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Pets Landing

7908 E Chaparral Rd Ste B105
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
(480) 945-9559
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In 2004, our family purchased a dog from Pet's Landing. We were spending time at a hotel in Scottsdale while my husband attended a conference. We did not plan on purchasing an a...


I used to work at this pet store and it used to be really decent. But people get greedy and turn their inventory from a high of 50 puppies in the store to 100. That kind of order ...

Anybody know the # for a good Puppy Mill? 11/19/2010

I purchased a Soft-Coated wheaten Terrier (expensive) from Pet's Landing back in 05'. He has actually been a perfect dog, no health issues, and great temperament... that's not the problem. Actually, this Pet store is no longer open. They boarded up their windows, cleaned out the building in the middle of the night and took off, never to be heard from again. \r \r my dillema - I lost the AKC paperwork issued to me upon purchase, and I really want to get him registered now, but i cannot think of anyway to get the original owner information/ authorization to complete the actual registration form. Any ideas? -joseph\r \r Tjhank more

When will a store like this cease to exist? 3/10/2009

I'm not one of those crazy people who think that just because an animal is in a cage that they are being mistreated. In fact, Pets Landing allows much more interaction and exercise for the puppies than most places. But it doesn't change the fact that supporting this store is supporting a horrible industry of mass producing pets for a profit.\r \r This whole idea is so outdated even if the interactive format of this store appears otherwise. Imagine 125 dogs and cats are put to sleep each day at Maricopa County Animal Control. Sure, you might have small children or other reasons for wanting a purebred puppy. Just remember, there are other options. Choosing a puppy is a big responsibility! Do your research on the net and contact local breeders, rescues or shelters. Don't give in and support this store out of convenience! \r Pros: The staff seems to care about the animals. Cons: Even the staff doesn't know the damage they are doing by promoting the mass production of puppies. more

Pet's Landing is a Puppy Mill 1/3/2009

Just because you want a cute little puppy you will allow our Humane Societies around Arizona to kills thousands of dogs and cats per year because they do not get adopted. I got my wonderful dog Scout from an Animal Rescue in California. He was two years old and had all his shots, he was potty trained, he has been the best dog I have ever had. Please consider at least looking at one of the rescue facilities (and they have them for all breeds) before you support these puppy mills. Many of the dogs from these mills have not been well cared for. Get the facts and go online to the Humane Society and find out how these dogs are treated and what you are buying. \r \r I've been in this store. The puppies are in a small space, the store employees poorly trained. Animals are social and need to be around people. All of these animals sit in their cages night after night by themselves in a mall or store.\r \r Here are some stats:\r The Humane Society euthanized 4,724 animals in 2006, or 37 percent of the 12,598 animals brought in.\r \r Pima Animal Care euthanized 8,369 dogs during its last fiscal year, which ended June 30, or 59 percent of the 14,177 dogs brought in. It euthanized 5,279 cats, or 79 percent of the 6,711 brought in. more

Pet's Landing is the ONLY place to Purchase a Pet for Your Family!!! 1/2/2008

In 2004, our family purchased a dog from Pet's Landing. We were spending time at a hotel in Scottsdale while my husband attended a conference. We did not plan on purchasing an animal, but we fell in love with an adorable 3 month old poodle. I have owned several poodles, and my mother was a breeder, so I have VERY high expectations for an animal, especially at THAT price! My children and I spent 5 days at the store making our decision, and then when we did make our purchase, the store willingly held her until we returned home. During that time, we saw animals that were loved and cared for; we saw each animal held and played with. Kennels were cleaned and little potty messes were dealt with immediately. All animals stores smell - they're animals! But the workers at Pet's Landing make every effort to make the environment as neat and clean as possible. Pinky was with us for four years. She was more than a pet, she was a part of our family. She never had a health issue, was never a problem, she loved us and was the most wonderful pet I've ever owned. On Dec. 30th, she was taken from our backyard. I miss her terribly and can't believe my heart is so broken over a dog. But, I will tell you this: If our family decides to make the investment and purchase another pet, I will make the journey to Pet's Landing. They have earned my trust and my business. Pros: Animals are well cared for and very healthy, workers are friendly and helpful Cons: A certificate for a visit to the local vet is given - does not transfer to other cities (bummer!) more

terrible dogs 12/22/2007

i have heardd of so man dogs that have come from this place w/ problems. our dog was sick when we purchased hi for $1k. they didn't follow through on care of the dog. 2 yrs later it developed a hereditary disease. it has cost over $4k. we went back in there recently to look at the dogs. they are all so sad and so many have issues. they try to make it seem that they know the place they come from and they are pure-bred. they all come from puppy mills. lets be honest. the store mgr even comes out to push you in to buying a sick over-priced dog more

Too many puppies to care for 12/4/2007

I used to work at this pet store and it used to be really decent. But people get greedy and turn their inventory from a high of 50 puppies in the store to 100. That kind of order requires more puppies at lower costs meaning poor quality animals are being brought in. Poor quality means sick, unhealthy, size abnormalites, etc. I also had a very good assumption that the breeders lied about their age and I can't even begin to open up the secret portals to their ideas of ""good breeders."" Just because you have the name of the breeder doesn't mean its a good one. But they do have great ideas...the play pools and how they exercise their dogs. But again, once upon a time when there were less puppies, it was easier to exercise them and the puppies would get multiple play times. More dogs just equals less amount of time for the pups to get out which makes them less different from the other pet stores. And if they could hire people who worked hard and kept up it would make everything a lot better. But that costs money and once you've become greedy enough to wreck your reputation just by upping inventory you can only imagine that wages aren't going up. And they raise the dogs 350 to 400 percent from the price they buy them. Nonetheless, ALL pet stores are horrid. Anyone who makes money off the mass distribution of puppies is wrong. But people will never learn that and until they do pet stores will always be around and hereditary and congenital health problems with always be a problem. Pros: The dogs do get out of the cages Cons: Everything is poor quality. Could be better more

Its a well run pet tore 10/16/2007

These pets get a lot of love and attention. I know, as I go into the store almost everyday and voluntarily play with the happy little pups and kittens. The puppies are mixed together based on both age and individual personality traits, helping to prevent fights. \r I like going to Pets Landing because there isn?t any pressure to buy anything. I have noticed that they really do care that you are a good match for the Puppy or Kitten. Of course they want all the pets to go home to loving families so they will ask you to take it home if they see the puppy responding well to you. I don?t really consider that pressure. It just forwards the conversation and gives you the opportunity to say ?yes? or ?no?. \r After all it is a pet store, and they make their money-selling pets. Its like if you went to a restaurant and sat down at a table. The waiter will ask you if you would like to order now? He is not forcing you to order anything, just offering to assist you in your decision-making. A restaurant is in business to sell food. Pets Landing sells pets. \r As far as being clean. From my observation, running a pet store it a lot like running a daycare, it is always in a state of being cleaned up because the pets are playing constantly and very interactive. \r Anyway, I thought I would write this because there are a few people bashing this store and saying things that just aren?t true. Its sad people think the best way to do business is to throw mud and slander at their competition. I call it scarcity mindset. I have always found in business it is better to compliment my competitors, and at times, if it better serves the customer, I will refer business to them. After all, isn?t there plenty enough for everyone to be successful. \r I plan on purchasing my first two Puppies from Pets Landing in the near future for two reasons. First, the way they treat their Pets. Second, The way they treat their customers. Pros: Parking, Friendly Staff, Happy Pets more

OK store 7/6/2007

This kellyemerald girl is obviously employed with Puppies N Love, if you check her reviews they have all been bashing the small stores who don't actually get their puppies from mills and who may not have the best looking stores but they have the best looking puppies. They put all of their money into their puppies and so what they are in swimming pools its better than being locked behind glass where they never get socialized or even look up when people walk by. I went into Pets Landing and Just Pets, both stores are great I just happened to find the dog I was looking for at Just Pets, stay away from mall stores they truly do buy their dogs at puppy mills then turn around and sell them for 3 and 4 thousand dollars! That's how parvo spreads (undervaccinated, imbred, puppy mill dogs) more

Pets Landing should be shut down 6/28/2007

I don't even know where to begin. Most of the puppies are kept in plastic swimming pools with metal playpens around them. There are a lot of older dogs up to 7 months old! The store is filthy and smells horrible. Some customers seemed to be excited that you could pet all the dogs kept in the swimming pools but when you think about it, you are just spreading germs to all of the puppies! Nobody is asked to sanitize their hands before petting them. If one has parvo, they're all going to have parvo! Puppies from different cages are all put together to play in the pools and go to the bathroom in the pools so they most likely all have some kind of parasite or worms. If you ask to see one in a room to play, you will be pressured into buying it. They will even bring the manager over to ""make a deal"" with you. If you decline and try to leave they will throw an even cheaper price at you. There are no pedigrees to look at and the employees are vague on where they come from. The warranties vary depending on how expensive the dog is (if it is older and on sale you get a limited warranty and if it is much older and around a couple hundred there are no warranties)! This store was disguisting and sad and employees seem desperate to sell them. Cons: dirty, smelly more

Want a new puppy? 5/8/2007

We bought our very much anticipated puppy at Pet's Landing. The whole experience was wonderful! The staff was helpful, the store store had every item that you could ever need for a pet (maybe you confused clutter with dirty/messy). The dog we brought home with us is the most precious, kind, mellow animal that we have ever owned. When we walked in all the puppies were out ""playing"" It was loud! It was fun! Everyone was Happy! You were allowed to touch, pet and participate with the puppies not at all like the sterile pet stores in the mall(s). It even had that ""new puppy"" smell. I would recommend this pet store to anyone looking for a new companion. Our puppy has a new home, and she received great care and love prior to coming home with us. They even bathed her and had put on a ribbon collar (which we saved) when we picked her up. Need a pet? Go to Pet's Landing! Pros: Great dogs, happy dogs even has kittens! more

I disagree 3/8/2007

I disagree with all of you. When you compare them to the mall pet shops, this is by far better. They actually give the puppies a chance to play rather than keeping them locked in their crates all day and not letting you play with them unless they think you're going to buy one. Sometimes it is a little dirty, I'll give you that, but I asked an employee there and she explained how the paper in the play pins makes it dusty. Also, puppies go to the bathroom, and I can't imagine it's easy to watch that many puppies and be able to immediately get their waste. And as far as a puppy chewing up furniture, that's why when I bought my puppy, they told me to get a crate. Most people think it's wrong, but it's like having a baby, you don't let it roam around unsupervised. And all puppies go through a teething stage, so getting the dog from any specific store is not the cause. I also know for a fact that the puppies that go to any puppy stores have a chance of being sick. They come from the breeders sick. My puppy had a little cold when I bought her and they were very helpful. They had her on treatment already and kept her until she was done with it. They then let me bring her in for free breathing treatments. Overall, I think that Pet's Landing really cares for their puppies and it's apparent that they all love their job. Pros: Very helpful, caring, cute puppies, fun environment more

Terrible store with cruel conditions 2/27/2007

My Family and I were on a mad search for a puppy and I was dragged into every pet store and back yard in a 30 mile radius. I was shocked at the conditions of the puppies and the store smelled so bad! The employees were rude and seemed very desperate to make a sale. They were so pushy. I felt like I was on a car lot. I did not enjoy the environment or their tactics. Several puppies had diahreah and were just laying in it. When we told one of the female employees, she totally ignored us. It was just sad. Cons: Sick pups, Bad smell, rude employees more

ID Theft Supporters 1/14/2007

While i was in afghanistan they allowed my ex-fiancee to buy a dog for $2,700 with my debit card. My ex had no power of attorney nothing saying she was allowed to buy the dog. I suggest not supporting those who support identity theft . You could be next. more

Worst Place To Get a Dog! 1/2/2007

I decided to go to a ""non-puppymill"" store. What i didnt realize wasthat the puppies come from commercial breeders who arent much better than puppymills. Well I did not realize that. I walked in the store and I saw the puppies in poor conditions. I saw the corgi's, a male and female, and decided to take a look at them. We went in a little room so that I could see how they were almone without any distractons around. Well the male was good sized but the female was TINY. She was so tiny she had to be kept where the little chihuahuas were. She wasnt siblings with the male, but their birth date was only a few days apart. I thought this was odd so I decided on the male. He was very playful and curious. I made the worst decision and bought this $1,400 dog that wasnt even champion sired. I took him home and he was adorable. The first few days he was a little shy because he wasnt used to his new surroundings. But after a few weeks he came out. He came out and chewed up $5,000 worth of furiture. Never in my life have I had such a dog with a need to chew. His bones and toys would sometimes distract him, but for some reason my living room chairs seemed more exciting to chew on. I had finally got him into obedience classes. He would bark and nobody could seem to shut him up. They had to put a cage around us so he coudnt see the dogs outside and get excited. He was very intelligant and learned tricks fast but he would forget them the next day. I tried potty training him every way the book taught, but nothing worked. Somedays he would stand by the door to be let out, but after a few hours he would forget and go back to wetting the carpet. I decided that he was too much to handle, this demon dog from hell, so I gave him to a friend. Needless to say Scooter didnt work out with him either so he gave him to his mother. Pet store dogs have more problems because they get locked up in cages when theyre just babies and still need their mother. Be careful! Dont make the same mistake I did! Pros: Tiny little cute puppies that you want to cuddle up with, owner seems nice. Cons: Poor conditions, horrible smell, puppies almost always come with a desease more

Beware... 9/16/2006

My daughter and I went into the Pets Landing puppy store and was shocked at what I saw. The store smelled really bad when I walked in. There were several older puppies in gates that looked desperate for attention. One puppies coat was matted and there was fecal matter all over the floor and the puppy. The employee that approaced me was really rude when I brought up the conditions and became defensive. It made my daughter so sad that she was in tears. She begged me to ""save the poor puppies"" as we left. I would not recomend this store to anyone. Pros: Couldn't find any Cons: Dirty, unsanitary, rude employees. more
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