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Pet Rescue By Judy - 19 Reviews - 401 S Laurel Ave, Sanford, FL - Fire Department Reviews - Phone (407) 302-4497

Pet Rescue By Judy

401 S Laurel Ave
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(407) 302-4497
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Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL
Pet Rescue By Judy - Sanford, FL


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I felt compelled to write a note in defense of the negative comments on this site. I was a volunteer for Judy for about a year several years ago so I do have first hand experien...



Editorial review from Citysearch 6/30/2013

My partner had been a foster carer for PRBJ and had already seen the good work done by the team. When we decided the time was right for us to have a permanent addition to our home there was no doubt in our minds that PRBJ was the best place to start.\r We soon found a great puppy on the website and expressed an interest. The team took the time to make sure it was a good match all around and never once made us feel pressured.\r Watson has been with us a little while now and we couldn't be happier!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/9/2013

I recently adopted an older dog from PRBJ and the experience was very positive for both me and the dog. My application was processed quickly and thoroughly. Immediately after approval, my appointment to see the two dogs I was interested in was coordinated in a timely manner - even though the two fosters involved traveled long distances to meet me. I was given all the information regarding the dogs in advance of the meeting. Both fosters talked to me at length about their knowledge of the dogs. I was given all the time I needed to make a decision. I have also been offered follow-up support. The staff and the fosters have a very taxing job, both physically and emotionally, for no money. I am in awe of them and their successes. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2012

We recently adopted a young pup from PRBJ. I am so impressed with everyone I worked with who made our adoption possible. From the person who I was assigned to after I filled out my applicaton on line, to the volunteers at the store in the Oviedo mall...everyone was fantastic and obviously cares a great deal about each and every animal that they come across and care for. The cats and dogs in the Sanford shelter are more than just ""animals"" to these people! While in the shelter every volunteer I saw there used the animals names and treated them with nothing but respect and love. Through the whole process I really felt that our puppies well being was the their number one concern. I felt as though that if they didn't think a dog was a good fit for our family they would tell me without hesitation. I would recommend PRBJ to everyone and anyone I know that want to get an animal! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/29/2012

I found this site when I did a search to find the address for Pet Rescue by Judy -- and when I read the first 2 ""tips"" I felt compelled to comment. Both mention that they think this rescue is run by an animal 'hoarder' ..... Are you people for real? Do you know the definition of an animal hoarder? There's a nifty little tv show with that exact name that might could help y'all out!!\r \r Here's my story: I stopped by the rescues location at the Oviedo Mall just because I was walking by and saw it. It was my first time at the mall and I was killing time and thought - why not? I played with the puppies for a bit and actually saw 2 getting adopted ( some hoarders they are!! ) as I was leaving I overheard a volunteer telling someone how the shelter could really use old towels, sheets, blankets etc.\r So I stopped to listen and the young volunteer continued talking to both of us. Since my aunt had recently passed away and we were cleaning out her house the next day (Monday) I said I would bring any of those items I found into the shelter for the animals. Hence the web search for the shelter address. \r Next day I did go to the shelter in Sanford to drop off 4 garbage bags of towels, etc.\r There were crates of dogs everywhere and a whole mess of volunteers walking and feeding and brushing and playing with dogs. It was obvious this place took in every possible animal it could until there was literally no space available at all. For the person complaining that they didn't take her cat or dog or whatever -- what were they supposed to do if they were FULL? If you had truly gone there it was pretty obvious that there was not a lot of eexcess space. How can you complain because they had already helped everyone they could and had no room? Maybe if more people had visited that mall and adopted they'd have more spots.\r All I know is everyone I met was kind, nice , professional and it was obvious to me that this group was doing the best they could to help the animals. Personally I respect their good work and would never tear down folks that were trying to make a difference more

crazy people 5/5/2012


This Place Is A Joke 5/5/2012

I was wondering how this is a pet rescue when I was told that you do not take dogs and my friend was just there trying to drop off 2 cats because their owner had passed away and was also told they don't take cats in. What pets do you rescue if you don't take dogs and cats? My dad has health issues and is out of work and could not afford to care for the dog anymore, so I thought that since this is a pet rescue they would care for the dog and not put her to sleep. When I get there I was told by 2 very rude girls that they do not take dogs and to take her to the pound where they kill pets. You can not be a no kill pet rescue if you tell people to take their pets to a place that kills animals. I guess if you don't have a cat or dog in need a rescue you can count on Pet Rescue by Judy. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

This is a good organization 1/5/2012

I felt compelled to write a note in defense of the negative comments on this site. I was a volunteer for Judy for about a year several years ago so I do have first hand experience regarding all of the operations by Judy.\r \r First and foremost, and take this into strong consideration, you have no idea how overwhelmed this organization is. They ""receive"" dozens of animals a week, just ""dropped off."" Never is a one turned away, no matter how sick or old. The Humane Society will take them, but most are put to sleep. I do support the Humane Society, but they have funding beyond anything that this organization has. As far as I know, unless the case is severe, no animal is put to sleep. \r \r Judy LOVES animals, to a fault! She works 24/7 without complaint. She keeps going under the most difficult circumstances because to her, it IS all about the animals. Judy is, most of the time rough around the edges. No doubt. But you must try to put yourself in her shoes. She is overwhelmed. The reason the applications are so long is that they really are trying to find out the most that they can about a potential adoptee, as they should. While you yourself may have great intentions, I can't tell you how many people do not!\r \r Her volunteers also have their hearts in the right places and work very hard. Many of them are fostering a dozen animals themselves at their own home. If I had to deal with just half of what they did I would be cranky at times too. I had just happened to be in a store one Saturday and went over to see the animals and they were bombarded. I simply asked if I could help and immediately jumped right in. As someone said on this site, don't be the additional problem, be the solution.\r \r I went to pick up a dog one day from an elderly owner who could no longer care for her 12 year old Golden.\r The woman was in tears. The Golden was overweight and had some health issues. I thought to myself, ""well, this is one they will never be able to adopt out.""\r \r Six weeks later I was in a store and saw the same Golden up for adoption. She didn't even look the same! She had lost weight, her fur had filled in and was beautifully groomed, she was on medication for her diabetes. I was shocked. Not too long after that, I was told the Golden had been adopted. Who else would even attempt to find this lovely older animal a new home?\r That is simply one of many stories.\r \r Someone mentioned that she was nothing more than a glorified pet hoarder. That is far from the truth. Is is ok that these animals are taken to a shelter and put to sleep? Or given a chance? Only you can decide the answer to that. The same also mentioned that she would tell everyone about her experience and that no one should donate money to this organization. I would challenge this person to go volunteer for a week. Take in a few fosters go to their shelter and see what they have to deal with, then come back and write a review. I\r can guarantee you that it would not be the same review. And if your opinion remains the same, please, for the animals sake that she is saving, do no harm. Because right now, that is what you are doing and the animals suffer due to your uninformed and short sighted opinion.\r \r I you are looking to really make a difference,\r please adopt from Judy. Or sponosr a pet, or foster a pet or volunteer. You may not always feel you had the best customer service experience, many times you will. But the LIFE you are saving is worth it.\r They are doing the best they can under extremely difficult circumstances. \r \r Their's is an impossible job which few would ever undertake. Very emotionally and financially draining. \r Judy has little time to always be bright and cheery nor train every volunteer, nor be on top of all the paperwork, but her heart is beyond in the right place and she IS saving animals. And THAT is what this organization is all about! more

Happy AGAIN! 1/3/2012

It is disappointing to hear that everyone has not had a great experience with Pet Rescue By Judy (PRBJ). We on the other hand, have had nothing but great experiences -- most recently, on Friday December 30th -- we adopted our 4th puppy from PRBJ, in about 15 years -- ""Casablanca the Big City Pup"".\r \r We filled out an adoption application (on-line) and were asked a few follow-up questions and were then notified that the puppy we were interested in was available. We took our dog and daughter to meet the puppy to see how they would interact. The meeting went well and we went home with Casablanca (now Jessie) that afternoon.\r \r The staff were friendly, courteous, and very helpful -- all the while, tending to other adults and children interested in adopting pets and still allowing us time to acquaint ourselves with the puppy we were interested in. My daughter is so in love with this puppy and it has brought so much joy to our home in just a few days.\r \r Judy and her staff are constantly busy yet they are able to provide the individual love and attention that each of these animals so much deserve.\r \r Judy and the entire Pet Rescue by Judy staff, thank you so much for your tireless efforts and thank you for making our family very happy, once again! more

BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/22/2011

My family and I had a HORRENDOUS experience with PRBJ and I urge everyone to stay away and support a legitmate rescue run by qualified individuals!\r \r My mother and I found a group of abandoned kittens- we took them in and bottle fed them for several days, and then realized we were not experienced enough to provide them with the care they truly needed. After researching several pet rescues in the area we called PRBJ and spoke with Judy herself and were told that we could absolutely drop the kittens off, that they would be well cared for and adopted out once they were old enough. The next day my mother and I dropped off the kittens and were once again assured they would be provided with the best care...this turned out to be further from the truth!\r \r The day after the kittens were dropped off we called Judy to see how their first night was and if there was anything she needed us to provide them with---we were HORRIFIED when Judy did NOT even remember who we were or who the kittens were!!!!!!! She told us she would call us right back. When we did not hear from her 5 hours later we called her back again and she told us that one of the kittens had DIED! We were so distraught that we immediately called Animal Control to tell them about this situation and started calling many of the donors here in the Orlando area that we know avidly support her. \r \r I have heard horror stories from MANY people in the area saying that she is no more than a glorified animal hoarder, and sadly I have to agree with this notion.\r \r We will continue to inform the community about this woman masking as a rescue and hopefully word will quickly spread so that she can no longer con individuals and businesses alike for support.!\r \r I would give PRBJ ""0"" stars if this site allowed it!\r \r more

Adopt Out Violent Animals 6/27/2011

I adopted a dog from PRBJ and was told she is a sweet heart, but her only issue was that she does not like cats. About a week later she killed my neighbor's Yorkie. Upon speaking with some past volunteers she had been previously adopted by a family but they returned her after only a few days because she killed their cat (which was not disclosed to me). According to several Animal Control/Humane Societies in the area this is not the first time PRBJ has adopted out an animal without fully disclosing serious information. Not to mention that it is the least professional group I have ever seen. I would hope they are not in business much longer for the animals sake. more

Love this place 4/8/2011

I am sorry some people have had a bad experience. I know some folks get offended if they're screened. We were screened and approved in a day. We have had contacts with volunteers and with Judy several times. Never had a bad experience or problem. I mean, who else picks up the phone & calls you herself when you send a donation? Judy does! I know Judy has had some uphill battles in the past several years & it would wear on the best of us. But, what we've seen in her facility is a demonstration of her dedication to saving an overwhelming amount of unwanted pets. Even when she says she's full, people just leave dogs & cats at the door. Just remember, there are 3 sides to every story. I would strongly encourage you to see for yourself. They went out of their way to accommodate us and we are forever grateful. more

Things to ponder 2/15/2011

I've been reading the reviews here & the first thing that springs to my mind is that old saying about being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. No one can argue that pet overpopulation and abuse/neglect is a huge issue in our society. Judy may be short-tempered or stressed or overworked, or whatever -- but guess what, she is being part of the solution, as I'd be willing to bet none of the negative reviewers are! Anyone who has ever watched Animal Cops can attest to the plight of domesticated animals in our society -- watching that show for just a half hour is heart wrenching! If to witness the cruelty and inhumanity that we (as humans) inflict on our furry friends is so disheartening to watch -- I couldn't imagine living it first hand as Miss Judy obviously has. Of course she's not a ""people person"" - look what people have done to the creatures she cares about. In reality, I'm sure she knows in her heart of hearts that not all people are bad and many are attempting to open their homes to her animals, but we should really cut her and her organization some slack.....None of us has walked in her shoes. more

Thank goodness for Judy to the rescue!!! 1/3/2011

love this non profit organization. Appreciate her taking in dogs that are not wanted or abused. Wjhat kind of world do we live in that people hurt animals? Thanks to Judy and her team they are being rescued & Loved.\r Be kind.\r 2011 more

disgusted 10/28/2010

I went to Pet Rescue by Judy and i must say Judy is one of the rudest people I have ever met. Her staff is horrible they have no friendliness. I feel bad for those animals she has. The only good thing she is doing is saving the animals from being put to sleep. There staff doesn't inform you if the animals are sick or what has happened to them . You have to research it on your own. They make you feel like a criminal when you are just trying to adopt a pet. You ask them questions they look at you like your an idiot. I do not reccomend this place at all. more

Thank you Pet Rescue by Judy 7/26/2010

I have just adopted my third dog from Pet Rescue by Judy. For me it's all about the animals. All three of my dogs would have been euthanized if it weren't for Judy and the work she does. People do terrible things to their ""best friends"" and then dump them out onto the street or leave them to starve. It's not difficult to understand how a person who works so hard to save these animals can become calloused and distrusting of people. Just let it be about the animals! There are hundreds of dogs adopted out of this shelter, and she is always taking new animals in. Pros: Saves animals by the truck load Cons: Can be tough cookies more


I originally heard of Pet Rescue by Judy(PBRJ) while working with a non-profit wildlife rescue back in 2009, we referred all of our visitors to PBRJ when seeking to adopt a pet, or were looking for a suitable place to put a domestic animal up for adoption.\r \r Until the day I planned to adopt, I had nothing but good things to say about the organization. I volunteered 2-3 times in the facility last year, and despite the things I saw while doing so, I raved about them. I recommended them to people from word of mouth and a personal website of mine.\r \r I recently moved out of state, but while visiting family decided to adopt a pet while I was in town. and take them back with me when I went home. I knew that some organizations would have their ""reservations"" about this because they like to do home screenings. Although, I can see a sense of concern about adopting out an animal under this arrangement, I was disrespected, humiliated, and antagonized.\r \r I called before going into the PBRJ facility, and I informed them of my home location. I was told that adopting and transporting back shouldn't be a problem with my application process, and I went to the facility to look for an ideal cat. Again, I double checked while I was in the facility. I asked if my home location would be issue, and AGAIN I was told I would be okay.\r \r I filled out an application, and I was automatically denied via email because of my location. I did mention after this email that i was upset to hear this, and I felt that there was a lack of communication. A friend of mine suggested that I went to talk to Judy directly because it sounded like her employees were unclear of her policies, so I went to talk to Judy in person. \r \r Before I could even begin to explain the situation, I was rudely cut off. Judy got in my face and began to yell at me about the trama animals go through in the cargo hold of airplanes (which in my application i mentioned i would either be arranging for the cat to be in cabin with me, or I would be driving back.) While having a 5-7 person audience. I informed Judy, without being rude, that I did plan on taking the potential pet on a plane (if even) only in cabin. Again, I was cut off by a quick ""NO!"" At this point I was not up for arguing, and started to head for the door.Judy made a quick dash in front of the door, attempting to intimidate me.\r \r 20 minutes after I left from the facility, I was called by a second screener who informed me that i was approved for my adoption application. Almost simultaneously, i was receiving emails from the first screener who had first reviewed my application telling me in so many words how she thought i was a bad pet owner. at this point, the subject had moved completely away from the subject of adoption, and brought to a personal level entirely.\r \r Overall, I would say that Pet Rescue By Judy is an extremely unprofessional, very judgmental, and unorganized pet rescue. Internally, while volunteering in the rescue (in a very short amount of time,) I have been witness to an infestation of fleas, employees that treat volunteers quite rudely, employees that verbally abuse animals, and have seen special need animals come close to receiving double doses of medication due to the severe lack of communication. \r \r They have a frequently updated and functional website, brand themselves well, have a nice sense of exterior uniformity, and a decently sized facility, but aside from that, I strongly recommend against them. \r Pros: professional exterior; nice building, and uniformity. Cons: very prejudmental, unorganized, lack of communication. more

Stay away 6/30/2010

I went to adopt a dog from there and Judy was so demanding and rude I left. She sold a dog who was never tested for heartworms and the owner returned her. I fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her. She is demanding my husband who agreed on the adoption be present - he was not available to be there. She also demanded my dog I own who is of the same breed come. She is an absolute idiot and its a shame she is pushing people away who want to adopt. Especially in this economy. One man was looking at a Lab and she said You must be big to adopt this dog. I have seen 100 lb woman walk 150 lb mastiffs. She is in it for the $$ not the well being of the animals. $350 to adopt a sick dog??? Pros: helps animals Cons: they are rude and jacked up the adoption fees more

Very Disappointed 6/30/2010

My husband and I visited PRBJ to see about adopting a dog. We found a little dog that took to us immediately, and spoke with a couple of volunteers about adopting him. We live in a townhouse with a fenced yard, but one volunteer told us we needed a house to adopt; he also didn't know much about the dog and, despite the dog being well behaved, kept shoving a large stick in his face. When we asked why, he told us that he saw it on the Dog Whisperer and it was ok. I didn’t like seeing a 5+ foot stick shoved in front of the dog; I’ve never seen Cesar Milan do it; and given that the dog was sitting quietly, there was no need for discipline or correction, and the poor dog was getting confused. \r \r We talked to another volunteer who answered our questions and assured us that a townhouse was fine, and we decided to apply for the adoption. We were advised that we’d hear in 24-48 hours, after they called our references. Five days later, none of our references had been called, and we found out that the dog had been adopted out only after it was posted on the PRbJ website. We were very disappointed and puzzled that our references weren’t checked, and we never heard from the rescue, so we called to ask why. The person I spoke to very rudely insisted that *all references were always checked* and I was mistaken. When we asked why we weren’t considered, we were told that 1) we lived in a townhouse and 2) we didn’t have any other pets. \r \r I wrote an email explaining my frustration with the process, and I suggested that a phone call or email would have been helpful-something along the lines of, “Thank you for your interest; unfortunately, X dog has been adopted. However, based on your application, Y dog and Z dog would be a great fit; please come in and meet them.” I think they missed a great opportunity to match up pets and potential owners. Unfortunately, I got a nasty email back telling me that 1) I knew nothing about pet rescue 2) I was a liar for suggesting that our references weren’t called; and 3) the volunteer we had spoken to on the phone was so upset that she quit, and it was all my fault, and I should feel terrible about that. (!)\r \r I’d like to think that PRbJ is a well-meaning organization in desperate need of a volunteer coordinator/ trainer and some public relations training. I'd really like to believe that the person I got the email from was having a really, really, really bad day, but I cannot, from my experience, recommend getting a pet here or donating. The Orange County Humane Society has kind, empathetic volunteers and I am happy to report that we adopted a lovely dog and now direct our donations there. \r Pros: ..... Cons: Poorly trained volunteers; unclear processes more


I recently rescued an animal from Judy. After emailing Judy several times explaining problems with the animals, Judy replied by message ""in code."" Her emails were impossible decipher. After a hearbreaking decision that the animal was not going to work out, I brought him back to the rescue center. Judy screamed and yelled at me even though I was visibly upset. She has absolutely no compassion or people skills!! After speaking to a staff member about the situation, she said ""I don't know what to say. Judy is just a b****. I hope she treats the animals better than prospective adopters. Please consider adopting animals from another local shelter. Judy has obviously lost her passion and needs to turn the shelter over to someone who will be an advocate for the animals and can get support from the community. Pros: Animals are saved Cons: Judy's attitude more

Disappointed again ... 5/24/2010

Don't really know the social benefit of ""Pet Rescue"" programs that are always full. They are a ""no kill"" agency, but readily suggested that I take my cat to animal control and even gave me directions. I am not from the area and had to address the cat issue for family medical reasons (health & disability of elderly), and have called 5 such agencies (multiple times) over the past month. \r My experience is leaving me with a really low opinion of such agencies and might even suggest a local investigative reporter take an interest in the track record of these non-profits. Pros: Guess they are helping the same pets as last month Cons: No help (again). more
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