visit! I have struggled my whole life with weight, and Im only 20! I seriously have tried everything! I even tried some of the best selling weight loss products out there, such as Nutrisystem, and weight watchers! But they only lasted a short time! and I couldnt seem to lose more than 10 pounds! Finally one weekend we went away to the coast and a friend told us about how her sister had been doing a weight loss program. And that was my turning point. I decided, what the heck, I am going to look up a doctor in Austin, and get the real Help and guidance i needed to finally get in shape! Thank god I found physicians way! I was borderline diabetic, and i had High Cholesteral, weighed 185, and a heighth of 5'2...AT 20 YEARS OLD!!! Thats awful! I have now made a life change! I work out all the time...and i enjoy it! I also eat much healthier and much less than what i really thought was a serving, and i Still get fulfilled! I Have lost about 35 pounds and 3 pant sizes! I feel great! I am still working on my goal of 50 pounds...but Id rather it come off slowly and STAY OFF!!! The staff and Doctor Kelly and Physicians way are very knowledgable about everything health related and very supportive! I love that if i happen to go in for a visit and havent lost very much, they arnt going to scold me, ( that would only make me not want to go back), they are just gonna ask how you have been eating, and what we can maybe do to change it, so I can lose the weight! The best part about it all, is that i can still eat everything i Want (in moderation)...even a snickers and a dr.pepper! more

Stellar Results!!! 1/7/2011

I wasted over 5 years with diets and clinics and meds to no avail until I saw the Physician's Way Weight Loss sign at the intersection of S. Lamar and Bluebonnet. The sign caught my eye - a slim figure with LARGE pants holding them out as if to say ""meet my new image"". I thought ""What do I have to lose"" literally. I made the call and left my name and number but didn't expect to get a call soon! The friendly receptionist took time to answer my questions and I made an appointment. I didn't really hold much hope - one question put to me at the first appointment was ""Why are you here?"" Bluntly I said ""I'm miserable"". By the time I left my first appointment and all the cheerleading of the staff saying 'You can do this' I felt more inspired than any other attempts to diet and exercise. Dr. Kelly's motto for his program was to eat lean, clean and green and at least walk every day if you can't make it to the workout facility. Sounded too easy but after just a couple of weeks following his program and with the help of some very safe supplements I was well on my way and I'm not stopping for anything. I'm not hungry and don't have the old cravings that crashed my attempts before. I have lost 25lbs and hope to loose more to finally get to my ideal weight and body mass index. It seems like a miracle and I have told so many others struggling to please try this system - just do it! - go see Dr.Kelly. His system works! more

SCORE!!! 10/5/2010

I was pushing the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Struggling with my weight where it just went up and down I had pretty much just called it quits. Until a friend had mentioned this place to me... more

An incredible find. 9/10/2010

For several years I had been looking in the mirror every few months and saying, ?wow, I?m the fattest I?ve ever been?. I had developed some health issues, including a couple that were costing me more than $600 a month in prescriptions. The final straw was when I asked the doctor how long I would have to stay on the prescriptions. He said, ?For the rest of your life if something doesn?t change?. Basically I had eaten myself into poor health. I knew I had to do something and I knew that I probably wasn?t going to succeed on my own. About 15 years ago I had some pretty good success with one of the well-known chain diet companies. I just remembered that I didn?t like the high pressure, low service approach. A quick Google search turned up Physician?s Way. Hmm, thirty something reviews, almost all five stars. These guys were either really good or had lots of friends writing the reviews. Anyway, after reading reviews of all of the other places in town, I knew Physician?s Way had to be the first on my list to visit. They were a little hard to find, but they?ve since replaced their sign, so you shouldn?t have any problems. I went in the office expecting to get some information and ask some questions before hitting the next place on my list. My wife can tell you that one of my many flaws is that I take forever to make decisions on almost everything. Sherril and Nesha were very nice and spent time with me explaining their program, giving me details about their business and answering all of my questions. I was impressed that Dr. Kelley was a former ER doctor and was board certified in Bariatric Medicine among other things. I was also impressed that their system included a physical with blood work and an EKG. (Please, if you?re losing more than a very few pounds and you?re not going to use this program, see your doctor first to make sure you can do it safely!) They fully disclosed the costs for the physical, follow up visits, etc. When we finished talking, Sherril thanked me for coming in and said goodbye. As I turned to walk out, it struck me that something was missing. Where was the ?What can we do to earn your business?? There was no ?Today and today only we can get you going for 20% off?. That was it for me. I turned around and asked what I needed to do to get started. They gave me a form to have my blood work done, took a small deposit, and I was on my way. I?ve been going to their office once a week for the past 3 ? months. I also get the B-12 shot once a week. It?s optional, but I wanted to do everything I could to help guarantee my success. I see Doctor Kelley once a month. I?m really happy with both Dr. Kelley and Sherril?s level of knowledge in all things weight-loss related. All of this sounds pretty good, but wouldn?t mean anything without success. Here?s how I?m doing. I eat 6 times a day and I am rarely hungry. I?ve lost 25 pounds so far which puts me half way to my goal. Almost every part of my life is better. I think more clearly, sleep better, tolerate heat better, keep up with my 9 year old, and I feel great about my accomplishments so far. I?ve been able to stop taking my prescription medication and move to over the counter equivalent drugs. I?m hoping that further weight loss will enable me to stop taking them as well. With Dr. Kelley and Sherril?s help I?ve been able to find food that I really enjoy that works for my calorie requirements. They have worked with me to design workout programs that work for my fitness level and abilities. They are never judgmental and always have an answer for any problem I might be having (and I?ve had a few). I am confident that with Physician?s Way I have the tools and techniques that I need to get me the rest of the way to my goal. more

The start to a better healthy life :) 9/3/2010

i had a dream a few weeks ago that i was over 500lbs and i woke up crying...i knew that it was a sign for me to get my act together and stop saying im going to do it and just DO IT! This week i did just that...i made my appointment on monday for the 1st....i was so happy and ready before i even saw Dr. Kelly...i felt like time was just going so slow and i wanted it now. i walked in and i felt all my worries and fear of keep being overweight was gone off my shoulders because i knew that moment today was my day. I will lose 100 pounds by this time next year because i will have them in my life to help me every step of the way. everyone is so sweet and just wants to help you get to a better healthy life. im so happy that i found this place and i wish i could find people this great for my family and friends back at home that could use this. i cant wait for next week when i go in and see them and weight in :) more

A WINNING TEAM! 8/25/2010

As a wife and traveling mom, I consistently struggle with my weight. I lose and then I gain it back. Physician?s Way TEAM has change my struggle to a new way of eating and exercising. From the receptionist to Dr. Kelly, I have been cheered along to way to losing 38 pounds. Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and professional. They offer weight loss tips and strategies to help you as an individual. Physician?s Way truly understand there is no? I? in team when it comes to losing weight. THANK YOU! more

good deal 7/7/2010

Physician's Way isn't for everyone, but it worked for me. Lost a lot of weight, keeping it off, great staff, good counseling from Dr. Kelly. Overall a great assistant to get weight off. Pros: weight management, healthy eating, flexible appts. Cons: cost of appts, cost of medication more

Thanks, Physician's Way 5/23/2010

Back in June of 2009, about a month after I moved to Austin, I'd decided, well, that I'm sick of being fat and wanted to lose weight. I wasn't sure where to start, however, and knew I would need guidance. I searched online and found this place -- the fact that it was so close to where I lived was a plus. I'm glad I made the call. Their plan is pretty easy to follow and their staff is friendly and encouraging, as well as helpful with suggestions on how/where to exercise or food you can eat. I've lost almost 70 pounds thanks to their help. more

Forever Changed 5/4/2010

For you to get the big picture I would have to start from the begining, The year was 2003 Dec.22nd my boyfriend and I were headed home , it was late and very dark outside,,Then for some reason I woke up in the hospital,, I couldn't move my legs I had all these tubes coming out of me and I was in a lot of pain, come to find out we were hit by a drunk driver head on,,,I spent almost a year in and out of the hospital, and then another 6 months learning how to walk again,,because of all the meds and I couldn't walk I started to gain weight and alot of it,,size 20 ,,After some time I headed back to work and started loving life again but my weight kept me back from really getting out and having some fun,, A really sweet young lady walked into my store and being in retail you just want to talk to everyone, I asked her where she worked she tells me Physician's Way Weight Loss,, My eyes lit up and I started shoothing off about 100 questions and how,what,when,who,ETC. more

Good Results, great staff 2/14/2010

I began seeing Dr. Kelly on Sept 10, 2009. I am 5'2, 23 years old and I stepped in at 183lbs the day I walked into Physician's Way. I guess you could say I gained a freshman 50 rather than 15 in college. Dr. Kelly really does give you the push you need to prepare your mind and change your lifestyle, because really, that is the key to weight loss. His 6 meals a day plan along with incorporating exercise and taking daily vitamins/supplements really works. It's not a quick weight loss program, because any successful weight loss plan takes time in order to keep it from coming back. Also, when you know you have to weigh in every week at the clinic, you want to see results. The staff is so motivating and encouraging.... I like it so much more than Weight Watchers because you bond with everyone at the clinic and it compels you to do even better the next week. As of today, February 14, 2010, I have lost 33lbs and went from a size 14 to a size 8... all in 5 months. Although I have not reached my goal yet, I am confident that I will for the first time in forever because following Dr. Kelly's nutritional plan and exercise regimen will help you achieve your goals. Also, Physician's way provides a great variety of high protein foods low in calories that are affordable to help you achieve your weight loss goals quicker and easier. Everything from hot chocolate, microwavable meals to mac n cheese and chocolate bars. Everything I've tried, I liked a lot. Nothing tasted like cardboard like most health foods I promise. I definitely recommend Physician's Way to anyone who is stuck in a rut with their weight and ready to feel great about the way you look and feel. -Lauren Pros: Weight loss, self-esteem more

great staff, great results 2/12/2010

Dr. Kelly and his knowledgable staff made me feel comfortable from the start. Very professional and a great consultative approach. My results to the program were impressive. I lost over 20 lbs in just over 2 months. Pros: simply the best more

I am happy in my own skin thanks to Physician's Way! 2/10/2010

I am healthier and happier due to the caring staff at Physician's Way. They are extremely supportive, keep it simple, and truly help you change your eating habits that can cause you to gain the weight back! I have met me weight goal loss and kept it off for 6 months. I didn't struggle with eating packaged foods or not being to go out to eat. They gave me the tools to be successfull.It is a good feeling to be able turn heads again. Thanks so much to Dr. Kelly and Sherrill! Pros: Quick and easy way to take off the weight and keep it off! more

Can't say enough great things 1/13/2010

I have seen other doctors who use similar methods, but they were largely been interested in taking payment for no more than writing a prescription. Dr. Kelley isn't about handing out prescriptions. He takes an honest medical approach to the issue. I've received counseling on nutrition, supplements, thyroid function, exercise - and how they all fit together. I have completely changed by eating habits, lost 25 pounds so far and my cholesterol has dropped 65 points. And even when I know I've slipped a bit and gained a little, I'm never nervous to go in because they're always supportive and never judgmental. Hands-down the nicest staff you'll ever meet. And honestly the best program I've ever been on. Pros: Supportive staff. Great results. more

Just 15 more to go! 12/8/2009

I was 5'2 230 pounds once and lost it with the help of Dr. Leggett 20 years ago. I was on a maintenance program and remained between 120 - 130 until I had children. After the birth of my second son I was 180 but got back down to 120 and maintained that weight for 2 years. Dr. Leggett passed away and I had no idea where to go for help. I slowly started gaining weight again and with it my self esteem and self contempt started to eat me up until I was stuffing down so much food I was gaining 5 pounds a month. It is a double ended sword.. the more you gain - the worse you feel - the more you eat for comfort. It's hard to break the cycle. Thank God for Dr. Kelly and his staff! (Thank you so much) I thought I would never again find a Doctor and staff who understood not only the physical reasons for weight gain but also understood the emotional reasons. In a few months I was working out 4 days a week and that made such a difference for my mind set. I also had help with appetite control and healthy eating guidelines. I have lost 24 pounds and have only 20 more to go before I can start to fit in my ""healthy and fit"" sized clothes again. Because I'm an emotional eater my weight loss has been slow.. with a number of set backs... but Dr. Kelly and his staff never makes me feel shame and always encourages me onward. It's about not giving up.. not how long it takes. Some people can lose tons of weight in months.. some in years... you just have to keep going.. one pound at a time. Even if it is only a pound a month. In the long run you will win the battle and learn a new healthy life style. Most of us will never look like pin-up models but we can look healthy, fit and strong... and the older you get.. the more rare and valuable that becomes. Nothing is more beautiful than healthy.. when it comes down to the bottom line. Pros: People who understand life more

Do something great for yourself! 11/19/2009

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Kelly. And I thank my friend every time I talk to her. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and have tried every diet in the book. Dr. Kelly and his staff are wonderful and very supportive. I have lost over 100 pounds in 15 months. And have had some very difficult life-changing events in my life and their encouragement and support have been very valuable to me both in my weight loss and personally. I feel great and my self esteem has increased dramatically. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kelly, Sherrill and Nesha. They are wonderful and caring people. Thank you, Dr. Kelly and ladies. They have changed my life (for the better). Pros: living healthy and happy everyday more

Great Weight Loss Clinic! 8/24/2009

Since the very first day Sheryl and Dr. Kelly were very nice and helpful with lots of information and guidance for the success of my experience with them. They showed me with examples what I needed to do and they were always there for me to answer any questions. The fact that a real doctor was checking my progress gave me a big peace of mind. This is the very first time that I have learned a lot of stuff and I have been able to follow it because I understood it. There is no magic pill or program that will make you loose the weight from one day to the next one, but Sheryl's motivation and Dr. Kelly's advices were very helpful. I have adopted new things for my diet and I have changed my way of eating for the rest of my life and I know I am doing it the healthy way. Even for my own family I am trying to eat healthy and exercise to be able to set for them a good example. I love that you are in and out in 20 minutes. I hardly ever waited and when I had questions or concerns about my diet, they were always nice to listen to me. I lost 18 lbs and I am keeping it off. I feel GREAT! my old clothes fit me and I have been buying new pants size 6 and sometimes size 4! I am really happy I took the time and went to visit Physician's Way. Their snacks, smoothies and bars are very good and they are the best in the market. I thought they were a bit pricey, but comparing name brands, they are about the same price as the ones you can find at Whole Foods or any other store. Every week I get the pretzels, the chips and my favorites are the Peanut Butter bars. Dr. Kelly and Sheryl make a great team because they really care about their patients. THANK YOU! more

Healthy Lifestyle 6/8/2009

I started with Physicians Way before Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008 and have lost 31 pounds and amd down to a size 6 so far. I made it thru both holidays without falling off the wagon because I was given a healthy way of eating and do not crave the things I used to, such as desserts. I am on maintenance now and can lose more if I choose to do so. I have been able to maintain the weight loss and fees so much better without the extra pounds. Pros: Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle more

Just give Dr Kelly a try 6/4/2009

i have lost over 40 pounds so far and have about 20 to go. From the first time you walk in, everyone makes you feel comfortable -- never judged. Along with the B12, which is super, there are many supplements you can choose to use, or not- you are never pressured. I am so glad I made that first call! Pros: They will make you feel so comfortable while u lose more
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  • Physician's Way, an Austin weight loss clinic, offers an affordable, safe approach to medical weight loss & medical weight management in a non-judgmental, caring environment. The program is supervised & administered by Richard Kelley, M.D., an Austin physician with extensive experience in Family & Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kelley is Certified by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine & a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

    Your initial visit includes: physical exam, labs, BMI, & complete starter pack. Patients are monitored by weekly weigh-ins & monthly follow-ups. We utilize Rx appetite suppressants, B12 injections, & Rx foods to assist in the weight loss process. Physician's Way also offers Personal Training to help patients achieve healthy patterns of exercise & nutrition.

    Call Physician's Way today to experience the best weight loss diet plan out there!


  • Company offers safe approach to weight loss in a non-judgemental environment supervised by a board certified medical doctor.

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