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Pdx British - 29 Reviews - 6320 SW Macadam Ave., Portland, OR - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (503) 595-6600

Pdx British

6320 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 595-6600
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Pdx British - Portland, OR
Pdx British - Portland, OR
Pdx British - Portland, OR


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PDX Rovers. Thank you for always treating me with such honesty and kindness. You always make me feel at home at your shop, and you make me feel confident in driving my old Classic...


stay away from these guys. you will be ripped off. i was. i have heard this from many landrover owners....unsolicited. i would guess all of the good reviews may have been poste...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

This place is great! Honest and work to get things right. I have come to them with a number of issues with my 06LR3 and they always get the work done right! In the case of my new brake pads, this took a couple of tries, but they did not give up until I was happy. Yes - very strange for a vehicle repair business - actually caring that their customers are happy. more

Thanks for taking care of us 4/1/2011

PDX Rovers. Thank you for always treating me with such honesty and kindness. You always make me feel at home at your shop, and you make me feel confident in driving my old Classic into her old age. She's been on a bumpy road her and I, but I love her, and I wouldn't be able to keep her running so well if it wern't for your wonderful shop, and great staff. I've never once had a bad experience with you, even when my rig was nearly down for the count a few times, as I've trusted you to get it fixed right. And you always do. It's going on 4 years now, and I'm still your loyalist customer. Thank you for doing what you do and taking care of us. more

Awesome Awesome Shop 4/1/2011

I take my Land Rover to PDX Rovers, and I will always take my Rover there. You can't trust half the guys in town that claim to work on Rovers, unless you want to be ripped off or dissatisfied with the results. I've tried them all, and have receipts and stories to tell you about folks I won't mention here that downright bring shivers to the spine. Not the case with PDX. Francis, Terry, Andrew, Steve, these folks are down to earth people that genuinely care about keeping you loyal forever, and keeping your Rover running like it should! I'm proud to recommend PDX Rovers to everyone I know. more

You guys rock my socks 3/29/2011

My family makes fun of me for how often our Land Rover is in repair, and I deserve it... I did buy it without inspecting it. That being said, I would have burned it for insurance money if it wernt for the awesome guys at PDX Rovers. Yes, these guys may seem your average down to earth friends from college, but they're also the best Land Rover resource you have on the west coast. I've lived in California, Washington, and Oregon, and know that every place I'v ever taken my Rover sucked... And I thought that's the way it is, arrogant vehicle creater arrogant service shop yeah? Nope. PDX Rovers is a family business that treats you right, fixes you right and thinks in the long run, and keeps you as a customer forever. I used to come in to PDX for repairs a lot true, hardy har har. It's a Land Rover, and it had quirks to work out., Today, I only come in for normal service and upgrades. And I'll tell you, I have such a good time visiting the guys at PDX Rovers I go in for a modification every few months. I love making my Land Rover my own, piece by piece, and I love how creative and kind these people are as they provide me what I dream up. Thanks PDX Rovers. You rock my socks. more

Best mechanics in Portland 3/29/2011

Over a year ago I brought a used Range Rover and entered the strange and esoteric world of Land Rover. The mechanic I had been using and to whom I took my car to check out gave it a hearty thumbs up, and proceeded to tackle the numerous problems my car would take to, but could never solve them. In frustration I called the Land Rover dealership only to discover that they bill 160 an hour for their mechanics to look at my car, a hefty 50% increase over my usual hourly rate. I thus did a Google search and came upon PDX Rovers and made my call. Francis Watson answered the phone and listened to my woes. My car didn?t seem to be running right - my current mechanic couldn?t figure out its woes, Could he help me? He told me to bring in my car and he would, free of charge, take a look at it. And so I did. Francis told me, with the gentle fortitude of a medical doctor telling their patient they are sick, that my car had several issues he had to fix, immediately. He was very forthright, and explained the numerous and various ways he would proceed to fix my car, which included shopping around for good used parts, something almost no mechanic would bother doing. He called me with updates, and was always extremely caring and concerned, as though he shared my angst. He fixed my car, and has ever since taken great pains to be available to me at anytime. Not only does he change the oil for ? the price of my other mechanic, he also tosses in things gratis (free); such as fixing a window that wouldn?t close. Once I was driving home through the Redwoods from San Francisco and an emergency light went on. Francis took the time to call me on a weekend and step by step help me fix the problem on the road. Not only is Francis Watson, and additionally his business, PDX Rovers, the best and most efficient auto shop around, there is a priceless quality to his service that transcends business relationships. Francis Watson is a friend. A friend to me, and I know, friend to everyone who comes into his shop. He will give anyone not just stellar service and help, but a precious human touch, something both rare and beautiful. more

Thank you PDX! 3/29/2011

PDX ROVERS, We are so grateful for the quality of service you have given us on multiple occasions. it is very nice having a reliable & trustworthy mechanic whom we can call on for any problem and know it will be handled quickly, fairly, and respectfully. Thank you! more

My Rover Doctor 3/18/2011

Wonderful family owned shop with great service! I am a female college student who owns a 1998 range rover, so I don't know alot about car parts and my car needs routine maintenance. PDX rovers didn't make me feel intimidated to come into their shop, ask questions, and be honest with me about what my car absolutely needed and what it didn't necessarily need right away, no other car repair place has been able to do this for me. They did a routine inspection for free, an oil change for $25 AND even fixed an annoying beep that came on every time I turned my car on, for free!! I will definitely be going back, and if you are wondering where to take your land rover... THIS IS THE PLACE! more

High Quality Family Business 3/18/2011

Thank you PDX Rovers for servicing our Range Rover yesterday when you were already too busy to take me in. We had a family trip to undergo, and if you hadn't taken us in with open arms like you did... Our trip would have been canceled. The rover drives great now, and we're already back from the beach! Thanks PDX Rovers! more

The Best Rover Mechanics on Earth 3/11/2011

I have been a customer of PDX Rovers for several years, and from the beginning I felt the love and professionalism in which their staff displays to all customers. My vehicle broke down last year and I wanted to have it towed to PDX Rover after I was told the repairs would be in the thousands of dollars. I did not have it towed and allowed another mechanic to do the repairs. more

High Quality Land Rover Service! 3/7/2011

Been coming here for years now, and have never received anything less than wonderful customer service and family care. My Land Rover repair costs have gone down dramatically since I left the Dealership, and I actually enjoy the experience. These people are absolutely top knotch, and reduce their prices because what the dealer charges is sickening. They know how to keep you as a consumer. Treat you right. I don't know what else to say other than you won't leave them once you've tried them. Amazing service, great prices, and superb way of doing business! Thanks PDX Rovers! more

Finally.... An honest shop 3/7/2011

Hi, I've owned a Freelander for many years, and have been utterly abused by the local dealership. I came here after finding a flyer on my car, and they told me an honest report about my car. It turns out it needed work immedietely, but it also needed at least 10 thousand dollars worth of work in the coming few years. They actually TALKED ME OUT OF SPENDING MONEY!!! They said it wasn't worth it on my car, and advised me to look at either a diffferent car or a different model of Land Rover. Because I'd found a shop I can trust, I still wanted to stay land rover loyal and bought a Discovery in trade. I've been coming here now for 2 years, and this time, I chose right. Not only was the Discovery a much much much better vehicle, but PDX Rovers has been maintaining it like a champ, and it hasnt made me cry once, like the Freelander. These people are honest and true, and would much rather keep you as a friend and customer in the end, than take your money today. What the hell. Why can't the rest do the same? more

My Family at PDX ROVERS 3/3/2011

PDX Rovers has been servicing my Land Rover Discovery since 1998, and it has been both a wonderful experience owning a Land Rover, as well as the best business relationship I've ever had. Since meeting them back then, we've been through a lot together. They see me, and instantly drop what they're doing to say hi, give me a hug, and ask me about my children, which all have been born after knowing them. I've never had a relationship like that with an auto shop, its like having a family doctor, that works exclusively on my Land Rover. I've forwarded many people to them over the years, and all of them have thanked me profusely. The Watson family is truly a good one. They've never done me wrong, have always been straight forward with me when I needed serious repairs, and they have always left me with a smile on my face after leaving them. The best part about doing business with them is how obsessed they are with retaining long term clients like me, vs getting you in the door and screwing you like the Dealer. I don't write reviews often, but I'm compelled to share my experience with people. You can't go wrong with PDX Rovers. They may not give you the news you were hoping for on your Rover, but they will tell you the truth, and they will devote themselves to your vehicle, and to you, as it you were just part of the family. That's the magic of PDX Rovers. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! more

PDX Rovers saved my Land Rover! 3/2/2011

Here's my story: I foolishly went to an auto shop in town that claimed to be a Land Rover specialist. The Dealer first, but I quickly got tired of their massively inflated prices and terrible customer service. But where I got really screwed was trying to get away from them and not doing my research. I ended up at Columbia, who claimed to be 10 years old, but later found that to be a lie. Actually, its 2 years. Do your research. They tried to tell me that I had bad compression, and had a bad engine, that I should sell my car to them for $400 in parts, or spend up to $9000 replacing the engine. They claimed that happened all the time on Rovers and had a wall filled with dead engines to prove it. Their reasoning behind my bad engine was unsatisfactory to me, and I began asking around for another opinion. I had enough to know they wern't being completely honest, and after a friend told me to try PDX, I brought my vehicle in 4 months ago. Wow! The experience I had off the bat was completely different. Instead of being treated arrogantly, as if I was supposed to spend thousands of dollars to register on anyone's radar, I was greeted like family, and enjoyed several hours of great conversation with Steve, Andrew and the staff as they compression tested my engine and had it inspected. Unlike Columbia, they allowed me to go see my vehicle and everything they were telling me with my own eyes, and I knew they were about keeping me as a customer in the long run, through honesty and good service, than taking my money and running. These folks are legit, a family business, and they actually have been around since the early 90's. I feel foolish for having not found them first, and also, very lucky. As it turned out, my engine was ok, that it was displaying a few leaks yes, but ones that could be addressed for a reasonable price, and with warranty, and a long lifespan for the vehicle. I trusted them, and they had my vehicle for several days, and in addition to fixing my car, they just took genuine care of me, giving me a ride home, calling me with every update I asked for, and not letting me push them in to cheapo-chinese fixes for the engine. Like a doctor they genuinely take pride in their results, and refuse to do less. After my engine work, the vehicle ran like a dream, and I drove it for a month without issue. As luck would have it, I started leaking coolant again. My instincts tingled, as my experience with the Dealership and Columbia had me braced for yet another large dollar sign repair. PDX Rovers had me rush in for a diagnosis, and found a coolant hose that had not needed to be replaced before was now leaking, unrelated to the previous work. They didn't have to, but they gave me the hose at no charge, as they could tell I was strapped for cash, and just wanted to... take care of me? Ever since that hose, I haven't had a single incident, and have only had to come back in for an oil change. Now that my vehicle is in a clean state of happiness, I'm pondering vehicle modifications. It's nice to take pride in my Rover, sit back, and feel confident that she's in actually good shape and isn't going to bleed me dry, just because its an expensive luxury vehicle. PDX Rovers played a huge part in that confidence and contentedness with my vehicle, and if it weren't for them, I think I'd be selling me vehicle for less than its worth, or if I was really foolish, perhaps I would have already sold it to Columbia for $400... Thank God I checked around! Thank you PDX Rovers. more

A Number 1 Business With Intergity! 2/22/2011

When you own a speciality vehicle or any other vehicle for that matter you want your service to be done, and be done wright! After researching the best place to get those services done, It was not Portland Rover, certainly not Columbia Rover, or any of those other so called Rover service centers. It was PDX Rovers..... more

Old School 2/20/2011

It's not every day you encounter people with the work ethic and integrity you see in the commercials. All too often, life bites in you the butt with its reality, and the gloomy disappointment that everyone seems to be in it for themselves takes over. That's certainly how we felt after getting screwed over by the Portland Dealership again and again. PDX Rovers is different. We found them online, gave them a try, even bringing in a coupon for an oil change that rocked. As it turned out, we were some of the last lonely few off warranty that hadn't figured out their was a serious alternative... We'd never seen so many Land Rovers in one place at one time! Obviously these guys were doing something right. In we went, and were greeted by their very kind and welcoming service managers and got to watch the whole process as our Rover went up in the air for its pre-oil change inspection. We had a few leaks, which we'd been dreading to bring it back to the dealership for, and we scheduled a follow up appointment to have them repaired a week later. When we came back, they had all our parts ready, a lift open, and a good natured technician ready to heal our Rover. We waited anxiously in their cozy waiting area as she got worked on, went around the block for coffee, and came back to a purring and happy Land Rover. It's been several months now, and the engine runs like a champ without a single drop leaking. Not only that, but while they were in our engine, they ran one of their performance kits, the anti-carbon, and I swear, she responds more to the pedal than she has since we bought her! We're so thankful to have finally gotten clue and jumped ship from the Dealership, these guys have their act together, present a super professional clean environment with an extremely comfortable family environment for you and your Rover. Thank you PDX Rovers. Darren more

Good People, Honest Service, Good Work! 2/17/2011

I just wanted to write you and tell you how impressed I was with your caring attitude and fantastic service. Last Friday we spoke after you were able to diagnose the problem of my Land Rover. You informed me that an alternator fuse had burned out and it was very rare for that particular fuse to go out. You did not have any in stock and you had to order it from the dealer who also happened to be out of them. That meant the dealer had to order a new fuse and it may not be available to you until the following Tuesday. Since it was a Friday you said you didn't want to see me without transportation over the entire weekend so you swapped out my fuse with one from one of your own cars so that I could pick up my car the same day. Not having a car until more than likely the following Tuesday would have been a major inconvenience for my family and I really appreciated what you did because you didn't have to do it. You did it because you cared. On top of that my radio had also stopped playing and after a few minutes you were able to diagnose the problem to be another blown fuse. You replaced it for free. You could have told me anything. You could have said that a dozen different things were wrong and charged me whatever you wanted to charge me and I would have had to believe you but instead you were honest. You said it was only a fuse. I say this in the hopes that other people can one day read this and know that in an industry where companies seem to be only concerned about how much money they can make there are still people like you and companies like PDX Rovers who actually want to help people and provide them with good, honest service. I hope that you keep up the good work and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I meet who owns a Rover. Sincerely, Michael more

Thank you PDX Rovers! We are so happy to meet you! 10/17/2010

At last - after almost 2 years - we would like to thank Francis and his perfect rescue team! Quick recap (or introduction): we are the German couple from the 4x4 Adventures PDXRovers(dot)com website (www pdxrovers com/adventure.html). The background for our 2 year driving expedition was that we had saved money over the course of four years, modified our Land Rover Defender TD5 110, shipped the vehicle across the Atlantic and started an America tour May 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland. After only four months of driving through Canada and Alaska, the Defender was leaking diesel and oil heavily. The official Land Rover dealership repair shop in Anchorage could not help us with a small electric problem and also it would have been quite expensive, so we decided to search for an independent workshop ? for an expert who is able to repair something and not only changing parts. Internet research pointed us to PDX Rovers in Portland and we decided to show up on a Monday morning without having an appointment. Francis, the owner, quickly detected the leak but had bad news for us as well: ?There are particles of brass in the transfer case. It seems that some seals took leave.? We thought this would mean the end of our travel - and our plan of driving through whole America, from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, the ?land of fire?. But Francis was awesome! He invited us to his home. We didn?t need to order a new and expensive transfer case because PDX Rovers repaired the old one and it is still working! Francis found and fixed even the electric malfunction which Land Rover Anchorage couldn?t. You immediately notice that Francis loves Land Rovers. He has a lot of specialist knowledge and showed a keen sense of our vehicle and our needs for the trip. Therefore he did fit ?Fender? with an extra booster button so the car couldn?t overheat e.g. in places like the Death Valley. He also replaced brake pads, employed more effective lamps inside the Defender and even paid attention to the chipped varnish! After three weeks working on the Defender and a test drive we regained the trust in our expedition vehicle and had no more fears of breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to PDX Rovers and Francis! Everything was so perfect on the car that we continued travelling one and a half years, through more than 17 countries without any difficulties and made it from tip to toe of America. At least we drove approx. 53,000 miles and PDX Rovers assisted us greatly. If we had a problem, we contacted Francis and Elsemarie via skype and they sent us spare parts and other urgently required equipment to Central and South America. It was fantastic to experience the dedication and support by PDX Rovers, a great help across all land borders. In contrast to other shops, we were not ripped off monetary-wise during our desperate situation, but our undertaking was supported by PDX Rovers with all available means. We even received a laptop as a free gift so we could stay in contact and transmit pictures, reports and the current position of the journey by e-mail. And PDX Rovers sponsored us with T-shirts, a headlamp, gummy bears ;-) and a lot more. One year later in October 2009, we had a super reunion with Francis and his son Terry in Lima, Peru. The four of us travelled together for one week - from Lima over the Andes to Cusco. Francis shared great insider knowledge with us about Peru and the Inca culture and it was an amazing time ? among others the visit to the legendary Machu Picchu being an unforgettable highlight. We most warmly recommend PDX Rovers. And we don?t say so only because we made friends. We believe they can help you with any problem ? and charge a fair price. Look and see for yourself! We also congratulate Bend Rovers on their first anniversary! We would love to visit the new shop in Bend and experience Francis? ?Super Rover? live. Your most loyal customers, Stefan, Silke & ?Fender? more

What can I say PDX ROVER ""SIMPLY THE BEST"" 8/23/2010

I must say when it comes to take care of a Range Rover you really need to find the perfect consultant for it, and we finally did ""PDX ROVER"" was the solution, Terry has been the perfect doctor for Neil's Range R. and the entire team always ther to assist and the whole attitude is just great. more

PDX ROVERS helps this MARINE! Oooh-rah!! 8/4/2010

My disco was once a cluster-#$%^.... or so I thought. Considering every bill at the dealer was over $1000! Having switched to PDX, not only are my repairs manageable, but they think in the long term; resolving issues more permanently for you as a customer rather than patching up notorious problems that will only last SO long before your back in for the same repair. Having saved up on repair bills, I turned to customization, something Terry and the rest of the boys at PDX have an uncanny enthusiasm for. 6 months later, and my ROVER is an offroad MACHINE ready for the deserts of Africa and can make it up worse terrain than the humvees back in Iraq. On that note, all of the above has always been easier considering the military discounts they?ve given me. They take a refreshing pride in veterans that inspires this Marine. Semper fi PDX Rovers... and God bless... Charlie more

Good people, Great Service 11/15/2009

We have been taking our Land Rovers to PDX Rovers for 3 years now and they have always been honest in regards to the diagnosis of the problem. Their service has been excellent, and they are good people. It's a family owned business, and they treat the customer with respect. These cars are not cheap, Francis and his team are very thorough and make sure your problem is taken care of the first time. I have compared costs versus Land Rover Oregon and PDX is less expensive and provide full disclosure so there are no surprises. Pros: Honest diagnosis of problem, prompt service, Cons: I have not encountered any yet more
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Owner Message

  • With state-of-the-art Land Rover service facilities in Portland and Bend plus a proven track record since 1991, PDX Rovers is Oregon's largest and most trusted independent Land Rover service and repair center.

    Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Freelander, Defender, LR2 and LR3 are serviced. Services range from routine maintenance, service and repairs to tune-ups, oil changes, pre-purchase inspections, A/C, brakes, cooling system, EAS, air suspension, engine work, electrical system, off-road/expedition outfitting, SRS, transmission and more.

    PDX Rovers is family owned and operated. Owner Francis Watson has acquired an enviable reputation for honesty and expert know-how. More than 40% of new customers come via referrals.

    At PDX Rovers, you'll experience a large, modern and clean Land Rover shop with the same diagnostic technology as that of dealerships.


  • Since 1991, independent Land Rover shop uses factory diagnostic computers and provides services for brakes, mufflers, transmissions and scheduled maintenance.

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    Weekdays, 8am-5pm
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    Discover, Master Card, Visa, Diner's Club
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    Hosford - Abernethy, Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Program

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  • $25 regular oil change, $65 synthetic oil change