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Pet Village & Bird World - 20 Reviews - 3649 S Highway 89, Bountiful, UT - Pet Stores Reviews - Phone (801) 295-9233

Pet Village & Bird World

3649 S Highway 89
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 295-9233
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Pet Village & Bird World - Bountiful, UT
Pet Village & Bird World - Bountiful, UT
Pet Village & Bird World - Bountiful, UT
Pet Village & Bird World - Bountiful, UT
Pet Village & Bird World - Bountiful, UT


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They take good care of their puppies! Many of my friends have bought puppies from there and have been happy with their new friends. I would recommend them for puppies, kittens, ...


I am all about supporting my local businesses over the big guys such as Petco or Petsmart. I have gone here since I was young, and always tried to spend all my $$$ for pets at th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/23/2013

What is with the people that can say nothing but bad I mean have the time that the puppies come from puppy mills is when Theo Mill Shuts down i Mean this place takes very good care of their abermals ans obviously The girl That had a mom that owned a petstore was not a Big enough petstore i mean get over it there is going to be weird smells when You have alot of differnt types of aniamals this is a really amazing petstore\r more

Good puppies! 3/5/2012

They take good care of their puppies! Many of my friends have bought puppies from there and have been happy with their new friends. I would recommend them for puppies, kittens, birds, rabbits, etc. more

nice fish, not the best advice 12/30/2011

If you want a great deal on fish go to BW, if you want great advice on reef tanks, eh, better try MSM. I have been there several times and gotten what I wanted at a fair price with fair quality but in terms of reef tank advice, I'll pass. Their stuff is OK and they have a lot of it but take caution at what the young ""experts"" say. They are good but there is better real close by. more

Fabulous store and incredible animals 10/13/2011

I been visiting this store my entire life and have never had anything but a wonderful experience going there. Weather I was going in to take my kids to look and play with the animals or to buy something the staff has always been extremely helpful and friendly. The way they treat the animals is amazing. You can truly tell that the employees love and care about the animals by the way the treat and interact with them. I most recently purchased a Yorkshire Terrier from them and spent a pretty penny at the store and felt fully confident doing so because of how the store is. I completely 100 % satisfied with my purchase and we are in love with our new puppy. I would recommend this store to anyone. As a matter of fact we are going to be purchasing a bird in the near future from this store. more

Won't Support Them 7/18/2011

I am all about supporting my local businesses over the big guys such as Petco or Petsmart. I have gone here since I was young, and always tried to spend all my $$$ for pets at this store if I could help it, until last year. I had recently been interested in birds, and while I was there I decided to go look at them. In one of the back rooms (they have windows so you can see into them) we saw at least 4 or 5 macaws in 1 SMALL cage that was barely taller than the birds themselves. They also couldn't move and inch forward, backward, or to either side. It looked like something you see on those hoarder shows. I would never have even put ONE bird in that cage, let alone 4 or more. Not to mention their big curbside garbage can that is always full of dead fish, that they don't put out of the customers sight. I just can't go there anymore and support animals being treated like that. I have loved this place since I was young, and they do have knowlegable (usually friendly) staff. Unfortunately, I will take my business elsewhere until I can find another local business to support. more

Awesome Pet Store 7/2/2011

I have bought a chihuahua, tree frog, pacman frog, tarantula, and lots of fish from Pet Village. They are in excellent health and up to standards. We go here because we cannot trust places like Petco who have sold us sick animals too many times. We drive a long way to get here. The store is clean. My dog came from a breeder and had papers. Not sure why people are talking puppy mill.....they do not use them. \r \r I highly recommend asking for Zach. He knows everything about all of these animals. He is majoring in zoology. I just adore him. \r \r Maybe things were not so great before....but the store is excellent now. We go there just to go there and it is always clean and smells just fine. more

the truth 5/28/2011

I bought a lhasa apso in 2009. He had issues. This was confirmed by Wilson vet, that is the vet they use. He was twice the size of any other lhasa I have ever seen. He is no where near breed standards. So aggressive that when shaved people call him ""pitbull"". This place does ""mill"" their product. And I understand it is a business but the $ spent should ensure a better return. we still have him and he continues to have health/ temperament issues etc. Please do not support them by buying dogs there. quality is poor. pets have serious issues. ignore 5 star ratings. this place needs to be shut down... more

They DO NOT refund any used items 2/22/2011

My friend bought a fish tank (~$100) four weeks ago, and she tried to refund it by private reason. The tank was fine, and everything is working well. We never thought that it is impossible, but we did not get refund!! When we asked refund in the store, a clerk called another woman officer. She, the woman officer, watched the tank carefully, and asked why we want to return. My friend explained the reason (her personal reasons), then the woman said it can not refund because the tank was used. Actually, the tank was perfect condition: no crack, no out-of-order components such as filter. So I asked that all other used items can not refund, and she said YES. Is it real? I might not understand well about the return policies. But it is obviously strange when I think why other pet shops, Petsmart and Petco, accepts refunding and exchanging even if used stuffs. Still I am not happy by their attitude for me. I would not recommend this store. more

My Poor Dog is the Victim of their PUPPY MILL ways... 12/29/2010

I should have done research before buying puppies from Pet Village & Bird World. I bought a lhasa & maltese. The maltese had ear mites and his ear was lanced to drain an infection. Pet Village & Bird World said it was normal for dogs to get mites when they're being shipped from Kansas because the trucks are filled with puppies. My lhasa, he doesn't know what it's like to live a normal, pain-free life and to have a functional lower body. At 2 months I took Sherlock to the vet. After the x-rays it was clear he wasn't normal. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips and 2 luxating patellas. Hip dysplasia in a puppy is a congenital defect, it's present at birth, and it's genetically passed to a dog. MY DOG'S PARENTS SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BRED! I called Bird World, they said to send a copy of the x-ray to prove the congenital condition & then bring Sherlock back and pick another dog or I get my money back. No compassion, no talk of how they would look into this, & what store says bring your dog back & pick another. I obviously opted for the later. It's pennies compared to $ spent to get Sherlock well, not to mention the pain/suffering he's endured & heartache I've experienced. Try watching a dog's hip go out of socket. I have NEVER SEEN MY DOG IN SO MUCH PAIN. I've spent 5k & he's had 3 surgeries, one to go. They have mostly freed him from pain, but he'll never be a normal dog. I know he'll have a short life & the difficult time will come when I have to do the humane thing and put him to sleep. Pet Village & Bird World do carry puppy mill dogs. Sherlock's parents never should have been bred. why did a vet not diagnosis this and stop his parent's from being bred? Bird World has the power to change this & you have the power to ensure their change by not buying your puppy there. They choose to buy puppies from breeders that breed dogs like this & it needs to stop. Please don't allow this to happen & do your part. I wish I would have. more

shut up-its just fine 10/10/2010

im kinda of sick of all you guys hating on this store- i will admit they do need to check some health codes on the dogs and some cats but EVERYTHING else is just fine.i love their fish there food is cheap the rodents i bought have lived for like 2 years each and EVERY animal you buy there(if you treat it well) treats you kindly and is happy and active-they have good service and reasonable deals-yes it may smell BUT ITS A FREAKING PET STORE!!! --------please if you are thinking to but a pet consider this store but do check for health on dogs-other wise its such a wonderful store and you are on dope if think it sucks. more

5 years and counting 7/30/2010

I have been going to bird world for over 5 years. I've gotten birds, rats, mice, fish, and so far all of them have died of old age or because of me. All though i haven't adopted a puppy or kitten many of my relatives have and are still alive. If your animals are dying it's probably a accident on your part. Don't immediately blame the store you bought it from. Pros: good variety of all animals Cons: litle santitation problems more

Stop whining 7/26/2010

Stop whining, yes it smells bad but live with it. It happens to be a petstore NOT a perfume store. I bought my chihuaha from here and he is completely healthy, those who say their pets died just shows they din't take care of them. I agree that staff isn't knowledgeable but they have a great selection and the puppies have all seemed happy when i was there. Just throwing my two cents in. Pros: cute pets, Cons: smell more

Great place to shop!! 7/19/2010

If you want to really support a puppy mill - shop petsmart or petco. The staff at Petvillage are light years ahead of the folks at PetSmart and Petco.\r \r This is a great place to find puppies - they take great care of them and the staff are way more knowlegeable about the dogs. Kelly - person who has worked there for over ten years is a champion of knowledge. Dogs see the vet and get all the medications they need. Who ever said their puppies come from a puppy mill is an idiot. Probably someone who just got angry and wanted to hurt the business. They also have alot of stuff for about every animal that is out there for home pets. \r \r Check it out - ask for Kelly! Pros: Staff are helpful and try to meet all your needs. Cons: None. more

Terrible place to buy pets... 2/28/2010

I purchased a female eclectus from Bird World/Pet Village in November 2009. She was hatched in June 2009. On January 5th, she died at the emergency vet, for no apparent reason. I had been feeding her the exact diet that was recommended by Bird World (pretty bird and a small amount of seed). When I first purchased her, I was told she was mean. After a few days having her at home, she cuddled up under my neck every night and would stay there as long as I would let her. She was a sweet bird and was treated extremely well she was a member of the family and we were devastated when she died. When my husband called the owner of Pet Village, Doug, to explain what had happened, at first he seemed sympathetic and offered to help find us another bird at half price. Since we already paid $1000 for her, that was not a good option for us. Doug said he would talk to the breeder to see what he could do and would call back. In the meantime, while waiting for Doug's call back, the vet is now holding my bird before sending her off to be cremated because Doug said we would need a letter from the vet explaining the problem (an autopsy would need to be performed). After no phone call back, and after avoiding my husband's calls for 2 days, we finally asked the vet to let the bird go to be cremated. My husband finally talked Doug, who was not nearly as nice this time. My husband suggested something was obviously wrong with the bird and Doug asked if my husband would blame him if one of our kids died too! He said ""things die and that's just the way it goes""! He was not willing to do anything, was not sympathetic at all, and when my husband said we will never buy anything from his store again, Doug said ""it didn't matter to him because his business did not depend on our business""!!!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE! My bird was obviously sick and died without explanation. Since this time, my friend visited the store to check the quality of the animals and found MANY to be in poor health (i.e., puppies, rats, etc.). Many of the birds share cages and my family and I observed some birds beating up on others. Their tails are ragged and the feathers do not look nice and beautiful like young birds' feathers should. BUYER BEWARE! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE! THEY SELL UNHEALTHY PETS AND THE OWNER DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MAKING HIS CUSTOMERS HAPPY OR SELLING HEALTHY ANIMALS. We will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. Unfortunately, I'm required to give a rating when entering this review. Cons: Unhealthy animals and owner who doesn't care more

Okay store... but do your research 4/9/2009

my dealings with the store is only on the bird-side. Selection of food is good, but prices are much more expensive--especially for Big birds. Small-bird food pricing is average to other stores. however, their prices have risen and i now shop online elsewhere I've bought one canary and 2 finches from location. Finches seem in good health (though both were male, and sold as a pair) They had a nice selection of finches when in season--and they are both excellent singers, for finches. The canary, however, struggled with illness throughout her life till she finally passed. I had 2 other canaries in the same aviary (both purchased from a local breeder) and neither struggled in health while the one bought from store did. Vet said that it was most likely from poor breeding or rearing conditions while young. Owner has good knowledge about birds, but from my conversations with them, the associates do not (i was teaching them about seed vs pellet, and some basic bird-care/grooming... and they were asking ME if sunflower was good for birds as a base diet! Um... no.) So, if needing advice, be sure to do your research. overall, i gave it a 2-3 score. It's ""okay"" store... i've definitely seen Much worse... but i've also shopped at much better. I think their store was better kept a year or two ago. Pros: good selection Cons: prices high on food more

By far one of my TOP favorites in Utah :) 12/9/2008

I love going here!! The selection is by far the largest... Maybe nto all the rarest but largest in my opinion.. as they have a selection for every part of pets...And They have peopel that are actively involved in the areas they are workign outside of the job!!\r \r The Fish selection is AWESOME!! Both Salt and Freshwater are right at the top of Utahs most Diverse selections in my opinion.\r \r Love this place!! Pros: Excellent Prices on stock!! Cons: A little far away from me :) more

Pathetic and substandard 12/9/2008

On my last [and only] Visit to bird world the place wreaked, and my mother has run a pet store in the past, all pet stores do have some bad smell to thgem but this was beyond bad, my friend actually had to exit the store and lost her lunch, and the ferrets when i went there had wet-tail to the point that they were getting bad sores, the dogs were cramped in small areas, unresponsive. As well their employees know little of what they are working with or how to actually take care of them, the fish were badly diseased as well as too much de-stresser were in the tanks at the time, and they actually recommended feeding oscars, and other such fish ""top Fin"" which is the cheap[est brand in utah i have seen and causes alot of fish to lose vibrancy etc. As well from what i have seen and my studies have shown is that they have atleast 19 health code violations, and they are far from the cheapest and sell only mediocre brands that can be bot cheaper at even pets-mart and i dont know if it has changed very recently or not but on the front doors you will notice ""it's a pet-store of course it will smell bad"" type signs, which is their only defense , IF you do go there and buy an animal i suggest you take it immediatly to a vet and have it get a full physical. Pros: I have found NOTHING that could be considered good their Cons: unsanitary, uncared for animals, unknowledgable staff, same animals can be boguth from speciatly breeders cheaper and in better health more


I went into Bird World/Pet Village today and was absolutely APPALLED. They had about 18-20 puppies crammed into cages. The puppies hair was falling out and they were obviously from a puppy mills. The older ones were all but unresponsive, and were already exhibiting some serious behavioral problems.\r \r Just a statistic for you -About 99% of dogs sold in pet stores are from puppy mills -the absolute WORST place to get a dog from.\r \r Puppy mills are large-scale dog breeding facilities that operate under substandard breeding conditions (like tiny cages which cause puppies and dogs to defecate on top of one another), causing the development of chronic health problems, temperament issues, and hereditary defects. These so-called ""breeders"" treat their dogs as cash crops.\r \r Please do not support the inhumane and cruel treatment of dogs. Do not support Pet Village or any other pet store that sells dogs. These dogs almost invariably come from puppy mills.\r \r Do some research and find a breeder that lives close by. Breeders dogs not only cost less (usually), but also have been socialized in a home environment, and are likely to be free from serious behavioral and hereditary defects which puppy mill (pet store) dogs have.\r \r Please DO NOT SUPPORT Pet Village. You might feel like you are rescuing a puppy, but really you are just incentivizing the cruel treatment of that puppys mother and father who live back at the mill. DON'T do it.\r \r \r Cons: Puppies have behavioral and (likely) genetic problems because they are produced in puppy mills more

Great fish! 7/30/2008

I buy all my fish here. They have a huge variety of both freshwater and saltwater. As for the dogs, rodents, and birds, they don't take very good care of them. I volunteered for a couple of days and saw the poor sanitation for these creatures first-hand. Pros: Great variety of tropical fish. Large selection of supplies. Cons: Poor living conditions for animals. Some items are pricey. more

dead fish 7/15/2008

i was looking for some fish and a lady there told me that if i added aquarium salt in my freshwater tank that it would help my fish be healthier. well i did as she said and all 13 of my fish died in 3 days. now i am out over $100.00 in fish for a $3.00 bottle of aquarium salt Pros: nice people, good looking fish Cons: dont buy aquarium salt for your freshwater tank even if they say it is good for the fish more
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