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Pets & Such

3680 W 3500 S
West Valley City, UT 84120
(801) 990-0279
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Pets & Such - West Valley City, UT
Pets & Such - West Valley City, UT


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Great stock and selection! The staff is always extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I keep some fish, and whenever Jerry is there, I always take the opportunity ...


i hope you get closed down because you don't really care about animals! a friend of mine witnessed one of your employees stomping to death a mouse which got free. shame on you!

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/7/2013

Bought a product from them, went out of town and they wont refund my product that didn't work well. My expensive healthy chameleon (that I also bought from them) died within two weeks of using their product. I looked online and most places say dont use distilled water it shortens their life span. They refuse to refund or work with me when I bought this from them 37 days ago. I was out of town so missed the ""30 day warrantee"". I used to love these guys and always support them, but I will now be doing my business anywhere else. This is ridiculous and very unprofessional. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

I love this pet store. BEST pet store in the valley. The staff here is by far the most knowledgeable and friendly. My family has hit every pet store from Bountiful to Provo and we will only do business with Pets & Such. Their store is clean, their animals are well taken care of and the employees are OUTSTANDING! Keep up the good work. We love you guys! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/17/2012

Pets and such is the only pet store I do business with. They are educated, professional and friendly. I have purchased MANY animals from them for my business and they have always been healthy. :) I have read below that one of the employees stepped on an escaped mouse. Come on people, its a mouse and they are not always easy to catch and can do a lot of damage to packages of food etc in the store. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2012

i hope you get closed down because you don't really care about animals! a friend of mine witnessed one of your employees stomping to death a mouse which got free. shame on you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2012

HORRIFYING!! I hope NO ONE shops at a place where an employee so callously STOMPED on a mouse which is bad enough, but to do it right in front of a CUSTOMER. The fact that there are reviews DEFENDING this practice is loathsome and I am certain it is the owner or employee trying to downplay the horrific act. You should be ashamed and you should be OUT OF BUSINESS! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/12/2012

Great stock and selection! The staff is always extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I keep some fish, and whenever Jerry is there, I always take the opportunity to pick his brain. Smart as a text book! All their animals always look really good. The few times there are problems, the staff always knows about it and is taking care of it. Not that there are ever many problems! One look in their bright, clean cages shows you that. And seriously, folks, it's a mouse. There is no difference in how an animal dies. If it was out, good it was killed! Think about how the cow was killed that supplied your hamburger. Sorry, but it's not any more humane than that. Is it any different than feeding that mouse to a snake? more

This place has always been amazing. 6/11/2012

This place has always been amazing. The whole staff is really friendly and always willing to give advise and help out with any problems. All of their animals are healthy and well taken care of, the store is very clean and doesn't smell like the traditional pet store. Definitely more than other stores I've been to, who keep their animals in dirty cages with dirty water and their animals look like they haven't been fed in weeks. I want to address some of the comments left....I can imagine that it was hard to witness but did you ever think that maybe there was a reason for it? It seems harsh at first but if you think about it, it's more humane than setting out poison to slowly kill it, or a mouse trap, which also slowly kills. And have you ever thought of the damage it could do to a place like that? All it would take is a single tiny mouse to chew through a wire and start an electrical fire or even a flood in their fish room. Not far fetched considering they cause house fires every year. Not only that but I know a few people that are so terrified of rats and mice that they would seriously have a heart attack seeing one running around. At the end of the day its a good company with great staff that cares about their work and their animals and they were probably just trying to protect that very thing and unfortunately this event happened. more

Any pet store that would stomp a 6/11/2012

Any pet store that would stomp a helpless escaped mouse to death should be put out of business! If he could stomp it, he could catch it, this is not acceptable and will make sure everyone knows about this and no one we know steps foot in that store again! more

URGENT This store disgusts me. They 6/11/2012

URGENT This store disgusts me. They stomped on a mouse right in front of my dear friend when it escaped from its cage. They should be shut down forever. Please never ever shop here. Never. And to SageS829 who seems to applaud this practice, you too disgust me. I bet your the owner of this store or the mouse stopping employee. Just despicable. more

I've a friend who reported a horrifying 6/8/2012

I've a friend who reported a horrifying experience at this store. A small mouse had escaped from its cage, and instead of being humanely captured and returned to it a store employee violently stomped the poor creature to death in front of her. Pets & Such is a cruel and abusive store. Rating it ""Poor"" is giving this place too high a rating. more

will never go to Pets 'N Such on 3500 6/8/2012

will never go to Pets 'N Such on 3500 South in West Valley City again. I am completely outraged. I was walking around looking at things and one of their little mice ran across the floor in front of me. I pointed it out to one of the men who has worked there for a long time. He ran over and stomped on the little mouse. I was so close that I am lucky I was not splattered with mouse guts. This was so unnecessary. The person could have scooped up the mouse and put it back in its cage. I know the mouse would have been snake food, but this is just plain stupid, not to mention bad business. I will tell this story until Kingdom Come. What if a little child had seen this horrible behavior, instead of this old woman. Shame on you. more

Obviously not well taken care of, 6/8/2012

Obviously not well taken care of, unless you class stomping a mouse that had got out of the cage as well taken care of! My friend was browsing in the store and saw that one mice had got out and was walking across the floor, she pointed it out to one of the staff, and rather than bend down and pick it up, then return it to the cage, lifted his foot and stomped on it! I wonder what else this inhumand monster is capable of? He obviously doesn't love animals. Would his actions have been the same if a child had been present? The least he deserves is dismissal and I hope he gets prosecuted for animal cruelty! more

Outgoing, very edjucated, 9/4/2010

I bought my dream animal here, and before I took her her home she was taken off, like the beauty queen she was, to have a photo shoot. Somewhere along the way she got a tiny cut that postponed her coming home. Needless to say the staff here was in constant contact with me through every step, and did the best they could possibly do to care for this, to me, seemingly harmless wound. After little research I found that this breed has a very high chance of all wounds becoming fatal. I felt very taken care of, very cared about, and a ton of heavy hearts when she died even before she ever got to come home. If it were not for the staffs' expert care and willingness to do a thorough job we would have taken her without knowing and she would have died after a lot of suffering. After wards we received a lot of apologies and offers to make it up however we needed them to. Luckily they had a one beautiful baby Green Tree Python left, just for me. She is the sweetest baby snake, and the advice and help we received in putting together her habitat was impressive to say the least, I would not trust another staff like I do the one here. They will go out of their way to take time and guide you through whatever dream you have for your pets. Thanks Pets n' Such!!! more

Knowledgeable and helpful! 8/11/2010

I recently set up a 55 gallon aquarium that I got from my cousin. The guys at pets and such were able to help me with parts that I needed and didn't charge me for stuff I didn't need. They let me know what I could get by on and were not pushy at all. I frequently take my kids with me to the store and they are VERY entertained. The staff is patient with them as well. The fact that this store is family owned and operated is an extra bonus. These people know what they are doing and are super chill. Check them out! more

Another favorite of mine :) 12/9/2008

I like to go here for the rare fish value :) Most of there stock selection is Rare... Well Rarer than the majority... Pros: Selection!!! Cons: Pricees :) more

slow service, not great quality, more expensive than it needs to be 2/11/2008

The r ats I bought here where obviously poorly taken care of and I've heard bad things about their r ats from other people. One died within the first few weeks and they have a respiritory disease.\r \r (This review will not let me use the word R a t as it is ""inappropriate"" more
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