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Phonoluxe Records Music - 15 Reviews - 2609 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN - Catalog & Mail Order Shopping Reviews - Phone (615) 259-3500

Phonoluxe Records Music

2609 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 259-3500
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Phonoluxe Records Music - Nashville, TN
Phonoluxe Records Music - Nashville, TN
Phonoluxe Records Music - Nashville, TN
Phonoluxe Records Music - Nashville, TN


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wow found so many classic records i've been searching for forever! regarding other reviews, the staff has been nothing but nice to me on several occasions, they let you dig which ...


To say that customer service/general friendliness isn't on the high priority list of Phonoluxe employees would be a major understatement. I know more than a few people who refuse ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/21/2013

On-line shopping would be convenient for many and may boost your sales. more

AMAZING SELECTION, seriously 1/8/2012

wow found so many classic records i've been searching for forever! regarding other reviews, the staff has been nothing but nice to me on several occasions, they let you dig which i like, i can't stand people that check up on you in stores. The selection is NUTS you can find any sort of jazz, classic rock, country, 60s 70s, funk/soul, childrens, anything.... the store is rather large and stuff to the brim with crates upon boxes under every available shelf. It would take days to browse everything. If there's something youve been looking for, Phonoluxe probably has it. Oh yea, and carefull pulling out the parking lot almost died more

Miss this place 11/10/2009

I have not been here in a few years as I no longer live in Nashville. When I first moved there I was working at the HH Gregg around the corner on Thompson LN, and would go here on my lunch break. At first I had the same experience with the staff and getting help, but as I came in more and more, and at times knew what I was looking for I built a raport with the staff and got to get some good recommendations for things i might like.\r \r Pros: huge selection more

Great Selection Doesn't Overcome Lousy Attitudes 9/9/2009

From all the Reviews of Phonoluxe that I had read at Citysearch and Yelp, I was somewhat prepared for the haughty, ""don't bother me boy"" attitude of the store's staff, but I ran into a problem that other reviewers have not mentioned. I went to the store to SELL records, not BUY them. It seemed reasonable to assume that the store must depend on people selling their old, rare, and out of print vinyl records in order to maintain that huge inventory that other reviewers raved about; therefore, I mistakenly assumed that the Manager would be delighted with the selection of 120 albums that I had to offer. The lot contained titles, primarily from the 1960s and 70s, in very good to excellent condition, covering pop, jazz, classical, country, and blues genres, and including numerous rarities. After waiting nearly an hour for the Manager to review my collection, I was amazed to hear him bad-mouth the selection as really having nothing worthwhile (especially since, browsing during my wait, I had seen two of my titles on their shelves listed as RARE and priced at $40 each . . . and mine were in better shape!). He then added insult to injury by offering me $15 for the entire collection! Apparently he thought that I was mentally challenged and he would just take that candy from the stupid baby. When I told him, as nicely as I could, that I appreciated his time but I would prefer to pass on his offer, he acted insulted made some rude remarks to a co-worker despite the fact that I was standing right there!\r \r If you really need a particularly rare or hard-to-find record, by all means, try Phonoluxe but be prepared to deal with rude, better-than-you attitudes from the staff. If, on the other hand, you are ready to part with all or part of your precious record collection, don't waste your time here. Try Craigslist to locate reasonable local buyers. Pros: Wide Eclectic Selection - Decent Prices Cons: Lousy Attitudes - Insulting Treatment more

One of the Greatest Record Stores in TOWN!!! 6/14/2009

This was the best shop I have been to so far!!! Easy to find and great selection of music, especially for the Country Genre!!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for hard to find old time Country records!!! Also has a good selection of CD's if interested. But 100% satisfaction for me when it comes to Vinyl!!!! I will for sure be a long time customer!!!! Also is a great location for people in the outer Nashville-Brentwood area!!!! I really have nothing negative to say about this record shop at all!!! I hope everyone has as good of an experience as I did!!!! Pros: GREAT selection of records!!!! Cons: OK Prices but not to bad!!! more

Who cares about 'customer service'? You're there for the music. 2/8/2009

No, the staff may not be the friendliest, but I'm sure they deal with more than their fair share of interesting individuals considering their location. All that aside, Phonoluxe absolutely kills every other record (read: vinyl) store in Nashville in pure selection. The only store that even comes close is The Groove in Five Points, where you have to deal with the same customer service, just the indie snob version of it. I love this record store, and will continue to be a regular customer. Highly recommended, just don't go in expecting a hug and a pat on the back. Pros: Selection selection selection Cons: The prices could be lower, but you can say that about anything. more

best place for music in nashville 1/22/2009

if you want to find a great selection of bluegrass as well as other hard to find cds, this is the place. dont sweat the comments on staff as its an ok place, the prices are ok and the selection is the best in town. Pros: lots of music Cons: getting out of the parking lot more

Worst music store I've ever been in 1/6/2009

The rules of capitalism state that one is in business to make money but how this place stays in business is beyond me. The employees are rude; they treat customers like they're all shoplifters or idiots. There are staff (males) who will bend your ear for hours with their opinions on politics, or any other subject than why you went there in the first place: to find your favorite music affordably. And you can bet that whatever YOU like or ask about, will be laughed at because their taste is so superior to yours! They will regale you with trivia to show off their vast ""knowledge"" which, after a short while sounds like nothing more than vinyl fetishism. Yuck.\r I have been shopping there for years and years, and more times than not, leave wondering why I went in when Grimey's is just up the street and they seem to appreciate my business. Whether they actually DO or not, doesnt matter--I still dont feel like a chump for having stopped in. Apparently the owner doesnt care, either, since the same sad sacks have worked there for years but the place has really gone downhill in the past few years. You take your life into your hands when exiting the parking lot. \r Stick with the Great Escape or Grimey's--they don't hold their merchandise for ransom with exorbitant prices. The movie ""High Fidelity"" could have been modeled after this store and I don't mean that in a good way.\r They've done one thing right: occasionally have a pretty girl with a smile at the checkout. Pros: plenty to look at if quantity was everything Cons: everything else stinks: prices too high, staff is beyond rude, service is nonexistant more

Great finds, so-so service 4/7/2008

I go to phonolux frequently in my quest to find RARE old school hip hop CD's that ultimately replace all of the stuff I had on tape. I also tend to find a good selection of Christian and Gospel CD's - which I'm heavily into. If you can look past the questionable service, it's a great place to find good stuff from music to movies. The prices can be pretty competive (I've been to other second-hand stores). I've found CD's for two dollars before and some out-of-print CD's for around 15 - 20 bucks. Speaking of which - if you are looking for some great out-of-print music this is the place to go. And, yeah. The service is a little shabby, but once you become a regular, the smiles and friendlier service becomes more prevelant. For all of you visitors, it's not quite ""NO SOUP FOR YOU!"" type service, but you might get that vibe. Pros: Great selection Cons: Service can be improved more

Good to Fair 9/1/2007

I've been to Phonoluxe several times and have bought several things from there for a good bargain, but the place (employees) are scary acting. They watch you like a hawk and act like you are going to steal something. If you look through the boxes that are stacked under the cd racks they yell at you and say ""those are overstock."" Then don't have them out where people think we can look at them!\r \r I always feel dirty after I leave the place, but it is a great little place to find some bargains and some promotional items of your favorite artists! They are a bit expensive as well on many things, but there are some bargains to be found, but don't ask them for help. It seems to put them out. I guess they shouldn't have the business if they don't want to help the customers! Plus, I've heard them talk bad about other customers when they left---this was just this week! I guess they don't appreciate the customers shopping there!\r \r Enjoy your bargain hunting! Pros: You Can Find Some Bargains and collectible items Cons: Not friendly Employees more

Nice Library of Records 6/18/2007

On a recent trip to Nashville that included a stop to several record stores, I was glad I stopped at Phonoluxe. It was nice to see some of the old records again that I've made friends with in this store over the years! Seriously there are also some recent arrivals here, and an occasional bargain too (although they have more dollar records than any store in town, I don't remember ever buying one of them). Their vinyl room is well organized, easy to navigate, and along with the high priced records there are many that are reasonably priced as well. This store is neat and it is obvious that they spend quality time straightening up their stock, but it would be nice if they sometimes lowered a price or two here and there. more

A Real Record Store 11/15/2006

I don't see any reason to complain about these guys. I have been shopping there for almost 20 years. They have a great selection and I have found some rare gems there. The employees leave you be and are courteous if you ask for something. If they were all over you like a chain store that would be something to complain about also. They pay good money for used CD's and the staff has been around the block a time or two and know the music business well.The owner is an English dude or was and is extremely cool. I have never had a problem there. They are straight up and to the point about what you bring in and care about the condition of what you purchase. In spite of newfound competition they hold their own and have been there for years not by doing business poorly. If you don't like the selection there or don't think this is the real deal for music fans go to WalMart and pickup the Top Gun Soundtrack. This place is worth a visit for any ""true"" music fan"". more

Decent Selection, awful employees 4/2/2006

First of all, upon entering Phonoluxe, be aware of the 3 or so employees who will stare at you throughout your visit. Maybe they think you are going to steal something, maybe they are just creepy. If you ask them for help, they will generally sigh and begrudgingly tell you what you need to know. It is probably better if you do not interact with the employees, as they are generally angry at life and do not want to be bothered by people. I guess that's why they work in retail, right? The selection is fairly decent. Very good DVD selection.Lots of vinyl. The prices are anywhere from average to way too expensive. If you do visit phonoluxe, try and park adjacent to the building on Nolensville Road. Pulling out of their parking lot behind the building is nerve racking. more

Phonolux Never will sell for less. 2005 12/10/2005

Phonolux records idea is somebody will buy the record, it just maybe twenty years from now. The $500 Tori Amos record will be there when you vist. Country fans can find rare promo releases. Bootlegs can be found. Rare records and compact disc. Most records are $5-7, CD's $9-14. This store has to much junk $1 records that will never sell, many without sleeves. But this junk will be there for the next twenty years. NO SALES or bargin days at Phonolux, every. Customer service is bad, you feel like you are intruding on the workers. Good music to be found just not a feel good record store. 2005 Pros: Rare muisc, Rare Country, Live Shows CD Cons: Overpriced, No Bargins, Unfriendly Service more

The best cheap bin ever! 12/3/2002

It's worth visiting Phonoluxe for many reasons, among them their remarkable selection of deeply discounted CDs. This is a really good store, although you are warned that you're taking your life in your hands when you try turning out of this visibility-free lot onto Nolensville. Cons: Parking more

Customer Service at an all time low... 10/27/2002

To say that customer service/general friendliness isn't on the high priority list of Phonoluxe employees would be a major understatement. I know more than a few people who refuse to go in the store anymore because of the absolute rudeness of the staff. Sure, the selection's great, but the prices are a little steep...and (just to bring it up again to make a point) the majority of the employees are of the ""my record collection's better than yours"" variety. Also, be on the lookout for bootlegged CDR's with an ""IMPORT"" sticker and a $35 price tag. The RIAA could have a field day with this place. Pros: selection Cons: staff, staff, staff more
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