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Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - 25 Reviews - 593 Dutch Valley Rd NE, Atlanta, GA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (404) 873-1786

Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic

593 Dutch Valley Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 873-1786
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Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - Atlanta, GA
Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - Atlanta, GA
Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - Atlanta, GA
Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - Atlanta, GA
Phelps, Timothy R, DVM - Ansley Animal Clinic - Atlanta, GA


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Been taking my pets here for many years and will continue to do so. The staff is open, friendly and honest. Dr Brower, Dr Woody, Anne and the whole gang know how to make my ""big ...


----------------PLEASE READ------------------- My cat got sick one night, so I brought him in first thing in the morning, to this vet. When I explained what was wrong, the vet...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/15/2013

My review was taken down within a few days. And I could not repost the review on Yelp regarding Ansley Animal Clinic. That's interesting. Everything I mentioned is true, and I have receipt to back me up. Truth should not be that scary. \r \r In summary: I took my one year old healthy puppy for her first annual checkup. This was our second visit. The whole visit cost me almost #300. Dr. Scott prescribed multiple unnecessary vaccines, included another 3-years' Rabies shot, which should only be given every three years.\r \r below is my previous review: \r \r I had a terrible experience last week. I took my one year old healthy puppy for an annual check up. This is our second visit. In our first visit, we got all the required shots for the puppy. The vet, Dr. Scott, said my puppy needed four more vaccines. My daughter mentioned that one of the puppy's ears was red, so the nurse (he was very nice) washed the puppy's ear. And I was given two medications to clean the ear at home.\r \r I was shocked to see the bill. It was almost $300!!! It was more expensive than my daughter's annual check up.\r \r To add insult to injury, the front desk lady tried to get me to buy six pills that cost $112. They were a combination tick and heartworms treatment. I said I would think about it, and she promptly took away the only sample the vet had given. Later I showed the bill to my friends. I was told that most of the shots the vet prescribed were not necessary including the rabies shot because the puppy had the long-term shot last year!\r more

Best Vet in Atlanta 3/28/2011

Been taking my pets here for many years and will continue to do so. The staff is open, friendly and honest. Dr Brower, Dr Woody, Anne and the whole gang know how to make my ""big boned"" chocolate Lab feel comfortable here. \r \r Keep up the good work guys! more

The absolute best 8/7/2009

Ansley has been my vet for over 20 years and they are the absolute best. They've seen me through 6 cats and two dogs. I've always gotten honest and thoughtful answers to my questions and concerns. They care for the 4-legged and 2-legged members of the family ... over the years they have educated, reassured, comforted and consoled me. I wouldn't trust any other clinic with my pets.\r \r more


----------------PLEASE READ------------------- My cat got sick one night, so I brought him in first thing in the morning, to this vet. When I explained what was wrong, the vet said that a lot of times, cats will swallow strings, and you just have to look under the tongue to see if it's caught. That was the first thing she checked, but when my cat squirmed a little too much, she simply moved on to the next possible problem. 5 minutes later, she said to leave him for observation and that they would do some bloood work ($600). The next morning, a different doctor took a look at my cat, because something didn't seem right, and sure enough, found the string a few minutes later. She recommended emergency surgery. Had the first vet done her job correctly, I wouldn't be out $600 and wasting valuable time. By the time my cat had the surgery, the string had been in his system so long, the procedure was much more expensive than expected. $4000! I asked the vet if we had found the string sooner, if it would have been less complicated/expensive, and the doctor replied with an assertive ""OH YES."" She then went on to say that if you catch these things soon enough, often you can just pull the string out of the cat, free of charge. The vet I had (the quick on) was an older lady with dark hair. To add some salt to the wound, a few days later they called me back and said that my cat's kidneys were going to fail (according to the bloood work), and without help, he would die in 3 months. With their help, he might live 6 to 9 months. After receiving a similar pitch with the exact same cost and time frame (for something completely different), I decided to not spend the extra $1000, the two vets wanted for each treatment. It has now been 18 months, and either I have a bionic cat, or these people play with people's emotions to generate business. ====THE GOOD NEWS===== I've since been extremely happy with the Atlanta Humane Society, where money is not the motive for treatment. When I asked them for their typical price for removing a forign object, they quoted me a flat rate of $600. Had I only gone to them first, I may have been out the door the same day with a healthy cat, not to mention save $4000. Always remember, being a vet is a business. Buyer Beware. Pros: The only pro is location, and they know that. Cons: Overlooked obvious problem which led to costly surgery more

Awesome Vet! 10/31/2008

I recently moved back to Atlanta from California, and I was looking for a vet that was reasonably priced, conveniently located, and friendly. I read many reviews for other vets in the area, and the reviews I read for Ansley made me decide to take my cat there. They were very friendly with him, and Dr. Phelps went out of his way to spend time talking to me about the possible treatments for my cat's Asthma. I was so happy with the service, not to mention the reasonable price I was charged, that I have since taken our new rescue dog there. I am so happy that I found a good vet here in Atlanta!!! Pros: friendly & knowledgable staff, reasonable prices, good location Cons: none that I can think of more

Ansley Animal Clinic 10/28/2008

I took my cat and new dog there in late September for annual shots and got just about the worst service ever. I went at a time where it wasn't too early or near closing time and still got the ""it'll be just a minute"" thrown in my face at least three times. The techs kept bustling in and out and throwing instructions in the front staff's faces with zero patience. The vet who was supposed to be seeing my pets was nowhere in sight - I waited for an hour and fifteen minutes. I didn't see the people I had usually seen at the front when I was just there for my cat- not that it really bothered me (I dare dream that the management are bossy and have stiff selection standards), until the girls up front ignored me and one other pet owner completely and loudly started a conversation about tabloid garbage after my check-in. I don't think the front desk staff have the right person for the ""new"" front-desk manager. I believe her name is Jen. This girl represents the clinic badly. I personally would never put a person with visible tattoos and gaudy attire in the main entrance of a public establishment. Aside from the punk-like dressup, she really had a snappy attitude, rolled her eyes (I have an eagle eye on newbies when it comes to my loved ones) when she turned back to the other front-desk staff (something about a couple questions she obviously demmed stupid from a pet owner) and started a conversation about personal issues in her life (I could probably profile her from what I heard). I didn't say anything to the vet once I got my loved ones seen, but I will say this: Ansley is no longer on my good side. I reccommend other establishments- try any other really- just make sure you don't go too out of your way, have good prices and no drama queens who greet you. Good luck! Pros: doesn't look like a clinic- has rustic shades on walls and wooded paneling. Cons: tight parking, snappy techs, small waitroom, drama-queen like front staff. more

Really Great Vet! 9/16/2008

I've been taking my cats to Ansley Animal Clinic for the past 7 years and have nothing but good things to say. When one of my cats had to be put to sleep because he had very advanced cancer, they were so incredibly kind and understanding (unlike the oncologist I had been taking my cat to). They made sure to schedule my appointment when the clinic would not be crowded and let me take care of all of the paperwork at a later time so I could focus my attention on Sam.\r \r I have moved, and their location is no longer the most convenient for me, but I continue to make the drive because I think they are such great vets! Pros: Very friendly staff, good hours, can get you an appointment quickly more

Best Animal Care 8/26/2008

Been going to Ansley for 12+ years. Unfortuantely Dr. Woody is not there as much now, he is WONDERFUL, always made time, or called back if I had a concern. So wonderful that when it came time, he came to my house to put my pet down per my request. Just amazing. Even the front desk staff have been there for years, little turn over so that says alot. Since Dr. Woody is not there as much, and I ahve gotten a new dog, I see Dr. Squires and he is just as good. They are caring, they take the time to know your pet and are very thorough. Unlike other places that make you pay monthly fees or take your pet back while you are in the wiating room (which always seems squirrely to me), they are the BEST! I have referred all of my neighbors and we all agree, we wouldn't go anywhere else. Whoile yes it is very busy and sometimes there is a wait, it is well worth it and being busy, should indicate a good sign. Pros: Service, knowledge of staff, location, time they spend with you more

Best vet in Atlanta for past 13 years 7/8/2008

I have been going to Ansley Animal Clinic for over 13 years now with the same dog and the staff (Ann & Dr. Woody) have been amazing the whole time. ""Scout Finch"" has had puppy skin problems, cancer and now end of life care issues and they have always taken the time to make sure that I understand and am comfortable with their treatment. Because of this personalized attention and the fact that many other people have the same love of Ansley it may take a little longer to get to in to your appointment, but it is 100% worth the wait and far better than being rushed in and out to keep on a 30 minute per pet schedule. \r \r Also, I lived 2.5 hours from Atlanta for several years while at grad school and after trying 2 vets that were local I decided to make the drive (5 hours round trip) to Ansley because for the difference in care, service and professionalism.\r \r For those with negative reviews I hope that by going to other vets you have seen the error in your ways and have returned to Ansley (or realized that everyone has an off day, even the best vet in Atlanta). Pros: Personal service, knowledge and love of animals Cons: none. more

Best Vet 5/5/2008

There is not a better vet in Atlanta... Dr. Woody only hires the best. They've take care of all our animals since '95\r -gerard Pros: if you care about your pet, bring it to ansley more

Great vet, great people, They know how to treat you right! 3/3/2008

I would have to disagree with any of the negative comments about this vet. They always have the best service and take good care of me. Willing to go out of their way for me every time I need anything.\r \r Just like today, my dog was sick, they could get me in immediately! Its like a great Family Place!\r \r Highly recommend,\r \r Justin Longenbach\r Atlanta GA Pros: Great People more

Best Vet in Atlanta 12/20/2007

I would gladly sit and wait for my dog to be able to see any of the vets in this office. Plus, everyone is so nice in the waiting area! So, it's a joy for me and my dog. They have taken care of her since her first shots and I look forward to using them for years to come! It's also totally worth battling traffic through midtown, even at rush hour. They can usually fit you in, especially if it's an emergency. My pup was attacked by a pit and they immediately took her in and helped put me at ease and made sure to ease the pain she was feeling immediately. I love this place! more

Incorrect - would not recommend - to catwood11 11/5/2007

The review by Catwood11 is clearly incorrect - Ansley Animal Clinic does not have a night time veterinarian - we close at 6pm - we rarely have folks sign a estimate - and certainly would not do that in an emergency - possible you have mistaken our name for the after hours (24 hour clinic) located in ANSLEY MALL - just down the street from our clinic.... I believe you owe our clinic an apology for your mistake... Thank you, C.S.Woody - Ansley Animal Clinic (located on Dutch Valley Rd - not Ansley Mall) more

An amazing vet, even if you have to wait 9/13/2007

We have been going to Ansley Animal Clinic for over 15 years. Dr. Woody (as well as all of the other vets) have taken time to know not only our pets, but also our family. He's helped us through a cat with many more than nine lives, and four dogs with problems that always arise. He always discusses ALL of the options, and is never afraid to tell us what each costs, understanding that while we love our pets dearly, money doesn't grow on trees. Sometimes we've had to wait, even though we've had an appointment, but that happens anywhere. I'd rather wait and know that my vet is taking time with the appointments, than be rushed in and out so they can stay on schedule. I live in Athens now, but because of my dogs medical history (she has a hypoactive thyroid), I still drive to Atlanta to see the vets at Ansley Animal Clinic. Pros: They know my animals, and me. Cons: Sometimes a wait, but you know they're doing the job well more

Wonderful 8/11/2007

All the doctors at Ansley Animal Clinic are great, so you can't go wrong no matter who you see. But from the first time Dr. Phelps saw one of my dogs, I was impressed with how he interacted with him. He got right down on the floor next to my dog and spoiled him by pettting him for so long . I know that while he was doing this, he was of course soothing my dog as well as examining my dog, but still, the amount of time he spent just loving on him (for lack of a better term) was impressive. I just took the same dog to see him yesterday and was once again appreciative of all the attention he gave my dog and the time he spent trying to get him to relax. (Which isn't exactly easy with this particular dog!) Pros: Friendly, attentive, knowledgable, patient more

I would never take my dogs anywhere else! 8/11/2007

Even if I lived an hour away, I would still take my dogs to Ansley Animal Clinic. Their front desk staff and their vet techs are friendly and efficient, and the front desk staff always fit me in if one of my dogs needs to be seen unexpectedly. And even when I don't have an appointment, I never have to wait too long. The vets are incredibly knowledgable and dedicated to the animals they see. They are quick to follow-up with you to give you test results, return messages, etc. I recommend Ansley Animal Clinic to every pet owner I know. (One of my dogs has Addison's Disease and requires a monthly shot, so I spend a decent amount of time at Ansley and am always impressed with their service every time I go.) Pros: Friendly staff; dedicated, friendly, accesible doctors; a huge grassy area to walk your dog before and after appointments more

Great Vet, not so Great Service 5/1/2007

Don't get my title wrong I do recommend this vet as the people are very helpful and when you call they offer a lot of advice without even having you come in. However, every time I've been there has been a long wait and very crowded. I think they're do for a larger place and more people to work as it becomes an 1hr or more to get your pet in and out. Otherwise the people are great! Pros: vet, staff Cons: time more

great animal care 4/16/2007

I've been going there since I was born. With my parent's 6 cats over the years, and now my new puppy and kitten. They're always wonderful there. And if there's a pet emergency, they'll find a way to fit you in. more

Very positive experience 4/4/2007

I brought my dog here after a terrible experience with pets are people, too. Dr. Hayes was incredibly friendly and showed great concern for my dog's well being. In addition, while the other vet was ready to perform what was likely to be another expensive surgery, Dr. Hayes explained my options and determined it was best to let the problem heal on its own for now. I am happy to say my dog is healing well. I highly recommend this vet. Pros: very friendly and caring atmosphere more

Do not go 3/29/2007

I was extremely disappointed with this clinic. The staff at Ansley Animal Clinic were extremely disorganized. The vets rushed us out the door with a prescription and did not take the time to answer my questions about my puppies condition. When I called back for clarification on the condition and dosing instructions, I received an ""I don't know"" in response to my questions, with no attempt to try and find the answer. I thought my question was something a vet's office should be able to answer: ""What type of parasite was found in the fecal test?"" I was also told: ""It's not a big deal"" and ""The medicine only costs $8"" This last comment really upset me because I was concerned about the health of my puppy and not the cost of the medication. When I tried to explain that, the staff said they would have a vet ""call me back"", which never happened. I would not recommend this vet to anyone, especially first-time pet owners. more
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