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Pet Love

2148 Royal Ln Ste 101
Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 243-8331
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Pet Love - Dallas, TX
Pet Love - Dallas, TX


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I love this service. It is very convenient because I don't have to load up the dogs and take them to the groomer. They come right to your door. Scheduling is always easy, they are...


The groomer was nice enough and seemed to do a decent job on the dogs... and then I found out the total price. The lady I spoke to on the phone to make the appointment was very fr...

rating 7/26/2011

I've always had great luck with the groomers. They treat my dogs well and all seem to love animals. more

The negative reviews have it 7/15/2011

I had my dog groomed for the first and last time by Pet Love today. First I have to commend the phone service and fast response to the internet inquiries. They were open about prices and fees with me so I can't complain. It may be that the ones that love this service get groomers who maintain their vans and don't smoke. I was surprised about was the $25 visit fee on top of the grooming fee. I have used mobile groomers in New England that were the same price. I have seen lower prices on everything here in TX except this. But I was still willing to pay for the convenience. What made it an unsatisfactory experience was the van and the groomer. The van was old, dirty on the inside and stifling. I know that it is over 100 degrees outside but that is no excuse for a service van to be so hot. Now I understand why the groomer came into my house and said "Ahh, cool air." I was shocked when the groomer came to my door with an extension cord. I have never been asked to provide the power to the van. While the groomer was certainly very nice and did a good job with the overall trim, she reeked of cigarettes and now my yorkie smells like a stale ashtray. I paid my fee and gave the groomer a tip but I think we will stay with Pete & Mac's. Yes it is extra time for me but they obviously go the extra mile when pampering pets. more

Beware of extra charges indeed! 6/15/2011

I must say that I was completely shocked at the final total for this service as it was my original understanding based on the phone conversation with the person who booked the appt. and it was my understanding that it would be $79 including . When your groomer arrived he mentioned doing a "shed" treatment and I of course agreed as the dog is shedding and it would be appropriate. Never did he mention an additional charge for this. Once the service was complete I was presented with a bill in excess of $130. I told the groomer I was shocked a the price as this was not what I was quoted on the phone and even with his add on of the "shed" treatment it was almost a 50% increase in the price I paid. Clearer communication on the part of your appointment schedulers and your groomers is imperative. While the grooming itself was OK the excessive fees were ridiculous. As a small business owner myself if I ran my company this way, I'd be out of business for a poor reputation and substandard customer service. I should have heeded the reviews I read online while waiting to book the appt. but was assured by the phone rep that they were "old" reviews. Not true. more

Beware of extra charges 5/6/2011

The groomer was nice enough and seemed to do a decent job on the dogs... and then I found out the total price. The lady I spoke to on the phone to make the appointment was very friendly, which encouraged me about using this service. I was informed that there is a cost of $25 for the trip fee. She quoted me the prices of $64 for the Bath and Brush, $74 for Deluxe Style, and $89 for the Luxury Spa Package. I chose the $89 package. These are the charges I was NOT informed of.... Turns out they charge extra for dogs over a certain weight (my two dogs are about 80 lbs each). They also charge you for fuel cost and then of course tax. Like I mentioned before, the groomer was nice enough but whoever it was he was talking to to sort out the charges was incredibly rude -- very poor customer service! I could hear the ENTIRE conversation he was having with her because he was using a push-to-talk phone like a walkie talkie. When the groomer told the admin lady that I told him I was not informed of the extra weight charge, she scoffed, "Yeah, she was." This is AFTER she looked up the notes of my appointment and told him I was quoted the $89 per dog exactly as I said. And was she there during my conversation with a totally different person with whom I made my appointment? If they had recorded my conversation with the lady I made the appt with, I would have welcomed her to play it. It gets better. When she realized I could hear everything she was saying, she started speaking to the groomer in Spanish! How obvious! And how rude!!! At least the groomer apologized after the number crunching and he actually admitted to me that more often times than not, most customers are surprised to find out about these extra charges because it is apparently very common that they are not informed about them. I guess the grooming service itself is fine, just make sure they tell you about all the charges. Hopefully this helps you. more

Very Convenient....less stress for me and the dogs!! 4/28/2011

I love this service. It is very convenient because I don't have to load up the dogs and take them to the groomer. They come right to your door. Scheduling is always easy, they are usually lots of available times and days. The dogs always look and smell great! more

Very convenient way to have your pet groomed. 4/18/2011

I have a high-maintenance pomeranian, and I used to drop him off at a groomer's salon and pick him up hours later. Pet Love is a great way to get your pet groomed quickly & professionally. I love it that they come to your home and the dog has been washed in groomed in an hour or less. It puts much less stress on my dog, and the groomer does a nice job. I get him trimmed all over in a "teddy bear" cut. He looks and feels great after he's been groomed! more

My POOR dog!!!!!!!!! Shaved Pomeranian 3/20/2011

I am so upset. It has taken me months to grow my rescue pomeranian's hair and the Petlove groomer just put me back to square one. I said I want a fluffy face to go with his fluffy body, trim the tail and hind quarters. He came back SHAVED. He is a now a shaved dog with a fluffy tail! She left the tail - the one thing I said cut!!!!! I could have done a better job blindfolded. This was a new groomer for me. I've had fine service in the past, but had issues with what I was being charged. I was paying the previous groomer a cash tip but come to find out my credit card was ALSO being deducted for a tip. I didn't notice until it happened 3 grooms in a row and. I assumed it was a simple error that needed fixing however it turned into the owner blaming the groomer for being deliberately fraudulent. I was told that groomer could never return to my home. Not sure if it was the groomer or person who handles the Accts payable that is dishonest. SO, either I am being overcharged or I get a horrific cut that makes me physically ill. I was willing to pay the extra money so my dog would have have to go through the stress of being left at a regular groomers for half a day in a cage BUT I replaced it with stress on me! more

Shaved Yorkie 2/6/2011

If you have a Yorkie, be prepared to have the poor dog shaved! My Yorkie had long hair and was getting to like a little dust mop around the house. I had some friends that used pet love before and i didn't hear anything bad about them so i give em a try. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!!!! They took my dog and shaved him. He went from being a dust mop to not having any hair at all. He had more hair on him when he was born! Maybe if you have a big dog and dont give a crap what he looks like, pet love might be for you. But if you have a smaller dog that need grooming rather than shaving i suggest you look somewhere else. After they buthered my dog i found out that my friends no longer use pet love because they kept doing the same thing to their poodle. BEWARE and think twice before calling these people. I will be glad to provide pictures to anyone that doubts this review. more

Pet Love is the BEST 12/21/2010

I have been using Pet Love for 2 years now and I could not be more pleased. We have 2 Border Collies and they love it. Everything about Pet Love we very happy with. From being prompt, friendly to our dogs, to the grooming of our dogs to our satisfaction. Shannon is GREAT with our dogs. We will never use anyone else but Pet Love for our dogs grooming. more

Interesting 11/19/2010

I was looking to find a new pet groomer for my dogs. I have seen this van around in my area... I thought I would see what their reviews were. I see the reviews are mixed. Don't know yet about using them. Still thinking about it. So I can't rate them. One thing I had noticed is at the bottom of the reviews you have the option to click on whether or not the review was helpful or not and couldn't help but notice that on EVERY negative review this company has...they all a 1 thumbs down. Hmmm seems a little obvious don't ya think? Someone within this company must not like negative feedback...I would think it would help them to become a better business if someone was not satisfied with them. Just sayin... more

Pet Love - worth it! 11/13/2010

We have found Pet Love to be a wonderful alternative to the typical drop-off services provided by other groomers. We schedule a time with Pet Love and can rely on them to provide a reminder phone call and to arrive on time. When the Pet Love groomer arrives, she greets our beloved dog with open arms and gently wisks him away to the purple van parked right outside our front door. Within an hour (and not the typical 4 to 6 hours he waits in a cage at the other groomer), he is returned to us, smelling clean and looking adorable and cut just to our specifications. Pet Love definitely costs more than the average groomer, but it is truly a trade-off for convenience and a better-than-average experience for you and your pet(s). more

PetLove is the BEST 11/12/2010

I have been a PetLove customer, for my long haired Orange Tabby Cat, since 2005. At first I would get whoever was available, but at one point got Jason - who has been our groomer for over 3 years now. All groomers have done an exceptional job, Jason does an OUTSTANDING Job EVERY single time. I love that they come to the house and my cat doesn't have to go to a cat/dog salon where the dogs make her irritable which then causes problems with her grooming. Jason never has a problem (at least he doesn't say if he does), Mamushka (my cat) walks in with her tail up in the air happy as can be. PetLove ensures that Jason is on time, the one time he ran late from the appt before mine, PetLove called to let me know, and called every 15 minutes to give me a heads up. He always arrives with a smile - takes my cat (she trusts him) & I am comfortable calling them up anytime. It costs me $120 (includes tip) each time - and it's always worth it. I would & have recommended them. I would never again subject my cat to a Salon - which is a limited list, as most don't do cats - again. The two times I have tried them (a locally owned Salon in West Texas, & PetSmart) it was a disaster, Mamushka was very upset, they didn't do the job right, she was cut and scraped. That HAS Never happened with PetLove - EVER!! more

I consider what they did to be animal abuse. 10/11/2010

There's no minus rating so I had to give them a one. I've used them many times, pay $200 and somtimes my dogs will look "decent" but on Friday one was left looking cut up and now he's miserable. They've not acted the same since and so now I get to pay for a vet visit for all three. No idea what went on in that van but I'm positive I will never use them again. I called the company to voice my concerns and Melissa argued with me, saying the girl had done an excellent job. She never once asked for any photos or anything. I've stopped payment and filed a complaint with the BBB. When the owner goes too all sites and posts responses to complaints that pretty much tells you they're low-lifes and can't accept the fact that they have no right being in business. See below....what a joke. more

Convenient Dog and Cat Grooming 10/8/2010

Pet Love is a great and convenient service for your pets!! more

Not the greatest. 7/22/2010

As great as it would be to have a groomer come to the house, I would not use this service again. Pros: None more

Yuck! 12/14/2009

Have you seen the inside of these vans? I would'nt put my dog in there! Pros: none Cons: Yuck more


I have two Yorkie-Poodle dogs that Pet Love groomed for me. The groomer did a wonderful, professional job, she was polite and was excellent with my dogs. Neither one had knicks or cuts on them, they both smelled great and looked awesome! I know my two can sometimes be a pain in the neck with grooming so I give Pet Love a lot of credit for the perfect job! I WILL be calling them back! They were also on time and called to make sure that I was 100% happy! They pull right up to your house so my dogs did not have to be stressed out about leaving the house and being in a groomers all day long locked in a cage! Pet Love has become my FOREVER groomers! Well worth the money! Pros: EVERYTHING! Cons: NONE! more


We used this service several times and they started out decent.Then they started nicking our dogs. I could understand a small nick now and then,although if you have a good,experienced groomer it shouldn't happen and the dogs have never been nicked by any previous groomers. I realize you usually sign a release stating that your dog could be nicked, but I think anyone would expect to be told about it. I called and expressed my concern after the visit,asked them to talk to the groomer see if there was any behavior problem-no call back whatsoever. Next time they not only left cuts on 2 of the dogs, but one was between quarter and fify cent size, very bloody. Much more than a small nick -it was a large cut! Didn't say a word about it and our dogs came in the house acting like they had been very badly mistreated.They cowed down,hid behind the furniture,were just completely traumitized.We were appalled that they did not tell us about the cut and by the behavior in the dogs-there was obviously something wrong.The cut was bad enough it needed treatment. Once again I called, the girl answering told me no manager was there but she'd record everything I told her and have them call me. It was over 3 weeks before the owner attempted to call citing the July 4th holiday as the reason for delay even though they were groomed 2 wks before the 4th.We didn't bother to talk to him-addressing a complaint 3-4 wks after the fact is pointless in my book. These dogs are 2 yrs old and have been groomed since they were 12 weeks old and we've never had ANY groomer say they've had any sort of problem with them.I would NOT RECOMMEND Pet Luv to anyone! Who knows what they do to your dogs in their van - you're certainly not welcome to observe them!THEY ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE! ALSO THE OWNERS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO REVIEW THEIR OWN BUSINESS-CHECK OUT 3 OF THE REVIEWS ON THIS SITE-DON101,BARB101 AND DON STONE--THOSE ARE BY THE OWNERS NOT ACTUAL USERS OF THEIR SERVICE AND SHOULD BE REMOVED!! Cons: DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!! more


I've been using Pet Love services for my Corgi for the past year and it has been the best thing I've done for my dog in the past year. He loves it when they come and it makes me feel good when he is happy. I've had several groomers, all of which appear friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I now have a regular favorite Jason that Pet Love keeps noted in my file. I do this service for a few reasons, my dog loves it, conveniece for me and my pet and excellent service (a perfect summer shave--which is hard to do.....I know.....I tried it myself (not a pretty dog). I've taken him to groomers in shops, but he always gets knicked which caused problems. Yes.....we can all give our dog a bath, but trimming the nails, shaving, expelling things or any of the other extras makes it worth it to me. I'd rather just have someone who knows what they are doing. I LOVE PET LOVE.....and I'm grateful to have found them. I also know that they strive to have good customer service, which is hard to find these days. If you are thinking about using this company just give it a try. I know I'm glad I did! Pros: MOBILE GROOMER COMES RIGHT TO MY DOOR Cons: I'D LIKE TO SEE EVEN MORE PRODUCTS OFFERED OR A CATALOG BROCHURE more

Worst expierence 6/19/2007

I had my dog done by petlove. The groomer looked like she just came off the streets. I know groomers won't look their best, but come on now. Smelling like cigs and looking like a street person is ridiculous. She brought my dog back still wet and not smelling good at all. When I tried to peek in the door she said I couldn't watch. When I called and complained they acted like they didn't care, but they would send someone to do it right. several weeks later another lady gave her a bath and expected me to pay for it. I told her no this was a visit to fix what was messed up the first time. She said I had to pay again. I told her no I wouldn't. She just stood there so I closed the door. She knocked but I refused to knock on the door. And btw it wasn't something that lady heard about the dog dying. It was in the newspaper, on the news. They have a negative rating at the Better Busns Bureau. Never ever will I use them again. And I have told everyone I know how bad they are. I have used another mobile service and they are great. They drive trucks and have little trailers that have windows that you can peak in. And don't charge that stupid trip charge. more
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  • How valuable is your time?

    Pet Love is a mobile pet grooming service that grooms your pet at the convenience of your own home or office. When you make an appointment with Pet Love, your furry companion never leaves the view of your home.

    It?s simple, we drive one of our 35 self contained, fully equipped mobile grooming salons to your home and professionally groom your pet on the spot. This service is completely performed in our vans at your home. Our staff of professional pet stylists will take excellent care of your special friend without the trouble and trauma of traditional grooming.

    Call today and let us show you why Pet Love is the largest and best, privately held, mobile grooming operation in the world.

    At Pet Love we love our pets!


  • Mobile pet grooming business serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas for over 30 years offers grooming services for cats and dogs.

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