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Pdq Disposal Inc - 31 Reviews - 625 Hamilton Ave, Nashville, TN - Waste & Garbage Reviews - Phone (615) 254-6666

Pdq Disposal Inc

625 Hamilton Ave
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 254-6666
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After reading this reviews it concerns me about the statements made about PDQ. I am the General Manager and I would like to apologize to any customers that we or myself have offen...


The service isn't bad. Their invoice is on a small postcard that is hard to read and keep for record keeping. They also attach annoying Bible scriptures to your trashcan around th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/12/2012

I called PDQ to sign up for new service. A guy answered and said he could not sign me up that the secretary Britney would have to and that she was on the phone, I'd have to leave a message. So I left her a message stating that I wanted to sign up for new service, included my phone number and she never called back. They must not have wanted my business or my money. SO I called HUDGINS the very next day. They signed me up immediately over the phone and brought me a trash can the very next day. After reading all the bad reviews, I am glad Britney did not call me back anyway. Very bad for business to have a secretary that does not want to return phone calls and sign up new paying customers. Go with HUDGINS. They are prompt and WANTED my business, unlike PDQ. more

Good Sevice 3/8/2012

I have been with PDQ for over 2 yrs I think and have never had a real problem. Once I had forgotten to sand payment but when I called them, they still came and picked up my garbage, They have always been polite. Pros: null Cons: null more

My concern of reviews 1/28/2012

After reading this reviews it concerns me about the statements made about PDQ. I am the General Manager and I would like to apologize to any customers that we or myself have offended. I realize that this a forum to express you opinion about your treatment when you feel you have been mistreated. I realize that people write what they remember and leave alot out of what actually happened. I will admit that there have been times I have said things I shouldn't have. I am familar with most of these complaints and I will apologize if I or my staff mistreated you in anyway. I have never called anyone a liar and would never threaten anyone. Several have cussed me when I tried to help. We have a great group drivers and groundsmen that take their job very seriously. They keep intense records of stops they pickup and record times when trash is not out. If we make a mistake it is up to me to make it right as I believe it is the same of the customer. Our goal at PDQ is give you the best service in your area. Customers are our lifeline and we try to make everyone happy but sometimes it just can't be done and customers have to help us work through issues. There is a review in here that has a good review on PDQ. This person comments makes it easy for us to serve you and keep you happy if you follow his suggestions. In closing, I would like any of these complaints to call me at my office. Lets talk like adults and get any issues resolved. Thank you for your time... John McIntosh (General Manager) Pros: null Cons: null more

Should not be in business! 12/26/2011

After noticing my trash was not picked up the day after Christmas I called PDQ just for the General Manager to tell me my trash was not where it was supposed to be. After explaining my trash was where it was suppossed to be and on time he gave me the option to be honest with him and admit I was lying and then he would arrange pickup the following morning. As you can imagine this did not go over well and I let him have it. He then said to me in a threatening tone he knows where I live! I have gave PDQ my business for over 6 years and this morning I wake up to my trash in the same place it was and a FLAT TIRE!!! I will take my business elsewhere and I will report PDQ to the authorities! Pros: null Cons: null more

Horrible Customer Service 7/25/2011

I will say for the most part, PDQ has always picked up when they were supposed to. more

PDQ Disposal Services 7/24/2011

I would give this company no stars if that were an available option. I have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt over this matter, but after speaking to the RUDE General Manager, I decided that I needed to post my review. Our cart has been cracked for several months, and that has been ok, still usable. 2 weeks ago, it was cracked through and through. I called them and asked for a replacement, giving them my address at that time, with the assurance that I would get a replacement. Next week, same scenario, although I spoke with someone different, I was assured that their "cart man" would get us a new one. This morning, they again picked up my trash from the same broken (almost in 2 pieces) cart. I called the PDQ number and was offered several extensions to dial from the voice menu. I dialed the extension for the General Manager, JIM MCINTOSH, and was expecting to leave a voicemail. Well, it was about 6:50am, and he answered, I don't think that I have ever been treated so rudely by anyone in the customer service industry. I started out nicely enough, but when he literally started yelling at me, I refused to give him my address, stating that I had given it to them on 2 occasions and that obviously it did no good in getting a cart to me, and that I would give them my address when I cancelled my service. He then continued to yell at me, telling me that the office wasn't open until 8am and for me to call back then. He got REALLY P***** when I told him that HE ANSWERED! Also, I know that they have caller ID, because I only gave them my house number, the first time that I called, and they already knew the rest of my address, according to the person that I spoke with, due to caller ID. This is the first CitySearch review that I have ever written, but I was certainly glad to do so for this poor example of customer service. Maybe we need to move to Brentwood, since their service is so wonderful there! more

Great Service! 6/15/2011

I never write reviews,but when I saw how poorly PDQ had been rated, I decided to put my experience on Citysearch. PDQ has never given me any trouble. I live in Brentwood, have backdoor pick-up, pay my bill on time, and have my trash out early. These guys never miss a pick-up. If you are a good customer (pay your bills and put your trash out), you will be rewarded with great service. more

Trash Service sucks!!! 5/17/2011

I concur with ATsoccer, more

Pathetic 4/12/2011

I recently canceled my family's PDQ service, and my wife insisted that I somehow let others know how badly they have treated us. Hence, the CitySearch review... I must say, once I saw the other reviews, I was RELIEVED! It really does help to know that so many other folks have had the exact same problems we have. The routine was usually as follows (and this happened at least once a month in the six months we used them): (1) I put the trash out, on the curb, on time. (2) They don't pick up the trash. (3) I call the next day, and I have to leave a message. (4) I don't get a call back. (5) I call and make clear that the manager needs to call me back. (6) The manager calls, already in a huff that I'm making him talk to me; I'm informed that the trash wasn't out, that I'm wrong if I think it was, and that they can't send a truck to pick it up. (7) I think, "Wow, PDQ sucks." They only do one thing, after all, and they simply do it poorly. more

Great garbage services from PDQ 1/20/2011

Great service for good customers. If you wish to be a good customer follow these simple steps. more

no problems 10/23/2010

i have been using pdq for nearly 5 yrs over in the donelson area, and have never had a problem. no missed pickups, etc. more

Horrible Customer Service 11/27/2009

Been back and forth with this company for a few years. Like many others posted here... they come one week and not the next. Change their pickup dates and times on a regular basis. Sometimes with notice and sometimes without. Before you even think about using this disposal company, read on... more

Great JOB PDQ 8/25/2009

I have never had a problem and would highly recommend this company. Pros: PDQ has provided me with excellent Service for 8 yrs! more

Great Guys. They do more than I expect,...May God bless hard workers. 2/2/2009

I have had them for 2 years. They have done a great job. They always pick up whatever I think of to put out! Pros: Pick it all up! Cons: The trucks make my dog bark.........but that's not their fault! more

Dependable and inexpensive but it's got to be there for the pickup 12/23/2008

We have had PDQ as our service for years and if they miss picking up my trash it's because I didn't get it to the street in time for the pick-up. There are days I put the rolling can they provide out at the street plus two smaller trash cans and 12 to 15 bags of grass and those guys pick it all up and put the lids back on when they're done. They might switch pick-up days around the holidays - but they let us know ahead of time when there is a change. They give dependable service for the money and they haven't disappointed me yet. Pros: Reliable and Cheap Cons: Leaky Trucks more

Service ok. Invoice Poor. Bible Scripture annoying & unwanted. 12/5/2008

The service isn't bad. Their invoice is on a small postcard that is hard to read and keep for record keeping. They also attach annoying Bible scriptures to your trashcan around the holidays. Pros: cheap Cons: They attach religious propoganda to your trashcan. more

Not reliable at all, many missed pickups! 6/18/2008

PDQ is not reliable about picking up trash. For one thing, they keep changing the day they pick up, from Friday, to Monday, to Wednesday now. Their prices went up, and today they didn't come at all. We took out our trash at 7 this morning and now it is 6 pm. Not the first time! Once they went two weeks without picking up, and then I had to call them. They always leave trash blowing around the street, too. Going to find another service. more

Called a liar after having service for 9 years!! 5/17/2008

I have had "OK" service for years. I had a problem, the CSR told me that I was "incorrect with my memories" and I "was not telling a true story!?" Cons: comes different times each week...10am one week, next week 4pm... more

No problems at all 5/14/2007

We moved to Brentwood from Nashville eight years ago, and for the first time had to go to private waste pickup. We researched three or four companies and selected PDQ because it was the cheapest. In those eight years I have never had a problem with them. They have never failed to pick up our trash on the scheduled day. That's approximately 400 out of 400. Our pickup day is Monday, and they even provide service when Mondays are holidays (except for Christmas and New Year's, when pickup is the next day). I generally don't write reviews on the Internet, but felt compelled to do so when I stumbled across all of the negative reviews of PDQ on this site. I'm sure the folks who wrote them experienced problems, and I cannot tell you if they are isolated or not. But I can tell you I am completely satisfied with the service and price, otherwise I would not have stuck with them for so long. People reading reviews on the Internet should keep in mind that people with positive things to say are much less motivated to write in than those with negative things to say. And by the way, I have no vested interest in doing this .... I don't know anyone at the company or have any connection with them at all. I just wanted to bring a balancing view to this forum. more


It all begin with our trash being missed on the 1st Wed., then the next Wed. & when we called the 2nd Wed. were told it would be picked up by 7pm on Thursday. We went out of town for Easter & the trash still remained on that Sunday evening. On Monday I called & spoke with V, she radioed the head disposal person & he said, the trash would not be picked up until Wednesday, our scheduled day. I spoke with V & J, General Manager, & they both told me the driver ,their #1 driver,had written down no trash out-our trash was out for 3 weeks in the same spot, finally being picked up on Wed., April 4. I also had left a message asking for a refund for the 2 weeks our trash was missed and that we'd possibly be looking other trash service if things couldn't be resolved. I was told no because those 2 weeks worth of trash would be picked up. I went to place a bag of trash in our container, Tuesday, April 17th & noticed our container was gone. I called & left messages for 3 different people to see if it had been picked up, called again Wed. morning and spoke with Holly & she said that when someone calls she assumes they have made their decisions & cancels their service. SHE DOESN'T CALL TO CONFIRM you want it canceled. I asked to have another trash can delivered because it seemed to be some misunderstandings and she told me there'd be a $25 delivery fee, plus the refund she said they sent and the $48. I asked for the $25 delivery fee to be waivered and she said that'd be up to the general manager. I left a message for the GM and he returned my call and said they thought it be best we find another company. This company doesn't side with the customer at all. So our journey to find another trash collector begins. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. I guess they think customers lie, which I'm sure they do, but this time--the missed trash was one of honesty. I totally agree with Oscar the Grouch about customer service! WE will be contacting the Better Business & reporting their service as well. Cons: poor customer service--not willing to work with customer more
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